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2018-01-12 14:24:03

In Formula 1 can change the format of the grid

In Formula 1 can change the format of the grid

In recent years in Formula 1 starting grid is used, where in the same row are two machines, one of which is a little more different. But things can change in a few years.Pat Symonds, in the past technical Director of the Renault and Williams "In recent years, we use the grid with a stepped configuration. Of course, the race become boring due to the fact that in front of everyone is the fastest car.Before it was different. In a boardroom in London there are pictures of the old Monza, where in the first row are four cars. Maybe it should do so nowWe have virtual tools for validation of such ideas. I think we should change the starting grid and to simulate the 20 races. I wonder what will happen not at the end of a 300-kilometer race, and after the first three rounds".

2017-12-23 13:24:03

Marseille is preparing to host the Formula 1

It seems that next year Formula 1 will organize a major event in Marseille. This year a similar event has already passed in London, which was attended by all the drivers, except Lewis Hamilton.Deputy mayor of Marseille Jean Roatta "the Mayor agreed. We have not yet met with representatives of the FOM, but currently we are working on security issues and a venue that should be near the Museum of European and Mediterranean civilizations.The event must occur because it is very attractive for the city.

2017-10-04 10:14:03

Formula 1 opens an office in new York

Earlier, after the purchase, Liberty Media of the Formula 1 championship, the American company moved from the London headquarters of Bernie Ecclestone in a larger building in the British capital.But Sports Business Daily reports that Liberty opens office Formula 1 in new York against the background of efforts to use the potential of the huge American market.The representative of Liberty Norman Howell "Yes, we are opening a small office in new York, which will be the centre works with sponsors".

2017-09-05 11:34:03

Pat Symonds will be working on the new rules

Pat Symonds will be working on the new rules

Former technical Director Williams Pat Symonds said that he is really busy working on the new rules of Formula 1, which should enter into force in 2021.Pat Symonds "currently, the group consists of four people, but it will increase to 12. We meet regularly in London and try to make use of our experience for the following set of rules.This is a very interesting task. And great to work with Ross brown".Symonds and brown worked together at Benetton in the early 1990s, when there were Michael Schumacher.

2017-07-24 11:24:02

Lewis Hamilton Fans want the second race in the UK

British pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton is confident that his fans are ready to support the race in London.Lewis Hamilton "I feel that the UK is home to Motorsport. Here are the base of almost all teams. Every racing weekend here just crowds of people in the stands. It would be a real shame for Motorsport to lose the British Grand Prix. Moreover, a lot of people here spend a lot of money during the racing days.I don't believe we will lose the British Grand Prix, because the sports world will probably erupt. I will do everything in my power to convince Liberty that it is impossible to abandon the race.We have in the UK a lot of great trails, and we can use Silverstone and other tracks. We used to have two Grand Prix in Spain. It would be cool to have one, the race was held on the stationary track and the second street ring."It is known that currently the company has plans Liberty of the race in London.

2017-07-19 12:14:03

Head of Mercedes protects Lewis Hamilton

Head of Mercedes protects Lewis Hamilton

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff said that the press has once again twisted his relationship with Lewis Hamilton.Toto Wolff "again the Press came up with a completely crazy story about the relationship between me and Lewis and Lewis and the team. It is actually the opposite.Lewis was absent on holiday in London. But this three-time world champion had just set another record for number of pole positions, so no doubt he knows how to prepare for race weekend.As a leader, I give him that freedom and if he thinks that it is better to stay away, spending time with friends, then so be it".

2017-07-17 10:34:04

Toto Wolff sat down on the ear Vettel

Toto Wolff sat down on the ear Vettel

There are rumors that the head of Mercedes Toto Wolff conducts personal talks with Sebastian Vettel.By the way, intimate conversations with the Germans, according to London media reports, the stumbling block in relations Wolff and Hamilton, who because of this came for free rides in London.Toto Wolff "Sebastian and I are neighbors, so we often visit each other".Sebastian Vettel "All I can do now is laugh at this question. This is the stupidest question I've ever asked until now".However, head of Red Bull's Christian Horner believes that Wolff and Vettel talking about future contracts.Christian Horner "I think that Toto just sat in his ear and says, that he continued to serve in the Ferrari for only a year, and therefore have thought about the future. While Ferrari certainly asks SEB for three years".

2017-07-15 12:44:04

Formula 1 does not preclude the Grand Prix of London

The chances of a street race in Formula 1 in London increasing with each passing day. Promoter the BRDC is hoping to renegotiate a deal with Liberty Media, but the Americans did not promise.Chase Carey "This is definitely our plan, while Formula 1 is in the UK. From this point of view, we are strongly committed to the great grant from the UK in the future."Even the mayor of London does not exclude the possibility of a London street race.The mayor of London "I want London was the sporting capital of the world. If Formula 1 wants to talk to me, I'll be glad to negotiate".

2017-07-11 15:14:03

Zach brown Liberty needs to buy a Silverstone

The head of McLaren Zac brown believes that Liberty, the new owner of the championship, is simply obliged to buy Silverstone, in order to get the best F1 circuit in your own hands.Zach brown "I have heard the arguments of Horner, that Liberty is not specifically extend the contract with the Silverstone out of a desire to hold the Grand Prix of great Britain in London. But I believe that they are in talks with the owners of Silverstone on the purchase. They need Silverstone.I love that when they say your idea of Liberty, they are accepted and implemented, if is worth it.

2017-07-01 14:04:06

Kevin Magnussen welcomes the project of the Grand Prix of Copenhagen

Kevin Magnussen welcomes the project of the Grand Prix of Copenhagen

The pilot Haas Kevin Magnussen is happy news from Denmark that in 2020 needs to go race Formula 1 in Copenhagen.Local newspaper BT reported that the Danish businessman Lars Christensen Sayer was found this week in London with the new owners of Formula 1 - company Liberty Media. They talked about the potential deal.Kevin Magnussen "First of all, it is important to ensure political will and support for Liberty Media. As far as I know, the meeting was very positive and now the next six months I will systematically meet with potential investors.As far as I know, the street circuit built Herman Tilke. He says that problems with it will not. I hope he will be able to bring Formula 1 in Copenhagen".

2017-05-05 11:44:05

London is preparing to host the show-the races of Formula 1

London is preparing to host the show-the races of Formula 1

The authorities of London confirmed that the British capital is preparing to hold a demonstration race of the Formula 1.Statement city Council of Westminster "the city Council Representatives met with the organizers of the event and discussed the possibility of conducting a demonstration run in Central London. About the race while we are not talking".In several reports it was said that the show can go this summer, ahead of the British Grand Prix, scheduled for July 16.

2017-01-29 12:24:05

The mayor of London Any offers from Formula 1

The mayor of London Any offers from Formula 1

The mayor of London Sadiq Khan said that no proposals from the leadership of Formula 1 for the Grand Prix was received.Sadiq Khan "Until then, until you get the offer and will have a deeper understanding of the infrastructure of the Grand Prix of Formula 1 in London, we will not be able to comment on the possibility of the race".Earlier, Bernie Ecclestone is eagerly desired to hold a Formula 1 race in the UK capital.

2016-11-12 13:04:03

Ron Dennis want to shift down as head of McLaren

Ron Dennis want to shift down as head of McLaren

The current contract Ron Dennis with the McLaren Group, which owns the eponymous team expires in January 2017. However, the shareholders now want to shift it from the steering post.According to the publication Sky News, Dennis was going to sell the company to Chinese investors for a sum of almost two billion euros. The majority shareholding of the McLaren Group didn't like it, and they decided to remove Dennis from management and the company, and a team of Formula 1. The Board of Directors meeting was to be held on Friday.Dennis, in turn, tried to challenge the expected decision of the Board of Directors in the High court of London, however, the court did not support the head of McLaren.Recall that Dennis is not only the head of the McLaren Group, but the co-owner owns 25 of the shares. Another 25 Mansur Ayeha. The remaining 50 owned by Bahrain Mumtalakat company.

2016-10-11 10:04:04

Carlos Sainz My life has not changed

Carlos Sainz My life has not changed

Carlos Sainz has become one of the key figures in the market of pilots, despite the taboo from Red Bull regarding the transition to Renault. But this popularity has not changed the life style of the young pilot.Carlos Sainz "Everything remains as it was. I live in a small apartment in London and I don't think that something will soon change. I'm comfortable here because I can always get to Milton Keynes and work in the simulator.Also near me airport so can go anywhere in a short period of time. This is my workplace life, although, I confess, I have a house in Madrid where I can meet my friends".

2016-02-22 22:40:31

Red Bull has decided to schedule the first tests

Red Bull has decided to schedule the first tests

In the first two days of the four-day session, on February 22 and 23 on the highway will work the Aussie Daniel ricciardo,24 and 25 February at the wheel of a new car Red Bull RB12 sit Russian Daniel Quat.Recall that in Barcelona the car will debut in 2016, since February 17 in London to sponsor the event, the team presented the new livery.

2015-10-21 10:54:08

Roman Grosjean hi part in the Race of Champions

Roman Grosjean hi part in the Race of Champions

Pilot Lotus Roman Grosjean has confirmed his participation in the Race of Champions, which will take place on 20 and 21 November at the London Olympic stadium. Recall that in 2012, the novel has become the champion of Champions.Roman Grosjean "I am delighted to be back in the Champions Race. This is a great competition with the best pilots in the world, with different racing series. We all love to race, love to be first, but we also always interesting, as the audience, who Champions is the fastest".

2015-09-24 11:24:03

Equipment Lotus getting wet in the rain

Team Lotus arrived at the circuit in Suzuka, but may not hold their boxes. The fact that she was not paid the racetrack for rent last year, and now the equipment getting wet in the rain.Financial problems continue to haunt Lotus. After the race in Japan London court will examine the claims of tax authorities to the team.Meanwhile, Renault is in no hurry to buy the team. May be waiting for it to fall significantly in price.

2015-07-20 19:54:03

Daniel ricciardo and Mick Duane will take part in the Race of Champions

Daniel ricciardo and Mick Duane will take part in the Race of Champions

Australian pilot Red Bull Daniel ricciardo and his illustrious compatriot Mick Duane will participate in the Champions Race, which will take place on 20 and 21 November at the Olympic stadium in London. For Ricardo it will be the first experience of playing in this competition the best pilots in the world.Daniel ricciardo "It is an honor for me to perform in the Race of Champions, where the title fight only the best drivers from different racing series. Personally, I'm already looking forward to the start of these matches.I always watched these competitions are conducted in narrow parallel tracks. I never drove in such races, but I know it will be just something Such a variety of machines and equipment This is a great chance to prove themselves".

2015-07-09 10:24:06

Sebastian Vettel will take part in the Race of Champions

Sebastian Vettel will take part in the Race of Champions

The pilot Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel confirmed his application to participate in the Race of Champions, to be held on 20 and 21 November at the Olympic stadium in London. The German became the second pilot confirmed their participation after David Coulthard.Sebastian Vettel "I love the Race of Champions is an incredible event in which I participate since 2007. I will greatly miss Michael Schumacher, with whom we ruled unchallenged in the team standings. I will do everything Michael to win this Cup for our countryAlso I will try to achieve and the first in his collection Cup standings. While I didn't win in this discipline".

2015-06-28 18:24:03

The mayor of London and now wants Formula 1

After a successful race in London of the championship of Formula E, where the mayor of London Boris Johnson took a ride on electroblade, there were comments that now the government of the British capital once again interested to race Formula 1.Boris Johnson "I've always wanted to do in the city there were new jobs. The growth of the economy, tourism and trade will have a positive impact on the development of our city. As for the issue of air pollution, we will be able to find a solution."In fact, the reason that is still not conducted the stage of Formula 1 in London, is money. The project has already been presented by Bernie Ecclestone, but was not supported because of lack of funds.

2015-06-07 10:14:03

Formula E Moscow brings good luck Piquet Jr.

Formula E Moscow brings good luck Piquet Jr.

Nelson Piquet Jr. celebrates his victory at the Kremlin walls and strengthens their chances for the championship in Formula E. the Pilot team NEXTEV TCR scored 25 points this means that in the final season race in London, he will arrive with a margin of 17 points from nearest rival, who was also a native of Brazil, Lucas di Grassi 128 and 111 respectively. Audi Sport ABT to finish second, ahead of Buemi, who was demoted to ninth position as a result of a penalty for unsafe exit from the pit stop. Swiss currently ranks third in the standings and has 105 points. The prize for third place in the race, so the team got the Venturi and its pilot nick Heidfeld, which first appeared in the top three.The decisive turning point in the race occurred a few seconds after launch. Jean-Eric Vergne started from pole position, but take advantage of it failed Piquet Jr., who started the race from second place, made every effort to beat the Frenchman and enter into the first turn leader. Gradually, the Brazilian was able to secure an advantage in a few seconds ahead of closest pursuers, namely Return, di Grassi and Buemi, and got the ability to comfortably complete the first segment.The next di Grassi showed more speed than Vergne, but have not been able to get around last. Buemi was holding back, ready to attack at any opportunity. Had to wait for a series of pit stops to see will change if the balance of the main contenders for victory. Leading the pilot went to the pit stop first, the next round did Vergne and di Grassi, while Buemi, who planned a shorter second length, chose to pit the 19th lap. Unfortunately for the Swiss rider, as his team-mate's Simple, command error in part a minimum time for pit stop cost him precious seconds, although the pilot and managed to stay in fourth place. However, another mistake, as it is unsafe to depart from the pit stop, caused even more unfortunate consequences - penalty after the race.At the beginning of the second segment, Piquet Jr. was still in the lead, while Vergne and di Grassi are reversed. The Brazilian is understood that you may count on a greater amount of energy than his compatriot, and tried to minimize the gap in the hope to circumvent the latest on the last laps. He managed to reduce the difference to 1.5 seconds, but the pilot of the Audi Sport ABT was not able to get into the slipstream of the leading car, including the fact that he had overheated the battery is meant to finish with a high speed will not work. As a result Piquet Jr. crossed the finish line first with a margin of 2 seconds, with the second win after the stage in long beach, bringing the number of prizes in the season to five."To arrive at the race to London as the leader - it's worth it, " said the pilot NEXTEV TCR after the stage. - We know that you have no rights to silly mistakes that in preparation for the double race in Battersea we have to work just as well as we have worked so far. We always show great results in qualifying, and I had shown decent speed. The exception was Berlin, but here again our performance was no less strong than in the previous stages".Although the gap from the leader grew to 17 points, di Grassi is confident that the fight is not over yet. "There's still 60 points, so that can happen anything. Today we were able to show that we have extremely high-speed machine".In the fight for third place Buemi won over will Refund most impressive way. In the last round of the Swiss pilot has made a determined attack, and also used for a maximum of FanBoost. Two cars collided several times with Buemi when passing through the Chicane, allowing Heidfeld to catch up with both. Stiletto German slipped between the two of them, leaving Vergne in fifth position. The Frenchman received a consolation prize in the form of the fastest lap times, but after the race lost him, because it was recognized that on this lap he cut the Chicane, and in the end, 2 points for fastest lap went to Buemi.The touchdown also came Daniel ABT, Salvador Duran, Antonio Felix da Costa, Nicolas Simple and fined after Buemi, rookie Justin Wilson. Undoubtedly, the race was a disappointment to the team Dragon Racing after the triumph in Berlin according to the results of the Moscow stage DAmbrosio dropped in the standings due to problems at the pit stop, and Duval finished only eleventh.After touring the world, " Formula E is preparing to return to his native England last summer where it all began test runs with the Donington Park. Closing the season the weekend will take place on the London circuit Battersea Park. During the last weekend in June there will be two races on Saturday 27 June and Sunday 28 June. For the title are six racers Piquet Jr., Buemi, di Grassi, Simple, EtcAmbrosio and bird. As for the team event, e.dams-Renault will arrive in the English capital, with 187 points - 44 more than the Audi Sport ABT. In third place NEXTEV TCR with 132 points.The results of the 9th round of the championship of Formula E in Moscow1. Nelson Piquet,Jr., NEXTEV TCR, 43.18.867 sec.2. Lucas di Grassi, Audi Sport ABT, +2.012 sec.3. Nick Heidfeld, Venturi, +11.548 sec.4. Jean-Eric Vergne, Andretti, +12.416 sec.5. Daniel ABT, Audi Sport ABT, +25.626 sec.6. Salvador Duran, Amlin Aguri, +28.960 sec.7. Antonio Felix da Costa, Amlin Aguri, +30.529 sec.8. Nicolas Simple, e.dams-Renault, +31.556 sec.9. Sebastien Buemi, e.dams-Renault, +40.058 sec.10. Justin Wilson, Andretti, +46.320 sec.11. Loic Duval, Dragon Racing, +49.763 sec.12. Jerome d'ambrosio, Dragon Racing, +51.474 sec.13. Karun Chandhok, Mahindra Racing, +52.493 sec.14. Jaime Alguersuari, Virgin Racing, +55.810 sec.15. Stefan Sarrazin, Venturi, +56.715 sec.16. Bruno Senna, Mahindra Racing, +1 sec.17. Vitantonio Liuzzi, Trulli, +1 sec.18. Jarno Trulli, Trulli, +1 sec.19. Antonio Garcia, NEXTEV TCR +3 NC. Sam bird, Virgin Racing, not kvalifitsirovannyi standings1. e.dams-Renault Formula E - 1872. Audi Sport ABT Formula E - 1433. NEXTEV TCR Formula E - 1324. Dragon Racing Formula E - 1165. Andretti Formula E - 1066. Virgin Racing Formula E - 987. Amlin Aguri Formula E - 628. Venturi Formula E - 499. Mahindra Racing - 4610. Trulli Formula E - any standings1. Nelson Piquet, Jr., 1282. Lucas di Grassi, 1113. Sebastien Buemi, 1054. Nicolas Simple, 825. Jerome d'ambrosio, 776. Sam Bird , 687. Jean-Eric Vergne , 578. Antonio Felix da Costa, 519. Daniel ABT, 3210. Jaime Alguersuari, 30.

2014-12-23 15:24:04

Kimi Raikkonen is selling his car

Kimi Raikkonen is selling his car

Fans of Kimi Raikkonen can rejoice, as closed in itself Finn decided to sell one of his personal relics - car, where he achieved incredible success in the Junior formulas.Already on January 10 car Tatuus sample of 2000 will go under the hammer at auction in London. It is at this car Kimi won seven races out of ten, speaking for the team Manor in the British Formula Renault.And in 2001, as you know, Raikkonen made his debut in Formula 1 in the composition Sauber.

2014-10-27 14:24:02

In the Marussia F1 Team entered external administration

In the Marussia F1 Team entered external administration

On Sunday it became known that the company Manor Grand Prix Racing, which is a legal entity behind team Marussia F1, 7 October sent a notice in the High court of London, notifying intention to introduce external management.

Today it was officially confirmed that crisis managers Manor Grand Prix Racing Ltd. appointed Geoff Rowley and Geoff Carton-Kelly, representing the British company FRP Advisory, specializing in debt restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings. They will dispose of the assets of the team.

"Because Marussia F1 Team entered external administration, crisis management decided that, given the current financial situation, the participation of the team in the next race, the Grand Prix of the USA is not economically feasible," said Rowley.

It is also reported that Manor Grand Prix Racing Ltd. will continue to operate, its staff, employs 200 people, while not decreasing, and all employees paid a salary for October. However, the crisis managers will assess its financial condition and prospects of recovery from the crisis will depend on whether there will be in the near future the company's new investors.

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2014-10-27 13:54:03

FIA under fire due to the bankruptcy of commands

FIA under fire due to the bankruptcy of commands

Guide Formula 1 has come under fire, as he is not able to restrain the growth of spending on the background of the financial crisis, and the implications this has manifested itself quite clearly two teams, Caterham and Marussia, in fact, declared bankruptcy.

A few years ago, when the FIA has opened the door to new teams, was promised the introduction of hard budget cap, but these plans were never implemented. Against such a policy, objected, and Bernie Ecclestone, the head of the management of Formula 1, and the top teams, including Red Bull Racing and Ferrari, whose annual budgets in excess of 200 million

Even before the beginning of the season, Jean Todt, President of the Federation, warned that there is a risk of closing several teams, if you do not take reasonable measures to reduce costs. His prophecy begins to come true Caterham already run crisis managers, Marussia also sent a notice in London's High court about the introduction of external management, and both teams will miss at least the next two races of the season.

FIA once again going to make the topic of the reduction in the agenda of the next meeting of the Strategic group of the Formula 1, as the financial position of all independent teams for serious concern. This powerlessness Federation to take some effective measures causes a hard critical assessment, in particular, The Telegraph quotes an unnamed source who said "the FIA and Jean Todt has sold the the Bernie Ecclestone and refused to guide Formula 1. When what you've been warned, beginning to come true - it makes you wonder. Sometimes only the emergency situation causes people to realize the danger".

Now all attention is focused on the Sauber, Force India and, probably, Lotus, because their financial situation is also very difficult. Bob Fearnley, Deputy Director of Force India, said that he was upset with the loss of two teams, but there is a danger that they will come.

"In 2010 we had three new teams, and all three have failed, " said Fearnley. - It was possible to predict from the outset. Only five teams have the right to vote in the Formula 1 - if this continues, the number of participants of the championship will be further curtailed. If it had been entered, control costs, and the prize money was distributed more fairly, perhaps, Caterham and Marussia would have avoided bankruptcy.

It can be assumed that the Marussia team intends to make the effort to go to the start of the next season, because at the end of this championship it is due more than 60 million dollars if she will hold the 9th place in the Cup of designers. But the Russian team owners are negotiating its sale, and as will be developed further events are impossible to predict.


2014-10-26 13:34:02

Bernie Ecclestone told about the essence of the rule of third machines

Bernie Ecclestone told about the essence of the rule of third machines

We have already touched on a third machine that the top teams will be set at the start if the number of cars participating in the race, will be less than twenty. But because the agreement is regulatory, confidential, experts can only speculate about how such a rule can be implemented.

Bernie Ecclestone in an interview with the Daily Mail revealed some details of these arrangements. According to him, teams signed contracts obligating them to help other participants of the championship, if those will be a financial problem, and to provide them with their machine.

Also, the newspaper writes that Marussia F1 in early October appealed to the High court in London on an official request for the introduction of external management. This confirms the words yesterday Ecclestone that in Grand Prix USA this command will not participate, as Caterham.

Talks about the search term ways to save the situation continues, and Ecclestone has admitted that any other team can provide distress rivals my car. This rule, though, and raises many question, however, is bonded formal agreements commands with Ecclestone, and shall come into force if the number of machines becomes less than twenty.

"They will provide a third machine to the other team, - said the head of the management of Formula 1. - If, for example, Sauber will not be able to go to start, then they can negotiate with her. In Ferrari can say We will provide you with the car and everything connected with it, and we want you to be placed on it advertising our sponsors. You have your sponsors, but we want you included in this list and we want behind the wheel of our villages racer.

And then the team will not go bankrupt, it is logical For example, if Red Bull will decide to provide your car Caterham, this can be a solution".

The appearance of such rules is due to specific reason. In contracts Ecclestone with race organizers, States the following Formula 1 "will use all reasonable measures to ensure that at least 16 cars will participate in the competitions.

If the condition is not met, it will be a breach of obligations on the part of the Formula 1, which may result in loss of about 300 million pounds paid by the race organizers. The threshold of 20 machines specified in the contract with the teams - some kind of guarantee that the number of participants does not reach a critical minimum.

on 7 October the company Manor Grand Prix Racing, which is a legal entity behind team Marussia F1, sent a notice to the High court of London, notifying intention to introduce external management. The total debts of the company reach 140,6 million pounds.

Although it is already known that Marussia and Caterham miss American championship, Ecclestone said that this would not be a reason to apply the rule of third cars, because the contract with FOM allows teams to miss two races a year.

"We don't have to enter a third car at this stage, because these commands can skip two of the race, " explained Bernie. They will lose some money, which they relied for these races, but will not lose their positions in the championship. Have no idea what will become of Marussia in the long run. But it would be better if the team do not have to introduce external management.

The latest available financial statements Marussia dated 2012 according to the documents, the team spent 32 million pounds on engineering research and development - with 42 of the total expenditure, which amounted to 76.1 million pounds. Operating costs and expenses engines are estimated at 23 million. Excluding these costs, the team is bankrupt can be a lucrative venture that will be attractive to new investors and will gain a new life. Probably, this is the essence of rule of third machine, which told Ecclestone, because then the additional costs are borne by the top teams.


2014-10-23 14:04:03

Employees Caterham were not allowed on base team

Employees Caterham were not allowed on base team

The crisis around Caterham F1 escalating with every passing day on Thursday morning, members of the team who came to work, I saw that the gate of the base closed.

Yesterday we wrote about the three scenarios for further development of events, and one of them - stopping performances in the championship. The head of the management of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone in very strong language made clear that he was most satisfied with this option.

"I think it would be better if they leave. I don't want people walking in a circle with outstretched hand, " said Ecclestone in London tabloid the Sun. - Have no idea who owns this team. I don't think anyone knows it. I think we should ask Colin Kolles. I don't know, and I don't care. What I want to say, they will tell you anything. I don't know took place or whether the transaction the sales team".

While Tony Fernandes, the founder of the team, which, apparently, is well aware of the problems of the new owners Caterham F1, wrote on his Twitter page "If you buy something, you have to pay for it. Everything is simple".

Finbarr O Connell, the bankruptcy Trustee appointed by the creditors of the team, in an interview with Reuter said that the number of potential buyers interested in the assets Caterham F1, and negotiations are continuing.

"Today, employees can't get to the base of the team, " he explained. Company 1MRT uses my property and not pay me."

According to him, the database will open, if necessary arrangements, but the advocates of the parties and representatives 1MRT could not find an acceptable solution.

While the new owners and former owners share emotional statements, time goes by, and already this weekend machinery and equipment should be sent overseas to participate in the Grand Prix of the United States. If Caterham will not be able to participate in the remaining races of the championship, it will be interpreted as a breach of contractual obligations of the team.

O'connell said that the machines can not leave the base in Lipide without his permission, but he suspects that multiple chassis can be in some other place, and now he's trying to find out. Despite the crisis, the bankruptcy Trustee believes that the solution can be found.

"In fact, representatives 1MRT was in the building database commands all the previous days, when I arrived in Lefeld, " said Finbarr O Connell, having entered upon his duties last Friday. - We try to find some solution so that the staff could work. Yesterday we met with lawyers and representatives of 1MRT, but what they offered was unacceptable. So I chased him. I hope they will return, and will offer a more sensible option. I don't think the situation is unsolvable, the only question is, who has the money to give action".


2014-10-18 15:14:02

Ecclestone is interested in racing in Las Vegas

Ecclestone is interested in racing in Las Vegas

The head of the management of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone talks about Formula 1 race through the streets of Las Vegas.

In Las Vegas say they are ready to start this project, and race, of course, will be held in the centre" - quoted Ecclestone London newspaper The Independent. In the end, there are many countries that would like to host a F1 race, but can't afford it".

The last time the world Cup was held in Las Vegas in 1982, and it was the season finale, however, a temporary track laid on-site Parking casino Caesars Palace, 't like any of the teams or riders. But now, if a new project is to be realized, it will be different.

"The race in Vegas would be a fantastic addition to the calendar of Formula 1, and it should succeed, because this project involved many people, believes Zack brown, a renowned expert in the field of sports sponsorship, CEO of Just Marketing International. She perfectly fits the image of Formula 1 and will attract interest from sponsors in America, because it is one of the most strategically important markets. The city of Las Vegas will get a huge advantage, as Motorsport fans will undoubtedly spend the weekend a lot of money".

The newspaper also cites an unnamed source close to the American racing circles, who told us that the architect Hermann Tilke has repeatedly visited in Las Vegas and was involved in the development of the project of the future highway.

"Tillie couple of times visited in the city. I knew that if his visit will take place, then this appeared a good reason," said the source.

If the project is street racing in Las Vegas will be made, then in the United States along with the stage in Austin will be another race of Formula 1.

"In the States love to have fun, so that is probably the number of Formula 1 can be doubled, and it will be awesome, " said Damon hill, world champion in 1996. I only hope that in Las Vegas will build a great track. Great when the ring passes through the center of the city, but to organize it is not so easy.


2014-10-13 18:54:02

Alex Zanardi overcame the distance of the Ironman triathlon

Alex Zanardi overcame the distance of the Ironman triathlon

Former Formula 1 driver Alex Zanardi last weekend to list their achievements in sports added another he took part in the triathlon version of Ironman and overcame the distance only by force of arms.

In 2001, the Italian lost both his legs in a terrible accident that occurred during phase series CART, but was able to return to sport, played in the touring car races for the team BMW car with manual control, and in 2012 became the champion of the London Paralympic games by a manual bike. Now on the first try160 it has successfully coped with another difficult test, which is considered the famous Hawaiian triathlon, held in Kailua-Kona.

During the swim, Zanardi used a life jacket to stay afloat, then moved on to hand the bike of his own design, and the marathon portion of the race overcame in a special wheelchair. The result in the triathlon - 9 hours, 47 minutes and 14 seconds, and little Alex was not enough to get in the top 10 of athletes.

"It was great, and I will remember this day for the rest of my life, " said Zanardi. For the last 300 meters cost to start this competition. Don't know whether all the audience greeted the same way, but when I was driving along the narrow corridor before the finish, I felt an incomparable emotions. It was incredible. I could hardly hold back the tears. I am not so sentimental, but it was a unique feeling."


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Richard Cregan tomorrow we will continue to work

Richard Cregan tomorrow we will continue to work

After the race consultant promoters of the Grand Prix of Russia Richard Cregan, summing up the results of the race in conversation with a reporter, praised the work of the team.

Question Richard, what are your impressions

Richard Cregan It was a fantastic event. Everything went very well, especially considering that it was the first Grand Prix. Only thanks to the efforts of all team members Sochi Circuit, all the marshals, volunteers, coordinated and efficient work, we were able to achieve such a result. Everything went great. Team, the guests are, all in all today was satisfied.

Question Could you compare the first Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi and here in Sochi

Richard Cregan I think the first Grand Prix in any country is a special event. Everywhere there are some unique features. But it's been a long time since then, as on the grid I was so positive feeling from happening. To me it just reminded about what happened in Abu Dhabi in 2009. I am very proud to be part of this event, this project. I'm incredibly lucky.

Question Many people say that from the point of view of the organization is almost nothing to find fault. We have not heard from anyone of the claims. The weekend went smoothly for you

Richard Cregan Yes, everything was going quite well. Of course, during the training there were certain situations that forced us to react. Now we need to sit down together to think about what went well, what didn't, what we need to improve, and then to correct weaknesses in preparation for next year. But I have no doubt that this Grand Prix will be one of the most important in Formula 1.

Question on Sunday, the stands were filled. Are you satisfied with how many fans came on Friday and Saturday

Richard Cregan Honestly, on Friday numbers were quite high. This is a good sign, because many had to take the day off from work to come to Grand Prix. While walking through the pit lane on Thursday was also great excitement. Came 22 thousand people. The figures are very good.

Now people know more about the Grand Prix. They already have the experience of visiting the race. They will want to come back, tell their friends. Let's continue to work, let's try to attract more people to the stands next year.

But the important thing is to give people a good service for the money that they paid. To organize such an event, which they might enjoy. It makes no sense to invite to the podium 150 thousand people, if you can't make them like it. We must ensure that all leave satisfied circuit.

Question What are the next steps Tomorrow another day at the office

Richard Cregan Tomorrow we start to do homework, to teach lessons. We will prepare a report, we will sit together with representatives of the different working groups and will analyze how it went. This process will take about two weeks, and on the basis of this report, we will establish if you will allow me the expression - "list of works", so that next year everything went even better.

Question What can you say about the possible race

Richard Cregan We have to be careful. I think everyone saw this camera on the helicopter, it's a great place. We don't want these shots to lose. The race, which started in daylight and ended in artificial light may be the most appropriate solution. In this case, we could show the terrain, the mountains, and to complete the race in the light of lights. You need to make sure we take the right decision, if you still will Adumim transfer start time. All saw that the TV picture was fantastic, and that I would not like to lose.

Question Question about possible migration of the race may still be considered

Richard Cregan I think may is an interesting option due to the fact that in Russia at this time, many national holidays. It can provide a large audience. It is necessary to find an optimal place in the calendar for us, and for Formula 1, and for Sochi.

Formula 1 is a platform that can enable to show the world your city, your country. We should use it to represent Sochi as the direction. The next step is direct flights to Sochi from Frankfurt, London, Abu Dhabi, so that people could come here always, and enjoy the time spent here.

Question what is the time between the races in Japan and Russia was only a week break, brought extra hassle

Richard Cregan Honestly, this is enough time. I think dual race difficult primarily because of the teams we needed to make sure that they were comfortable that all was ready for their arrival. We did this. Teams arrived a bit later due to the Typhoon, and of course, we must not forget about the terrible events of last week, about what happened with Jules Bianchi - we would love to hear positive news. We did all our best to meet the team more prepared.

Question How do you work with sports organizers Most of the marshals - the Russians, and experience in the Grand Prix they had no.

Richard Cregan Everything was okay. All did a good job. We have worked closely with CAMS, Australian Federation. They spent training, arrived on the scene and has done a great job here for the past year and a half. Definitely still have a lot to learn, but team sports organizers - it's a great group of specialists, through which in including today, everything went smoothly. They coped with the consequences of a major accident on the morning of the race GP3 as well - with the evacuation of cars in GP2. As I said, we should always explore all the details and strive to improve their work. But for the first year everything went fantastically well. Of course, we must not forget about the guards, railway, traffic police. We must thank all of you.

text Oleg Karpov