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Cyril abiteboul We played with fire last year

Cyril abiteboul We played with fire last year

The head of Renault's Cyril abiteboul believes his team took a big risk, working with the engine during the season-2017.Cyril abiteboul "We found some problems during the winter tests and some are still in the beginning of the season. It was very late to respond to these issues and to make changes in the design of the engine.During the season we worked a little bit with fire, opening a new operation of the engine, which had some impact on reliability. We also had the problem consists in the fact that some teams could not carry out cooling of the engine. Had to work with each team individually".

2018-01-02 10:54:03

Marcus Ericsson Sauber Work impressed me

Marcus Ericsson Sauber Work impressed me

Pilot Sauber Marcus Ericsson said that the work with the chassis, done by his team to compensate for the lack of power really impressed him.Marcus Ericsson "Honestly, the team had no choice. They had to speak with the old power plants for various reasons.I think they were hoping that it would not be a big disadvantage, but immediately after hearing the news that Sauber are going to use the old engine, I realized that it would not be very good.Everyone remembered what happened to Toro Rosso, which used the old Ferrari engines in 2016, so we didn't expect a miracle. However, the work on modernization of the chassis was so effective that we could even earn points and compete at a good level early in the season. This is a spectacular result."All points for Sauber earned Pascal Wehrlein. The Ericsson never finished above 11th position.

2018-01-02 10:34:07

Rob Smedley Massa finished on top form

Rob Smedley Massa finished on top form

Race engineer Williams Rob Smedley believes that Felipe Massa ended his career at the peak of the sports form.Rob Smedley "Look at how he ended his career - he completed it at the highest level.He's 16 years spent in Formula 1, and all these years he was at the level of the fight for the title. In a fast car he always fought for victory in a slow - achieved its maximum.To be on top, to give the team information for development to achieve points constantly to reach the final of qualification on average is a measure of the level of the Mass. He is a very good pilot".

2018-01-01 19:44:03

January nomeromania 1 - Ayrton Senna, 1991

January nomeromania 1 - Ayrton Senna, 1991

In 1990 Ayrton Senna won the second title in the 1991 season as defending champion earned the right to play with a champion "single".The 1991 season was the fourth for the Union McLaren-Honda. Japanese motorists for the first time to prepare itself aspirated engine configuration V12. However, during the winter tests have problems, and the second team pilot Gerhard Berger even advised to go back to last year's V10 engine. However, the new season, McLaren started with a new engine. But the debut of the semi-automatic gearbox, which is already used by rivals Ferrari and Williams, had to be postponed.Senna won the first four races, earned 40 out of 40 points and brought their lead to 29 points. But then the McLaren started, and in five races Ayrton only twice climbed to the third step of the podium. In Williams, by contrast, dealt with the reliability of the Renault engines, and Nigel Mansell have won three of five races, reducing the gap from the leader of the championship to 8 points.

2018-01-01 17:54:03

Helmut Marko Work on the new engines going in the right direction

Sports consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marko said that negotiations on new engines for the season-2021 going in the right direction.Helmut Marko "it Seems that the situation is developing in the right direction. It is clear that things can't stay the same as it is now. The rules are too complex for understanding and implementation. Yes, the engine should be king, but the current rules are not able to give us what they should give. I am sure that in 2021, things will change for the better. At least all this goes.Of course, I also share the point of view of Toto, because if he loses his engine, he will lose most of their benefits. So he's fighting for his version of the rules. How will it end I think we will get a more technically simple engines, less expensive but more noisy. We are moving to this".

2018-01-01 14:24:03

Honda we Have a backup plan

The head of Honda Yusuke Hasegawa said that the upcoming season his company has a backup plan.Yusuke Hasegawa "We will stick to the same concept as last year. We need more power and reliability.We have not determined the full specification for the upcoming season, but at least we have a backup plan, which is the current version of the engine. So I am sure that we will be able to start the new season.We changed the engine from 2016 to 2017. It was certainly a necessary update for us. We think that this is the right direction.The biggest problem is that we don't have time to finish the work with the engine during winter testing.We just need a little more time to finish it".

2018-01-01 14:14:03

Ross brown we All remember how great the sound of the old engines

Sports Director of the Formula 1, Ross brown believes that the loud engines are unlikely to return to the championship.Ross Brawn "It's a little awkward, but we have to admit that the sound is somewhat different. We all remember how great the sound of the old engines. V8 roar so piercing that I could not help myself smiling.But the truth is that before we had engines that were poignant. Then came the hybrids, and all of a sudden you could talk to your neighbor on the podium, even when the next passing car".

2017-12-31 14:44:04

Honda concedes Mercedes 68 HP

The German edition Auto Motor und Sport has published data on engine power, Formula 1.Experts Auto Motor und Sport used the insider information and also made calculations with the help of GPS. In the end, the most powerful is recognized as the powerplant of the Mercedes - 949 HP followed by Ferrari 934 HP and Renault 907 HP As expected, at the end of the rating Honda with 881 HP.

2017-12-30 12:24:03

The head of Red Bull It was the worst year since 2006

Head Red Bull Christian Horner said that it was probably the worst season for his team.Christian Horner "for reliability, reliability of the engine, it was probably the worst year that we had the season in 2006, when we worked with Ferrari engines.Our partner for the supply of engines working hard to solve all problems this winter. They need it for their own team.Hopefully we can organize together to truly challenge Ferrari and Mercedes, who just will not stand for next year.

2017-12-28 12:04:03

The new Ferrari will be longer

The new Ferrari will be longer

The Italian press reports that the new machine Ferrari will differ from its predecessor, an increased wheelbase.Chief designer Simone Resta took this decision after consultations with the famous engineer Rory Byrne who built a champion Ferrari Michael Schumacher. Increased wheelbase will create a more efficient aerodynamics, which will allow you to gain an advantage on highways, where strong was the car Mercedes.The car Mercedes has the largest wheelbase in the last season 3760 mm 3594 mm vs Ferrari. However, because of the "silver arrows" proved to be less competitive on a narrow and slow circuits in Monaco, Hungary and Singapore. The Germans, on the contrary, want to make a more compact car.

2017-12-27 15:34:03

Mercedes was willing to work with McLaren

It is known that the leadership of the McLaren decided to part ways with Honda, the first thing turned to Mercedes, but in the end, a contract was signed for the supply of the power plant of Renault.Non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda, for example, opposed the supply of engines to McLaren, unlike Toto. Wolff now claims that the German minders were ready to resume cooperation with the British team.Toto Wolff "We were ready to put their engines to the McLaren team, but negotiations dragged on heavily, and the necessary resources for collaboration in 2018 was not. Perhaps in the future the cooperation will resume."Team McLaren used Mercedes engines from 1995 to 2014.

2017-12-27 10:34:04

Stoffel Vandorn the First race was not up to my standards

Stoffel Vandorn the First race was not up to my standards

The pilot of McLaren Stoffel Vandorn said that the first race of the season-2017 were not as he would want.Stoffel Vandorn " the First race certainly didn't meet my standards, but this is only my first season in Formula 1, so the relationship with the team, my engineers would develop. As we are faced with many challenges, it was difficult to do something better.When everything started to come back to normal, I had more time on the track, the more I began to spend time in the plant more time to devote to work in the simulator. Now I see that developing in the right direction."In his first full season in Formula 1 Vandorn finished in 16th position, right behind partner McLaren's Fernando Alonso.

2017-12-26 17:14:03

Mercedes the Main issue is the distribution of the prize Fund

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff raised a new question, leaving the engines in the background. Agenda - distribution of prize Formula 1 for the period up to 2020.Toto Wolff "well, That's the elephant in the room. This is the most important topic after 2020. It is clear that we need to find a structure that works for everyone. Some of the smaller teams very hard fight for income.We are not against price restrictions, while it is possible to control, and he has a reasonable system of administration. We are not going to reduce our work force by 30 percent from year to year, and we are not going to abandon the advantages of the manufacturer that we have, so there must be something else.

2017-12-25 12:44:03

Cyril abiteboul Improved engine allowed to play the second

The head of Renault, Cyril abiteboul told that the improvements of the power plant, made in the course of the last season allowed his team to play a second of lag.Cyril abiteboul "It was a goal we set for ourselves, but actually during the season we have enabled various methods of motor control and were able to extract additional performance.The engine itself, if you evaluate the end of last season and the end of it improved the second. This is great progress, but we need to use all the engine power that we just could not afford it.

2017-12-24 12:44:04

Mercedes agrees with Ferrari

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff agreed with the opinion of the President of Ferrari Sergio Marchionne that Liberty is pushing the championship to the ancient and unnecessary engines.Toto Wolff "I agree that we now have in hand is the powerplant, which is the most powerful and efficient racing engine. Thanks to new rules we can still fine-tune and optimise the engine. But to develop a new engine that would not meet modern standards of power and efficiency, we do not want. In this we agree with Ferrari. It's just a return to antiquity".

2017-12-23 13:24:06

Red Bull is preparing to win the first race

Sports consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marko said that next year the challenge is to fight for victory from the first race.Helmut Marko "We have noticed a trend that we earn more points in the second half of the season. For many years the philosophy of the Adrian Newey was to represent the car as late as possible, but the following year we changed the approach.Now we are behind schedule by two weeks compared to last year. If the engine is reliable, we will be able to fight in the leading group from the first race of the season.

2017-12-21 11:14:03

Toto Wolff asks Ross Brawn to cease to provoke Ferrari

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff warned Liberty Media that they are too aggressive and provoke the President of Ferrari Sergio Marchionne.In recent days, Marchionne has intensified its threats to withdraw Ferrari from Formula 1, accusing Liberty that they don't want to make concessions on new engines beginning in season 2021.Sergio Marchionne "currently, we have a powerplant, which is the most powerful and efficient racing engine.With the new regulations on the engines we have the ability to optimize the powertrain. But to develop a new engine that does not meet the high-tech aspects of electrification, efficiency and power, that is, to develop some sort of archaic engine, we have neither the time nor the desire."Toto Wolff "I'm not afraid of threats Marchionne, but it should be taken seriously. I relaxed because Ferrari is Formula 1 and Formula 1 is Ferrari. But if I was the new promoter of Liberty Media, would not provoke Marchionne unacceptable proposals, requirements, or meaningless changes.I am also opposed to Formula-1 turned into a cheap shopping sport. Formula 1 should remain as it is. We are ready to evolve and become acquainted with new media, but we need the right evolution.I'd like to have three or four years ago, Bernie realized the impending changes and has not lost its power. His experience and enthusiasm, his knowledge of the pilot and businessman helped create Formula 1 a great sport".

2017-12-20 10:24:03

The President of Ferrari continues to frighten the Formula-1

Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne is continuing its pressure on the issue of possible withdrawal from the championship.Sergio Marchionne "I was most annoyed by the fact that there is such an experienced person like Ross Braun, who is looking for ways to improve the championship at odds of the DNA of Formula 1.Creating car a more simple and cheaper engines, like NASCAR, we are not interested. We need to find a balanced solution for the future that satisfies everyone, and I think we will be able to do it.Otherwise, Ferrari will go. If the skeptics think we're bluffing, then they are playing with fire."The majority of Formula 1 teams have contracts, which expire in 2020, and Marchionne said that Ferrari will be able to leave.Sergio Marchionne "I think Ferrari has the power to drag other participants of Formula 1 in an alternative championship".

2017-12-19 17:44:03

Sergio Marchionne Ferrari will fight for the title in the season-2018

Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne said that next year his team will surely fight for the title.Sergio Marchionne "I believe in the season of 2018 we will again fight for the title. This year we had problems with the completion of the power plant, its the latest version and has not appeared on the track, with the result that we had to resort to changes in the technical Department."Previously, the mill Ferrari left Lorenzo Sassi, head of Department of development of engines. It is known that his career, he will continue in the Mercedes.

2017-12-18 17:44:03

The end of the season Sauber

The end of the season Sauber

The past season was the 25th in the history of the Sauber. However, this round date Swiss team noted no less than round the tenth position in the constructors ' championship.In 2016, the team was in a difficult financial position, resulting in changed owners. Began restructuring Sauber, during which the post of team leader left Kaltenborn, and she was replaced by frdric Vasseur, who retired from Renault because of disagreements with Cyril Abiteboul. First, Vasser has made breach of contract with Honda, designed for the 2018 and signed, Kaltenborn, and announced the continuation of cooperation with Ferrari.Well, in the season-2017 Sauber had to use the power plant Ferrari of the sample 2016. The team decided to save money on engines, focusing on a robust chassis. And if in the beginning of the year the pilots Sauber were still able to compete with McLaren and Toro Rosso in the second half of the season they fought only among themselves.Thanks to sponsorship place in the Sauber has retained Marcus Ericsson. His partner became the protg of Mercedes Pascal Wehrlein. However, because of injuries received during the "Race of Champions", the German missed two steps, and he came on as sub Antonio Giovinazzi, reserve pilot Ferrari.At the fifth stage in Spain to Wehrlein managed to finish eighth, earning four points. Another point, Pascal got the tenth place in Azerbaijan. After that point balance Sauber did not change until the end of the season. Eriksson was in the shadow of Wehrlein, his best results were 11th place in Spain and Azerbaijan. With 5 points Sauber finished the season in tenth and last place.Despite the modest results, that Ericsson has again maintained a place in the Sauber, again, thanks to our sponsors and contacts in the guide. But instead of Wehrlein, who earned all points for the season 2018 took the Ferrari protg of Charles LeClair. Next year the team will get a newest power plant of the Ferrari, and sponsorship and technical assistance to Alfa Romeo, on paper, Sauber needs to significantly improve.

2017-12-18 13:04:04

Charles LeClair it's Hard to say what I expect

Charles LeClair it's Hard to say what I expect

Pilot Sauber Charles LeClair admitted that he did not know, what results can we expect from him next season, which will become a Monegasque citizen debut in Formula 1.Charles Leclerc "I think it's pretty hard to make predictions. It is necessary to go to the track and see what car. In the Junior series all clear, since there the machines are the same. In Formula 1 it is very difficult to speculate and give predictions. We will see after the first test. As usual, I will try to do everything possible in the car, but it is really hard to say.We have a new engine - it should be a big step forward. I hope we will be able to take a step forward in the work with the machine. But it also depends on how big is a step ahead from the other teams. We still need to see".

2017-12-18 11:54:03

McLaren We've played two weeks ostavanie

Race Director McLaren Eric Buje told that his team managed to catch up with a schedule for the operation of the machine, which has been delayed due to the transition to the new Renault engine.Eric boullier "we May have decided to change the provider of the engine two weeks later than was required by our schedule, but these two weeks we are almost caught up.We must adapt to the new engine, but the architecture of the car remains the same.We have an interesting concept, so the transition will not be a big drama. Sometimes we can be smart".

2017-12-17 12:34:03

Jean Todt Formula-1 too reliable

The President of the FIA Jean Todt, the recently reelected for a third term, believes that the level of reliability Formula 1 has become too high.He noted that cars often can go a full season without mechanical problems, that shows how much money on development and parts have been spent.Referring to Lewis Hamilton, the FIA President told Auto Bild "He didn't commit any mistakes, but he was also extremely reliable and efficient car. Even if Mercedes wasn't always the fastest, Lewis scored points in 20 of the 20 Grand Prix. The cars are too reliable.Ferrari also impressed me. Ferrari and Mercedes were very reliable, and it cost a lot of money. Tests, simulation is too much. We don't need all this for interesting racing.The current engines are too expensive, too complicated and too quiet. But we have to work with them. We are currently talking with the producers about the evolution of existing engines".

2017-12-16 11:54:03

Lewis Hamilton recommends that Fernando Alonso to fight

Lewis Hamilton recommends that Fernando Alonso to fight

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton said that he hoped to fight for the title from Fernando Alonso.Lewis Hamilton "I'm going to prepare to fight more than ever. I will do everything to try and earn his fifth title next year.It will be a four-sided confrontation we, Red Bull, Ferrari and possibly McLaren. We can't afford to be complacent after the victory, we need to continue to work and improve in all areas.McLaren got the Renault engines. This year we were having a good duel with Alonso, and I'd like to be more of them in the future. Fernando deserves to fight in the leading group, so I hope he will be able to join the battle".

2017-12-16 11:34:04

Michelin are not interested in returning to 2021

Michelin are not interested in returning to 2021

The Michelin company does not seem interested in returning to Formula 1 even after 2020.The French company makes tires for Le Mans, Formula E and MotoGP, but the Director of Michelin Pascal Canon says that Formula 1 is not suitable for return.Pascal Canon "Until the rules change, we are not going to think about returning. For us it does not make sense to release a 13-inch tires, if they can not be seen on road cars. If it was the 18-inch wheels, then yeah, but I think that changes 2021 focused on the engine and budget.The most important thing for us is to make progress in their work, in other areas it makes no sense to invest".

2017-12-15 11:44:03

James Ki not easy to put a Honda engine in the car Toro Rosso

James Ki not easy to put a Honda engine in the car Toro Rosso

In the next season Toro Rosso will use the Honda powerplant. Technical Director of the Italian team James Ki talked about the difficulties of transition to new engines.James Key "Honda Powerplant are markedly different, they are more compact than the Renault, but have a completely different architecture. You just can't put other engines - much needs to change in the layout of the machine. Yes, some details remain, but some will have to change, and the third and completely develop from scratch.Our team is actively working with Red Bull, but we are doing a lot themselves. We even have our own wind tunnel. Rules for Formula 1 require that we independently develop the car. Gearbox - the only thing we get from Red Bull".

2017-12-15 10:34:03

Cyril abiteboul Main goal is reliability

The head of Renault's Cyril abiteboul once again noted that his team strives to achieve greater reliability in 2018.Cyril abiteboul "Reliability will be in the first place. This is our main goal for the season. We have seen that without the reliability to fight for victory impossible.I think we were too aggressive last season in the work with the engine. All this has led to the loss of reliability. Now we intend to gradually improve the reliability, and then power. Over time, we'll be able to fight for victory".Last season, the three races were won by cars with Renault engines.

2017-12-14 10:44:04

Mercedes becomes minder Ferrari

The former head of Department of development of engines Ferrari Lorenzo Sassi goes to Mercedes.In July, the President of Ferrari Sergio Marchionne has confirmed rumors that Mr engineer has been sent to the Department responsible for road cars. And now Spanish Newspapers AS and Marca report that the Sassi goes to Mercedes, in the Department of development of engines of Formula 1.Today in the Mercedes already are former heads of different divisions of Ferrari Aldo Costa and James Ellison.

2017-12-14 10:24:04

Pierre went Out hoping for opportunities Honda

Pierre went Out hoping for opportunities Honda

The French pilot of the Toro Rosso Pierre went Out hoping the Honda engine in 2018 will help him to fight for points in every race.Pierre went Out "I Hope we will have the potential to fight for points almost every weekend. But with the arrival of Honda is changing a lot, so today it is difficult to understand the potential that we will have during the season. We have to wait for the February tests.I was able to talk to Alain Prost and Jean Alesi, and they told me that the home Grand Prix will be a special moment that will need to savor, because this race is held only once a year.With the Renault engine went Out and has not earned any points.