2017-06-05 11:24:04

In the McLaren satisfied with the latest upgrades aerodynamics

Director Eric bulge said that his is satisfied s" class="posttag">s the la innovations in the field of aerodynamics.Eric bulge "As ers, they are very happy with data obtained from recent s" class="posttag">s of aerodynamics. This is the step we've been waiting for.Correlation stunning 95 of matches between the computer and the real work on . Now we trust our process. It's not just the aerodynamics, it's also the chassis, suspension - everything works exactly as we planned. Every time we put on a new car detail, we know exactly what will happen.The natural trend is a small deviation, but we are glad that the difference is miniscule".In the last two drivers consistently took place in the final . However, so far failed to earn at least one point.



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