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Formula 1

2017-11-02 14:54:04

Aston Martin still eyeing Formula 1

Aston Martin does not exclude its participation in Formula 1, if in 2021 will appear suitable for her schedule.Andy Palmer, head of Aston Martin "Our representatives were present at a recent meeting of the FIA, they take part in the discussions on the future rules of Formula 1.We like the direction in which it moves the championship. We studied the possible participation. It will be crucial to cost control, otherwise independent engine suppliers will have little chance of success".At the moment Aston Martin is present in Formula 1 as a sponsor of the team Red Bull.

2017-11-01 17:24:03

Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault against the new engines

Representatives of car manufacturers represented in Formula 1, opposed the design of the engines proposed by the FIA for use from 2021.Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault believe that the new engines are radically different from those used now. As a result, the mechanics will have to work simultaneously on two projects to finalize the current engines, and develop new, respectively, will lead to a substantial increase in costs.Honda neutrally responded to the proposed concept. Obviously, Japanese and so each year starts with a clean slate, so they don't care what kind of engine to develop.But for the new regulations are in companies that are not yet represented in Formula 1 Porsche, Audi, Cosworth, Ilmor, Aston Martin is one of these companies can become a partner of Red Bull.Helmut Marko, a sports consultant to Red Bull "Personally, we like this engine".

2017-10-19 09:54:04

Aston Martin goes to Formula 1

It seems that the company Aston Martin has taken another step to Formula 1. A month ago, the British automaker announced the expansion of its deal with Red Bull becoming the sponsor of the team for 2018.Christian Horner "to Become the providers now they can't. Only in 2021".Now, Italian magazine Autosprint reports that the famous figure of Formula 1 Luca Marmorini, former Ferrari mechanic and Toyota, joined Aston Martin. While it is known only that Marmorini is a consultant. But this is a great contribution to the promotion of the brand in the world of Formula 1.

2017-10-13 11:54:03

Nico Rosberg is ready to work constantly in the paddock

Nico Rosberg is ready to work constantly in the paddock

This year's defending champion Nico Rosberg a few times turned into a commentator. The Germans liked this role, and he is ready to consider proposals of the broadcasters.Martin Brandl, former drinking Formula 1, and now TV commentator "Nico is a treasure for any broadcaster. He knows these hybrid cars just thoroughly, he knows all the drivers, all the tracks, he is also a world champion, defending champion".Nico Rosberg "I think that can give the role of TV expert new level. If I like it, I'll be back. Maybe this year. But I'm not affiliated with any broadcaster in the contract".

2017-10-06 10:54:04

Marcin Budkowski - new Executive Director of Renault

Marcin Budkowski - new Executive Director of Renault

The technical delegate of the FIA, Martin Budkowski goes to work in the Renault team, where you will get the post of Executive Director. Rivals unhappy with this development since Budkowski initiated into the secrets of all teams.Cyril abiteboul, head of Renault Sport "In recent years, our organization is actively developing growing team of Fomrula-1 in Enstone, in the season of 2018 we will supply engines to the two top teams, we won three of the last championship of Formula E and have achieved success in other racing series.We had a task to strengthen the management structure of Renault Sport, and for that we invited Marcin. Under his leadership, Renault has become one of the top teams of Formula 1 by 2020. Will help it professionals such as Bob bell, Nick Chester and Rob white".At the time Bukowski worked in Ferrari and McLaren. In recent years he worked as a technical delegate of FIA and was aware of all the novelties, which were prepared by the team. Now it is waiting for a three-month sabbatical, and representatives of teams of Formula 1 believe that it is too little, because Budkowski familiar with all the developments of rivals. Red Bull even threatened by the court if some of the ideas of the Austrian team suddenly appear in the new car Renault.

2017-09-23 11:14:05

Gerhard Berger Mateschitz not tired of Formula 1

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Gerhard Berger has denied rumours that Red Bull and its owner Dietrich Mateschitz are tired of Formula 1.Gerhard Berger "It's wrong that he got tired of Formula 1. Of course, he is dissatisfied with the current situation in his team.But Red Bull is still a very strong team, and even in these difficult times it is unlikely that someone will leave her, especially as Adrian Newey is at the peak of his creative activity. There is no engine that can bring the chances for the title, so of course the situation is frustrating in the long run.Red Bull always had a lot of patience, and now when needed, they suffer. It's a tough time, but you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Honda, running in the Toro Rosso, is the beginning.I believe in Honda, which has a sports culture in the company, the resources and now the team with the mentality of Red Bull.I can imagine that Honda will return to its original shape and build a top-end engines.We must wait the new regulations on the engines. This Aston Martin has the resources and capabilities to do this I don't know, but I doubt it. Red Bull do not get hung up on this company".

2017-09-21 16:04:03

Will look like an Aston Martin to Red Bull

Will look like an Aston Martin to Red Bull

The following season, Aston Martin will be the title sponsor of Red Bull. In the network appeared the first version of war paint.

2017-08-13 01:04:04

Christian Horner Formula 1 at the crossroads of choosing a new engine

Head Red Bull Christian Horner believes that Formula 1 is facing a serious choice in which the championship should help the Formula. Christian Horner "a Whole galaxy of brands rushed into Formula E, and this gives us a chance to return to the classics of the engines of Formula 1 in the future.Formula-E - platform for the development of future technologies. Porsche, Mercedes, Renault, Audi, Jaguar is much more manufacturers than Formula 1.The cost of the work in the Formula-E is now 5 percent of the budget in Formula 1, so I can imagine that manufacturers of machines for the masses are in the Formula, such as Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lamborghini, pay attention to the Formula-1. This is their place.So I see that the championship is at a crossroads. If you believe a policy, we'll all be driving EVS in 2030, so the Formula-1 should be pure racing, a competition of the best pilots in the world with internal combustion engines.I conducted a survey on one of the forums fans of Red Bull, and all welcomed my opinion when I said we want to go back to V10. I doubt we'll do it. We have to settle for bi-turbo V6, but the sound is the key. Of all critics of the current engines the most important thing for fans is the sound.

2017-07-26 16:44:03

Aston Martin eyeing Formula 1

Aston Martin eyeing Formula 1

British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin may receive in the Formula-1 after 2020, unless the power plant will become easier and cheaper.Now the brand Aston Martin is present in the championship as a sponsor of Red Bull. In addition, the group of designers Red Bull, led by Adrian Newey took part in the creation of a sports car Aston Martin Valkyrie.Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin "We have already in some measure present in Formula 1, because in cooperation with Red Bull and Adrian Newey have developed a sports car. But do we need our own team Given that Ferrari is our direct competitor, then the answer is obvious.At the same time, we don't want to spend 350-400 million dollars a year to develop engines. If this amount is significantly lower, then we will think about participation in the championship. We participate in negotiations, and while everything is moving in the right direction".

2017-06-16 14:34:04

Force India is considering a name change

Force India is considering a name change

The head of the Force India Vijay Malia is considering changing the name of his team.Indian billionaire who is currently fighting with native authorities in the legal battle, bought their team Spyker and renamed it Force India.La Gazzetta dello Sport "After switching to a pink color for a new sponsor BWT team is considering a name change".Vijay Mallya "the Idea is that thanks to our results we can attract more international sponsors. But the name Force India may be the limiter in this process.This is an important decision that cannot be taken in haste".Earlier in the Force India held talks with Aston Martin about a possible collaboration, in which team could get the name of this British company.

2017-06-16 13:44:04

Jacques Villeneuve Vandorn still not good enough

Jacques Villeneuve Vandorn still not good enough

The season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve believes that Stoffel Vandorn not yet ready for Formula 1.Jacques Villeneuve "His performances are disappointing. He was never ahead of Alonso. And if he beats Alonso, then it cannot be called a great or even good enough for Formula 1.When I debuted in 1996, it immediately began to fight with Damon hill became champion. I managed to get Williams on pole position in his first Grand Prix.In Formula 1 must be plank, high plank for pilots-beginners".However, another ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that such criticism is unfair.Martin Brandl "the First six races nothing to say. You need to give the guy time, he is still young, and to criticize it unfairly, because he has no good cars. I continue to believe in Stoffele, and I am sure that McLaren, too, will soon add".

2017-05-28 14:04:02

Martin Brundle Ferrari ask Raikkonen to miss Vettel

The ex-pilot of Formula 1, and now a television commentator Martin Brundle is sure that in Monaco the Ferrari team will use team tactics.Martin Brundle "Hamilton far behind. Sure, in this situation, Ferrari will not want to lose seven points just because of the fact that Raikkonen would be ahead of Vettel.I think if Kimi will be able to take the lead in the race, then towards the end it will ask to skip ahead of Sebastian".Recall, Raikkonen and Vettel will start from the first and second positions respectively, while Lewis Hamilton is at the start only 13-th position. In the championship Vettel ahead of Mercedes driver on 6 points.

2017-05-09 20:54:06

Martin Brundle Verstappen disappointed

Martin Brundle Verstappen disappointed

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that Max Verstappen disappointed with his inability to fight for victory this year.Martin Brundle "He's so smart, and I don't think he needed advice. But he mustn't be too upset by the fact that his car is not able to fight for victory. I can just see the disappointment on his face.The battle between Mercedes and Ferrari will continue throughout the season. Two teams of excellent pilots. And Red Bull will have to just wait in the wings".

2017-03-29 09:24:06

Martin Brundle View that will show the team in the rain

Martin Brundle View that will show the team in the rain

The ex-pilot of Formula 1, and now television commentator, Martin Brundle said that he wants to see how to manifest itself the new cars in the rain Grand Prix.Martin Brandl "We know that rain race are often very exciting, as cars are faced with a limited grip. They're 20 seconds slower on the same lap. We know that in MotoGP racing in the rain exciting, though they are turned almost half a minute slower. It's not speed, and that car looks fast when fighting wheel to wheel.The team with the new rules worked in the mainstream, because the cars have become too heavy, too quiet, too complicated, too expensive, too dependent on aerodynamics.We have spent billions of dollars on this white holiday. I was pleased to watch the fight to Ferrari and Mercedes. But I'm waiting for the new Formula-1, which is due to begin in 2021".

2017-03-23 13:44:07

Mercedes and Red Bull have changed the design of their suspensions

Mercedes and Red Bull have changed the design of their suspensions

Technical delegate FIA Charlie whiting said that teams Mercedes and Red Bull have listened to the recommendations of the Federation, and made changes in the design of the suspensions of their cars.Earlier, the FIA issued a list of five demands to the structure of the suspensions. During the tests in Barcelona, the representatives of the Federation checked the car and gave recommendations. In particular, a lot of controversy was the design of the front suspension from Mercedes and Red Bull, which is able to maintain a stable clearance during acceleration, braking and cornering, and Ferrari even threatened to file a protest after the finish of the first race of the season to challenge such a decision. In the end, the team withdrew from the disputed systems.Charlie whiting "Requirements are necessary in order to ensure that the suspension works exactly like the suspension, and does not give a definite advantage in aerodynamics. During the tests in Barcelona, our staff Martin Budkowski and Joe Bauer have carefully studied all the systems. In Australia we again checked the car, and now all designs fit our requirements".

2017-03-19 15:34:02

Martin Brundle McLaren will not go away from Honda

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that McLaren can't afford to terminate the contract with Honda.Martin Brundle, "They can't leave Honda. Ross brown at the time was very lucky with Honda, but this is different. McLaren very highly integrated technically, with Honda financial, so they can only work with them.We all want to see McLaren back in the fight. As far as I know, the problems are really huge. They now do not think about the attack or the midfield. They re at the bottom of the peloton".Martin Brundle drove for McLaren in 1994.

2017-01-27 11:44:03

Martin Whitmarsh It's the end of an era

Martin Whitmarsh It's the end of an era

The former head of McLaren Martin Whitmarsh believes that Formula 1 is waiting for a new time.Martin Whitmarsh "It's the end of an era, but this is a clear step forward. I was probably enemy number one for Bernie, but this man clearly deserves full respect. He has a certain charm and charisma, and is an extraordinary person. He deserves a lot of applause for what you have accomplished.In the new Formula-1 needs a lot of change, and focus is on the America's Cup race yacht, where everything is built on controlling costs. The League needs to be exciting and unpredictable until the last lap.You should also make sure that it is a sustainable business because there is already a team that disappeared after a season in 2016, and a number of other teams that are close to extinction".

2017-01-25 11:34:02

Martin Brundle, the New leadership will change this world

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that the new leadership of the championship will help the Royal race to ascend to a new level of popularity.Martin Brandl "I think Formula 1 up to this point relied only on their own history and the legacy of the past. But that impulse passed, and the championship went down the wrong path in several key moments. So I think with new media and many other aspects of the championship will be able to access new opportunities and achieve new heights of popularity.Bernie Ecclestone has done a lot right, made a lot of money and popularity for the sport. But when he came to new technology and a new era of technology, he just hid his head in the sand. You can't do that, because we live in a different technological and information world that does not see Ecclestone".

2017-01-13 14:54:05

Martin Brundle does Not know, will the changes have effect

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl admitted that he did not know that will bring new rules to the Royal race.Martin Brandl "of Course, the cars and the racing will definitely be different from last year, but how much The championship has come a long way, full of mistakes to make racing better. I remember the days of blown diffusers when Red Bull could take almost any turn, sinking the gas pedal to the floor.Then there are new hybrid engines, which do not sound as good as I would like.New cars will have more downforce and tyres that are 25 percent wider than their predecessors. The car will also be wider and slightly longer. It will be a monster on wheels. But give us an interesting race - we'll see.The braking distance will be shorter. More traction means that drivers can slow down on four or five meters later. It also means that pilots will have fewer opportunities for overtaking.View, perhaps the race will turn into the drive one after another for one and a half hours".

2016-11-16 10:34:03

Ron Dennis TAG and Mumtalakat forced me to leave the post of head

The shareholders of McLaren was dismissed from the post of Chairman, Ron Dennis. While Dennis, who is a holder of 25 of the shares, will retain a seat on the Board of Directors.Ron Dennis "I'm disappointed Representatives from TAG and Mumtalakat - major shareholders of the McLaren Group, has forced me to leave the post of head, although the other Board members warned about the negative consequences of such a decision. The arguments which they brought, not true. My leadership style has remained the same as in the days when McLaren became the group of technology companies, automobile manufacturer, won twenty titles in Formula 1 and began to bring in 850 million pounds per year.Lately I've realized that TAG and Mumtalakat does not share my ideas about the future of McLaren. But I'm primarily worried about businesses that employ more than 3500 employees. I will try to use his stake and membership on the Board of Directors to protect the interests of McLaren".It is known that Dennis found Chinese investors willing to buy the 75 shares from Mumtalakat and TAG for the sum almost 2 billion euros. However, the shareholders rejected the proposal and decided to change the head of McLaren. At this place expect Martin Whitmarsh, head of McLaren, Ross brown, former technical Director of Ferrari and Mercedes, and Zach brown, the former Director of group of companies CSM Sport Entertainment.

2016-09-21 10:44:04

Martin Brundle next year starts can become even more decisive

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that this year starts can pre-determine the winner, but next season things can still get worse.Martin Brandl "I Think starts have become too decisive in the fight for victory. Moreover, not only for victory, for many around the peloton starts to play an important role. Who manages to break above, he has a chance to achieve a finish in the points zone.Next year the rules will be different, but they will not change the approach to the start and fight on the track. Things can get even harder. And it bothers me".

2016-09-20 10:24:03

Martin Brandl I believe in the championship Rosberg

Martin Brandl I believe in the championship Rosberg

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that Nico Rosberg this year can become a champion.Martin Brandl "I don't know how he and Niko considers whether he believes in the possibility of becoming a champion, but my personal opinion and my confidence is growing. It's good that Niko continues to treat Lewis as the opponent, which should be ahead. That's right. Perhaps that is what gives him the motivation and strength to win the qualifying and to fight in the race. The last race in his performance is simply magnificent. I am pleased to see how he leads".Rosberg won the last three races and took the lead of the championship with an advantage of 8 points.

2016-09-07 11:14:05

Martin Brundle, Bernie doesn't love anyone

Martin Brundle, Bernie doesn't love anyone

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that changes are coming in Formula 1, and they will happen very soon.Martin Brundle, Bernie Ecclestone is a dictator and Formula 1 need such a person. Bernie loves no one, and this despite the fact that I've seen hundreds of people who believe that they are under the special protection of Ecclestone. Many people think that he values them more than others. But the game is Bernie, he does this in order to disarm needed in his business people. No emotions to people he does not feel.The only problem with dictators - they have no continuity. There is no one to replace him, there's nobody to pass the whole business. Rapid changes are coming in Formula 1, and they will be very painful".

2016-07-06 12:24:07

Red Bull Adrian's eyes are burning when working on a project of season 2017

Red Bull Adrian's eyes are burning when working on a project of season 2017

Head Red Bull Christian Horner said that his best technician in full force busy with work on the car of season 2017.Christian Horner "I see burning eyes at Adrian while he was working on a machine of season 2017. It clearly inspired this project. He waited for the change, and here they areNewey is now working in parallel on the Hypercam for Aston Martin, but his work in this vein is nearing completion. Soon Newey will completely switch their attention to work with the car. This is a good chance for the team to fight at the highest level next year.Meanwhile, the company Aston Martin has unveiled a prototype AM RB-001, designed by Adrian Newey. The machine presented the pilot of Red Bull Daniel Riccardo.

2016-06-27 15:04:02

Martin Brundle Formula 1 is constantly evolyutsioniruet

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that the permanent progress in Formula 1 is good, but next year it will hardly solve the basic problems of the championship.Martin Brundle Formula 1 is in constant motion, in development. This process of technology evolution. I like the Brawn car in 2009, but the modern front wings are much harder than the race car Ross Brawn. The championship has been committed to high velocities, for a constant development of their machines, we see that from year to year.As it should be, and soon the engines will be powerful, and 1000 L.S. But I don't think that all changes next year will save the championship from its basic problems".

2016-06-07 12:34:03

Statistics 100 starts without a victory

Statistics 100 starts without a victory

For hlkenberg start in Monaco became 100-m in his career, Sergio Perez - ' 99. And by this measure, the pilots Force India are the leaders among active pilots, has never won the race.In the history of Formula 1 only 12 pilots were able to spend more than a hundred races and thus never stood on the top step of the podium. While Adrian Sutil, Pierluigi Martini and Philippe Allio never hit the top three. As, however, and Hulkenberg.The number of starts in races1. Andre de Cesaris - 2082. Nick Heidfeld - 1833. Martin Brandl - 1584. Derek Warwick - 1465. Jean-Pierre Gare - 1346. Eddie Cheever - 1327. Adrian Sutil - 1288. Pierluigi Martini - 1189. Philip ALLO 10910. Mika Salo - 10911. Jos Verstappen - 10612. Pedro de La Rosa - 10413. Nico - 10014. Sergio Perez - 99 - active pilots.

2016-06-07 11:24:04

Martin Sorrell Formula 1 need more races in the United States

Member of the Board of Directors of Formula 1 Martin Sorrell believes that the championship must now evolve to meet the interests of the American market.Martin Sorrell "I think this way is correct. In Formula 1 there is an obvious lack of presence in the United States. Even from the point of view of common sense, from the point of view of logistics and cost, we need more races in the US, so teams don't waste money on flights. We need a race in the Eastern part, in the Western part of the country, definitely in Detroit. So at least two races we need".There was a time when the United States took three stage Formula 1.

2016-05-17 11:44:06

Martin Brundle Verstappen soon can hate

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that the success of max Verstappen have to enjoy now because soon it can strongly disliking.Martin Brandl "I came to Yeosu after the race and said that his son's success should be enjoyed now because in a few years he can do that at the time did Schumacher. Max can blame the fact that he destroys the Formula-1 of his victories. So it was with Schumacher when he was winning everything, so it can happen now".

2016-05-07 11:24:04

Martin Brandl Red Bull was afraid of losing Verstappen

The ex-pilot of Formula 1, and now television commentator, Martin Brundle is sure that the reason for the replacement Daniil Kvyat, max Verstappen became not the incidents in recent races, and the desire of Red Bull to keep 18-year-old Dutchman.Martin Brundle "Red Bull took advantage of the occasion and removed Kvyat. They wanted to do something to save Verstappen. They know perfectly well that max hunt Mercedes, Ferrari and other teams. Great move by Red Bull, although very cruel to Kvyat.I hope we will continue in the spirit of soap operas, with Kvyat just fly in the Toro Rosso.