2017-06-17 14:24:02

Giuliano Salvi Magnussen similar to Raikkonen

er Kevin Magnussen Giuliano Salvi compared the character of a young Dane with the character of Raikkonen.Giuliano Salvi, who now works together with Magnussen at Haas previously worked at drivers such as , Massa, and Raikkonen.Giuliano Salvi "He is very honest and direct which I really like. As a character, Kevin is very much reminds me of - they're both Scandinavians, who, how to say it better, don't care about politics, and they have no arrogance.The first impression can be misleading because they are struggling to establish a direct connection with you, but when you work with them and know them a little deeper, it becomes clear that they are indeed open.They are similar to cats. If they are afraid you see it. If they are angry, you see it. And it's really good. You know how they think and what they feel.Such people will never tell you one thing, meaning another. They are very direct and honest".



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