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2017-07-21 12:44:05

Chase Carey We need more German teams

The head of Formula-1 chase Carey believes that the championship is not enough German manufacturers.Chase Carey "we Have a champion of Germany, a German car, too, the champion, the Germans are fighting for the title this year, but we would like to have more German teams.The German Grand Prix has a long history, and we want to fight to make this story continued.Our goal is to companies like BMW, Porsche or Audi, took part in the championship. That is why we adjust the technical and economic conditions".

2017-06-21 15:44:03

Chase Carey is proud of the revival of European races

The new leadership of the Formula 1 are proud that next year the championship will return to the two traditional European race.After a meeting of the world Council of Motorsport in Geneva, the FIA has announced that France and Germany will return to the racing calendar of Formula 1 in the season of 2018.Chase Carey "We are proud to confirm the return of the German and French Grand Prix in the championship. Waiting for them next season."The last time the Grand Prix of Germany was held in the year 2016, France in 2008.

2017-06-16 09:54:09

Manfred Loppe Formula-1 began to attract the viewer

The head of the German RTL Manfred Loppe reported that in Germany a new boom in Formula 1 as worldwide.After the recent fall of the rating of RTL Kolner Express newspaper reports that the television audience in Germany has risen sharply, b last seven races have passed with a decent coverage of fans.Manfred Loppe "the New Formula 1 rules the score And positive changes not only on the track, where the new rules capture the audience, but also near the track.It has now become more transparent, the audience become closer to their idols".

2017-04-23 10:54:04

Chase Carey Germany is an important market for Formula 1

The head of Formula-1 chase Carey said that the championship is not going to abandon Germany.Chase Carey "last year the German driver won in a German car, so this is a very important market for us. Of course, one of our goals is to have representation on the German market. We're going to analyze how to best handle it.We do not yet have answers. I have already met with some representatives of Germany, and, of course, we're talking about two tracks which in the past has received the Grand Prix of Germany. But we are also considering other options. It is too early to make a precise statement.Our priority is USA. We have a great partnership with the track in Austin, but we believe that we can add race and in urban environments. I'm talking about new York, Miami, Los Angeles or Las Vegas. It's the city that are best suited to conduct a week of events and attract people from all over the world. The race will remain the center event, but in General it will be more than just a weekend of Formula 1".

2017-03-23 10:24:05

Mercedes are interested in Vettel

Mercedes are interested in Vettel

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff said that his team is interested in a possible collaboration with Sebastian Vettel.Toto Wolff "Season opens 2018 alternative, which can be interesting, but at the moment we don't spend time on this question, focusing on Battese and Hamilton.As for Vettel, I personally have a good relationship with him, and he fit into the team.However, Sebastian is the one who is absolutely loyal to her current employer. He is focused on Ferrari. But who knows what will happen in the future It would be unwise to write off four-time champion from Germany from the accounts. This is an interesting option for the Mercedes".Since then, as in 2010, Mercedes put its own team in Formula 1, one of its pilots was the representative of Germany. In the same year, after the departure of Nico Rosberg, Mercedes will present the Brit and Finn.

2017-03-10 12:24:03

Ross Brawn Formula 1 needs heroes like Schumacher

Sports Director of the Formula 1, Ross brown believes that the Royal race needs a hero, which at the time was Michael Schumacher.Ross Brawn "Michael was a hero. But the hero worship is no longer moving. But things can change with Liberty, because the United States are accustomed to the heroes.Now you can make heroes from Vettel or Verstappen. We need Germany in the racing calendar, as some recent Champions born there, and this country is part of the history of the Championships.

2017-01-23 10:44:03

Sebastian Vettel defeated in the Nations Cup

Sebastian Vettel defeated in the Nations Cup

The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel managed to win the Nations Cup Race of Champions after his team-mate Pascal Wehrlein, had an accident on Saturday, the doctors recommended to miss the Sunday races.Sebastian Vettel "the Race of Champions has always been famous for great competitions, but last night I was out very early. So I wanted to do everything in order not to leave Germany empty handed.I got up in the morning with the right foot and that helped to estimate a situation more soberly. Today I just wanted to get as many victories. I found a rhythm that had him memorized for each mode and overall felt pretty good. Unlike yesterday, today I was able to negotiate with all machines.But always it happens either you Wake up and the work going well or not. It is a pity that I couldn't share this victory with Wehrlein".Before Vettel several times won the Cup of Nations when his partner was Michael Schumacher.

2017-01-18 11:24:03

Valtteri Bottas I want to win the race

Valtteri Bottas I want to win the race

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas said that the first step for him will be winning the race. While the best results are second place in the UK and Germany in 2014.Valtteri Bottas "My goals are quite simple, and from the very first race I will try to achieve them. I know what he is capable of that capable machine, and that my results will be very close to the results of Lewis.The team in the new season will be another chance to compete for the title, and the title of champion is my only goal in life.The team won many titles, and I'm still not won. I think that this season my goals will coincide with the command. It's time to turn the page in my career. To begin, I want to win the race, and then fight for the title".

2016-12-30 12:24:03

Fernando Alonso Only Schumacher was capable of feats

Fernando Alonso Only Schumacher was capable of feats

The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso remembered the fight with Michael Schumacher a decade ago.Fernando Alonso "I remember the season, remember our struggle in 2006 for the title. Then there was a tire war, and our team that used Michelin tires, fought with Ferrari, where the cars were shod with Bridgestone.Every time the bus side played better, won Schumacher. When our tyres started to work better, the victory was on our side. But the interesting thing is that, even in these days when the Bridgestone tires were not working at full strength or in General was really poor, Michael still finished second or third. Such feats no one else was capable and not capable of until now. Stronger enemy I never knew."Warning getimagesizehttp// failed to open stream HTTP request failed HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found in /mnt/hosting/mntrs/mntf1/www.f1-world.EN/html/news/news.php3 on line 89Warning Division by zero in /mnt/hosting/mntrs/mntf1/www.f1-world.EN/html/news/news.php3 on line 90.

2016-12-19 13:14:04

Nico Rosberg I have been closely following the developments

Nico Rosberg I have been closely following the developments

Champion of the season in 2016 Nico Rosberg said that with keen interest that someone will take his place in the team.Nico Rosberg "I'm watching all the events associated with a new partner Lewis Hamilton. I hope the team will make the right choice. In my opinion, the best option is Wehrlein is it the future of Germany. Although the team will doubt him because he does not yet possess sufficient experience to fight for the title and victory. It's a big risk.Most likely, the command will stop the choice on Bottaci, professional, experienced and thinking the pilot.

2016-12-15 13:54:03

Statistics season 2016 ladder Nations

Statistics season 2016 ladder Nations

Last season in Formula 1 was represented by 14 countries. The largest representation in Germany - the pilots of this country have scored a total of 670 points and took first place in the standings of the Nations. Russia is in the top ten.1. Germany - 670Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel, Nico Hulkenberg, Pascal Wehrlein2. UK - 402Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Jolyon Palmer3. Finland - 271Kimi Raikkonen, Valtteri Bottas4. Australia - 256Daniel Ricciardo5. Netherlands - 204Max Verstappen6. Mexico - 101Sergio Perez, Esteban Gutierrez7. Spain - 100Fernando Alonso, Carlos Sainz8. Brazil - 55Felipe Massa, Felipe Nasr9. France - 29Roman Grosjean, Esteban Windows10. Russia - 25Daniil Kvyat11. Denmark - 7Kevin Magnussen12. Belgium - 1Stoffel Vandorn13. Sweden - 0Marcus Ericsson14. Indonesia - 0Rio Haryanto.

2016-12-08 13:14:03

Nico Rosberg Wehrlein deserves a place in the Mercedes

Nico Rosberg Wehrlein deserves a place in the Mercedes

The new champion Nico Rosberg believes that his compatriot Pascal Wehrlein worthy to take his place in the Mercedes team.Nico Rosberg "Pascal Wehrlein - the future of Germany. He deserves a place in the Mercedes team".Wehrlein has partnered with Mercedes since 2013. In 2015 he brought a German company the title in the DTM. Last season, Pascal made his debut in Formula 1 as a pilot of the Manor, simultaneously participated in the tests Mercedes.

2016-11-24 14:44:03

Fourth title of all three options for Lewis Hamilton

Fourth title of all three options for Lewis Hamilton

The gap Lewis Hamilton from Nico Rosberg before the final stage in Abu Dhabi is 12 points. However, the chances of a fourth championship title at the British quite high.Hamilton needs to get on the podium and preferably win the race, it needs to rely on that partner Mercedes will have problems or struggle for places on the podium interfering with the pilots of Red Bull.So, Lewis has all three options to become a champion1 win the race, while Rosberg should not get on the podium2 to finish second, while Rosberg should not get into the top six3 to finish third, with Rosberg needs to be outside the first eight.If Hamilton failed to finish on the podium, Nico automatically become a champion.By the way, this season four times arose the situation, when Hamilton won and Rosberg not fall on the podium, including on domashnem for Niko Grand Prix of Germany.Now look at the situation from the point of view of Rosberg.Nico will be champion if- will get on the podium the result of Hamilton is not important- finish 4th, 5th or 6th, and Hamilton does not win the race- finish 7th or 8th, and Hamilton will finish the race 3rd or below- finishes 9th or lower, and Hamilton will not be on the podium.In three days find out whether Formula 1 new champion, or the fifth time in the history of the championship one pilot will be able to win a fourth title.

2016-11-24 14:04:03

The head of Red Bull Our pilots can become best friends Lewis

The head of Red Bull Our pilots can become best friends Lewis

Head Red Bull Christian Horner believes that only the pilots of his team can help Lewis Hamilton to win the title in the coming weekend.Christian Horner "Our pilots can become best friends Lewis if they finish ahead of Nico. I think Lewis makes no sense to fly to victory, breaking away on a lap. If he's not stupid, you will be interested in the fight behind him is the only way to win the title."Recall that Rosberg enough to finish third to be champion. If the race will benefit Hamilton and Nico get ahead of both pilots of Red Bull, the title will go to Lewis.This result was already at the Grand Prix of Germany this year.

2016-10-04 11:54:03

Grand Prix of Europe renamed the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan

Grand Prix of Europe renamed the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan

This year in Baku for the first time passed the stage of Formula-1 under the guise of the European Grand Prix. Most likely, next season the race will be held as the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.Arpadarai Nigar, a spokeswoman for the Baku City Circuit "the leadership of the championship there are no objections. We hope that the next race will be held under the sign of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.Millions of fans saw the F1 race on the streets of our capital. Now it's time to link the name of the stage with our country."In different years the European Grand Prix was held in Britain, Germany and Spain. This year the Grand Prix of Europe held in Baku, outside of Europe.

2016-08-30 09:44:04

Jacques Villeneuve I hate FIA and Verstappen

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve believes that the FIA is engaged in a conspiracy against the whole of the championship, covering the actions of max Verstappen.Jacques Villeneuve "For me what happened is simply outrageous. In the incident at the start I still had my eyes closed, because the pilots Ferrari and saw what you were doing. All knew the risk. But all, even the pilots of the Junior series, you know that the climb inside of the first turn is dangerous and it ends up in accidents.Okay, the first turn passed. But the fact that direct was Max doing with Kimi and SEB - a flagrant violation of the rules Verstappen, stop this nonsense You can kill someoneThe worst problem of modern Formula 1 - FIA. I have no doubt that the Federation covers Verstappen, wanting to make him a superstar. They will not stop, no criticism and no its breaking the rules. Can get away with it. Think of Germany where Rosberg got a penalty for nothing. Then Nico and Max are both widely came into the turn, and it all happened because of aggressive defense position by Verstappen. But max said nothing, and German, the Challenger, received a fine.I hate such injustice, there is clearly something wrong".

2016-08-26 11:24:10

Nico Rosberg I have to fight not only with Lewis

Nico Rosberg I have to fight not only with Lewis

Pilot Mercedes Nico Rosberg said that in Belgium he will be fighting not only fined by the partner, but also with the pilots of Red Bull.Nico Rosberg "Lewis was fined, but it doesn't change anything in my approach. I am in a race trying to fight for the victory, regardless of what is happening around. Now Lewis will start behind me, and this is partly to make it easier, but there are still pilots of Red Bull, which is incredibly effectively fought with us in the last races. In Germany, they are ahead of me, so the race will be complex and ambiguous.Recall that Hamilton will start from the tail of the peloton after his car twice will replace the power plant.

2016-08-17 00:14:03

Season stats national credit

Season stats national credit

This year in Formula 1 are the pilots from 14 countries. With a solid advantage leader of Germany, represented by Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel, Nico Hulkenberg and Pascal Wehrlein. Russia in the face of Daniil Kvyat in tenth position.National standings points in brackets - the number of pilots1. Germany - 352 42. UK - 234 33. Finland - 180 24. Australia - 133 15. Netherlands - 115 16. Spain - 54 27. Mexico - 48 28. Brazil - 38 29. France - 28 110. Russia - 23 111. Denmark - 6 112. Belgium - 1 113. Sweden - 0 114. Indonesia - 0 1.

2016-08-16 11:14:03

Carlos Sainz I have been an experienced pilot

Carlos Sainz I have been an experienced pilot

The pilot Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz has now said that experience helps him to achieve better results.Carlos Sainz "Why I started performing better It's simple I have more experience, and the team became stronger, more developed. We have become more reliable, the technique now brings less. All this allows you to better cope with the problems arising during the Grand Prix. There are certainly unpleasant moments, as it was in Germany, but overall, the experience my team and help to achieve excellent results".

2016-08-12 21:34:04

Rio Haryanto I don't have enough mere pennies

Rio Haryanto I don't have enough mere pennies

Pilot Manor Rio Haryanto said that he did not have just a few euros to continue his career.Rio Haryanto "I really at the time helped the team, leaving the car at the Grand Prix of Germany. The money that I had on hand was only enough for the Grand Prix of Hungary, so after the race I was able to fly out of the championship. I am very sorry that it all came out. During the year I had to pay 15 million euros, and was able to collect only 8 million. So I missed a little of just about seven million".The rest of the season Haryanto will hold as a reserve pilot's Manor.

2016-08-09 22:04:07

Manager Schumacher Mick is in no hurry to Formula 1

Manager Mick Schumacher Sabina Who confirmed that next year her client in the Formula 1 is not worth waiting, even if he is a frequent guest in the homes of Ferrari and Mercedes.The Sabine kehm "Now Mick plays in the championship of Formula 4 in Germany and Italy, the next step is Formula 3, and soon we will have test session.He educated, friendly, modest - more for a teenager to wish impossible. While we are not in a hurry to Formula 1. All the time".

2016-08-08 08:34:07

Manor the deadline for Haryanto no

Manor sports Director Dave Ryan said that the team will give Rio Haryanto enough time to sort things out with sponsors.Dave Ryan "As I said, the goal for Rio to hold the Manor for the entire season. We're working on it, but don't forget about the fallback. We are looking at various options, but I hope that they are not useful to us.Deadline for Rio no. We'll give him as much time as necessary in order to settle financial issues".According to data from Haryanto for the second half of the season require a 7 to 15 million euros. The Grand Prix of Germany Indonesian held, so to speak, in debt.

2016-08-07 20:24:05

Gnther Steiner We are able to fight with Toro Rosso

Director Haas Gunther Steiner believes that his team is quite able to fight with Toro Rosso. This team will be the main opponent for the Americans in the second half of the season.Gunther Steiner "In Germany we had a decent race and proved in a direct struggle to get ahead of the pilots Toro Rosso. There is a race when they are ahead of us utterly, but there are stages where we have a chance. This is a great achievement that we are able to battle with this team. This is the first season for us and this is the first season we are fighting with teams that have been here many years.

2016-08-06 20:34:04

Nico Rosberg I still need to be afraid

Pilot Mercedes Nico Rosberg said that though he is upset about the defeat in Germany, but looking forward to winning the championship.Nico Rosberg "I'm very disappointed, because he had a good qualification and feel good. A good pace was kept from Friday. I was optimistic and expected to win. But it all went wrong.Know how to fix it. Defeat making a total victory only sweeter. I still need to be afraid".

2016-08-06 20:34:04

The pilots damaged the underbody of the cars at Hockenheim

Not so long ago the rule is broken bottom, and the penalties for exceeding allowable standards was corrected, thus enabling pilots to attack stronger high curbs.As a consequence, the expert group of the FIA found on the bottoms of all the winners of the race Grand Prix of Germany serious injuries that a couple of stages ago could be punished by fines.On average, the repair of the bottom is 35 thousand euros.

2016-08-05 22:04:07

Bernie is willing to sell the radio

On the eve of the Grand Prix of Germany was the restriction on radio communications. And now the head of the championship Bernie Ecclestone is ready to offer fans a new product.As informs German edition Auto Motor und Sport, we are talking about a paid subscription to radio communications. Anyone can hear what the pilots say, using the official website of the championship. When it is implemented, not reported.

2016-08-05 21:54:03

Helmut Marko Kvyat need to spend a couple of races

After transfer from Red Bull to Toro Rosso Daniil Kvyat only twice finished tenth. Sports consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marko believes that the Russians can regain form - only need to spend a couple of races.Helmut Marko "Daniil Kvyat is necessary to hold one or two strong races to restore confidence. I think he will cope with this task.Failure in Germany is connected with the latest updates. In the Toro Rosso just overcomplicated with upgrades".Meanwhile, of the four pilots the Red Bull/Toro Rosso Kvyat only have no contract for next season. And in the back of Daniel's breathing, the Frenchman Pierre went Out, acting in GP2.

2016-08-03 21:24:04

Sergio Perez will choose a new team at the end of August

During the race weekend in Germany, it became known that Sergio Perez is negotiating with Renault. The pilot stated that he was considering other options. The final decision will likely be made in late August.Sergio Perez "Ahead of the summer holidays, and I have plenty of time to think about pursuing a career. I hope to race in Spa I decide his future.I have a few options. Before I made my decision."Now Force India is second only to Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari and Williams. To go to the other team except Renault factory, it makes no sense. The first three commands all the seats were occupied, but in Williams at the end of the year there will be two vacancies. So Perez is likely to choose between Force India, Williams and Renault.Behind Sergio solid Mexican sponsors, so the pilot can afford to choose the place of work.

2016-08-03 21:14:03

Force India is not yet looking for a replacement for Perez

During the Grand Prix of Germany has information that the pilot Force India Sergio Perez is negotiating with Renault. In Indian team I hope that the Mexican will remain so while not looking to replace him.Robert Fearnley, Deputy head of the Force India "nothing depends on us, we're just waiting, what are you gonna do the other side. We are ready to leave both pilots, but the pilots themselves must decide.We have a preliminary agreement, so we can't promise this place another pilot. We have a plan "A", which is to leave everything as it is. If he fails, we're going to work on a plan "B".