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2017-06-22 11:14:03

Honda doesn't exclude help from Formula 1

Honda no longer refuses the help of the championship, which is very needed by the team McLaren due to serious engine problems.Recently the sporting Director of a Formula 1 Ross Brawn said that the championship is ready to help the Honda mechanics.The head of the Honda F1 Yusuke Hasegawa "brown said he would be glad to help the Honda on the first call. We need to ask for help, and I really appreciate the offer. We are ready to negotiate".

2017-06-22 11:04:03

Nephew Berger debuts on tests of Formula 1

Nephew Berger debuts on tests of Formula 1

Nephew of the ex-pilot of Formula 1 Gerhard Berger intends to make a big step forward in its ambitions to serve in the Royal races.22-year-old Lucas, Auer, the son of Berger's sister, is a contender for the title in the German DTM championship. This year he was in favour of Mercedes.Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said that Auer has all the qualities necessary for a Formula 1 driver. And now the German edition of Auto Bild reported that Auer will conduct tests in Formula 1 at the wheel of the car of Mercedes or Force India.

2017-06-21 16:54:03

Moniz, Kaltenborn Sauber has left

As reported by SkySport, monisha Kaltenborn, left his post as head of the team Sauber. The official announcement is expected soon.In early 2012, Kaltenborn joined Sauber, thus becoming the first female leader in Formula 1. However, the time she was a co-owner of the Swiss team, but a year ago he sold his stake in the company Longbow Finance. According to rumors, the new owner did not like management methods, Kaltenborn.

2017-06-21 16:34:03

Porsche may come to Formula 1

German sports car manufacturer Porsche has achieved yet another victory at Le Mans, and now the automaker is aimed at the Formula-1.The company Porsche has received an invitation to attend the next meeting of manufacturers to discuss the rules on the engines of Formula 1 after 2020.Head of Le Mans Porsche Fritz Enzinger "We now know the rules of Le Mans in 2020. In the coming weeks, Peugeot have to decide, do they return to Le Mans. But even if they do, we should think whether we want to spend another two or three years. At the moment I can't say with absolute assurance".The Auto Bild report mentioned that Formula E is one of the options for Porsche, but there are also rumors that McLaren is interested in a transaction with this company to supply engines.

2017-06-21 15:44:03

Chase Carey is proud of the revival of European races

The new leadership of the Formula 1 are proud that next year the championship will return to the two traditional European race.After a meeting of the world Council of Motorsport in Geneva, the FIA has announced that France and Germany will return to the racing calendar of Formula 1 in the season of 2018.Chase Carey "We are proud to confirm the return of the German and French Grand Prix in the championship. Waiting for them next season."The last time the Grand Prix of Germany was held in the year 2016, France in 2008.

2017-06-20 11:44:04

Fernando Alonso Baku is a great city

Fernando Alonso Baku is a great city

The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso has described his experience before the start of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.Fernando Alonso "Baku is a great city, and after the success of last year's Grand Prix I was really looking forward to the opportunity again to race in Azerbaijan. As Ambassador to Baku, I spent more time there than many of my colleagues. It's a really cool place to hold a Formula 1 race. We literally drive through the historic town center and the old city walls to create the ideal atmosphere for the viewer.Once we were close to that to earn their first points in Canada, we are going to Baku even more determined to succeed, but it is no secret that we are not waiting for light output.Baku is the fastest street track in the racing calendar, so with the perspective of the pilot it is very interesting to fly. Speed huge, and the walls are so close As usual, the start is one of the most important moments in the race, so the correct settings and a good qualifying will be important components in the fight for points".

2017-06-20 11:44:03

Formula 1 and WEC - friends

Formula 1 and the WEC, it seems, is entering a new era of cooperation. Last weekend, the new CEO of the Formula 1 chase Carey was the guest of honor and gave a start of the legendary 24-hour race in Le Mans.The head of the ACO Automobile Club de l'ouest Pierre Fillon "We demonstrate a new relationship between the WEC and Formula 1. We are working closely with Cary, who did everything to race calendar Championships do not intersect, as in the past year".

2017-06-20 11:34:09

Charlie whiting can bring back Imola

Charlie whiting can bring back Imola

It seems that Imola is on track for his return in the racing calendar of Formula 1.Before last year signed a deal with the Monza, now supplanted by the CEO of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone has admitted that Imola is doing everything to return to the championship.Now the authoritative Italian magazine La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that after inspection of the racing Director of the FIA Charlie Whiting, the track in Imola to its owners were granted permission to take the race class Formula-1.The Director of the Imola uberto, Selvatico Estense "I Hope we soon have a confirmation from the national authorities that we can run the program for the return of Imola in the Formula-1".Imola appeared first on the Formula 1 calendar in 1980, when it adopted the Italian Grand Prix. In 1981-2006 years the track hosted the Grand Prix of San Marino.

2017-06-20 11:14:02

Chapter Sauber We can only trust Honda

Head Sauber Moniz, Kaltenborn said her team we can only trust Honda as a manufacturer of engines.Monisha Kaltenborn "We can only trust Honda. We can build your knowledge about this company only the results of their work in Formula 1. We understand that it is very difficult to succeed when you have a bad motor. But we are ready for this cooperation.We are ready for partnership. We would be interested in working with Honda on a sponsorship basis, but we have nothing to do with it".

2017-06-19 08:04:02

The head of Renault Formula 1 may not return to older technologies

The head of Renault's Cyril abiteboul believes that Formula 1 may not return to older technologies that have given way to more progressive.Cyril abiteboul "We believe in electrification. The world is moving towards lower emissions, so Formula 1 can't go back to older technologies. So we need electrification.All production vehicles will be hybrid in the future. Of course, we don't mean fully electric options. We are talking about the balance between internal combustion engines, because it is here that the DNA of Formula 1, and electrification.Recall that Renault is represented as in Formula 1 and in Formula E.

2017-06-18 17:24:03

In Haas do not mind the 25 races in the calendar

Director Haas Gunther Steiner admitted that he was not against the increase of the racing calendar of Formula 1.Gunther Steiner "I don't mind a few extra races. I want to race was more complex and ordered. If races are held in Asia, it is necessary to hold all the races in this region, and not to hold one in Europe, then come back here.Another question is, how will the pilots be able to physically withstand the weekly race. Will they be able to hold the race in Abu Dhabi, and then another one in Bahraini. Heat and humidity adversely affect pilots.But a few races if they are well organized, will not have a negative impact on the work of the teams. In General, I have nothing against having to take part in 25 races".

2017-06-18 16:44:03

Malaysia wants to see a more exciting race

Malaysia wants to see a more exciting race

Executive Director track Sepang Dato Ruslan Razali said that the ring will return to the championship if Formula 1 will become more interesting.Dato Razali Razlan "We are ready to return to the championship, but only under the condition that Formula 1 will again become interesting.Now races have become less exciting, and this affected the interest of fans and spectators. People have less to come to the podium, so we decided to leave Formula 1. The organizers need to return that excited the viewer."The Malaysian Grand Prix is held since 1999. This year will be the last round at Sepang - the owners of the track decided to cancel the contract with Formula 1.

2017-06-17 16:54:03

On the basis of a Manor built a team of Formula 1

Next season in Formula 1 can appear the Chinese team, and it will be based on former employees of the Manor.As informs German edition Auto Motor und Sport, a group of Chinese investors interested in the appearance in F1 as an independent team. The base will be located in the UK and have already recruited the first staff members laid-off workers Manor.Sports Director of the Formula 1, Ross brown said that last month he was addressed about a dozen people on a team, but he doubts that in such a short period of time someone will have time to prepare for the season-2018.

2017-06-17 15:24:04

Felipe Massa I understand why Alonso complains

Pilot Williams Felipe Massa said that he knows what the basis of criticism of Fernando Alonso. We will remind that earlier the Brazilian was a teammate of the Spaniard at Ferrari.Felipe Massa "Fernando complains about the Formula 1, because he has no good cars.Formula 1 is now the same as it was in 1980-ies. Now with Liberty, we are moving in the right direction, attracting the viewer, but it is difficult to quickly change cars. The gaps between the teams is incredibly huge.Small teams should provide more opportunities. But until then, until 2020 will not be a new Treaty consent, nothing will change".

2017-06-17 15:24:03

Renault wants more balanced rules

The head of Renault's Cyril abiteboul believes that the need to achieve greater balance between engine and chassis in Formula 1.Cyril abiteboul "I would like to see rules engines have become easier. This is a very important area in the championship. We are manufacturers, and the engine is the heart of the automotive industry, we therefore believe that it should remain the dominant factor in Formula 1.But we don't really like that now stay in the peloton impact on the rating of the engines. It's not good for the sport.So, we need a better balance between engine and chassis. It would be nice to team with a great chassis, but not the best engine, also had chances of success".

2017-06-17 14:24:05

Pedro de La Rosa McLaren has only the name

Pedro de La Rosa McLaren has only the name

Ex-Formula 1 driver Pedro de La Rosa who worked for many years at McLaren, believes that the team remains just a name.Pedro de La Rosa "I don't know very well the current McLaren. There are still fantastic people, and I still have friends there, but 80 of the staff with whom I had the honor to work at McLaren, now Mercedes, Red Bull or Ferrari.McLaren with Honda today, and I can't say anything because I don't know anyone in this team, but the only thing that remains familiar is the name.With regard to the transition Alonso in a McLaren. It's a question he can answer. It's hard for me to judge, but I can say for sure that he had to leave Ferrari. I remember those days in the Scuderia. He and the team just could not get along together.I have no idea where Fernando can go, and Ferrari is not an option. I think early to think about it, Alonso can still focus on his job with McLaren-Honda".

2017-06-17 13:04:03

The head of Formula E agree with the President of the FIA

The head of Formula E agree with the President of the FIA

This week the President of the FIA Jean Todt said that he was pleased with the participation of Renault in Formula 1 and Formula E, added "I am sure that one day Ferrari will follow suit, and we would like to see it."The head of Formula E Alejandro Agag said, "Ferrari in Formula E it is quite possible. Now we have the third season of the championship, and Jaguar are already with us. We hold a new race in Hong Kong, new York, Montreal and Marrakech. We want to grow and prosper - we still have a lot to do along the way.We don't race on classic race tracks. We drive on city streets, on highways, where the Formula 1 will not be able to ride. We are not rivals of the Royal race, the more that the technology of our cars are completely different.We have 20 pilots, but no Italians. I know that every young Italian wants is a Ferrari, but I am sure that sooner or later we will have a pilot from Italy, and Ferrari. We will meet them with open arms".

2017-06-16 14:24:03

Robert Kubica could take part in new tests

Robert Kubica could take part in new tests

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Robert Kubica is ready to carry out new tests to take the next steps in his career.The head of Renault, Cyril Abiteboul "He ran tests because I wanted to. The Enstone family is very loyal Alan Berman, Bob bell, Nick Chester - they all wanted to give Robert the opportunity to try their hand.The opportunity came when we planned a work day in Valencia with Sergey Sirotkin. While the idea of back there, so I don't want to exaggerate this theme.Robert tries their limits, test their skills, and only he can decide on his career.We didn't talk about the tests because Robert is dearly loved by a huge army of fans, we didn't want to put him under additional pressure. We just wanted to have Robert enjoyed the tests.Of course, there is no limit to perfection, but Robert was well prepared physically. We had to move some of the switches on the other side, so he could use them, but it is not hard.Too early to talk about new tests, but we keep in touch with Robert. Plans for the continuation of the tests there, but it is possible in the future".

2017-06-16 13:54:03

Tony Cuquerella Honda lags behind in the field of simulation

Former engineer and Formula 1 suspects that Honda is lagging behind in the field of modeling.This week, amid intense rumors of an impending split with McLaren, the head of Honda Yusuke Hasegawa acknowledged that his company has some problems with correlation between the test data and track.Tony Cuquerella "Maybe they invested a lot, but unwise, or too little invested, underestimating the importance of work in this area.In Formula 1 there are almost no private tests, so the trend is to build increasingly complex test stands.When you are testing your engine, a lot also depends on the clutch with the gearbox, and chassis how it bends as it vibrates.I have no idea at what level is Honda, but I dare to say that they are not leaders in this technology".

2017-06-16 13:44:04

Jacques Villeneuve Vandorn still not good enough

Jacques Villeneuve Vandorn still not good enough

The season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve believes that Stoffel Vandorn not yet ready for Formula 1.Jacques Villeneuve "His performances are disappointing. He was never ahead of Alonso. And if he beats Alonso, then it cannot be called a great or even good enough for Formula 1.When I debuted in 1996, it immediately began to fight with Damon hill became champion. I managed to get Williams on pole position in his first Grand Prix.In Formula 1 must be plank, high plank for pilots-beginners".However, another ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that such criticism is unfair.Martin Brandl "the First six races nothing to say. You need to give the guy time, he is still young, and to criticize it unfairly, because he has no good cars. I continue to believe in Stoffele, and I am sure that McLaren, too, will soon add".

2017-06-16 09:54:10

The President of the FIA Formula 1 will never be completely electric

The President of the FIA Jean Todt believes that formula will never give up gasoline, so reunification with the Formula-E will not.Jean Todt "It's impossible. Formula 1 is a completely different discipline. And I'm glad that Formula 1 has chosen the path of hybrid technology. This is a huge step forward compared to what we had before.As for Formula E, we have a dozen producers who want to participate in the championship and appealed to them some of the largest cities in the world.Today, there are brands like Renault, which are present in Formula 1 and Formula E. I am Sure that one day Ferrari will follow suit".

2017-06-16 09:54:09

Manfred Loppe Formula-1 began to attract the viewer

The head of the German RTL Manfred Loppe reported that in Germany a new boom in Formula 1 as worldwide.After the recent fall of the rating of RTL Kolner Express newspaper reports that the television audience in Germany has risen sharply, b last seven races have passed with a decent coverage of fans.Manfred Loppe "the New Formula 1 rules the score And positive changes not only on the track, where the new rules capture the audience, but also near the track.It has now become more transparent, the audience become closer to their idols".

2017-06-15 11:14:03

Biturbo 2021

Everything goes to the fact that in season 2021 in Formula 1 will be more than simple engines, but with two turbines. Some engine manufacturers presented their ideas in may.Edition Auto Motor und Sport reports that the producers agreed to leave the 1.6-liter V6 engine in 2021. But now turbine has to be two and not one. At the same time, the engine will lose complex and expensive module MGU-H, as the KERS system will be redesigned.The next hearing in the engines will take place in July, and the final decision should be taken by the end of the year.

2017-06-15 10:44:03

Jacques Villeneuve lashed out at his countryman

Jacques Villeneuve lashed out at his countryman

The canadian season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve believes that only through his father, lance Stroll is in Formula 1.Jacques Villeneuve "In the past we were dealing with guys who were so passionate that you were willing to risk their lives. Dads really want to see their sons in Formula 1 because it's safe here, and the talent is not as important as before. In Formula 1 are safer than in the motorcycle racing and skiing. Lance Stroll is a bright representative of this situation".

2017-06-15 10:14:05

Robert Kubica lost weight

Robert Kubica lost weight

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Robert Kubica, it seems, is serious about the opportunity to return to the Royal race.So says the edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport after last week in Valencia, the Polish pilot suddenly ran tests in the part of Renault.Luigi Perna, a correspondent for La Gazzetta dello Sport "I Think Kubica was faster official test driver Sergey Sirotkin. The limitations associated with hand, Kubica managed to overcome. The only modification of the car Renault had a system shift to Kubica could change gear with one hand.Robert started training like crazy on the bike. He lost 10 kg. Next goal, hopefully, is another test or work on Friday in practice, one of the Grand Prix. The sensational return of Robert Kubica in Formula 1 - this is not a dream".

2017-06-14 12:34:04

Nico Rosberg has rejected the return to Formula-1

Nico Rosberg has rejected the return to Formula-1

Champion of the season in 2016 Nico Rosberg said bluntly that he did not want to return to the Royal race.Nico Rosberg "No, I really retired. I am happy and proud of the results and successes achieved. They're good enough. Formula 1 for me in the past, and I'm going to do something new.I don't even want to go back for one Grand Prix. I would have refused. From the Formula-E I also don't refuse. Maybe I'll try in the future."Earlier, the head of Mercedes Toto Wolff said "I would not be surprised to see Nico in a Ferrari or something. He's only 31, he is still young. Maybe he'll change his mind".

2017-06-14 12:04:04

Lawrence Stroll My son deserves a place in Formula 1

Lawrence Stroll My son deserves a place in Formula 1

Lance's father Strolla believes that his son deserves its place in the Royal races.Lawrence Stroll, "the Son spent in Formula 1, only seven races. We have to be patient in relation to him. I think my son deserves a place in the Royal races. In Canada he performed at a decent level.He spent an extraordinary race. Most importantly, he did it all himself. It was not the result of the default, and thanks to a series of overtaking".Recall that in Canada, Stroll finished ninth and became one of the youngest in the history of Formula 1 pilot, earning points.

2017-06-14 11:54:03

Michael Douglas advises Alonso to leave Formula 1

Michael Douglas advises Alonso to leave Formula 1

Hollywood star Michael Douglas, who visited the Grand Prix of Canada, says Fernando Alonso to leave Formula 1 at the end of the season.The famous American actor, Douglas - a longtime fan of Formula 1 and a personal friend of McLaren co-owner Mansour Ayeha.He was a guest of McLaren at the weekend in Montreal and told the Spanish sports newspaper Marca "I like Fernando, he's a terrific pilot. But I think this is his last year. I don't know what will be his decision, don't know what he's going to do, but it is incredible and very good for McLaren.I feel sorry for McLaren and Honda, as I was expecting a lot from this Association. I can especially sympathize with Fernando, he's a great pilot, for me it is not only the best now, he's one of the greatest in the history".

2017-06-14 10:54:05

Montreal has extended his contract until 2029

Montreal has extended his contract until 2029

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve will host Formula 1 for a long time. The current contract has been extended until 2025, but the newspaper La Presse reported that the agreement was extended until 2029. Moreover, the transaction value is estimated at nearly 100 million.La Presse "On the agreement to be announced shortly. It is also known that 48 million will be spent on the construction of a new paddock before the race season-2019".