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Chapter Mercedes Today was dominated by Ferrari

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff admitted that in Monaco shone the Scuderia, not his team.Toto Wolff "Today was dominated by Ferrari, first and foremost, we must congratulate them on this performance. Our task is to analyze what happened to us this weekend, and then figure out how to add in Canada.Today we had to minimize losses, and the pilots were working as best they could. It is a pity that Bottas missed out on third place, but Lewis broke through to seventh position. It was the ceiling tonight.Overall, we have some developments for the future after this Grand Prix. In the meantime, we will focus on training in Montreal".

2017-05-29 10:54:03

Valtteri Bottas it's a Shame to miss out on the first podium in Monaco

Valtteri Bottas it's a Shame to miss out on the first podium in Monaco

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas in Monaco finished 4th. For Finn's first points at this track.Valtteri Bottas "it's a Shame to miss out on the first podium in Monaco. Was a long week and we worked so hard, so disappointed just don't have time. I'm stuck in traffic, and Daniel just worked in a clean space. It cost me a place on the podium.The weekend was very hard for us, roughly speaking, the speed was not. Ferrari were very strong this weekend, and for some reason the car seems more easy to aerobatics. We need to take a step forward if we want Canada to impose the struggle for the victory".

2017-05-29 10:44:03

Pirelli We congratulate Ferrari

The head of Pirelli Mario Isola congratulated the Scuderia to victory in Monaco, the first since 2001.Mario Isola "Though it was always clear that the strategy with one stop would be optimal, today we saw a wide range of options and possibilities. Pilots choose when to pit stop, which led to unexpected results.As expected, the tire wear was low. Long stretches even at the Ul on the hot asphalt does not become a hindrance to teams.Congratulations to Ferrari since winning the double at the historic track".

2017-05-28 19:24:06

Sebastian Vettel Ferrari has no plan to hold Raikkonen

Sebastian Vettel has claimed that Ferrari had not used team tactics during the race in Monaco.Sebastian Vettel "we did not Have such a plan. We just wanted to have fun, and it worked. Valtteri was not far behind, and we have had problems with the rear tyres. When I opened the window of pit stops, Bottas went into the pits, Kimi followed him.At that moment I thought only about to remain second. I attacked the track and in the end proved to be first".

2017-05-28 18:14:06

Max Verstappen I am unhappy

The pilot of Red Bull Max Verstappen to race the Grand Prix of Monaco finished fifth, behind a pair of Ferrari of his team-mate Valtteri Bottas.Max Verstappen "I didn't imagine what was happening behind me the entire race. We had practiced pit stops, the strategy was ill-conceived. I couldn't overtake Bottas on the exit from the pit stop and then couldn't do anything, although we were on the tires. Even after restart I was not able to overtake him. Yes, customized behind Sainz.I'm not happy. I will try to recoup in Canada. Today I first got to the finish in Monaco.

2017-05-28 17:34:06

Sebastian Vettel It was an incredible race

Sebastian Vettel It was an incredible race

The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel won the race in Monaco. For Ferrari's first win in the Principality since 2001.Sebastian Vettel "It was just an incredible race from start to finish. Kimi had a great start, so I had to work hard to catch up with him. The tires slid on the first lap, so the first part of the race I could not catch Kimi. But I skillfully took advantage of the traffic that was hit by Raikkonen after the pit stop. You can say that I just beat.I attacked at the right time, and it brought me victory. Well I controlled the race and after the restart has faced difficulties in the past. It was very difficult to keep the car on the track. When rubber is warmed up, I brought the race to the end.Congratulations to the team, it was a very good race".

2017-05-28 17:34:05

Kimi Raikkonen Second place is good

Kimi Raikkonen Second place is good

Pilot Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen was upset his second result of the race Grand Prix Monaco. Perhaps Finn just became a victim of team play.Kimi Raikkonen "Second place is okay, but I expected more. Let's see what happens in Canada. I will try to do their job just perfectly, not to doubt my ability to win. It's all".

2017-05-28 17:34:03

Riccardo Daniel I'm pleased with the third result

Riccardo Daniel I'm pleased with the third result

Pilot Red Bull Riccardo Daniel in the race of the Monaco Grand Prix finished third, behind the Ferrari pair.Riccardo Daniel "I am very glad today's race and its result. Yesterday I was not feeling very well, I was not sure in the car, but today seriously expect to have fun, put on a good show. The team today made the most of the potential of the machine. It was just greatI'm happy with my results. Today was the circles when I enjoyed the car, but they were circles when I was very much afraid of the track. For example, after the restart, the tires were cold, and pilot was simply impossible. I hooked the wall, but the car survived. I was very fortunate to achieve the podium, slipped to third place".

2017-05-28 17:04:03

Chronicle of the race Grand Prix Monaco

Chronicle of the race Grand Prix Monaco

144654 - Today from pole position for the first time since 2008 will start Kimi Raikkonen.144722 - Beside him - his partner in the Ferrari and the championship leader Sebastian Vettel.144748 - the Main rival of Vettel in the fight for the title - Lewis Hamilton - will take at the start only 13-th position.144836 - But the other Mercedes, running Valtteri Bottas will start 3rd 144900 - Over the last 20 years in Monaco won only pilots, which started with the first three positions.144916 - In 11 cases were won by the pilot, starting from pole position.145155 - Fourth starting position from max Verstappen. The Dutchman twice started in Monaco and twice went off the track.145212 - the Fifth position from last year's winner of the pole position Daniel Riccardo.145259 - Before the start.

2017-05-28 14:04:02

Martin Brundle Ferrari ask Raikkonen to miss Vettel

The ex-pilot of Formula 1, and now a television commentator Martin Brundle is sure that in Monaco the Ferrari team will use team tactics.Martin Brundle "Hamilton far behind. Sure, in this situation, Ferrari will not want to lose seven points just because of the fact that Raikkonen would be ahead of Vettel.I think if Kimi will be able to take the lead in the race, then towards the end it will ask to skip ahead of Sebastian".Recall, Raikkonen and Vettel will start from the first and second positions respectively, while Lewis Hamilton is at the start only 13-th position. In the championship Vettel ahead of Mercedes driver on 6 points.

2017-05-27 18:24:05

Qualifying score after six stages

After six qualifications in three teams, there is complete dominance of one of the pilots.Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas 3-3Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel - Kimi Raikkonen 5-1Red Bull, Daniel Riccardo - Max Verstappen 3-3Force India, Sergio Perez - Esteban Windows 5-1Williams, Felipe Massa - lance Stroll 6-0McLaren, Jenson button - Stoffel Vandorn 1-0Toro Rosso, Daniil Kvyat is Carlos Sainz 2-4Renault, Nico - Jolyon Palmer 6-0Haas, Roman Grosjean - Kevin Magnussen 3-3Sauber, Marcus Ericsson - Pascal Wehrlein 0-4.

2017-05-27 17:14:06

Sebastian Vettel has received a warning

After qualifying, the stewards of the Monaco Grand Prix brought the Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel official warning because he crossed the white line on the exit of the pit lane.According to the rules after three warnings, the pilot receives a penalty in the form of loss of ten positions at the start. Vettel is the first warning. One warning is Daniel Riccardo and Sergio Perez two.

2017-05-27 17:14:03

Kimi Raikkonen It's a cool, pleasant feeling

Kimi Raikkonen It's a cool, pleasant feeling

Pilot Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen won the qualification in Monaco. For Finn's first pole after the Grand Prix of France 2008.Kimi Raikkonen "It's a cool, pleasant feeling. The team was able to work well with the settings, so today I managed to show good speed. I did everything I could, attacked the track was neat. It was difficult, but the results make me happy. Tomorrow I will try to start as best as possible".

2017-05-27 17:04:03

Sebastian Vettel, Bottas surprised me

Sebastian Vettel, Bottas surprised me

The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel in qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix showed the 2nd result. His team-mate, he lost 43 thousandths of a second, but 2 thousandths won against Valtteri Bottas.Sebastian Vettel "I was very surprised by the speed of Bottas. Mercedes looked very hesitant, but in the last round, Valtteri has shown excellent results. Kimi drove a great circle, and even though I wanted to win, this time he was the best.Today a lot of our fans in the stands, nice to see the flags of the Scuderia - it gives me strength. It was very interesting to fight for the pole position, is one of the most complex and exciting qualifications in the year. In the second sector I lost a little time - it's a shame, but the result is the result.Congratulations again to Kimi. The team can be satisfied with the first row".

2017-05-27 16:54:04

Valtteri Bottas It was a good round

Valtteri Bottas It was a good round

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas at the end of qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix showed the 3rd result.Valtteri Bottas "It was a really good round. I am pleased that I start from the second row. Kimi was very good today, he drove an excellent lap. I'm very happy for him. We lost a lot of time at practices, we were unable to prepare the car as in Ferrari.But the race is tomorrow, so we'll see what happens. We are perfectly able to reverse the situation".

2017-05-27 10:24:04

Sebastian Vettel can stay in Ferrari in 2018

Sebastian Vettel can stay in Ferrari in 2018

Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchionne has said that Sebastian Vettel will remain German or no team in 2018.Sergio Marchionne "If he is satisfied with the car, he can stay as long as he likes it.The negotiations that we had last year, was very nervous because we had no decent machine. So we're trying to give him what he wants - the only choice for him.We wanted to be at the head of the championship, and we're there".

2017-05-26 15:34:06

Kimi Raikkonen the issue with the base machine nonsense

Pilot Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen believes that the base length of the car plays a small role in the fight for victory in Monaco.Kimi Raikkonen "we Have the same wheel base on each track, so our car behaves in Monaco as well as anywhere else. But the problem here is not in the length of the base. For Monaco need more than just a short or long wheelbase. You need talent and speed to win on this narrow track."Himself Kimi won in Monaco in 2005.

2017-05-26 10:04:04

Sebastian Vettel I am very pleased with the second session

Sebastian Vettel I am very pleased with the second session

The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel on the results practices Monaco Grand Prix showed the best result.Sebastian Vettel "I am very pleased with the second session. We had a small problem at the beginning of the work, which took extra time, but we were then able to go to the track and showed itself in all its glory. It's funny to fly these machines on a narrow track in Monaco, because they are faster and wider than last year. I even kissed the barrier a couple of times this morning, but was able to continue without damage. Overall, it was a good day. It's only Thursday, so we have to wait for Saturday to get a clear picture of the balance of forces.We were able to achieve a good basic setup of the car, now we are talking about fine tuning, and we have time for this. We can still make the machine more competitive".

2017-05-26 09:54:05

Kimi Raikkonen Today, we have become faster with each round

Kimi Raikkonen Today, we have become faster with each round

Pilot Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen Grand Prix of Monaco finished in third place, losing to team-mate half a second.Kimi Raikkonen "Today we became faster with each round, and this is important. We have made smooth progress.Long series of laps the car is very good, while the shorter episodes, we still must make a little progress. We made some changes and it worked almost immediately. We need to work only over small things, and that would give an increase in speed.Certainly for pole position will fight several drivers, it will be very interesting".

2017-05-25 17:24:03

Sebastian Vettel I don't know what happened to Mercedes

The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel showed the best time on the first day of the Monaco Grand Prix. However, his main rival Lewis Hamilton of the Mercedes team ended up only eighth.Sebastian Vettel "In the second practice, our work started with a slight delay, but the day still turned out to be productive. Don't know what happened with Mercedes. I'm sure Saturday they will seriously add. We are waiting for a close contest, participants of which will become the pilots of Red Bull".

2017-05-25 17:04:04

Kimi Raikkonen was twice the speed

Kimi Raikkonen was twice the speed

During practice in Monaco Ferrari pilot Kimi Raikkonen has twice the speed limit in the pit lane, his team will have to pay a fine of 600 euros.In the first practice, when the permitted speed is 60 km/h Finn clocked to 61.7 km/h, for which earned a fine of 200 euros. In the second practice Kimi drove at a speed of 63.4 km/h, and it is 400 Euro.

2017-05-25 12:04:03

Sebastian Vettel I'm quite able to achieve the pole position

The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel said that his machine is quite capable to compete for the victory in qualification Monaco Grand Prix.Sebastian Vettel "Yeah, I think it's possible. We need to get into a rhythm, because Monte Carlo requires attention and credibility. Also, you need to trust your car.I am sure that we have the tools necessary for proper setup of the machine. I have confidence in myself and in the Technicals - this means that everything should work out".Only once Vettel started in Monaco from pole position. It was in 2011, and then Sebastian won the race.

2017-05-25 11:24:05

Sebastian Vettel We can win all five races of the season

Sebastian Vettel We can win all five races of the season

The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel is confident that he could win all the races this season.Sebastian Vettel "I Think that in all five races, we could finish first. We could achieve this, but did not. Sometimes you find yourself on a better side, sometimes not. But I think we have a long season, so all we need is to continue to fight and attack at the limit.We have a fast machine, there is a good package of upgrades, so we don't worry about it. I think we got the points which were earned. To achieve more you need to work more."Vettel has won two of five races, and in the other finished second. Sebastian now leads the championship, ahead of Lewis Hamilton by 6 points.

2017-05-25 11:14:03

Nico Rosberg I continue to follow the races

Nico Rosberg I continue to follow the races

Defending champion Nico Rosberg admitted that watching the championship events on TV.Nico Rosberg "Two children is a big responsibility and a big burden on parents. I have a lot of time to spend with his wife. But that does not prevent me to watch the racing.The first Grand Prix was really exciting for Formula 1 no one knew who would win. In addition, the fight between Mercedes and Ferrari - I want nothing more.".

2017-05-22 17:24:03

Niki Lauda is against the supply of engines Mercedes team McLaren

On the background of the problems Honda was talk that McLaren can return to the Mercedes engines. However, Niki Lauda, non-Executive Director of Mercedes, against such cooperation.Niki Lauda in an interview with Auto Motor und Sport "I am opposed to this contract. Two years I played for the supply of engines team Red Bull, but now I am against such cooperation. We should focus on our battle with Ferrari, not to help competitors."Apparently McLaren next season, will remain with the Honda engines. Until the beginning of may all the suppliers of the engines had to inform the FIA about changing the number of clients, but we know only one fact-change motors the Sauber team has signed a contract with Honda.

2017-05-20 10:14:03

Helmut Marko No Le Mans for the Red Bull

Sports consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marko said that his team in the near future will not go in the marathon 24 hours of Le Mans.Helmut Marko "No. We are focused on the Formula-1. Expenses in the WEC are quite large, but only one race is of great importance. We're not even going to consider the Cup from the point of view of sponsorship.We will not abandon the fight for the title in Formula 1. Our problem in the power plant. If you have a good engine, it's in the bag. The first four races of the Ferrari seemed to be the favorite, but after Spain Mercedes clearly made a huge step forward.

2017-05-20 10:04:04

Ross brown Vettel is the key to success of Ferrari

Ross brown Vettel is the key to success of Ferrari

Sports Director of the Formula 1 Ross Brawn believes that Sebastian Vettel has a huge impact on the situation in Ferrari.Ross Brawn "what Sebastian is doing in a red car, a great advertisement for Formula 1. Most fans want to see a successful team Ferrari, and Sebastian is the key to its success.Mercedes work just at the limit of their forces, while Sebastian is clearly with the comfort of fighting for wins and podiums. Ferrari is more consistent in this season".

2017-05-19 15:04:04

Valtteri Bottas I don't think in Monaco we will be lagging behind

This season the team Mercedes get the car with the longest wheelbase. On highways it gives a definite advantage. And what will happen in the narrow streets of MonacoMercedes driver Valtteri Bottas is confident that in Monaco his team will be competitive, although it expects that the fight with Ferrari and Red Bull will be very dense.Valtteri Bottas "In Monaco, everything is connected with slow turns and curbs. I am sure that there we will be able to fight for the victory, though, of course, rivals from Ferrari and Red Bull will catch up. I don't think in Monaco we will be lagging behind".I must say that in Monaco, Bottas had not been successful. On account of his four races, best result - 12th place.

2017-05-19 12:54:05

Red Bull hopes to update the Renault

Red Bull Renault is waiting for the updates that was postponed indefinitely for reasons of reliability.In Barcelona, the former Champions thanks to the updated car took a small step forward, lifting myself to the leaders of the championship, Mercedes and Ferrari, but the gap is still large.Sports consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marko "We were able to eliminate about 60 of the gap from the leaders. Of course, we hope fully will catch up with Mercedes and Ferrari before the Grand Prix of Austria".