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We count on more favourable conditions

We count on more favourable conditions

Grozhan passed only one round, and Raikkonen did not leave the boxes in the first practice. The head of the Eric explained it by the lack of need to work in difficult weather conditions.

Question Riders had passed and the installation of the circle.

Eric We do not need to pass the installation circle in such conditions. Today the weather had upset all the , but the consumption of too much water.

Question I saw that you were going to try the new version of the DRS. Intend to use it in the race

Eric Of Course.

Question Why Where confidence, since the worked on it for about a year.

Eric Yes, even a year after the creation of this system. Guess now it works effectively. We had some things we were going to try out in the first practice, but prevented. It is likely that the second session will be held on a dry track, and we are trying out new products in favourable conditions. If they prove to be effective, we will continue to work with them on the weekend.

Question You're hoping to get back in the fight for the title After the of missed the second place in personal offset.

Eric To get back in the fight for the title, we'll use any effective solutions. Of course, if your opponent and , you need to use aggressive approach.

Question You mentioned Vettel and . Many say that Raikkonen is a logical candidate for a place vacant after the departure of Webber. How would you convince him to stay in the

Eric I think we did it for the last two years. It is necessary only to discuss our ambitions. In respect of the is a new , not so long ago she has changed owners. At the moment we keep our plan and tried to realize the goals, so we simply discuss everything. I know that are struggling to sign a with Kimi, but I'm not sure that the transition is suitable and logical step.

Question Yesterday, mentioned that talked with representatives of the . Evidently it is something attractive about this .

Eric of Course, is an attractive option, this command has a lot of resources, but it seems to me, Kimi, you need a more comfortable environment and, of course, a machine capable of fighting for victory. If he stays, then we will continue to progress in the future will be able to claim the title. At no reason to move the .

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