2017-04-25 12:14:03

Pirelli I Wonder what lessons the team learned after the tests

The head of Isola said his company will closely watch how Russia will handle commands after two days of s" class="posttag">s in " class="posttag">Bah.Isola "the in Russia will take place after two days of s" class="posttag">s in " class="posttag">Bah, so interested to see what lessons the learned from this experience as they work with the tyres in Sochi.At first glance, Sochi is with the low intensity of destruction of rubber, and more durable tyres this year should lead to the fact that the race will take place with one pit stop. However, the first time we are going there with tires Ul, so it is unknown how wide the new tires will manifest itself. We also believe that the difference in speed between the soft compounds will be negligible".



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