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2017-09-22 11:54:03

The head of McLaren the finances won't be a problem

The head of McLaren Zach brown said his team will work with a good budget next year.Zach brown "we Have a very loyal shareholders who want to win races. This is the main goal, so they gave us the right to do whatever it takes to win, and we will work together on the financial side of the question. We will come to any financial agreement that is needed by the team. If we need additional funds, we receive them because of race are a major advertising company.Main sponsorship deals will be concluded in late fourth quarter of this year and early in the first quarter of 2018. It would be nice to announce it before the summer break, because you always want more time to prepare for work with sponsors, but the situation now is exactly what we will be able to solve all the questions only at the end of the year."It is known that in the last three years, McLaren has received 100 million dollars a year from Honda and didn't pay for the engines. However, because of poor results have left many big donors.

2017-09-13 10:54:04

In Formula 1 can enter the budget ceiling

The leadership of Formula 1 is considering the possibility of introducing a budget ceiling for teams.As reported by Sport Bild, it is suggested to limit the budget of the teams at 150 million euros per year. 50 million euros the team will be able to use for marketing purposes, including salaries of pilots.Now, according to experts, the top teams have a budget of 300-400 Euro per year.

2017-09-12 11:14:02

Sauber want to increase staff

The new head of the Sauber Frederic Vasseur said that dreams about the extension of the state of his team.Faradic Vassar "the Current state of the team is around 320, this is one of the smallest teams in the championship. We should grow in every Department, especially in the Department of aerodynamics. Our goal is 400 people.When I joined Renault last year, there is employed 470 people. When I left, there were more than 600 employees.We have to take children from good places and give them good working conditions. If you increase the number of staff you need to increase the budget, but it's not the most difficult part of the job.You have to find the right guys, you have to determine their positions. Just take the specialists and make them what you need - this is wrong. Better to stay on the 320 than to invite such people".

2017-08-13 01:04:04

Christian Horner Formula 1 at the crossroads of choosing a new engine

Head Red Bull Christian Horner believes that Formula 1 is facing a serious choice in which the championship should help the Formula. Christian Horner "a Whole galaxy of brands rushed into Formula E, and this gives us a chance to return to the classics of the engines of Formula 1 in the future.Formula-E - platform for the development of future technologies. Porsche, Mercedes, Renault, Audi, Jaguar is much more manufacturers than Formula 1.The cost of the work in the Formula-E is now 5 percent of the budget in Formula 1, so I can imagine that manufacturers of machines for the masses are in the Formula, such as Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lamborghini, pay attention to the Formula-1. This is their place.So I see that the championship is at a crossroads. If you believe a policy, we'll all be driving EVS in 2030, so the Formula-1 should be pure racing, a competition of the best pilots in the world with internal combustion engines.I conducted a survey on one of the forums fans of Red Bull, and all welcomed my opinion when I said we want to go back to V10. I doubt we'll do it. We have to settle for bi-turbo V6, but the sound is the key. Of all critics of the current engines the most important thing for fans is the sound.

2017-07-10 14:54:04

Nico has no regrets about leaving the Force India

Nico has no regrets about leaving the Force India

The pilot of Renault Nico Hulkenberg said that he did not regret his departure from Force India.Nico Hulkenberg "I did everything right. It was clear that this year the development team will be small. We just can't resist the Force India. But we expect to compete for high results in 2019 and 2020.I believe in the potential of this team and the fact that it will give me a car capable of fighting for the title and victory.Officially, the team says it wants to compete for victory in 2019, but there are no guarantees on this score. There is only hard work, decisions, budgets, the right people. With this recipe the team has to come out on top. But in Formula 1 it is impossible to make unequivocal predictions".

2017-05-31 11:54:03

Jrg sander Sauber have a budget to fight in the middle of the peloton

Sauber technical Director Jorg Zander says that his team is able to fight for a place in the middle of the peloton.Jrg sander "I think we have a really good budget, so we have all the possibilities to fight in the middle of the peloton. We are no worse than all the other teams in this group. We develop and manufacture new parts.The team consists of experienced and talented people, and this has a positive impact on our development. Sauber are a very good team, interesting for top-notch professionals and sponsors".After six stages Sauber occupies the 9th place in the Cup of designers, ahead of McLaren secured more.

2017-05-22 16:54:04

The owners of Formula 1 can limit the budgets of the teams

In the company Liberty Media, which owns Formula 1, is considering the possibility of a budget cap.Chase Carey, the head of the championship "Everyone understands that audiences want to see the fight, I want the racing results were not predictable. Their plans we will present in the summer".

2017-05-07 10:14:04

Carlos Sainz Even experience does not always helps me

Carlos Sainz Even experience does not always helps me

The pilot Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz said that it is very difficult to fight in the middle of the peloton, where the density of the struggle is through the roof.Carlos Sainz "My three-year experience helps, but even it is not always enough, so dense is the struggle in the middle of the peloton.If Formula 1 doesn't appear anything special, the gap between top teams and the rest is huge. Now so it happened. The championship simply split into the League. If you look at the budgets, you will understand that to achieve the same results with such a difference simply impossible. I therefore hope that the new leadership of the championship will find a solution to reduce the gaps".After the four stages of Sainz in the championship, 9th place.

2017-03-29 14:44:04

FIA We did not get what expected

The President of the FIA Jean Todt believes that Formula 1 has not reached the amendments to the terms of the objectives sought.Jean Todt "we were counting on the fact that the margin between the teams is greatly reduced, but this did not happen. Leaders far ahead, and the average of the team far behind.We wanted the first ten cars were among themselves within eight-tenths of a second, but this did not happen. We dreamed that the discrepancy between the budgets will be reduced, and as a result, we will have a more dense peloton, but no.The new machines look great, but the leads do not become so complicated as we thought. All wanted the machines were harder in the past. But is it really".

2017-03-24 11:44:05

Paddy Lowe Williams could become a champion

Paddy Lowe Williams could become a champion

New Williams technical Director Paddy Lowe believes that the British team is quite able to fight for the title.Paddy Lowe "Engines the same for all teams Mercedes, so it is possible to win the world Cup, even being a customer of this company. Look at Red Bull - they are the client team, but have a number of titles.Here the main question in the budget. If little money, then the engines will not help you. The challenge is how to best use the resources that you have and simultaneously increase the resource base. So Williams has all the chances to return one day to the top".The last time the pilot Williams became the champion in 1997.

2017-02-25 19:54:04

The head of McLaren we are required victories

The head of McLaren we are required victories

The head of McLaren Zach brown said that the shareholders and sponsors certainly want to see the victory of their team.Zach brown "we Have very rich owners who want to see victory. They are not going to increase the budget, they want to see to start the progress.We have many ways to fill the budget, he's rather big. Honda this year also made a fantastic contribution. Now it is important to dispose of the funds and try to break through to the top".

2017-02-24 11:44:02

Rob Fearnley We have only ten teams

Deputy head of the Force India Rob Fearnley believes that the championship is only ten teams, among which, it is fair to allocate the income.Rob Fearnley "I think that the Liberty need to work closely with the FIA, because the current provision of 12 teams does not work. We need well-developed team, good beginners. Like Haas, who did everything to achieve recognition and their prize.If you look at the peloton, there must be teams with contracts for a minimum of three to five years, with a team of 400 people and a budget of 300 million. 12 teams will never be able to afford it, so you should focus only on the ten.I would love in future to see Force India in the championship. Our staff has grown, we are making progress. Today we have ten teams who are able to show a good show, ten well-funded, high-quality Formula 1 teams. We should not look for two more.With all due respect to Manor, if someone comes to buy them, it is too late. The opportunity was only in the last year".

2017-02-16 10:44:03

Cyril abiteboul we are fourth in the championship funding

The head of Renault, Cyril Abiteboul said that his team received for the season 2017, the budget is not worst than many teams.Cyril abiteboul "We will get better financing, and only three top teams will have a large budget. We not only clear the position of McLaren in the financing of the team.We will be able to fight on equal terms with Williams, Force India, Toro Rosso. I expect that our pace of development is stronger than the mentioned teams.When it comes to the big teams at the forefront of the strategy five years of progress. During this time we plan to catch the leaders and start fighting with them".

2017-02-14 13:04:03

Williams hopes to limit budgets

Deputy head Williams Claire Williams hopes that limit budgets will help her team to fight for the title.Claire Williams "Our team is now able to your budget to thrive only in the middle of the peloton, while larger teams clearly ahead of us in the financial area. But the limit budgets, which depends on the number of staff that can work in our favor. If we sit at the negotiating table and resolve the issue, then Williams will have a chance to fight for the title".According to experts, the budget Williams is 125 million Euro against, for example, of 390 million euros from Ferrari.

2017-02-12 12:24:03

Rob Smedley the Hierarchy of commands will not change

Race engineer Williams Rob Smedley believes that the new rules will mix the peloton, however, will hardly change anything in its essence.Rob Smedley "I hope that the new rules will significantly modify the balance of power, but I'm not sure that the hierarchy really will change completely.In Formula 1 no one has ever won the world Cup without a significant budget. Money is now necessary to count to the last cent.Perhaps the new rules will lead to the fact that the rich teams for the first time will lose its strength, and the first six races can get quite unique. The opportunity and need to use".

2017-02-02 11:34:03

Carlos Sainz Podiums is a utopia

Carlos Sainz Podiums is a utopia

The pilot Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz admitted that now he is completely not thinking about podiums in his career.Carlos Sainz "to Talk about his first podium right now - utopia. To fight with McLaren this year will be a new challenge for us. They have a bigger budget, which we can only dream of".

2017-02-01 10:04:03

Ross brown I Have ideas how to reduce the gaps

Ross brown I Have ideas how to reduce the gaps

Sports Director of the Formula 1 Ross Brawn said that he had a number of ideas on how to reduce the gaps between the teams.Ross Brawn "I Have an idea that we should study and possibly use in 2018 or 2019. We need to take a cue from teams Leicester city, which for the year with a limited budget was able to fly up of the candidates for relegation. This example would be perfect for Formula 1. It is a pity that we now have no such opportunity,".

2017-01-27 12:14:03

Stefano is ready to bring Lamborghini to Formula 1

The former head of Ferrari Stefano Domenicali is currently the CEO of Lamborghini, and rumor has it that he may return to the championship as the leader of the new team.Stefano Domenicali "You have raised a very painful touch to my soul. I want to be very honest with you - today we have other priorities and we should focus on them.In the future Motorsport has always been part of the Lamborghini, so if Formula 1 is a little will change its format, then why notIt is important for us to come into the world of Formula 1 with the correct budget that will be spent only on race and not on entertainment and luxury. Now everything is different.If things were to change, we will come in these races".

2017-01-06 10:44:02

The President of Ferrari Formula 1 - expensive sport

The President of Ferrari Sergio Marchionne said the Formula 1 is indeed too expensive entertainment.Sergio Marchionne "While we saw a decline in the costs of using wind tunnels, and the supply of engines. But it's just ineffective measures. The reality is that Formula 1 is an extremely expensive sport.There are factory teams from Renault and Mercedes, the big companies that can focus on development in a broad sense and is to cover costs becomes very dangerous.I accept the movement of the sport to lower costs, but much depends on us and how we adapt to these requirements. But I do not believe that a limited budget will be able to work. The problem is that with the restrictions we end up going to work in very limited areas to make the car competitive".

2017-01-03 11:54:03

Sergio Perez believes in fighting in the top three

Sergio Perez believes in fighting in the top three

The pilot Force India Sergio Perez admitted that he believes in the possibility of a fight for third place.Sergio Perez "this year we have a great opportunity to become the most prolific team. Changes in rules are giving us a chance to make a long-awaited breakthrough in the top three.Every year we go up so I can see good potential for the next step. I think our budget is pretty well balanced for the next season from the point of view of what we can do in terms of modernization.We are not a top team, but we have the potential to be. If you succeed, the battle for third place could get very hot".Last season, Force India finished fourth, ahead of Williams.

2016-12-19 13:04:02

Gunther Steiner We have enough money

Gunther Steiner We have enough money

Haas Director Gunther Steiner told me that his team was able to stay within budget for 2016.Gunther Steiner "Our budget differs from the budgets of all other teams, so we have much to be proud of, because the team was able to invest in its frame in 2016. We had a clear plan we followed and it works It gives hope and daring conclusion that Haas's way different from all the other teams in the League, and we have a future.We did not ask additional money from Haas, we are at the beginning of the year outlined what and how much it will cost. The specified budget was enough, so we have proved that we can fight for points and to meet their goals".

2016-10-28 11:14:02

Force India in no hurry to replace Hulkenberg

At the end of the season Nico hlkenberg will leave Force India, as he has already signed a multi-year contract with Renault. Indian team is in no hurry to find a replacement.Robert Fearnley, Deputy team principal "We consider all options, but the decision will be taken by Vijay Malia. In any case, this issue will not be discussed, until we get back from Mexico.We will not give up a talented pilot, behind which are the sponsors. But honestly, Nico didn't bring us the money, so his departure will not affect our budget. Vijay Malia will evaluate all candidates according to the results".It is known that the place in the Force India claim protg Mercedes Pascal Wehrlein and two cash pilot Sauber.

2016-10-26 11:14:03

McLaren will change to Castrol ExxonMobil

McLaren will change to Castrol ExxonMobil

We already wrote that Red Bull is likely going to poach from McLaren major sponsor ExxonMobil. However, as it turns out, the British team itself refused to cooperate with the American oil company.According to the publication Financial Times, McLaren has found a new partner in the person of British oil company BP. The deal is valued at 35 million euros per year. It is expected that in Formula 1, the BP will promote your brand to Castrol. Obviously, the cooperation with McLaren will not be limited with the budget and relate to the creation of fuel and lubricants.The Castrol brand is well known in Formula 1. In different years of his logos appeared on the machine Wolf, Brabham, Lotus, Williams and Jaguar. In 1979 and 1980 with partner, Castrol was the McLaren team.

2016-10-17 12:34:03

Pascal Wehrlein talks with Force India

Pascal Wehrlein talks with Force India

German Pascal Wehrlein with the backing of Mercedes, has admitted that talks with Force India team on the place in the season of 2017.Pascal Wehrlein "In Force India I have a free place and we are negotiating with them. Let's see what happens.Now I focus on racing in the Manor. We want to finish the season on a good position."It is known that Wehrlein got a place in Manor thanks to Mercedes, which has provided about 3 million to 4 million euros in the form of discounts on their engines. A similar scenario may develop a partnership with Force India.However, there is information that the place in the Force India claim the Brazilian Felipe Nasr, sponsors to Supplement the budget of the team in the amount of about 15-18 million euros.

2016-10-15 11:04:04

Felipe Nasr could become the pilot of the Force India

Felipe Nasr could become the pilot of the Force India

In connection with the transition Nico of Force India in the team Renault in the middle group the position became quite attractive for pilots with good sponsorship, which include Felipe Nasr, speaking for the Sauber.According to available information, sponsors Brazilian driver willing to pay 18 million dollars. Such a contribution to the budget will be very useful for Force India in terms of the new technical regulations. Besides, with the speed at Nasr's not all that bad.Also to place in Force India claims to be a protege of Mercedes Pascal Wehrlein. In return the German company is ready to offer its engines at the rate of 4 milliondollars.I wonder which option you will choose in the Force India.

2016-09-29 10:58:41

Manor want to keep the pilots

Manor want to keep the pilots

Manor race Director Dave Ryan said that his team is ready to keep the pilots for the next season without changes.Dave Ryan "We are now busy analyzing all the candidates for the role of the pilots in the team. We are satisfied with the performances of Pascal Wehrlein, which shows real class. You can also copes with his work, and you can see that the guy has potential. Many teams would like to get these pilots, and I want to see them in the Manor for the next season.We are making progress together, we give pilots more fast cars. If they fulfill their part of the contract, then the place will be for them."Obviously, by "their part of the contract" refers to the sponsor's investment in the budget team. The cost of space in the Manor is estimated at 10-15 million euros.

2016-09-24 12:14:08

Anthony Hamilton no money - No Formula 1

Anthony Hamilton no money - No Formula 1

Father of Lewis Hamilton is convinced that now everyone in Formula 1 is decided by money alone.Anthony Hamilton "the Youth Motorsport is still very expensive, it encourages those in the motor sport with the dream of Formula 1, or real talents who aspire to the top. Formula 1 may come to the fact that the majority of pilots will pay for their seats instead of coming to those who become Champions in the Junior series.In our time, we just worked hard to gain the favor of Ron Dennis, but now it's not enough. In the Junior series, many pilots who win Championships but don't have the budget or patrons in order to get into Formula 1".It is worth noting that Lewis Hamilton, exactly ten years ago I conducted the first tests of Formula 1 driving a McLaren after he became the champion GP2.

2016-09-21 10:34:06

Rio Haryanto it's a Shame to be in the squad

Rio Haryanto it's a Shame to be in the squad

Spare the pilot of the Manor Rio Haryanto still teplit hopes to return to racing in the season 2017.Rio Haryanto "it's a shame, but better to be a spare pilot than to leave the championship. These things happen in racing, so you need to maintain concentration. I work in a team, learning a lot during the Grand Prix, briefings, monitor the work of fighter pilots.I have a chance to return to racing next year, so don't lose heart and work hard on implementing this goal."Obviously, everything will depend on the budget of the Indonesian pilot. There will be 10-15 million euros - will be a combat pilot.

2016-08-22 09:44:03

Pirelli to Conduct tests needed in warm countries

Pirelli to Conduct tests needed in warm countries

Autosport Pirelli Director Paul hembery believes that it is best for Formula 1 teams conduct pre-season tire tests in warm countries.Paul hembery "the teams even the tail of the peloton are the first races to show good results, pre-season tire tests should be conducted in countries where air temperature and tracks close to those that will be during the Grand Prix. Conduct tests in Barcelona, where in the morning is ice on the puddles is a wrong decision. It is best to conduct tests in Bahrain or Abu Dhabi.Teams complain that it entails additional costs, but the problem is not lack of money but they are spent. Previously, we carried out tests for months, and the budgets were much less than now".