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Adrian Newey Three times I was offered to work in a Ferrari

Adrian Newey Three times I was offered to work in a Ferrari

Technical Director of Red Bull Adrian Newey said that Ferrari was three times making him an offer.Adrian Newey "Such a proposal was received to me three times. Initially in my career loomed the idea of working in IndyCar, where Ferrari decided to build his car. I was offered to join the main designer for their project but I did not feel that it is right, therefore, refused.Later, in 1996, the head of the Ferrari Jean Todt has asked me to be the technical Director. At this point, I had offers to stay in Williams to go to McLaren or join Ferrari. I've been thinking about it, but at the time I had a young family, and I decided to stay in the UK.The last time I was offered to go to Ferrari in 2014. But I decided to stay in the Red Bull, although there had been trouble with the engine".

2017-12-17 12:34:03

Jean Todt Formula-1 too reliable

The President of the FIA Jean Todt, the recently reelected for a third term, believes that the level of reliability Formula 1 has become too high.He noted that cars often can go a full season without mechanical problems, that shows how much money on development and parts have been spent.Referring to Lewis Hamilton, the FIA President told Auto Bild "He didn't commit any mistakes, but he was also extremely reliable and efficient car. Even if Mercedes wasn't always the fastest, Lewis scored points in 20 of the 20 Grand Prix. The cars are too reliable.Ferrari also impressed me. Ferrari and Mercedes were very reliable, and it cost a lot of money. Tests, simulation is too much. We don't need all this for interesting racing.The current engines are too expensive, too complicated and too quiet. But we have to work with them. We are currently talking with the producers about the evolution of existing engines".

2017-12-14 10:24:05

Jean Todt I just don trust

Jean Todt I just don trust

Jean Todt believes that the third consecutive term in office as President of the FIA said that much to him trust.Jean Todt "the FIA Community quite my job, everyone wanted me to continue working. At first everyone knew me from my work in Formula 1, now the trust continues to grow.For many years we got to know each other, worked together, talked and talked. Today we have a community that is United by one idea".

2017-12-12 10:24:04

Felipe Massa appointed head of the Karting Commission of the FIA

Felipe Massa appointed head of the Karting Commission of the FIA

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Felipe Massa has accepted the proposal of President FIA Jean Todt and became head of the Karting Commission of the FIA.Felipe Massa "We are already discussing new ideas with some people from the FIA. I really want to bring this sport something useful.I have experience with racing. And if I can help, we'll do it."It should be noted that the Masses organized a go-kart tournaments.

2017-12-11 10:24:03

Jean Todt It's time to shake up the structure of the FIA

Jean Todt It's time to shake up the structure of the FIA

The President of the FIA Jean Todt, the recently reelected for a third term, said it's time to change the management structure of the Federation.Jean Todt "I want new team of workers consisted of a mixture of experience and new. Experience will enable us to respect our heritage, to uphold our values and avoid pitfalls of the past.New faces bring new, innovative thinking in our Federation. I am particularly pleased that many talented women were appointed to important positions in our clubs. This is the beginning, which I hope will lead to the fact that the FIA will cover more talents around the world, regardless of sponsors and money, which this man can bring".

2017-12-09 14:04:05

Jean Todt FIA admires the achievements of Lewis

Jean Todt FIA admires the achievements of Lewis

The head of the FIA, Jean Todt said that the entire Federation is delighted with the level of performances of Lewis Hamilton.Jean Todt "We admire him and what he did. This is the best combination of man, team and machine.He was the best combination to achieve their results and to use your natural talent. How many years he still wants to work at that level We don't know.One day you Wake up and feel that it's time to do something else. Maybe he won't feel it, but I wish him well".

2017-12-09 14:04:03

FIA about the engines All about teams

The President of the FIA Jean Todt said that the only team guilty in the problematic question regarding the new regulations on the engines.Jean Todt "This is something that was decided collectively. Some people still think, why don't we have one engine for the entire championship This is not a new thought, but it was all resolved many years ago.We had meetings with teams, and together we have decided questions about the management rules and about the rules. Would we return to the issue of a single engine will have four or more power units for the season - we must be in agreement 100.And while we don't get 100 agreement, and therefore we have three engines for the season".

2017-12-08 14:14:04

Jean Todt elected President of the FIA for a new term

Jean Todt elected President of the FIA for a new term

December 8 meeting of the General Assembly of the FIA, Jean Todt elected President of the organization for another term. However, the other candidates simply did not exist.Todt, in the past the sporting Director of Ferrari, became President of the FIA in 2009, succeeding max Mosley. It will be headed by FIA until the end of 2021, and then will have to go - the rules of the Federation do not allow to hold this post more than three times.

2017-12-08 10:14:07

FIA We can't change the laws of the countries of the world

The President of the FIA Jean Todt said that his organization could not intervene in the legislative process to prevent incidents like Martin Budkowski transition from FIA to Renault.Jean Todt "As with all of our employees, Bukowski was hired by Swiss law. The law forbade him to work on a new place only three months, but we agreed with Renault to extend the ban to six months.We can't change a lot. The only solution is to ban the teams to recruit out of state FIA. Or if you are gaining, with the prohibition to work in a team for at least a year".

2017-12-08 10:14:03

Jean Todt Formula 1 and the WEC needs to work on some engines

The President of the FIA Jean Todt believes that Formula 1 and the world championship on races on endurance WEC have to use similar engines in 2021.Jean Todt "At the moment we have a separate motor requirements for each series.The requirements for Formula 1 and endurance similar. The engine of a Formula 1 needs to undergo about 5,000 kilometers, which meets the requirements of Le Mans.The concept of a single engine will be attractive to new producers. In addition, the Formula 1 team will be able to go to Le Mans with its own team, or Vice versa.

2017-12-07 10:04:04

Jean Todt We really miss Schumacher

Jean Todt We really miss Schumacher

The President of the FIA Jean Todt has admitted that he greatly misses his friend Michael Schumacher.Jean Todt "I remember when he played for Ferrari and I want to mention two things about those times.In 2000, after 21 years, Ferrari has become the champion with Michael. I went with him to the podium and said, "Michael, our driving life will never be the same as before."Obviously, that day in Suzuka it was the most powerful moment in my career.One more thing about how Michael finished the season 2000, being the champion. He asked me quite sheepishly, because he's a shy guy. He looks arrogant, but he's shy.He asked me "will You allow me to run some tests in Fiorano, to make sure I can still fly"He has always been in doubt he is a good pilot or not. He conducted tests and he was not so bad.We miss Michael. He's still fighting. I'm happy that there is Sabina, who manages the family business. I wanted Mick was beside me at this moment, but he's on the tests in Spain and Corina in the United States".

2017-12-02 11:34:03

Jean Todt forgive Vettel for the incident in Baku

Jean Todt forgive Vettel for the incident in Baku

The President of the FIA Jean Todt said that he forgives Sebastian Vettel for his actions in Baku.In the midst of his battle for the title of 2017, the pilot Ferrari crashed into the car of Lewis Hamilton during the safety car in Azerbaijan.Jean Todt "you Know, I'm very tolerant. I don't like people who judges the behavior, not taking into account the emotions swirling in the cockpit during the race.I'm cool with that because like I happened with Michael Schumacher. Remember that it was in Jerez in 1997 or Monaco 2006, when he made the stupid mistake in qualifyingPeople have weaknesses, but they all understand and say, "I'm not supposed to do that," then you must forgive this pilot. So it was with Sebastian".

2017-11-30 15:24:04

Chase Carey wants a Ferrari left in F1

The head of Formula-1 chase Carey and the President of the FIA Jean Todt work with Ferrari, to not lose it.Recall that Ferrari has threatened to leave the championship because of the decision of Liberty Media to enter the year 2021 a new simpler and cheaper engines.Chase Carey "there's no such thing as a free lunch, especially if you are trying to develop and grow. Mark Ferrari - an incredibly important and valuable partner, and we intend to keep it in the Formula-1".Jean Todt soglashatsya "I think it would be too painful, if Ferrari left Formula-1".

2017-11-28 11:24:03

Jean Todt If Ferrari wants to leave - let them go

The President of the FIA Jean Todt said that the Federation could prevent the threats of Ferrari to leave the championship. The problem is that Ferrari does not want to work under the new rules for the engines that Liberty Media wants to introduce to 2021.Jean Todt "It's their choice. We don't want manufacturers left the sport. Ferrari is an icon, and it is unique, and would be very hurt if they disappeared from Formula 1, but it is not my responsibility.Chase Carey is a great CEO, and I admit it a structured organization with true professionals such as Ross brown and Sean Patch. The sport is in good hands".

2017-11-28 10:54:03

The President of the FIA Rules of Halo will not be revised

The President of the FIA Jean Todt has dismissed rumors that the controversial concept of Halo will be canceled in anticipation of the 2018 season.During the tests in the pits in Abu Dhabi, Valtteri Bottas couldn't get out of the cockpit of the Mercedes with Halo for 7 seconds.Against the background of existing concerns about aesthetics and the fact that the extra weight will make the car next year, slower to move on the highway, there was a rumors that Halo can be canceled.Jean Todt "there is No turning back. Halo will, he remains. Why Because it will give us more security.Disappoints me what was written about it. Halo is just part of the natural continuity of Formula 1. Of course, this will not be the final solution. If we find a better solution, we will present it".

2017-11-28 10:34:04

Toto Wolff Rules next year will not change

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff confirmed that the FIA is not going to change the rules on limiting the number of parts to the season one pilot.Toto Wolff "Horner said these rules are crazy, but we all sat at the negotiating table when this was discussed. Producers were asked to optimize the cost of delivery to customers, and that's exactly what we did. Less parts, less money to pay for them.Yes, this is a huge problem to achieve such incredible reliability, but that's what we decided to do it.The President of the FIA Jean Todt agreed "I am unhappy when I hear that the pilot receives 150 penalties on the starting grid. But Formula 1 is very demanding on the nuances. Every detail on the engine needs to be installed.A limited number of engines is nothing new, we all know the rules".

2017-09-10 17:24:03

Jean Todt Has an interest to occupy 11th and 12th places

The President of the FIA Jean Todt has confirmed reports that several groups of investors have expressed interest in filling the two spots on pit lane.Jean Todt "If a major manufacturer wants to become a member of the championship, it would be easy to arrange. If it's an independent team, we need to look at its possibilities.Yes, there are questions to comers, but nothing I would call serious. We now have ten teams, but ideally we should have 12 stables, as permitted in the existing agreements.If we get to the moment when you will make a serious request, as it was with Gene Haas, then we will announce a new tender".

2017-09-06 10:34:04

Jean Todt, the leader of the championship will be a special color Halo

Jean Todt, the leader of the championship will be a special color Halo

The President of the FIA Jean Todt believes that his new idea will help revive the popularity of the innovation in security - Halo.Many drivers and fans are unhappy that the head-protection system will affect the aesthetic and DNA of Formula 1 from next year.The President of the FIA said in Monza that Halo introduced to the pilots were safe.Jean Todt "That's why we need responsible decision makers for the sport.When I announced that we will present Halo for Formula E in 2018, the critics were not. Also with the introduction of Halo for Formula 2 the following year, I did not hear any negative comments. This shows that people have become accustomed to it.I voiced another idea that I like the special colour for the leader of the championship. In addition, I heard that some teams have sold space on Halo sponsors for advertising".

2017-09-05 12:24:09

Jean Todt One gathering can decide the fate of the title

The President of the FIA Jean Todt believes that reliability will be the determining factor in the fight for the title of season 2017.Jean Todt "I really like to watch this fight, the question of the title remains open.I believe that to lose one who will face technical problems. In the remaining races gathering will be such a loss in the fight for the title".

2017-07-08 10:44:04

Lewis Hamilton I Have some questions to Todt

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton believes that the issue in his clash with Sebastian Vettel in Baku is not yet closed. We will remind that on Monday, the FIA has justified the actions of the German, leaving the question of additional punishment closed.Lewis Hamilton "My opinion remains the same. With all due respect to Jean Todt, I wish he appeared in front of me and answered a number of questions in this case. I believe that my message, which was sent to the FIA, remained without attention".

2017-07-05 10:14:04

Jean Todt Vettel needs to Continue to think

The President of the FIA Jean Todt said that the question of the punishment of Sebastian Vettel closed, but now the German pilot have to think about their behavior.Jean Todt "Yes, a question Vettel is already completely closed. However, it needs to think about how to behave in the future. The pilots of Formula 1 needs to understand that they are watching millions of people, thousands of young pilots, who take their cue from their idols. Such conduct is unacceptable".

2017-07-04 11:14:03

FIA did not penalize Sebastian Vettel

FIA did not penalize Sebastian Vettel

On 3 July in Paris, the FIA has reviewed the incident involving Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel during a race in Azerbaijan and decided not to apply additional sanctions against three-time champion. However, Vettel will have to work for the FIA.In a statement, the FIA said "After the incident during the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, Sebastian Vettel was invited to a meeting of the FIA in Paris. He was accompanied by the head of Ferrari, Maurizio Arrivabene. Together with the Commission, which included Vice-President of the FIA, Graham Stoker, Secretary General of the FIA Peter Bayer, Director of the Formula 1 Charlie whiting and Deputy Director of the Formula 1 Laurent Mekis, Vettel watched the video of the incident.Previously, the stewards Grand Prix of Azerbaijan appointed Vettel a 10-second penalty stop-and-go is a punishment, which can be used during the race. More serious punishment is only suspended. In addition, Vettel has received three penalty points and he now has nine penalty points. In the FIA accepted the decision of the stewards, however, was concerned over the fact that such behaviour can affect the fans and young drivers around the world and hurt the image of the FIA and the sport.After studying the videos and detailed discussion Vettel admitted his guilt.Vettel apologized to the FIA, and the community. He promised within the next 12 months actively participate in various training programmes of the FIA for Formula-2, Formula 3 and Formula 4, as well as in seminars of the stewards FIA. At the same time, the President of the FIA Jean Todt has banned until the end of the year to attract Vettel to the stock for improving traffic safety.Vettel promised to publicly apologize. Given all the above, the President of the FIA Jean Todt has decided to close the issue. However, in the case of a repeat of the case of the pilot will be transferred to the international Tribunal of the FIA".

2017-06-23 11:24:03

The President of the FIA In 2019, there can be new team

The President of the FIA does not deny that a couple of years in the championship may be a new team or even several teams.Brazilian newspaper Globo reports that a company called China F1 Racing Team was registered in the UK.Jean Todt "currently we have ten teams, but the idea is to have twelve.It is likely that one or two teams to join Formula 1 in the near future. A lot of rumors, but some parties are interested in it. When we see that the time is right, will announce the formation of new teams.

2017-06-17 13:04:03

The head of Formula E agree with the President of the FIA

The head of Formula E agree with the President of the FIA

This week the President of the FIA Jean Todt said that he was pleased with the participation of Renault in Formula 1 and Formula E, added "I am sure that one day Ferrari will follow suit, and we would like to see it."The head of Formula E Alejandro Agag said, "Ferrari in Formula E it is quite possible. Now we have the third season of the championship, and Jaguar are already with us. We hold a new race in Hong Kong, new York, Montreal and Marrakech. We want to grow and prosper - we still have a lot to do along the way.We don't race on classic race tracks. We drive on city streets, on highways, where the Formula 1 will not be able to ride. We are not rivals of the Royal race, the more that the technology of our cars are completely different.We have 20 pilots, but no Italians. I know that every young Italian wants is a Ferrari, but I am sure that sooner or later we will have a pilot from Italy, and Ferrari. We will meet them with open arms".

2017-06-16 09:54:10

The President of the FIA Formula 1 will never be completely electric

The President of the FIA Jean Todt believes that formula will never give up gasoline, so reunification with the Formula-E will not.Jean Todt "It's impossible. Formula 1 is a completely different discipline. And I'm glad that Formula 1 has chosen the path of hybrid technology. This is a huge step forward compared to what we had before.As for Formula E, we have a dozen producers who want to participate in the championship and appealed to them some of the largest cities in the world.Today, there are brands like Renault, which are present in Formula 1 and Formula E. I am Sure that one day Ferrari will follow suit".

2017-05-22 10:44:05

The President of the FIA Bianchi Points struck me

The President of the FIA Bianchi Points struck me

The President of the FIA Jean Todt said that he was impressed by the points Jules Bianchi, speaking in the slowest team of the peloton Marussia.Jean Todt "I knew that the guy has a chance to succeed in Monaco. I was confident in him, in his talent. On paper the chances of the Bianchi were, but because it's Monaco, then you can never be sure something is 100.Obviously, it was surprising that he succeeded. His courage and confidence energized the entire team for success. It was his weekend.I remember how he overtook Kobayashi. It was risky with the touch pass. But he did it. He brought the team points, which in the future saved it from bankruptcy".In Monaco 2014 Bianchi finished 9th and earned only in the history of Marussia glasses. In the same year at the Japanese Grand Prix the Frenchman was involved in a serious accident.

2017-04-03 12:14:02

FIA opens hall of fame

The President of the FIA Jean Todt intends to open several halls of fame of the Federation of Motorsport.Jean Todt "in December we will open the Hall of fame FIA. A large team of people working on this project for several years. One Hall of fame will be located in Paris, the second in Geneva.It will be a stunning exhibition, there will be things and people's cars, which, unfortunately, is no longer with us. But all of this exhibition will amaze".

2017-04-02 08:44:05

In 2021, Formula 1 will switch to the new engines

March 31 was held in Paris meeting of the FIA and the Formula 1 championship with the representatives of manufacturers to discuss the regulations on the engines after 2020.The meeting was attended by delegates of all the companies represented in Formula 1. Was also observed by representatives of Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, Audi, Cosworth, Ilmor and other companies that only look to the championship. It was about the configuration of the engines, which can appear in the Formula-1 in 2021. There were proposals to abandon the expensive hybrid power systems in favor of more simple and cheap, but no less efficient engines. All agreed that the championship should remain a testing ground for new technologies that will be used in the production of road cars.Jean Todt, head of FIA "I am delighted that so many stakeholders were able to agree on the further development of Formula 1. We will now embark on a detailed study of what will be the engines in 2021. Our goal is to find the best solution for the future".

2017-03-30 16:44:07

The President of the FIA Vettel reminds me of Michael

The President of the FIA Vettel reminds me of Michael

The President of the FIA Jean Todt, who oversaw the Golden years Michael Schumacher in Maranello, agreed that Sebastian Vettel is beginning to resemble the seven-time champion.Jean Todt "Vettel reminds me of Schumacher. Both have the same thirst for victory that is so great that it can use the whole team to succeed.The victory of Vettel in Australia, it was important for Formula 1. Mercedes finally has a worthy rival".