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2017-11-23 16:04:03

Mario Illien Private minders need help with sponsors or brands

Mario Illien Private minders need help with sponsors or brands

The engines of Formula 1 in 2021 want to make it easier and cheaper to make in the League could involve small private companies. However, Mario Illien, a renowned expert on racing engines and owner of Ilmor, doubts that you can do without solid sponsors or support automakers.Mario Illien "In principle, the correct concept. Yes, the engines should become easier and cheaper. However, private companies creating such an engine still will not do without serious financial assistance.Work with two clients will be difficult. If at least one of them will be in a difficult situation, then the whole thing will come to an end. Need serious help sponsors or manufacturers."In 1993-2001, the company Ilmor built engines Formula 1 under the brand name Mercedes, who used the team Sauber and McLaren. Later a German company bought the business from Illiana. A few years later Illien created a new company under the old name Ilmor.

2017-11-22 11:14:05

Felipe Massa doubts that Alonso will win the title in 2018

Felipe Massa doubts that Alonso will win the title in 2018

Former teammate Fernando Alonso at Ferrari Felipe Massa does not believe that the Spaniard can win the title in the season of 2018.The Brazilian retires at the end of the year, but admits that his next step will probably be the transition to Formula-E. Felipe Massa "I think it's the most interesting championship to compete and to win again. This is the future of the automotive industry. On these machines we're all going to go.Again to win the championship, Williams have a lot more money, but I think that if the team is already able to slightly improve in some areas, podiums will be guaranteed.As for Strolla, he is now much better shows itself compared with the beginning of the year, but I think to judge his talent can only be a couple of years.I would say that the best my partner was with Schumacher. He played at the same level, maybe even slightly higher than Lewis.Among the other pilots, I would pick Vettel, and then Verstappen. In this order only because max is not enough experience.As for Alonso, then next year it will be easier, but he will not fight for a title".

2017-11-18 10:24:04

BR Engineering has introduced a new sportprototip BR1

BR Engineering has introduced a new sportprototip BR1

The Russian company BR Engineering has introduced a new sportprototip BR1. Track Bahrain International Circuit in the final stage of the FIA WEC season-2017 the global Motorsport community and journalists first saw the car, whose creation was announced a year ago. Car LMP1 was created by Russian company BR Engineering together with the famous Italian automaker Dallara to participate in the new superstone of the world championship FIA WEC.In the presentation BR1 participated Boris Rotenberg, founder and Director of the BR Engineering Pierre Fillon, President of the Association ASO Gerard Neveu, head of the FIA WEC Luca Pignata, chief designer Dallara Dmitry Samorukov, Director of SMP Racing pilots of the program of development of Russian Motorsport SMP Racing Mikhail Alyoshin, Vitaly Petrov and Matevos Isahakyan Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of Bahrain Qarayev, Vagif DragonSpeed team principal Elton Julian and Russian engineers and students of technical Universities who took part in the development of the prototype. The music for the premiere of BR1 was written by Russian composer and producer Victor Drobysh.The presentation was opened by Boris Rotenberg. According to him, the engineers managed to create a completely new car, which used the most modern technologies and materials"it is Symbolic that on 17 November, during the final stage of the FIA WEC season in 2016, we announced the signing of an agreement between BR and Dallara Engineering to start work on a prototype BR1. Today, exactly a year later, we proudly present you the result. During the work on the car we used the best international experience, achievements one of the best companies Dallara. At various stages in the development of the car was actively attended by Russian specialists, and also worked on the simulator the current pilot program SMP Racing Vitaly Petrov, Sergey Sirotkin, Mikhail Aleshin, Viktor Shaitar and Kirill Ladygin. Their task was to from the point of view of experienced riders to make suggestions in key aspects of the prototype, from the ergonomics to the behavior of the car on the road".Prototype BR1 passed all the necessary tests and homologation of the FIA, a number of tests on race tracks under the control of SMP Racing pilots. Ahead of the Russian car the new season of the world championship on races on endurance 2018-2019, where SMP Racing intends to put the two Russian crew in the highest category of the championship, LMP1, to fight for the highest results in the overall classification.While the company BR Engineering, the first manufacturer of the chassis presenting to the public the car are ready to participate in the FIA WEC next season, already signed a contract for the production of a prototype BR1 for team DragonSpeed, also announced recently its intentions to move into the LMP1 category of the FIA WEC."I must say that the rate BR1 on the track is impressive, - said the pilot program SMP Racing Mikhail Alyoshin. - Impressive and how well made the prototype, and how sensitively it responds to changes in preferences that we do. To work with such a machine is a pleasure. Now our task is to spend as much time behind the wheel, to detect the different nuances, to work with the settings, because even in the ideal technique is always better. I am sure that next season prototype BR1 compete with rivals".One of the main innovations in superstone 2018-2019 world Championship on races on endurance will be the merging of hybrid and non-hybrid prototypes in one of the LMP1 class with defined capacity limitations. This will allow private teams, including the Russian team SMP Racing and DragonSpeed team, to compete for a championship titles FIA WEC.Facts ABOUT the prototype of BR1-CLASS LMP1 the process of creating aerodynamic elements of the new prototype was held 16 sessions in the wind tunnel, the total length of which was 600 hours, during which it has produced 1000 trials.In tests on the simulator and on the finished prototype was attended 5 professional pilots SMP Racing programme, including Vitaly Petrov, first Russian Formula 1 driver- Mikhail Aleshin, the pilot of the American series IndyCar- Sergey Sirotkin, the reserve pilot of the Formula 1 Renault- Kirill Ladygin, a multiple champion of Russia on go-karting and road racing, the bronze prize-winner of the race "24 hours of Le Mans- Victor Shaitar, world champion, winner of the race "24 hours of Le Mans", FIA WEC.On the simulator prototype BR1 pilots had a total of 64 hours, which amounted to 173 session or 870 laps.TECHNICAL characteristics of the PROTOTYPE BR1AER V6 twin turbo 720 HP Possible to install motorsGibson V8 LMP1 Spec 700 HP.Message other proizvodyaschuyu Le Mans Sprint body kit on the back 6-speed robotic transmission Xtrac lock differentialbaselsn TILTON Brembo brake system LMP1 UPRAVLENIE with power production Kayaba.Userrepository pilotado the foot pedal accelerator and timesmachine disciminate, production OZ specifically for Michelin Radial LMP1 18 dumontadriana 930 kg.

2017-11-17 11:24:02

After a career Mass can obtain a position in the FIA

At the end of this year, Brazilian Felipe Massa will leave the Formula 1. In the Brazilian automobile Federation is ready to offer him the position.Walder Bernadino, head of the Brazilian automobile Federation "Usually the head of the Federation becomes a member of the world Motorsport Council of the FIA. But I understand that Felipe would benefit more from working in FIA. We have already discussed the issue with him".

2017-11-11 09:14:05

Sebastian Vettel We drove more laps than expected

Sebastian Vettel We drove more laps than expected

The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel on the results practices Grand Prix of Brazil was in fourth position. The leaders of the German lost three tenths of a second.Sebastian Vettel "I think in the end we drove around more than initially expected, as we all expected it to rain that day. It was great today to go so many laps, but the team still need to work on balance, which will automatically increase our qualifying pace.I think the defeat of our main competitors will not be easy. Will see where we are tomorrow.

2017-10-27 13:04:03

Igor Ermilin Williams - last chance for Daniel quata

In the Toro Rosso refused the services of Daniil Kvyat. According to Igor Ermilina, former adviser to the President of the Russian automobile Federation, is it still possible to get a seat in the Williams team. However, there is a title sponsor takes a pilot over the age of 25.Igor Ermilin in an interview with Sport-Express "the Formula-1 world is very hard. There quite willingly allow themselves to terminate contracts in the interests of business. If they are well written, with relevant otstupny. It is important that Daniel now had a free hand. He now has time to try to negotiate with Williams, other jobs anymore. However, he's not the only candidate for this place.For sponsor age Kvyat will not be a serious limitation, and they can negotiate. He's old enough. The timing is good that it happened now when there is still a chance. Quite in the manner of Marco would make such a statement at the end of the season, then it would be too late.Sure Kvyat will race in next year, he is a fast driver and proved it. And your ability to handle stress he checked in the hassle, which he last year and a half satisfied with Dr. Marco. And continues to consistently perform, and proved at the Grand Prix of the United States. He's a valuable frame, I'm sure that Daniel is able to verify, for example, in endurance races. Perhaps he will be interested in the program SMP Racing, was created to support Russian racers. And Kvyat is now definitely need support".

2017-10-19 09:54:04

Aston Martin goes to Formula 1

It seems that the company Aston Martin has taken another step to Formula 1. A month ago, the British automaker announced the expansion of its deal with Red Bull becoming the sponsor of the team for 2018.Christian Horner "to Become the providers now they can't. Only in 2021".Now, Italian magazine Autosprint reports that the famous figure of Formula 1 Luca Marmorini, former Ferrari mechanic and Toyota, joined Aston Martin. While it is known only that Marmorini is a consultant. But this is a great contribution to the promotion of the brand in the world of Formula 1.

2017-10-02 12:04:03

Vettel risks penalty of five positions

Vettel risks penalty of five positions

Ridiculous collision after the finish of the race over the weekend in Malaysia for Sebastian Vettel. It is not excluded that in the next stage, in Japan this incident to remind yourself of the penalty for changing the gearbox.Blow lance Stroll hit the rear wheel. As a rule, in such cases, the damage gets and the gearbox. If it must be replaced, then Sebastian will automatically receive a penalty in the form of loss of five positions.Sebastian Vettel "We will check the gearbox damage is possible. There will be another surprise this weekend".

2017-09-28 14:04:04

Felipe Nasr admitted that a return is unlikely

Felipe Nasr admitted that a return is unlikely

Brazilian ex-pilot Sauber Felipe Nasr said that he wants to return to the championship next year, but it is unlikely.Felipe Nasr "I tested the prototype IMSA, I had some contacts with some teams in Formula E, I spent several sessions in the simulator, worked in Indycar during the race in new York.In Indycar I was invited Helio Castroneves. He introduced me to a lot of people in this championship.Regardless of the category, I think next year I will have the opportunity to participate in the races. In Formula-1 will get difficult. Here it is necessary to be associated with the automaker from the beginning of your career, or looking for a lot of money for their participation in the championship. What races are held in your country, does not help."Nasr enjoyed the support of the Brazilian Bank, but because of the crisis in Brazil Banko do Brasil turned to the sponsorship program. No sponsors and Felipe at the end of last year left without a place in the Sauber, despite the fact that he brought the team score.

2017-09-17 18:44:03

Valtteri Bottas is the Next target Vettel

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas finished 3rd in the race Grand Prix of Singapore. Now he's losing Sebastian Vettel 22 points.Valtteri Bottas "it's a good race. We are very fortunate that the leaders came down, and we automatically were the fastest on the track. We have prepared the machine that gave the opportunity to attack. I struggled with Riccardo, but I don't have enough speed to catch up and overtake him. This was our chance, and we were able to do everything right.My next goal is to beat Vettel in the individual competition. We wanted to make a victorious double, but a double podium is good.

2017-09-08 11:14:06

Daniel ricciardo McLaren will be better with any other engine

Pilot Red Bull Daniel Riccardo believes that McLaren will be more competitive team with any other engine, represented in the championship.Daniel ricciardo "unfortunately, Honda could not make the car fast McLaren. So I think that when they put the Renault engine or something else, they will be automatically faster, because the car looks very good.Next year they should be stronger. I really like Fernando, I really respect him as a pilot. I would like to work in a top team. It would be great if he was my teammate. He or Hamilton. I'd like that".

2017-08-24 10:54:04

The talks the Toro Rosso-Honda finally failed

The Italian press believes that even the glimmer of hope for the contract between Toro Rosso and Honda finally subsided.Autosprint "Not long ago, the talks stalled for financial reasons. It is no secret that the refinement of the engine team would have to make a serious financial contribution that is not the forces of the Toro Rosso".Corriere della Sera "This transaction could become the litmus test for Red Bull to understand, in what direction is development. But now it's all ruined. It seems that Red Bull asked for too much money. Now, if McLaren refuses to cooperate, the Honda will automatically exit from the Formula-1".

2017-07-31 16:24:06

Mercedes does not refuse from Formula 1 for Formula E

Mercedes does not refuse from Formula 1 for Formula E

Non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda said that there is no risk that his company was going to do the races of the Formula E. To work in Formula 1 is not affected.Niki Lauda "Formula 1 is our sport, so to go we will not. Formula E is the future of the automotive industry. We were supposed to take part in these competitions, to keep up with progress.At the same time, we should try to make Formula E more attractive, because at the moment racing with the change machine looks unusual".The head of the team Mercedes Toto Wolff "Formula E is still in its infancy, but the electrification is in full swing.I would not be surprised if in three, four, five years, Formula E is completely different, and we will discuss each race".Earlier it became known that Mercedes at the end of 2018, will leave the series for DTM, Formula E.

2017-07-28 12:04:03

Nico Rosberg will be the team principal of Formula E

Nico Rosberg will be the team principal of Formula E

It seems that the champion of the season-2016 Nico Rosberg is preparing to become the head of the factory Mercedes team in Formula E, which will appear in 2019.This week the German automaker shocked the racing world by announcing that after 2018 he will be leaving DTM for electric series.Now Auto Bild reports that Rosberg, the recently retired reigning world champion, is first in line to head the new team.Auto Bild "the President has already met with the head of Formula E, Alejandro Agawam in Monaco. If that happens, Rosberg will become the second world champion of Formula 1, was appointed to lead the team in Formula E. the First is a four-time world champion and head of the factory Renault team Alain Prost".

2017-07-26 17:24:03

A crossword puzzle with Daniel Cuatom Hungary

A crossword puzzle with Daniel Cuatom Hungary

PODIUMS, Hungary I earned a first in his career in Formula 1 podium. With the race tied very cool memories and it's always great to come back.Malacotic very interesting and really challenges the pilot. It is very narrow, I describe it as "Monaco without walls". Then all you need to do right, and I hope that we will have a clean race. In Hungary it is very difficult to overtake, so it's important to have a good qualification.Autographies very passionate race fans, which is great to see autograph sessions always attract a lot of people who root for us. This is definitely one of the most memorable moments of the weekend.Petabyte it is very hot here, so we need to drink plenty of water throughout the weekend, as I constantly reminded my coach at these stages.Otpuskai is a very pleasant town. I have been here many times, there is something to see. It's fun, and I can safely recommend to family and friends to come here on vacation.

2017-07-05 11:14:03

Formula 1 is preparing for changes in the rules on the engines

Now the championship lives only talk about that with the season 2020 in Formula 1 will introduce new engines. Following a key meeting of the working group on the engines will take place this week. And probably the next generation engine will be 1.6-litre V6 with two turbines and one KERS.The head of Renault, Cyril Abiteboul "I think we made a reasonable offer. We are open to work with these technologies. But we also understand that should no longer be the domination of one manufacturer. We need electricity, but we also need to achieve the best balance between engine weight and power.The four-wheel drive is not a good idea because it will automatically lead to weight gain. The problem with greater electrification stems from the fact that lost efficiency. Then you need to find the right middle. The hybrid is very good, but when it is not too much."It is believed that all engine manufacturers, already involved in Formula 1 and potentially joining the championship in 2020, I want to see new power plants with a capacity of 1,000 L.C., with a loud and cheap.

2017-07-03 10:44:03

Jolyon Palmer I Really hope that Austria will be able to be rehabilitated

The pilot of Renault Jolyon Palmer believes that in Austria it has all the chances to achieve the finish in the points zone.Jolyon Palmer "I just can't help with this situation. Obviously I'm under serious pressure. The beginning of the season was very bad for me.But you have to understand that when you miss practice, you automatically fail the qualification, and then in the race to do something very difficult.I've talked about this several times this year, but I'm pretty sure that my hopes will come true. Ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix, where I will try to get to the finish in the points zone".

2017-06-21 16:34:03

Porsche may come to Formula 1

German sports car manufacturer Porsche has achieved yet another victory at Le Mans, and now the automaker is aimed at the Formula-1.The company Porsche has received an invitation to attend the next meeting of manufacturers to discuss the rules on the engines of Formula 1 after 2020.Head of Le Mans Porsche Fritz Enzinger "We now know the rules of Le Mans in 2020. In the coming weeks, Peugeot have to decide, do they return to Le Mans. But even if they do, we should think whether we want to spend another two or three years. At the moment I can't say with absolute assurance".The Auto Bild report mentioned that Formula E is one of the options for Porsche, but there are also rumors that McLaren is interested in a transaction with this company to supply engines.

2017-06-20 12:24:03

Honda will present the updated version of the engine in Baku

This weekend Honda expects to deliver the much-anticipated McLaren engine updated.In Canada just over a week ago, the McLaren admitted that their frustration at the limit, so if soon there will be updates, a contract with a Japanese company will be terminated.The head of Honda Yusuke Hasegawa "In Baku we will install an updated internal combustion engines. I don't know whether to call it a specification of the engine number "3", but we'll present something, even if it interim solution".The report States that Honda is hard at work specification "3" to solve the problems of the power plant, including excessive vibration and lack of power of 90 HP Yusuke Hasegawa added "the Situation is more complicated than people can imagine. Changing some of the details we have to work on other that automatically require replacement".

2017-06-17 15:24:03

Renault wants more balanced rules

The head of Renault's Cyril abiteboul believes that the need to achieve greater balance between engine and chassis in Formula 1.Cyril abiteboul "I would like to see rules engines have become easier. This is a very important area in the championship. We are manufacturers, and the engine is the heart of the automotive industry, we therefore believe that it should remain the dominant factor in Formula 1.But we don't really like that now stay in the peloton impact on the rating of the engines. It's not good for the sport.So, we need a better balance between engine and chassis. It would be nice to team with a great chassis, but not the best engine, also had chances of success".

2017-06-09 11:24:07

Hulkenberg really wants to be with Alonso

Hulkenberg really wants to be with Alonso

The pilot of Renault Nico Hulkenberg responded positively to the opportunity to partner Fernando Alonso next year.Nico Hulkenberg "the team will automatically become more likely to succeed, and I have a great opportunity to compete with one of the best pilots in the Formula-1.I'm ready for this and am confident that I can learn from him a lot. I think for the team it will be good.I have not followed the race Alonso in the Indy 500, but was impressed by its performance. I don't know about Indy, but I don't think it's so easy to come and start to fight for the victory. When Alonso went to the United States, I could not help thinking that he has a chance to win, like I did a couple of years ago at Le Mans. It shows that we really are the best pilots in the world".

2017-06-04 12:44:03

Helmut Marko We need a cheaper engine

Sports Director of Red Bull Helmut Marko once again stated that the biggest problem with Formula 1 engine.Helmut Marko "Formula 1 needs engine, which is simple, loud and not worth more than ten million dollars. Powertrain is an incredible technical achievement that has no value to the public and which pushes the pilot into the background.It's crazy, if you need more than 20 million to spend on engines. In the automotive industry we do not use such engines and such technologies. It has nothing to do with mass production. The complexity of the new rules they clearly show the problems of Honda, global company".

2017-05-19 11:34:02

SMP F4 NEZ 2017 Champonship kicks off in Sochi

The first phase of the SMP Formula 4 NEZ Championship season 2017 starts on 19 may at the autodrom in Sochi. In the championship participates 21 racer representing eight different countries, including 10 Russian pilots.Among the participants of the third season of the championship North European zone SMP F4 young year from the Netherlands, Spain, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, France, Austria and Russia. In the first stage will involve the Russians Vladimir Tjortjis and Nikita Volegov, already has experience of playing in this championship, debutants Alexander Smolar, Ivan Shvetsov, Mikhail Belov, Ivan Berets, Gulhuseyn Abdullayev, and the first in the history of the championship girl pilot Milen Ponomarenko.Every year our League is becoming more popular, occupying a niche in an environment similar to the competition of the FIA - said the founder and Director of the program of development of Russian Motorsport SMP Racing Boris Rotenberg. - High level of preparation of its graduates for that year is confirmed by the fact that the winners become participants in the Junior program of Red Bull, and many participants in the SMP F4 Championship successfully move into the senior international series. I note that the geography of racers becoming more wide - starting with pilots from four countries in 2015, today we can already see that representatives of eight different countries, not just Nordic area, appreciated our open. I am sure that the increasing level of competition will help including ours, the Russian pilots become more experienced, stronger, and more successful to perform on the international stage.""It is important to see how things are progressing SMP F4 Championship, as the year is growing the skill level of the pilots, the geography of its participants, - considers the sports Director of the SMP F4 NEZ Championship Mika Salo. Is what we seek, what we think is one of the main indicators of the correctness of the chosen direction of work. And today we can say that the SMP F4 has become a truly international competition, which has a serious impact on the entire youth racing".Qualification for first race of the SMP Formula 4 NEZ Championship season 2017 will be held may 19, Friday, at 1530 Moscow time. The race starts at 1815. The beginning of the second qualification, which will determine the starting grid for race 2 and 3, on Saturday at 1100. The second race will start on Saturday at 1350. Also on Saturday at 1650 it will be the third race of the stage.

2017-05-17 14:04:03

Red Bull again threatened to leave Formula 1

Sports consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marko said that Formula 1 needs to move on to other engines. Otherwise, the Austrian team could leave the championship.Helmut Marko "We need a simple engine capacity of 1000 HP, where there will be one standard unit and KERS battery. The cost of creating engine should be in the region of 15-20 million euros.Independent companies like Ilmor or Cosworth should be able to participate in the championship, so we or, say, McLaren could use their engines. Last year, neither Mercedes nor Ferrari want to supply us with their engines, and only the version with Renault was affordable, not without the help of the pressure of Bernie Ecclestone.We want to have equal rights with manufacturers. We want the automakers didn't blackmail us".

2017-04-27 11:14:04

Niko I with optimism waiting for the race in Russia

Niko I with optimism waiting for the race in Russia

The pilot of Renault's Nico Hulkenberg admitted that he is looking forward to the opportunity to go to the start of the race in Sochi.Nico Hulkenberg "I with optimism waiting for this opportunity. I think that we have made significant progress with race pace in Bahrain. Now we want to test their development in Sochi. We have something interesting that will help the car go any faster.Of course, the Sochi autodrom is a completely different track, so we can't accurately predict the relative velocity until the start of Friday's practice, but I feel confident.I think we have made good progress, and all this makes me feel happy."During the first Friday practice of Hulkenberg will replace the Russian test-pilot Renault Sergey Sirotkin.

2017-03-29 14:44:03

Chapter Mercedes We talked with Fernando last winter

Chapter Mercedes We talked with Fernando last winter

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff admitted that after the departure of Nico Rosberg, his team turned to Fernando Alonso.Toto Wolff "Yes, we spoke with Fernando last winter. We were in negotiations with him, but we had a contract with McLaren. We are forced to respect the signed contracts.We do not have enough of fighting with McLaren. I don't know what their problems are. I only know that McLaren is a great team, but Honda is a large automobile manufacturer. Obviously, Alonso's hard to accept the fact that he can't fight for victory".

2017-03-29 09:34:06

Jean Todt Other engines we don't need

The President of the FIA Jean Todt said that the new type of engine that you want to see the fans, impossible to implement in the championship. So expect a sonorous V8, V10 or V12 we should not.Jean Todt "At the moment we have an engine that, apparently, you need to manufacturers, and Formula 1, as can be seen, agree that we need to work with technology, which is developing the automotive industry.I think that in the future it can come back I don't think the producers will want to develop a powerful voracious loud engines.Formula 1 will not go to the latest motors, or power-plant on hydrogen fuel. For this we will create a new racing series. But it also does not mean that we are going to revisit what we worked ten years ago. This will never happen".

2017-02-25 13:54:03

Technical specification of Williams FW40

Technical specification of Williams FW40

The Williams team published the technical specifications of the new machine FW40.Sessionals ferrocarbon and porous composite materials, the level of security appropriate to the requirements Yeperenye suspension triangular upper and lower wishbones, torsion bars and dampers, actuated by pushrods, stabilizer bar USTOIChIVOSTI suspension triangular upper and lower wishbones, torsion bars and dampers, actuated rods, stabilizer transverse stoichiometries 8-speed transmission Williams, semi-automatic, sequential, with stepless switching, longitudinally, electro-hydraulic privokzalnye multi-disc, from carbonemitting Williams discs Aptech, wrought iron, magnesium splaviny Pirelli, 305/670-13 front and 405/670-13 speditorska system AP 6-piston front calipers, 4-piston rear calipers, discs and pads from carbonaria management Williams, rack and pinion, with pricelessly tank ATL, rubber capacity, reinforced kalaraphulia electronics standard block Viasystems cooling aluminum Radiotracker 6-point safety harness, HANS system, removable anatomic seat of the pilot from carbonatesilicate Mercedes-AMG F1 M08 EQ Power, V6, turbonagrevatelejj volume 1.6 cislo of cylinders 6 the collapse of cylinders 90 graduacao valves 24 rpm 15000 rpm/enmaxonline fuel consumption 100 kg/HR 10500 rpmFuel system direct injection under pressure of 500 berterbangan single-stage compressor and turbine operating on the exhaust gasexpansie the turbine speed about 125000/minsystem ERS Mercedes AMG Nrgenerating 5000 mvista 950 mm 2000 weight 728 kg the limit set by FIA.

2017-02-23 19:04:04

Technical specification Mercedes W08 EQ Power+

Technical specification Mercedes W08 EQ Power+

After the presentation of the new machine team Mercedes has issued specifications for W08 EQ Power.Sessionals from fibrocaseous ferrocarbon consists of engine cover, side pontoons, the bottom, the nose fairing, front and rear antikaliuretic anatomical seat for the pilot carbon fiber, 6-point belts OMP, the system HANS security capsule security structure to absorb a frontal, rear and side impacts, elements to protect the pilot from overturning machinimatoday suspension upper and lower carbon wishbones, torsion bars and dampers, actuated collateralized suspension upper and lower carbon wishbones, torsion bars and dampers, actuated tahamtani drives forged OZ magnesium splaviny Pirelli carbon discs and pads Carbone Industries, the system of the "brake-by-wire" brake calipers Brembo steering rack and pinion, power, steering wheel carboeuroflux electronics standard control unit McLaren Electronic Systems instruments McLaren Electronic Systems tank ATL production, reinforced kevlarobeton, lubricants and technical fluids Petronas Tutela transmission the case of carbon, longitudinally mounted, 8 gear + rear chouprene sequential, semi-automatic, hydraulic privokzalnye drive from carboalumination more than 5000 mm 2000 mvista 950 weight 728 mgdigital Mercedes-AMG F1 M08 EQ Power+, consists of an internal combustion engine ICE, kinetic motor-generator MGU-K, thermal motor-generator MGU-H turbocharger TC, battery ES and control electronics CEMinimum weight 145 mgdigital Sharnirnogo INTERNAL volume 1.6 cislo of cylinders 6 the collapse of cylinders 90 graduacao valves 24 rpm 15000 rpm/enmaxonline fuel consumption 100 kg/HR 10500 rpmFuel system direct injection under pressure of 500 berterbangan single-stage compressor and turbine operating on the exhaust gasexpansie the turbine speed about 125000/minsystem ENERGY RECOVERY ERSType hybrid energy recovery system based on motor-generationality energy lithium-ion battery, minimum weight - 20 khmarskiy energy range 4 Mglowest MGU-K 120 cutmanmike engine rpm MGU-K about 50000/memaksimalkan energy regenerated MGU-K on the same lap 2 Mjpaximly energy issued by the MGU-K on the same lap 4 MJ 33.3 per seconds at full loadMaximum engine rpm MGU-H 125000/enmaxonline rpm thermal motor generator MGU-H about 125000/inmodest MGU-H not ogranichennaya energy regenerated MGU-H on the same lap not ogranichennaya energy issued by the MGU-H on the same lap not ogranichivatsya Petronas Rgbaimage materials Petronas Syntium.