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Mick Schumacher stays in Formula 3

Mick Schumacher stays in Formula 3

Mick Schumacher, son of seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, said that he stays another year in Formula 3.18-year-old pilot in his first season, he played for the Italian team Prema. Now La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that a contract for 2018 with the same team will be agreed in the coming days.One of the former engineers of Michael Schumacher at Ferrari, Luca Cordero Baldisserri, happy to work with Mick today "it Was very emotional to work with his son Michael, and in many ways he reminds me of his father. A couple of times I even call him Michael on the radio.

2018-01-05 13:34:03

Jacques Villeneuve Bottas only "number two"

The season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve believes Valtteri Bottas second in the Mercedes.Jacques Villeneuve "the Mercedes Team won, because they still have the best engine, but only Hamilton was able to take advantage of it. The performance Bottas was just awkward.He's a solid number two, not more. I would rather chose the Wehrlein.Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen, too, is the "number two". But this is much better than Finn Bottas".

2018-01-04 12:54:04

January nomeromania 4 - Robert Kubica, 2008

January nomeromania 4 - Robert Kubica, 2008

In 2008 Sauber owned by BMW, and thanks to the cooperation with the Bavarian minders were able to challenge Ferrari and McLaren. As part of the Swiss team under the number "4" was made by Robert Kubica.Early in the season the pilots Ferrari and McLaren often made errors, allowing Kubica several times on the podium. And on the seventh stage in Canada Robert does win, then suddenly became the leader of the championship. But then problems and mistakes of rivals became less, and the results Sauber has fallen markedly in the remaining races pole only three times finished in the top three. In the end, Kubica finished the season in fourth position, behind Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen.

2018-01-04 12:14:03

Ferrari Chairman we Now have a Corrado Iotti

Finnish newspaper Ilta Sanomat reports that Ferrari expects to receive an additional 40 HP in 2018, although the main mechanic Lorenzo Sassi goes to Mercedes.The President of Ferrari Sergio Marchionne "I don't know who said that Sassi is our trump card. I don't recall saying that.It is true that our problems were not only with him. Our intention was to keep him in GT, but unfortunately, he decided to leave and continue his career elsewhere.It is a normal phenomenon, and now we have Corrado Iotti, and he's all right.

2018-01-04 11:54:04

Charlie whiting Our problem - three fastest teams

Race Director FIA's Charlie whiting believes that Formula 1 has one main problem - the top three fastest teams.Charlie whiting "the biggest problem we faced this year is that the top three teams - Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull much quicker than everyone else.In an ideal world you would want all the teams were very close to each other. In the middle of the peloton, the speed difference is minimal. But the truth is that these three teams are just doing their job better than others. This is not new to Formula 1".

2018-01-03 15:24:04

January nomeromania 3 - Michael Schumacher, 2000

January nomeromania 3 - Michael Schumacher, 2000

Five years it took Michael Schumacher to win the first title at Ferrari. And did the German driver on the machine with the number "3".Probably the best car in the 2000 season once again came from Adrian Newey worked at McLaren, but in the first races of the "silver arrows" were regularly having problems, and this advantage to Ferrari. Schumacher won the first three races, then a couple more, and after the eighth stage, the Germans had 56 points, ahead of closest competitor from McLaren 22 points.

2018-01-03 12:04:03

Lewis Hamilton We want to introduce a new season of gatherings

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton is hoping that his team will be able to spend the new season absolutely no gatherings.Lewis Hamilton "We plan to complete each circle is our goal. Of course, it will be difficult to do this, but that's what we plan to do in the new season.I have faith in the team. They are able to commit this technological wonder. This is a huge, huge task, but possible. 2017 Golden year for us, but there is no reason not to repeat it again.I think that between us, Ferrari and teams with Renault engines will be a tough fight. Each of us can become a champion.But, as I said, we plan to complete every race. We had the best reliability, we had all time performances. We will try to achieve more, working hard on a new car."Last season, Hamilton drove the race of all races, and only in one case, he lost to the leader of a circle.

2018-01-02 16:24:04

January nomeromania 2 - Alain Prost, 1993

January nomeromania 2 - Alain Prost, 1993

Three of their four League titles, the Frenchman Alain Prost won the start number "2", including in 1993.After a failed 1991 Ferrari Simple chose to skip one season to earn a place in the cockpit Williams in the car, which at that time had no equal on the slopes of Formula 1. Learn about the contract with Allen, left the team Nigel Mansell won the championship in 1992. As the defending champion moved into the IndyCar season-1993 passed without a car with a champion "unity". Instead, the Williams team won the constructors ' championship, got a couple of numbers "0" and "2". Of course, three-time champion chose to come to the car with "two" and "zero" went to newcomer Damon hill.

2018-01-02 11:04:03

Fernando Alonso My treasure, the helmet Schumacher

Fernando Alonso My treasure, the helmet Schumacher

The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso has told us about the days when he competed for victory against Michael Schumacher.Fernando Alonso "He was a tough competitor is the first thing that comes to my mind. He was very quick, intimidating from time to time. And it's not just on the track. Schumacher was, is, and always will be. He's one of those people who are who they seem or even more. When he comes to you, you immediately realize that this is a special person.He has performed better than expected, even during some races in 2006, when the tires on our cars worked differently. There was a time when Michelin was better.On Friday, Ferrari was not competitive, and then in qualifying you saw Michael in second place, for example. It was incredible, superconcurrent, very hard pilot, just the greatest, one of the few who could show good results on a bad car. Almost nobody can do that.At home I have the greatest treasure - helmet that gave me Michael. I appreciate this gift more than anything".

2018-01-02 10:54:03

Marcus Ericsson Sauber Work impressed me

Marcus Ericsson Sauber Work impressed me

Pilot Sauber Marcus Ericsson said that the work with the chassis, done by his team to compensate for the lack of power really impressed him.Marcus Ericsson "Honestly, the team had no choice. They had to speak with the old power plants for various reasons.I think they were hoping that it would not be a big disadvantage, but immediately after hearing the news that Sauber are going to use the old engine, I realized that it would not be very good.Everyone remembered what happened to Toro Rosso, which used the old Ferrari engines in 2016, so we didn't expect a miracle. However, the work on modernization of the chassis was so effective that we could even earn points and compete at a good level early in the season. This is a spectacular result."All points for Sauber earned Pascal Wehrlein. The Ericsson never finished above 11th position.

2018-01-01 19:44:03

January nomeromania 1 - Ayrton Senna, 1991

January nomeromania 1 - Ayrton Senna, 1991

In 1990 Ayrton Senna won the second title in the 1991 season as defending champion earned the right to play with a champion "single".The 1991 season was the fourth for the Union McLaren-Honda. Japanese motorists for the first time to prepare itself aspirated engine configuration V12. However, during the winter tests have problems, and the second team pilot Gerhard Berger even advised to go back to last year's V10 engine. However, the new season, McLaren started with a new engine. But the debut of the semi-automatic gearbox, which is already used by rivals Ferrari and Williams, had to be postponed.Senna won the first four races, earned 40 out of 40 points and brought their lead to 29 points. But then the McLaren started, and in five races Ayrton only twice climbed to the third step of the podium. In Williams, by contrast, dealt with the reliability of the Renault engines, and Nigel Mansell have won three of five races, reducing the gap from the leader of the championship to 8 points.

2017-12-31 14:44:04

Honda concedes Mercedes 68 HP

The German edition Auto Motor und Sport has published data on engine power, Formula 1.Experts Auto Motor und Sport used the insider information and also made calculations with the help of GPS. In the end, the most powerful is recognized as the powerplant of the Mercedes - 949 HP followed by Ferrari 934 HP and Renault 907 HP As expected, at the end of the rating Honda with 881 HP.

2017-12-31 14:44:03

Wehrlein left Sauber for Ferrari

Pascal Wehrlein has earned the only points for Sauber last season, but he was forced to leave the Swiss team.Frederick Wasser, the head of the Sauber "We could not leave Pascal because it supports career Mercedes. We begin working more closely with Ferrari, so it made sense to sign a contract with their pilot.And during the season Marcus Ericsson is often not inferior Wehrlein".Ericsson has maintained a place in the Sauber, and his partner in the new season will be Ferrari protege Charles Leclerc.

2017-12-31 14:14:04

Felipe Massa Schumacher was my teacher

Felipe Massa Schumacher was my teacher

The now ex-pilot of Formula 1 Felipe Massa has said that Michael Schumacher was his mentor in a Ferrari.Felipe Massa "Schumacher was my teacher, he was very sweet and very kind to me. When he decided to end his career, it gave me a great opportunity to realize myself. In 2006, I won for the first time, and it happened at my house in Brazil.In Brazil there were always pilots who won, who were Champions. Senna was the king, so for me the win meant a lot".Massa and Schumacher were team-mates at Ferrari in 2006.

2017-12-30 12:24:03

The head of Red Bull It was the worst year since 2006

Head Red Bull Christian Horner said that it was probably the worst season for his team.Christian Horner "for reliability, reliability of the engine, it was probably the worst year that we had the season in 2006, when we worked with Ferrari engines.Our partner for the supply of engines working hard to solve all problems this winter. They need it for their own team.Hopefully we can organize together to truly challenge Ferrari and Mercedes, who just will not stand for next year.

2017-12-28 12:04:03

The new Ferrari will be longer

The new Ferrari will be longer

The Italian press reports that the new machine Ferrari will differ from its predecessor, an increased wheelbase.Chief designer Simone Resta took this decision after consultations with the famous engineer Rory Byrne who built a champion Ferrari Michael Schumacher. Increased wheelbase will create a more efficient aerodynamics, which will allow you to gain an advantage on highways, where strong was the car Mercedes.The car Mercedes has the largest wheelbase in the last season 3760 mm 3594 mm vs Ferrari. However, because of the "silver arrows" proved to be less competitive on a narrow and slow circuits in Monaco, Hungary and Singapore. The Germans, on the contrary, want to make a more compact car.

2017-12-27 16:34:03

Jacques Villeneuve criticized Valtteri Bottas

Champion 1997 Jacques Villeneuve criticized Valtteri Bottas. According to the canadian, the Finn does not correspond to the level of Mercedes.Jacques Villeneuve "the Results of Bottas disappointed me. He was a regular pilot number two.Ferrari work better with the pilots, and Kimi Raikkonen can always cover up for Sebastian Vettel. The bottom should take his example".

2017-12-27 10:44:03

James Allen about Sebastian Vettel

Columnist of the Formula-1 James Allen told about the last season of Sebastian Vettel.James Allen "a Very good season for Sebastian, but not great, because he and Ferrari lost the world championship. Five victories and four pole position was a decent result after the failure of the season in 2016, where he seemed to have lost their way with the team.Vettel will reflect on the season of 2017, when he let his emotions interfere with the fight for victory. Emotions cost him victories in Baku and Singapore, possibly in Mexico. Perhaps comprehended his actions, he can become a stronger pilot in the upcoming season.

2017-12-26 17:34:03

Toto Wolff advised Williams to look at the talented youth

Robert Kubica and Sergey Sirotkin are applying for a place in Williams. However, the head of Mercedes Toto Wolff advises the British team to look at the young pilots who won last season of the Junior series.Toto Wolff in an interview with BBC5 "If I were the head of Williams, would risk and would invite George Russell Lando Norris or Charles LeClair is the talented guys that have experience winning Championships. Tomorrow they will be superstars".Russell, a career supported by Mercedes, this year became the champion GP3, Norris, under the tutelage of McLaren, won the European Formula-3, Leclere, a protege of Ferrari - Formula-2.

2017-12-25 15:04:04

A few facts about four-time Champions

A few facts about four-time Champions

In the history of Formula 1 only thirty-two pilots managed at least once to win the title. Sixteen of them won the championship more than once, ten more than two times. This year Lewis Hamilton became the fifth pilot, who managed to win the championship four times.The first championship title in Formula 1 was played in 1950. In 1953 appeared the first two-time champion Alberto Ascari. Two years later, the championship became the first three-time champion - Juan Manuel Fangio. He in 1956 became the first four-time.Nine years it took Hamilton to after the first title was obtained in 2008 to earn the next three. This is the longest period for four-time Champions. In this regard, the record belongs to Sebastian Vettel, who became a four-time champion just three years after the first victory in the championship.The youngest four-time champion is Sebastian Vettel. In 2013, when he won the third title, the German was 26 years 3 months 24 days. The age four-time champion Juan-Manuel Fangio. The Argentine has turned 45 years 1 month 12 days ahead of schedule when he won the championship in 1956. For comparison, the Hamilton is in a good race in Mexico turned 32 years 9 months 22 days.Only one pilot managed to win all four League titles in a team - Sebastian Vettel Red Bull. Three won four titles, speaking in two teams Alain Prost McLaren and Williams, Michael Schumacher Benetton and Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton McLaren and Mercedes. Juan-Manuel Fangio four Championships won in three different teams Alfa Romeo, Mercedes and Ferrari.Only two of them managed to win more than four titles. Will add to this list is Lewis Hamilton Maybe Sebastian VettelA list of the pilots who won four or more titles1. Michael Schumacher - 7 titles 1994, 1995, 2000-20042. Juan Manuel Fangio - 5 1951, 1954-19573. Alain Prost - 4 1985, 1986, 1989 and 1993 Sebastian Vettel - 4 2010-2013 Lewis Hamilton - 4 2008, 2014, 2015 and 2017.

2017-12-25 11:04:03

New car Ferrari has passed all crash tests

The Ferrari for the season-2018 successfully passed their mandatory crash tests FIA.The car with the factory index 669, tested in a certified facility, the FIA CSI in Bollate, near Milan, under the supervision of the technical Director Mattia Binotto last Friday. Previously, the monocoque of the car passed the corresponding static tests.

2017-12-24 12:44:04

Mercedes agrees with Ferrari

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff agreed with the opinion of the President of Ferrari Sergio Marchionne that Liberty is pushing the championship to the ancient and unnecessary engines.Toto Wolff "I agree that we now have in hand is the powerplant, which is the most powerful and efficient racing engine. Thanks to new rules we can still fine-tune and optimise the engine. But to develop a new engine that would not meet modern standards of power and efficiency, we do not want. In this we agree with Ferrari. It's just a return to antiquity".

2017-12-23 13:34:08

Team managers are protecting the girls on the grid

Team managers are protecting the girls on the grid

The leaders of the Formula 1 teams came to the defense of the girls working on the grid in the days of racing weekends.The President of Ferrari Sergio Marchionne "Girls on the grid has always been an integral part of Formula 1. So it has been for many years. I think Ross Brawn is a more complex and important things that need to be taken care of."Non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda "I agree that women's rights need to be protected. We are already thinking to give them the opportunity to compete in Formula 1. But why would they ban to stand on the starting grid"Sports consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marko "I just can't imagine the starting grid with no girls.In America, the girls appear before, during and after each race, game, half, so I don't see why it can't be in Formula 1. I think we have other problems. And not girls".

2017-12-22 17:14:04

Robert Schwartzman will be performing in the Castrol Toyota Racing Series

Robert Schwartzman will be performing in the Castrol Toyota Racing Series

The SMP Racing programme pilot, Robert Schwartzman will be performing in the Castrol Toyota Racing Series. The first stage of this new Zealand championship will start on 10 January at Ruapuna Park.Season Castrol Toyota Racing Series TRS lasts about a month, from January to February. Five stages will be held on different tracks in New Zealand. At the end of season TRS pilot SMP Racing Robert Schwartzman will start to work in the European Formula 3 championship.Speech of Robert Schwartzman in the season 2018 Castrol Toyota Racing Series and FIA Formula 3 are a part of his training program Ferrari Driver Academy. The agreement on the accession of Robert to the Academy was signed by the founding Director of the program SMP Racing Boris Rotenberg in October 2017.I'm glad that I can participate in this NZ series, noted Robert Schwartzman. - This will give me a chance to get used to the car class Formula 3, then in order to be successful on it in the European championship."Despite the fact that the season Castrol Toyota Racing Series short in comparison with analogues, the championship popular with racers from all over the world for the opportunity to train and play in the offseason, when the Northern hemisphere winter. In the Castrol Toyota Racing pilots perform on standardized cars of the Italian company Tatuus, homologirana by the standards of the FIA F3.Calendar Castrol Toyota Racing Series 201810 - 14 Jan Ruapuna Speedway18 - January 21 Teretonga25 - January 28 Hampton Downs1 - 4 Taupo8 Feb - 11 Feb track manfeild.

2017-12-22 13:44:03

Sergio Marchionne Vettel learns quickly

Sergio Marchionne Vettel learns quickly

Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne said that he is satisfied with the work of Sebastian Vettel in this season.Sergio Marchionne "Sebastian Vettel - the guy who a lot of studying, studying himself and dedicated to his job, so I think we'll see a less nervous behavior from him in the next year.I continue to support my boys, we have obligations in relation to these pilots. We need to give them a car with which they will be able to participate in races and win.I think we've given them the best car in 2017, and from that moment everything depends on them".

2017-12-21 11:14:03

Toto Wolff asks Ross Brawn to cease to provoke Ferrari

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff warned Liberty Media that they are too aggressive and provoke the President of Ferrari Sergio Marchionne.In recent days, Marchionne has intensified its threats to withdraw Ferrari from Formula 1, accusing Liberty that they don't want to make concessions on new engines beginning in season 2021.Sergio Marchionne "currently, we have a powerplant, which is the most powerful and efficient racing engine.With the new regulations on the engines we have the ability to optimize the powertrain. But to develop a new engine that does not meet the high-tech aspects of electrification, efficiency and power, that is, to develop some sort of archaic engine, we have neither the time nor the desire."Toto Wolff "I'm not afraid of threats Marchionne, but it should be taken seriously. I relaxed because Ferrari is Formula 1 and Formula 1 is Ferrari. But if I was the new promoter of Liberty Media, would not provoke Marchionne unacceptable proposals, requirements, or meaningless changes.I am also opposed to Formula-1 turned into a cheap shopping sport. Formula 1 should remain as it is. We are ready to evolve and become acquainted with new media, but we need the right evolution.I'd like to have three or four years ago, Bernie realized the impending changes and has not lost its power. His experience and enthusiasm, his knowledge of the pilot and businessman helped create Formula 1 a great sport".

2017-12-21 10:14:03

Sergio Marchionne has warned Kimi Raikkonen

Sergio Marchionne has warned Kimi Raikkonen

Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchionne has warned Kimi Raikkonen that if he will not improve your results, the next year can become the last in the Scuderia.Sergio Marchionne "Sometimes it's nice to see how it goes, and come the race, when we don't know.It would be a shame if he ended his career the following year, not showing their potential. But on the way we have such great talents like Leclerc, Verstappen and Giovinazzi".The last four of the season, Raikkonen spent in Ferrari, not winning any race.

2017-12-20 12:04:04

Ferrari will try to win in 2018

Italian Explorer Formula 1 Leo Turrini I am sure that next year's Ferrari team will try to win in season 2018.Leo Turrini "I don't like revolution, and it will not be in a Ferrari. Simone Resta will continue to design the car, hopefully, with the help of Rory Byrne retired.Enrico Cardile will take care of the aerodynamics and Corradi Lottie - about the power unit. Diego Ioverno, very nice track Manager, will assume domestic responsibilities, and his place will be Jock Clear.This team in 2018. I don't know whether it was a dream team, but they surely will try to win.

2017-12-20 11:34:03

Bernie Ecclestone "shells" Liberty and Ferrari

The former head of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone turned the fire on Liberty Media and the most famous Ferrari team.Bernie Ecclestone "Democracy has no place in Formula 1. The new owners soon realize it, because they still haven't achieved anything.Threats to Ferrari - it's an old game. If they don't win, you always panic. Max Mosley and I can write a long list of all of the seasons, when we helped Ferrari, but they always deny it".