Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton was born in London on September 7, 1985. Two years after his birth, the parents of Lewis were divorced, and he remained on the education of the mother. At the age of twelve years, Lewis went to live with his father in Hertfordshire. In the future, Hamilton admitted that it was his father made him a rider. Lewis initially fond of carting on a lot of money spent. His father, Anthony Hamilton had to work on three different studies, to provide training to his son and give him a good go-kart. In nine years, Hamilton has already started to win in karting, and in ten years, he confidently said Ron Davis at the moment is the boss of the team, "McLaren", holding out his notebook for an autograph, that he ever will be driving a car Ron . Davis then wrote in a notebook that Lewis called him after nine years. In June 1998, nine years later, they actually met, and Lewis Hamilton has been allocated a place in the team, "McLaren", he became the youngest race car driver in the history of its existence. In 2001, Lewis was able to compete in karting with the legendary Mikael Schumacher. Hamilton then came to the finish seventh, while Michael Schumacher - the third. Schumacher after the race has twisted reporters that Lewis is an excellent driver, despite his 16 years, and that he will soon be uchuvstvovat in such a famous race as a Formula 1. Lewis' debut on the Formula 1 season came in 2007, during the announcement of his team mate Fernando Alonso. But after a few steps, Hamilton became the leader of the race and has surpassed the achievements of the Alonso. It was at that time, their relationship soured - for example, during the Hungarian Grand Prix Lewis did not skip ahead in time Alonso qualifications. Riders and supporters of one team were rivals and at the end of the season Alonso has terminated the contract with the team, "McLaren" and Hamilton became the first team rider. The very next season, Lewis was able to become the youngest winner of Formula 1, ahead by one point Ferrari driver Felipe Massa. Hamilton first black champion. Currently, Hamilton is McLaren team with Heikki Kovalainen. Contract Lewis Hamilton, who signed for five years, expires in 2012. On account of Lewis's many records in Formula 1. For example, in Lewis was the longest series of podiums in a season - nine.
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Formula 1

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Lewis Hamilton I Hope it will be a new start for McLaren

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, speaking for McLaren from 2007 to 2012, hopes that the changes will help the British team to compete for victory.Lewis Hamilton "I was constantly surprised that this has not happened before. It was a long and difficult road for McLaren and Honda, I hope this will serve as a new beginning for McLaren, because they have to fight us for victory.But who knows, maybe Honda too, a couple of years will be able to fight with the leaders".

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Kimi Raikkonen We don't give up

Kimi Raikkonen We don't give up

After the failure in Singapore, where the pilots of Ferrari retired on the first lap, Kimi Raikkonen said that Ferrari will fight to the end for the title.Kimi Raikkonen "it Seems that many people think that we are in a difficult situation. But we go further. It's just another race, another race weekend. We don't give up, we continue to fight at full strength, we will show all that capable".Singapore after Sebastian Vettel loses Lewis Hamilton is 28 points. In the constructors ' championship Ferrari is inferior to the Mercedes 102 points.

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Lewis Hamilton Still have a run where we won't fast

Lewis Hamilton Still have a run where we won't fast

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton believes that relax is still very early, and the fight for the title continues.Lewis Hamilton "we have Japan where you need a lot of downforce, so this track definitely will not be our trump card. In Brazil, we will be strong, and in Mexico, again all will shift in the direction of Ferrari.Honestly, I think the struggle will continue. It is difficult to predict who will win. We'll know when we end this fight".

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Niki Lauda While the championship is not won

Non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda cautious in their comments about the benefits of Lewis Hamilton in the world championship.Niki Lauda "I am not fond of such statements, which now can be heard. They say, we are already Champions. I can only smile inside.Of course, this is a big step forward. But do not forget that the world Cup is won only when he wins. Sepang is an excellent choice of our machine. And if Ferrari do not think there we have to win".

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Toto Wolff, Singapore has not decided the fate of the title

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff believes that the victory of Lewis Hamilton and the gathering of Sebastian Vettel in Singapore has not decided the fate of the title of season 2017.Toto Wolff "I'm cautious. Even on Sunday morning we thought about minimizing losses, and in the evening have all talked about a 28-point advantage.But there is still six races, which means that the situation may turn against us six times, as it happened in Singapore for Ferrari".

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Daniel ricciardo couldn't win because of gear box

Daniel ricciardo couldn't win because of gear box

In qualifying Daniel ricciardo ahead of Lewis Hamilton, but the race pilot of Red Bull lost to his rival from Mercedes. As it turned out, ricciardo could not get to the finish line.Christian Horner, head of the team Red Bull "before the first appearance of the safety car we saw ricciardo drops the oil pressure in the gearbox. We were confident that it will pass only half the distance.We were advised to do some settings and it helped him to drive the whole distance. However, Daniel had to sacrifice my lap time. If not for the problem with the transmission, he could fight for the victory".

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Riccardo Daniel I tried to win

Riccardo Daniel I tried to win

Daniel ricciardo in the race Grand Prix of Singapore finished second, losing to Lewis Hamilton a little more than four seconds.Riccardo Daniel "I tried, really tried to win, but second place looks like a good result. We don't have enough speed to win. We are surprised at how quick the Mercedes, but the fourth podium on this track is good. We are constantly watching the rubber and weather. It was difficult, but we managed to do everything right, and it was good".

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Lewis Hamilton Thanks the team for the victory

Lewis Hamilton Thanks the team for the victory

Lewis Hamilton won the race, Singapore Grand Prix, although started only fifth.Lewis Hamilton "First of all, I thank the team for their excellent work. The whole weekend we didn't know what to do with the machine. The first two days went against us, but in the race we focused on the struggle from the beginning. And we won I'm glad and happy.I don't know what to say about the incident, because I didn't see anything. I can only say that we did a great job. Strong race held Bottas and ricciardo. It was great for us. I saw Vettel was deployed, and he stayed behind me.

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Chronicle of the race Grand Prix of Singapore

Chronicle of the race Grand Prix of Singapore

145141 - Today from pole position will start Sebastian Vettel. For the German's fourth pole position in Singapore, and in the three previous cases, the first German crossed the finish line.145434 - Actually, in the last nine races in Singapore seven times he won the pilot, which started from pole position. In two other cases the owner of the pole and led the race, but technical problems prevented a win.145524 - Next to Vettel is confirmed as Max Verstappen.145542 - Second row Daniel ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen.145653 - Only the third row will start Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas - this track is clearly not suitable Mercedes.145817 - the Fourth row Nico Hulkenberg and Fernando Alonso. On the contrary, this track suited the McLaren more.145830 - Completing the top ten Stoffel Vandorn and Carlos Sainz.145844 - Next Palmer, Perez, Kvyat, Windows, Grosjean, Magnussen, Massa, Stroll, Wehrlein and 145922 - In Singapore, the day was rain, and now the track is quite wet.145952 - during the race the track will be dry.150009 - Most pilots to start chose rain tires.150052 - intermediate will start the first six and Sainz, Kvyat, Grosjean and Stroll.150252 - Pilots go on warm-up 150318 - Machines occupy space on 150341 - All ready to 150353 - START150403 - Vettel Raikkonen knocked out150417 - Even a few broken cars in the first corner150434 - A Turn Of Vettel He has no nose cone150447 - the safety Car on the track150514 - so started the first ever Formula 1 night race the rain150626 - Start.

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Qualification account after Singapore

Only in the team Toro Rosso is about an equal fight. Renault, by contrast, is the complete dominance of Nico.Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas 9-5Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel - Kimi Raikkonen 10-4Red Bull, Daniel Riccardo - Max Verstappen 4-10Force India, Sergio Perez - Esteban Windows 11-3Williams, Felipe Massa - lance Stroll 11-2McLaren, Fernando Alonso - Stoffel Vandorn 11-2Toro Rosso, Daniil Kvyat is Carlos Sainz 6-8Renault, Nico - Jolyon Palmer 13-0Haas, Roman Grosjean - Kevin Magnussen 9-5Sauber, Marcus Ericsson - Pascal Wehrlein 4-8.

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Lewis Hamilton We knew that it would be like this

Lewis Hamilton We knew that it would be like this

Championship leader Lewis Hamilton in qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix showed only 5-th result.Lewis Hamilton "We knew that it will be difficult on this track. Every year we here is difficult. Yesterday we realized this, and today the situation is only confirmed.We did everything we could. I apologize for not been able to achieve the best result. Our hope now for a strategy. Tomorrow everything can change during the race, and I hope that the case will help us as we press forward".

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Lewis Hamilton we had a clean day

Lewis Hamilton we had a clean day

Championship leader Lewis Hamilton finished the first day of the Singapore Grand Prix in 3rd position behind the pilots of Red Bull.Lewis Hamilton "we had a clean day, and we went through both sessions without any problems. Today was very hot, but not so much that it was unpleasant to fly. Surprisingly, the grip was high.We obviously were close to the best time, but there are small problems that need to be addressed until tomorrow. Red Bull seem very strong, like a Ferrari, so we have work to do. But the situation does not seem quite so intractable".

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Six contenders for the title

If, before the start of the race in Italy a mathematical chance of winning the title had 12 pilots, after the finish of the race the number of applicants has decreased exactly twice.The rest of the season remains seven races, and this means that any pilot can theoretically earn 175 points. As the new championship leader Lewis Hamilton 238 points, to compete with him for the title may be those who managed to earn 63 points and more. This group includes only pilots Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull.Already Singapore's chances for the title will lose Max Verstappen. If only the Dutchman will not win the race with the gathering of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.In the Cup of designers, the range of applicants has also decreased. The chance to take the title from Mercedes there is only Ferrari and Red Bull.

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Lewis Hamilton We are ready to fight Ferrari

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton is confident that in Singapore, his team will be ready to fight for victory.Lewis Hamilton "I currently don't think about it, but I'll do everything to properly prepare with the team for the race.We have no idea who and what the speed will show on this track. Until we get there, nothing will be clear. Ferrari were often better than us on this ring.I think we can give them a good race."Last year Hamilton finished in Singapore in the third position, and in 2015 came down due to the failure of the power plant.

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Niki Lauda Ferrari made a mistake with the settings

Niki Lauda Ferrari made a mistake with the settings

Niki Lauda, non-Executive Director of Mercedes, believes Ferrari just made a fundamental mistake in the settings of the machine during the Grand Prix of Italy.Niki Lauda "Marchionne told me that he is not satisfied with the settings. I think they made a mistake, because in normal circumstances we would not be able to get so far ahead.The usual difference between us and Ferrari is one or two tenths per lap, but this time it has doubled."Sebastian Vettel finished third, losing to Lewis Hamilton 36 seconds.

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Lewis Hamilton agree to participate in the tests on Thursday

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton agreed to help Pirelli with tyre testing this week. The British have always been famous for his dislike of tests, and continually refusing them, citing injury or illness.But this time Hamilton did not refuse to test the capabilities of the car and tyres on the French Paul Ricard track.Lewis Hamilton "I Have tests this week, which is a rare opportunity for me, because I'm not a test pilot.I announced my candidacy, so looking forward to this event.

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Sebastian Vettel I'm not panicking after the failure in Monza

Sebastian Vettel I'm not panicking after the failure in Monza

The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel said that neither he nor the team is not panicking after failing in the home race in Italy.The Italian press said that it was a cold shower for the Scuderia on home track and the team President Sergio Marchionne called this Grand Prix embarrassing.Sebastian Vettel "we Have a very strong car, very strong. We will have a great season finale, I'm sure.The beginning of the race I didn't feel the car, and the last 20 laps I struggled a lot with balance. It was just a bad race, I'm not worried about the future and optimistic. Despite the numbers and odds, the championship is still very long, and we will not disappoint people who want us to have the victory."However, of the remaining seven tracks, four on paper suitable Mercedes Sepang, Suzuka, Austin and Abu Dhabi- there is an important power of the engine.Sebastian Vettel "Things on paper don't interest me. On paper you can't see the extra element of competition that matters. In short, the more complex the merrier. In sports if everything is easy, it is boring".After the race in Italy, Vettel lost the lead in the championship. Now Sebastian three points loses Lewis Hamilton.

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The teams of the 2018 contracts and rumors after Monza

The teams of the 2018 contracts and rumors after Monza

In the course of the last two Grand Prix in Spa and Monza, some teams voiced signed with the pilots contracts. Permutations to the top teams is not expected, although technically jobs are still there.Mercedes the contract Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes ends at the end of 2018. Agreement with Valtteri Bottas was signed only for one season. However, Finn has proved himself as a team player, and leadership in the face of Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda spoke in favor of the contract extension.The final word for the Board of Directors. However, other candidates for this place not Sebastian Vettel extended his contract with Ferrari, Fernando Alonso was given to understand that he should not dream about Mercedes after the scandal of 2007, and young drivers Esteban Windows and Pascal Wehrlein lack experience.Ferrari before the start of the home Grand Prix of Italy, the team extended the contracts with current drivers. And if Sebastian Vettel the agreement signed before the end of 2020, with Kimi Raikkonen signed a one-year contract.Red Bull Red Bull satisfied with the work of Daniel ricciardo and max Verstappen. There has repeatedly stated that both pilots connected with the team multi-year contracts. The pilots themselves did not seem very satisfied with the situation in the Red Bull. But they should go nowhere, as vacancies in the Mercedes and Ferrari will only appear at the end of 2018.Force India Esteban a Window signed a multiyear contract, but the agreement with Sergio Perez ends this year. The team is ready to prolong the contract with the Mexican, behind which there are respectable sponsors, but the pilot admitted that he has other offers. If Perez leaves Force India, it is likely to replace Pascal Wehrlein.Williams no doubt, lance Stroll will retain a seat at Williams due to large financial injections from Stroll-Scarecrow. The team needs a second experienced pilot, and Felipe Massa copes with this role. Most likely, the Brazilian will keep his place.A couple of weeks ago there were rumors that the pilot Williams could become Fernando Alonso. But it is unlikely the Spaniard will agree to change sewed on soap in the near future, Williams will not fight for victory.Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz signed a multiyear contract, but there is a small chance that for good compensation, the Spaniard will move to Renault.Place Daniil Kvyat in the team Dolny shaky - his back literally breathes Pierre went Out. In addition, in the Wake of rumors about a possible collaboration with Toro Rosso, Honda has been assumed that one of the places is a Japanese pilot.Renault Nico Hulkenberg signed a one-year contract with the possibility of renewal for the season 2018. Obviously, the team would exercise its right and extend the agreement with the German pilot.But the likelihood of a contract renewal with Jolyon Palmer minimum. As a replacement candidacies of Carlos Sainz, Sergio Perez, Robert Kubica and Russian Sergey Sirotkin.Some time talked about returning to Renault's Fernando Alonso, but the French team gave to understand that is not going to give the Spaniard the championship the car in the next three years.Navlabel team gene Haas stated he was pleased with the results of Roman Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen and intends to leave the pilots for next season without changes. But official statements have not yet been. However, Magnussen has already said that he has a contract for season 2018.McLaren Vandorn has a long-term contract with McLaren. The agreement with Fernando Alonso expires at the end of the year, and the Spaniard said that he would remain only if the team will change the engine supplier.If Alonso will leave McLaren, to Jenson button. In addition, rumors circulated about a possible invitation of Carlos Sainz.Sauber is no doubt that his place will retain Marcus Ericsson, who is affiliated with the sponsors and team owners. Second place is likely to get one from a protg of the Ferrari. It will either be Antonio Giovinazzi or Charles LeClair. Instead, the Swiss team will receive discounts on Italian powerplants.

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Lewis Hamilton expects new deal with Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton expects new deal with Mercedes

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has confirmed he wants to sign a new contract with the German team.Lewis Hamilton "I plan to extend the contract with the team is exactly what we will do at some point in the second half of the season or at the end of the year.I know that Toto was advised to wait until the end of the season, because that's not what we need to do now, fighting for the title. There is no rush, and I still have one year ahead of time.In my head I had a plan for five or six years. The pieces of the puzzle came together. Now my decision is much easier to move forward,".

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Valtteri Bottas is ready to become number two

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas is ready to become the second nroeram in the team, if you will lose all chances for the title.Valtteri Bottas "as a pilot it is very difficult to accept, but I'm a member of a team and we work as a team. So if in some point of the championship it will happen, and I was asked to do something like that, Yes. Although I hope that this will not happen.But let me explain something to you. There is a way to avoid this situation. All in my hands. Right now I'm fighting for the title, so a couple of times if I won, I would be the leader of a team. As I said, it depends on me."After a stage in Italy Valtteri Bottas loses out to Lewis Hamilton by 41 points.

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Lewis Hamilton We purely made this race

Lewis Hamilton We purely made this race

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton won the race, the Italian Grand Prix and ahead of the championship of Sebastian Vettel.Lewis Hamilton "I love Italy, I love to drive here. I like the local audience, like her energy. The fans here are the same hot as in Silverstone. Today the team did a great job, having achieved a victorious double. Valtteri did a very good job in this race, making his way to second place. Vettel also did well, finishing in an important podium.I had a good start and absolutely not worried about Strolla. Lock it was easy. Our engine today showed itself in all its glory. It was a great day for us".

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Chronicle of the race Grand Prix of Italy

Chronicle of the race Grand Prix of Italy

145049 - Today from pole position, in the 69 th time in his career, will start Lewis Hamilton.145101 - By this measure, he overtook Michael Schumacher.145132 - Next to it will start. 18-year-old lance Stroll145227 - in General, canadian qualified 4th, but eight pilots received various penalties, including representatives from Red Bull, which in the qualification showed the 2nd and 3rd results.145428 - Second row Esteban and Valtteri Bottas.145500 - Only the third row will start pilots Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel. 145525 - these days, by the way, Ferrari is celebrating its 70th anniversary.145645 - Fourth row Felipe Massa and Daniil Kvyat. Anyway, Daniel showed in qualifying, 14-th result, but because of the fines he played many positions.145716 - Completing the top ten Kevin Magnussen and Sergio Perez.145738 - Next Eriksson, Wehrlein, Verstappen, Hulkenberg, Sainz, ricciardo, Palmer, Vandorn, Alonso and Grosjean.145827 - The Machine Of Quata.

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Lewis Hamilton I'm not asking for team orders

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton said that it does not affect the decision of the team on the orders of the boxes, preferring a fair fight for victory.Lewis Hamilton "I never asked for this. It all depends on Toto. It is he who decides when the time is right for the team orders.I prefer to win when I need to honestly fight for it. Of Valtteri was a very good season, and when he won, it was really faster than me".

2017-09-02 19:54:03

Qualification account after Italy

Only the Toro Rosso team is about equal fight, but for Williams, McLaren and Renault dominated by one of the pilots.Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas 8-5Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel - Kimi Raikkonen 9-4Red Bull, Daniel Riccardo - Max Verstappen 4-9Force India, Sergio Perez - Esteban Windows 10-3Williams, Felipe Massa - lance Stroll 10-2McLaren, Fernando Alonso - Stoffel Vandorn 10-2Toro Rosso, Daniil Kvyat is Carlos Sainz 6-7Renault, Nico - Jolyon Palmer 12-0Haas, Roman Grosjean - Kevin Magnussen 8-5Sauber, Marcus Ericsson - Pascal Wehrlein 4-7.

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Lewis Hamilton I made it on the historic track

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton showed the best result at the qualification of the Italian Grand Prix, breaking the record of Michael Schumacher for number won pole positions in his career. Now the British 69.Lewis Hamilton "Thank You it was incredible. Thank you to the stands for support. I was able to achieve a new record at the historic track, and I'm definitely going to celebrateThis is a great result for the team. Tomorrow the weather forecast promises sunshine, and I think that the race will not be the simplest. We have done a lot of work, but tomorrow we will need to work even more.

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Niki Lauda hints that Mercedes will retain Hamilton

Non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda has suggested that Mercedes will keep Lewis Hamilton and after 2018.Niki Lauda "Lewis is our best pilot, and we all love him. Therefore, we will find a solution for the future, where everyone will be happy."Before the Briton has admitted that he dreams of the Ferrari team. At the same time, Lewis is well aware that you will not be able to become a partner Sebastian Vettel.Lewis Hamilton "the Ferrari is a dream for each pilot, but I do not think we will get there in the next three years".

2017-09-01 22:34:03

Lewis Hamilton It was a clean day

Lewis Hamilton It was a clean day

Lewis Hamilton on the results practices Grand Prix of Italy was in second place. His partner in the Mercedes, he lost a few thousandths of a second.Lewis Hamilton "It was a clean day. We were successful, passed the day without problems fully completing our entire program. The car looks balanced.We still have some work to do, which will increase the pace of the machine. But now we can say that our speed is very similar with the speed of a Ferrari. I expect a tense and tight fight during the race".

2017-09-01 11:54:03

Niki Lauda Bottas should be number two

Non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda believes that Valtteri Bottas will run on Lewis Hamilton.Niki Lauda "there are still eight races, there is still a lot of points. Lewis and Sebastian had no gatherings, and I don't want to, it's just a fact. But something can always happen."Valtteri Bottas "it is Clear that from a certain point of the season the team have clearly put everything on one pilot, but it seems to me that while it used to do."Toto Wolff "We want to keep ourselves open to all scenarios, but we know that there is no solution to the current problem, there is no single tool.Ferrari already have the division into rooms, and we were allowed to compete. Let's see what will happen after Monza. The situation is on our side, but in Spa we saw that Ferrari had made progress".Niki Lauda "it's Time to stop squandering points. I know how important every point, especially when you consider them at the end of the season.I know exactly what we need to do. The Bottom was not strong performances at Spa so Lewis is more likely to win the championship. If Lewis did not give the three points in Budapest, he would now lagged behind all on four points from Vettel".

2017-08-31 14:34:08

Mercedes Alonso is not for us

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff reiterated that the emergence of Fernando Alonso in the ranks of the German team is unlikely because of the scandal of 2007, when the Spaniard drove for McLaren-Mercedes.Toto Wolff "As I said, Fernando and Mercedes is not the best relationship. This is a very experienced and talented pilot, but he's not for us."Everything goes to the fact that partner Lewis Hamilton next season will remain as Valtteri Bottas. If this Mercedes is ready to sign with Finn only a one-year contract.Toto Wolff "we are Ready to continue cooperation with Valtteri, it remains only to specify details of the contract. It is unknown what will happen after 2018 when the market pilots will be jobs".