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2017-11-13 14:14:04

Grosjean broke a record streak for window

Grosjean broke a record streak for window

Since then, as Esteban Windows debuted in Formula 1 in the Manor in the summer of 2016, the young Frenchman was consistently reached the finish line in each race. However, the error of Roman Grosjean on the first lap of the race in Brazil interrupted a record series of national.Windows was able to finish in a series of 27 races - none of the debutants of Formula 1 before this was not possible. The previous record belonged to max Chilton, who made his live debut with Marussia in 2013 and issued a series of 25 finishes.

2017-11-07 15:34:03

Cosworth welcomes the new regulations on the engines

FIA and the owners of Formula 1 have announced what will be the power plant after 2020. The new regulations on engines like the Cosworth company.Bruce wood, managing Director, Cosworth "the Existing rules do not give chances to the new members, when you consider what the necessary investments, both technical and material. The new rules will allow the independent companies to try their hand at Formula 1".The last time Cosworth was introduced in Formula 1 in 2013 as an engine supplier of the team Marussia. The emergence of complex hybrid power systems, a British company, has left the championship.

2017-10-02 13:14:03

Esteban Windows in one step of the record of max Chilton

Esteban Windows in one step of the record of max Chilton

Esteban Windows debuted in Formula 1 in the middle of last season, and since he finished all 24 races in which he participated. Another finish - and the Frenchman will repeat the record of max Chilton.Chilton competed for Marussia in 2013 and 2014 Let results he did not Shine, but showed an incredible for beginner stability. Only 26-second account of the race he came down, faced at the start with team-mate Jules Bianchi.

2017-05-22 10:44:05

The President of the FIA Bianchi Points struck me

The President of the FIA Bianchi Points struck me

The President of the FIA Jean Todt said that he was impressed by the points Jules Bianchi, speaking in the slowest team of the peloton Marussia.Jean Todt "I knew that the guy has a chance to succeed in Monaco. I was confident in him, in his talent. On paper the chances of the Bianchi were, but because it's Monaco, then you can never be sure something is 100.Obviously, it was surprising that he succeeded. His courage and confidence energized the entire team for success. It was his weekend.I remember how he overtook Kobayashi. It was risky with the touch pass. But he did it. He brought the team points, which in the future saved it from bankruptcy".In Monaco 2014 Bianchi finished 9th and earned only in the history of Marussia glasses. In the same year at the Japanese Grand Prix the Frenchman was involved in a serious accident.

2016-12-07 14:04:03

Jordan king hopes to break into Formula 1

Jordan king hopes to break into Formula 1

Jordan king last season ranked seventh in GP2, winning two races. However, the Briton hopes to get a place in Formula 1.Jordan king "I want to get into Formula 1 and will do everything to achieve this goal. I have a good chance, although there was still about six or seven candidates for the remaining a couple places. I will fight as long as free space.I think I still have a lot to show. I've won races and have good potential. The GP2 season ended not very good, but it makes no sense to stay there. Don't know what I'll do next season."As you know, father king had a hand in the salvation of the Manor formerly Marussia. Perhaps this fact will help to place. Besides, the king already has experience at the Manor during Friday's practice.

2016-10-27 10:24:04

Yusuke Hasegawa the Turbine will be key in Mexico city

The head of the Honda F1 Yusuke Hasegawa believes that the quality of the mechanics is a key factor in the fight for victory and points in the race Grand Prix of Mexico.Yusuke Hasegawa "the Track is located at an altitude of 2200 m, and this means that the oxygen in the air is already in a discharged state, so the turbocharger has to work very hard, forcing air into the combustion chamber. So the quality and efficiency of the turbine are the key factors in the upcoming race.At the same time, this track has a very long straight, so we must consider other factors energy recovery, use it on the straights, aerodynamics and chassis tuning.We had a very difficult race here last year, but we would like to maintain the forward momentum in recent races. We hope to be able to achieve points."Last year Fernando Alonso has gone on the second circle from-for refusal of the power plant. Jenson button finished 14th, ahead of only a couple pilots Marussia.

2016-10-20 11:24:18

Mario Now Formula 1 needs an American pilot

Mario Now Formula 1 needs an American pilot

Champion of 1978, Mario Andretti believes that it is necessary to invite in Formula 1 American pilot, after the championship came the American team and the new leadership of the United States.Mario Andretti "Now the Formula-1 is decorated with the American team, but the picture is incomplete due to lack of a national pilot. I really hope that one day a contract with an American pilot to be signed. This will lead to an increase in the number of fans from the USA.I'm sure there are already pilots worthy of this role, to take even Alexander Rossi. But, for unknown reasons, pushed into the background. It's unfair to him and all of America".Last year Rossi held a few races in the composition of Marussia Manor. This season, Alexander is listed as the backup pilot of the Manor and simultaneously acts in IndyCar, where the first attempt has won the Indy 500.

2016-10-19 13:14:04

Jordan king hopes to earn a place in the season-2017

Jordan king hopes to earn a place in the season-2017

In the framework of the United States Grand Prix reserve pilot Manor Jordan king will work Friday's practice. The Briton hopes that it will help him get a place in Formula 1 for the season 2017.Jordan king "this weekend will make everything I can. As for 2017, the decision has been made. I'll try to get into the team of the Formula 1, but still a lot of time, and things can change several times. Of course, I can wait until 2018, but maybe something happens in the next".King became the champion of the British Formula 3 in 2011. The last two years he performs in GP2, where he won two races. Father Jordan in 2015 was the interim Executive Director of the Marussia/Manor.

2016-08-05 22:14:02

Alexander Rossi could return to Formula 1

Last year Alexander Rossi spent a few races for Marussia now Manor. This season's American, not finding a place in Formula 1, speaking in his native IndyCar championship and has already managed to win the legendary race Indy-500. However, Rossi is considering a return to Formula 1.Alexander Rossi "I Have options next year in Formula 1 and IndyCar. We communicated with the Manor and we were contacted by another team.In IndyCar there is a proposal from several teams, Andretti and offers me a multi-year contract. This is a very interesting championship with a high level of competition.Rossi admitted that the Manor team offered him to spend the second half of the season is Rio Haryanto.Alexander Rossi "Yes, the Manor has invited me to spend the second half of the season, but that's not what I want. My managers are looking for more attractive option. Besides Formula-1 will overlap with the IndyCar calendar".

2016-07-20 11:34:02

Manor has refused to cooperate with McLaren

The last few years, the team of the Manor ex-Marussia used a wind tunnel McLaren. But this year the collaboration ended.Dave Ryan, the sporting Director of Manor "an agreement to use the wind tunnel McLaren ended. We came to the conclusion that it makes sense to work with Mercedes.First, wind tunnel Mercedes is a 20-minute drive from our base. Second, we are already working with Mercedes, because we use their engines.But we will not second Haas team. We are an independent team, we pay for engines and technical support. We pay for wind tunnel".

2016-05-30 09:14:03

Alexander Rossi won the Indy-500

Alexander Rossi won the Indy-500

Alexander Rossi last year was in the team of the Manor-Marussia. American had hoped to continue working in the Manor, but could not enlist the support of sponsors. In the end, Rossi went to his home, where he signed a contract with the team Andretti Herta Autosport.The first five races Alexander did not Shine, and the best result was 10th place. However, in the sixth race Rossi won unexpectedly. And this, incidentally, the most prestigious race of America - Indy-500. Obviously, he was not sorry that he left Formula 1.

2016-05-24 13:04:03

Roman Grosjean will race in Monaco special helmet

Roman Grosjean will race in Monaco special helmet

For the race in Monaco, the French pilot Romain Grosjean Haas has prepared a new painting the helmet, dedicated to his compatriot Jules Bianchi.In 2014, Bianchi finished in ninth place in the Monaco Grand Prix, earning the first points for the team Marussia. Four months later, Jules died during a race in Japan.

2016-04-26 17:24:03

John Booth - Director of racing Toro Rosso

John Booth - Director of racing Toro Rosso

At the end of last season John Booth has left the Manor, headed since 2010 when it was called Virgin/Marussia. But 61-year-old Briton returned to Formula 1 as a race Director of Toro Rosso.John Booth "it is a great honour for me to be part of such a competitive team like Toro Rosso. Over a short period, she was able to achieve a lot in Formula 1. Looking forward to the start of work at the Grand Prix of Russia".

2016-03-28 13:34:03

John Booth I don't doubt the success of Haas

The former head of the Manor John Booth admitted that he did not doubt the successful debut of Haas in the championship of Formula-1.John Booth "Hass a big budget, and this is one of the main reasons for their success. They also helped work with Ferrari, close collaboration which began two years before debut.Technical support for the Scuderia has secured the young team a good start. They knew in advance that the results will be high."Team Manor formerly Marussia is also a couple of years got Ferrari engines, but the collaboration with Ferrari and was limited.

2016-03-10 10:24:03

Alexander Rossi is the reserve pilot Manor

Alexander Rossi is the reserve pilot Manor

Alexander Rossi remains in the team Manor, however, the role of the reserve pilot. The American will combine this work with performances in overseas IndyCar series.Alexander Rossi "I tried to get into Formula 1. It is a pity that this year failed to become a combat pilot Manor, but I did everything I could.I will reserve the pilot of the Manor, and I will be a very busy season. In parallel, I shall speak of the popular American IndyCar series in a part of Andretti Autosport. I'm sure this experience will help me in the future."It is known that Rossi will be present on 11 stages, and the first of them - the Grand Prix of Russia.Recall that last season, Alexander played 5 races in the composition of the Manor-Marussia. Best result - 12th place.

2015-12-21 10:34:03

For auction a machine Virgin/Marussia

For auction a machine Virgin/Marussia

For auction four car team at Virgin/Marussia, owned by a private collector.We are talking about cars and MVR02 VR01 Virgin, MR01 and MR02 Marussia, used in 2010-2013 None of them never were able to finish in the points zone.

2015-12-18 12:54:03

Alexander Rossi Still the contract is not signed

Alexander Rossi Still the contract is not signed

Pilot Alexander Rossi still warm hope that will become a combat pilot Manor next year.Alexander Rossi "Negotiations are underway, everything is moving in the right direction, but the situation is still complicated. You have to understand that if contracts are not signed, then the chances are. Wanting to get in this world a lot, but vacancies are very few. But I've already piloted this machine, the team knows my abilities and potential.So far everything is going very well and I hope that next year will give you a string of good races".This year Rossi held five races in the composition of Marussia-Manor. Best result - 12th place.

2015-12-02 12:34:03

The Manor team will change its name

Team Manor-Marussia next season will be performing under a different name. It is known that the request submitted to the leadership of the Formula 1. According to the regulations, the name change must approve all participants.For team this is the third name change. In 2010, she debuted in Formula 1 under the name of Virgin, but two years later turned into Marussia. At the end of last year the team was bought by Stephen Fitzpatrick, and turned into Marussia Manor, although in the Cup of designers, and the results of the races the entire year appeared the old name.It is known that the Fitzpatrick owned energy company Ovo. But there is no doubt that this brand will be used in Formula 1.

2015-11-28 14:54:04

Will Stevens will lose five positions at the start

The pilot Manor-Marussia will Stevens will lose five positions at the start of the race in Abu Dhabi. Reason replacement of electronic engine control unit on the fifth.It is the only penalty box Grand Prix Abu Dhabi.

2015-11-19 11:54:03

Alex Wurz turned down the role of the head of the Manor

It is known that at the end of the season John Booth and Graham Loudon in leadership positions at the Manor-Marussia, will leave the team. The role of the leader was offered Alex Burcu, former Formula 1 driver, but the Austrian refused.Alex Wurz in an interview with the BBC "Yes, I got the offer. But, after some thought, I told Stephen Fitzpatrick that don't work at the Manor".According to rumors, the role of the head of the Manor also suggested Whitmarsh Martin, head of McLaren in 2009-2014.

2015-11-18 16:34:04

John Booth My career does not necessarily have to be completed

John Booth My career does not necessarily have to be completed

John Booth at the end of the year will leave the post of head of the team Marussia-Manor. However, he believes that his career in Formula-1 will not necessarily end, as he has a number of offers from other stables.John Booth "Not the fact that this year will end my career in Formula 1, while I have no reasons to make such statements, I will probably be very soon.I wanted to retire as early as possible, but last year I rested for three months, and it was not very fun. I became the housewife, and the first week I loved it, especially the lack of thoughts about Formula 1. But now I understand that I will be greatly missed".

2015-11-14 09:24:03

McLaren drivers hope for rain

According to the results of Friday practice McLaren drivers were at the end of the second ten. The worst situation is only in Manor-Marussia. Jenson button showed the 16-th result, Fernando Alonso - 18th. The last engine failure.Jenson button "on Friday, the lap time is not so important, the main thing is the feel of the flying machine. We have achieved good traction with the track, but so far are unable to use it. There were difficulties with balance. But all in equal situation, especially considering the high pressure in the tires, with which we have to work here. I think tonight we will find a solution.Saturday and Sunday it might rain, and we hope it is our chance to succeed."Fernando Alonso "for me the Second practice was quite short due to the failure of the power plant. So Saturday is waiting for me hard work in preparation for qualifying and the race. We'll have to replace the power plant, and I'll work with that engine, which was used in Mexico.But I'm not upset. I think the problems will still be here and in Abu Dhabi and next season they will not. We are still learning".

2015-11-04 15:34:03

Renault engineers are mastering Lotus base

According to Autosport, Renault team engineers arrived in Anton, at the base of the Lotus team. This suggests that the French company decided to buy the British team to next season to put in the Formula-1 returned to their factory stable.It is expected that the team will be headed by Bob bell. In 2001-2010 he worked in the Renault, including the technical Director. In 2011-2014 bell worked in Mercedes, also in the position of technical Director. Recently he was a consultant to Manor-Marussia.Official statement about the purchase of the team Lotus Renault is expected in early December, immediately after the end of the 2015 season.

2015-11-04 14:54:03

The FIA allowed Pirelli to conduct tests in December

Avtoparty the world Council of the FIA allowed Pirelli tyre to run more tests in December to prepare for the season-2016.The tests will be held in Abu Dhabi on 1 December, two days after the end of the 2015 season. They will start at 9 a.m. local time and will end in 21 hours. Tire manufacturers intend to check the design of the tyres developed for the new season and a new type of "Ultrasoft" UltraSoft.The teams voluntary. Each team may enter only one car. The wheel may sit as the primary pilot, and a backup. Prohibited during the tests to check any new items and to change the configuration of the machine. Work will proceed solely on the program made by the Pirelli engineers.Earlier the team Manor-Marussia has declared that will not participate in the tests of Pirelli. It is possible that other small teams will invite the drivers able to pay for their participation in the tests.

2015-10-09 10:04:07

An autograph session with the pilots of Formula 1 was sold out

An autograph session with the pilots of Formula 1 was sold out

On Thursday at Sochi Autodrom with fans met the pilots of McLaren teams, Honda, Force India, Mercedes, Ferrari, Williams and Red Bull Racing riders signed for fans lots of photos and memorabilia, giving fans unforgettable emotions and positive mood.The fans themselves said that thrilled with the opportunity to communicate with their idols, to Express their gratitude and support in return cherished autographs and smiles from the pilots of Formula 1.On Sunday, the autograph session will be attended by team Lotus, Toro Rosso, Sauber and Marussia Manor, and on Friday and Saturday at the Olympic Park with fans meet the pilots of the youth series GP2 and GP3 Series, including Russians Sergei Sirotkin, Artem Markelov, Konstantin Tereshchenko.

2015-10-01 15:44:03

Manor-Marussia switches to Mercedes engines

As expected, the team of the Manor-Marussia next season will get the power plant of Mercedes. However, the contract involves the delivery of new versions of engines and spec 2015.In addition to the German engines, the team will receive the transmission and suspension parts developed in Williams.John Booth, team principal "I am pleased to report that our new supplier of engines for the coming years will be a Mercedes. No need to discuss the advantages of these engines - the results speak for themselves.I am also pleased to announce the renewal of the technical partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering. This company supplies us with the drivetrain and some suspension units".Obviously, Manor-Marussia's client list Mercedes will take the place of the Lotus team, which returns to the mill Renault.Toto Wolff, head of Mercedes Motorsport "it is Known that the company Renault is going to buy Lotus, and we are pleased to announce that the Manor-Marussia become a new customer of Mercedes. This is a small team with a racing spirit, and we are confident that, thanks to Mercedes power plant it will be able to take a step forward".

2015-09-20 17:14:03

Chronicle of the race Grand Prix of Singapore

144808 - Today from pole position and will start Sebastian Vettel.144832 - Germany for the First time since 2012 is the first place to start is the pilot of Ferrari.144923 - Next to it with the first line will start with Daniel ricciardo of Red Bull.145009 - On the second row another pair of Ferrari-Red Bull Kimi Raikkonen and Daniil Kvyat.145055 - Pilots Mercedes won all the previous qualifiers, but this time they were only on the third row Lewis Hamilton 5th and Nico Rosberg 6th.145137 - While Hamilton and Rosberg in qualifying lost to the owner of the pole half a second145304 - Seventh starting position of Valtteri Bottas of Williams.145326 - Completing the top ten Max Verstappen, Felipe Massa and Roman Grosjean.145340 - Next Hulkenberg, Alonso, Perez, Sainz, button, Maldonado, Nasr, Eriksson, Stevens, Rossi5421 - as part of the Manor-Marussia debuted Alexander Rossi, last test driver for Caterham and Marussia.145453 - In my first race of the 23-year-old American has qualified the last.145627 - Only pilots Manor received fines for replacement gearboxes. But since they qualified for the latter, it has no effect on the starting grid.145840 - air Temperature +30C and the track warmed up to 37C.145933 - race Distance - 61 range. There is a pilots two independent zones DRS145953 - all pilots will start on the softer rubber, Supersoft.150006 - In Pirelli predict the tactics of two or three pit stops.150045 - Another point no one race in Singapore is not complete without the safety car. 10 of the distance was covered in safety car mode.150056 - the Pilots are sent to warm up Krug0301 - Machines occupy space on starte0332 - All ready start0338 - START150418 - Vettel, ricciardo, Raikkonen, Kvyat, Hamilton.150430 - Verstappen failed the start, he posledni0500 - He couldn't even pull away. It roll back into the pits.150558 - Three seconds brought Vettel's nearest rival in the first kruge0658 - 1 lap Vettel, ricciardo, Raikkonen, Kvyat, Hamilton, Rosberg, Bottas, Massa, Hulkenberg, Perez, Alonso, Sainz, Grosjean, Nasr, Eriksson, button, Maldonado, Rossi, Stevens, Verstappen0714 - Verstappen revived, he went to the track with a lag of one Krug0745 - 151.623 - best lap Fettes0852 - 2 circle Vettel - 4.3 with - Riccardo - 1.0 - Raikkonen - 1.2 to - Quat - 1.7 - Hamilton - 0.7 to - Rosberg - 0.6 C - Bottas - 1.2 with - Weight - 0.8 to - Hulkenberg - 0.8 C - Peres1140 - Each circle Hamilton runs a second slower than Vettel, Rosberg - and-a-half secundi1240 - 4 laps Vettel - 5.3 with - Riccardo - 0.9 to - Raikkonen - 1.8 - Kvyat - 2.5 C - Hamilton - 2.2 - Rosberg - 0.7 - Bottas - 1.6 with - Weight - 0.9 to - Hulkenberg - 0.9 p - Peres1328 - Rosberg has warned that it overheats Formosa1445 - Sainz pressure Alonso in the fight for 11 mesto1640 - 6 laps Vettel - 5.4 C - Riccardo - 1.2 C - Raikkonen - 2.2 - Kvyat - 2.3 C - Hamilton - 3.8 C - Rosberg - 1.4 C - Bottas - 1.6 with - Weight - 1.1 - Hulkenberg - 0.9 p - Peres1817 - Perez goes behind your partner for Force India and complains on the radio that he's faster Hulkenberg1824 - Will exchange positions151924 - Alonso came off a bit from the sines, but Perez loses half secundi2009 - 8 laps Vettel - 5.1 with - Riccardo - 1.3 - Raikkonen - 2.9 - Kvyat - 2.3 C - Hamilton - 4.1 C - Rosberg - 2.2 - Bottas - 2.1-with - Weight - 1.9 with - Hulkenberg - 1.3 C - Peres2126 - Grosjean into the pits after 9 kruga2202 - Roman moved on to more hard Soft2332 - 10 laps Vettel - 4.6 - Riccardo - 2.0 - Raikkonen - 3.7 C - Kvyat - with 2.4 - Hamilton - 4.2 C - Rosberg - 2.8 - Bottas - 2.3 with - Weight - with 2.4 - Hulkenberg - 2.2 - Peres2340 - Alonso and Sainz in the pits after 10 kruga2400 - Ericsson and Maldonado also in boxoh2422 - All moved on Soft2437 - Alonso left front of Grosjean, novel and immediately went on the attack.152452 - Grosjean ahead.152540 - Hulkenberg in the pits after 11 kruga2711 - Kvyat and Massa in the pits with 12 round - both were on Supersite2743 - Mass, leaving the boxes, faced with Hulkenberg152753 - Nico crashed into a protective barrier.152808 - Entered mode virtual machine bezopasnosti2901 - Vettel, ricciardo, Raikkonen, Hamilton, Rosberg, Bottas in the pits.152934 - All other pilots who before had stopped, went in boxy2959 - Big hitch at the Button - problem with front kolesom3133 - All three remained at Supersite, and Mercedes pilots switched to Soft3217 - Kvyat after wave of pit stops were behind a pair Mercedes153224 - Mass for the second time went to boxy3350 - the Order on the track after 14 laps Vettel, ricciardo, Raikkonen, Hamilton, Rosberg, Kvyat, Bottas, Perez, Nasr, Grosjean, Alonso, Sainz, Maldonado, Massa, Eriksson, button, Stevens, Rossi, Verstappen3420 - On the track of the real machine bezopasnosti3440 - a lot of debris in the place of collision Mass and Hulkenberg3713 - the Peloton plotnitsa3726 - Verstappen Only loses a leader Krug3743 - 16 laps pozadi3802 - If and further will go, then the pilots will not have time to drive the distance in the allotted two Casa3833 - Verstappen was allowed to return in one circle with literami4003 - 17 laps behind the safety car still on tracce4136 - Machine security is preparing to leave trass4155 - RESTART154219 - No change in the group Siderov4310 - the science of the problem.154331 - He slowly rolled along and complains that the transmission is not shifting.154409 - Toro Rosso Spaniard alive, but now he predposledni4524 - 19 laps Vettel - 0.7 - Riccardo - 0.7 to - Raikkonen - 1.5 C - Hamilton - 1.1 - Rosberg - 0.8 - Kvyat - 0.9 p - Bottas - 1.2 with - Perez - 1.5 C - Nasr - 0.9 p - Grogan4603 - Hamilton advised as long as possible to go on this rubber. Apparently, there expect to drive a race with two pit stops.154629 - And Vettel this time can not break away from ricciardo - they go at the same pace.154707 - 20th lap Vettel - 152.463, Riccardo - 152.477, Raikkonen - 152.469154841 - 21 lap Vettel - 0.8 C - Riccardo - 0.8 to - Raikkonen - 2.5 C - Hamilton - 1.5 to - Rosberg - 0.8 - Kvyat - 0.6 C - Bottas - 2.0 - Perez - 2.9 - Nasr - 1.0 - Grogan4909 - a Pair of Mercedes explicitly constrains Quata5013 - Hulkenberg received a penalty in the form of lost three positions at the start of the next Genki5240 - 23 circle Vettel - 0.8 C - Riccardo - 0.8 to - Raikkonen - with 2.4 - Hamilton - 2.2 - Rosberg - 0.7 - Kvyat - 1.2 C - Bottas - 1.9 - Perez - 3.5 - Nasr - 1.6 C - Grogan5455 - Kvyat closely chasing Rosberg, but to go forward.155558 - Verstappen easily passed the pilots Manor155614 - the Order on the track after 25 laps Vettel, ricciardo, Raikkonen, Hamilton, Rosberg, Kvyat, Bottas, Perez, Nasr, Grosjean, Alonso, Maldonado, Massa, Eriksson, button, Sainz and Verstappen, Rossi, Stevens5658 - the Entire first six goes at about the same pace.155719 - Hamilton loses skorosti5731 - It was Rosberg5744 - Lewis continues to lose ground.155822 - Grosjean into the pits after 26 kruga5933 - Hamilton last lap did it in 203.580155945 - 150.520 - best lap Fettes5956 - Maldonado in boxoh0038 - Hamilton already desyatyy0132 - Eriksson and Sainz in boxoh0215 is the Mass lost ten seconds on kruge0234 - the Campaign, he had a problem with the box peredach0245 - Hamilton is already outside the first desjatki0303 - Last lap he did it in 204.969160401 - 29 laps Vettel - 4.3 with - Riccardo - 2.1 C - Raikkonen - 6.7 C - Rosberg - 2.6 - Kvyat - 1.4 C - Bottas - 5.4 - Perez - 5.4 - Nasr - 1.9 - Alonso - 9.5 C - Button0416 - Mass in boxoh0437 - He just drove through the pit lane and returned to trass0517 - Hamilton 14-I0534 - the Mass slowly rolled on tracce0628 - Massa into the pits in fourth raz0737 - 31 circle Vettel - 4.5 with - Riccardo - 3.6 C - Raikkonen - 9.1 C - Rosberg - 2.6 - Kvyat - 2.1 C - Bottas - 6.2 C - Perez - 6.4 C - Nasr - 1.7 C - Alonso - 8.4 C - Button0752 - Mass left the cockpit masini0821 - Hamilton is still alive, but on his tail already a couple Manor160958 - Hamilton in boxoh1041 - Kvyat in the pits after 33 kruga1047 - And Alonso1114 - Hamilton changed the wheels, but the car is maste1127 - hitch was at Kwata1215 - Alonso shedit1247 - Perez and Nasr in the pits after 34 kruga1317 - 34 lap Vettel - 4.2 with - Riccardo - 5.9 C - Raikkonen - 10.9 C - Rosberg - 6.9 C - Bottas1347 - Vettel on lap overtook Stevens1457 - Kvyat passed Button in the fight for 6 mesto1638 - 36 laps Vettel - 4.0 - Riccardo - 7.3 with - Raikkonen - 11.3 C - Rosberg - 7.7 - Bottas - 23.1 C - Kvyat - 2.5 s - button - 9.1 - Verstappen - 0.6 C - Perez - 1.1 - Grogan1650 - Verstappen in boxoh1710 - 25 laps before the finish, or 47 minutes.161754 - Until time to meet at a two-hour limit1814 - Vettel and ricciardo in the pits after 37 kruga1833 - On the track one of the fans161847 - Machine safety tracce1900 - All leaders in boxoh1914 - 've been a fan for ubial2027 - Behind 38 KRUGOV2251 - the Order on the track after 38 laps Vettel, ricciardo, Raikkonen, Rosberg, Bottas, Kvyat, Perez, Grosjean, Maldonado, button, Nasr, Verstappen, Sainz, Eriksson, Stevens, Rossi2306 - Only pilots Manor leaders lose Krug2356 - the First 11 pilots now on the rubber Soft. Then comes a couple Toro Rosso on Supersite.162414 - there is still 22 laps.162531 - But now the distance will definitely be less, or not laid in two case2548 - Machine security is preparing to leave trass2627 - RESTART162711 - No change in the group Siderov2904 - 41 lap Vettel - with 2.4 - Riccardo - 1.2 C - Raikkonen - 1.2 to - Rosberg - 1.7 - Bottas - 1.0 - Kvyat - 1.2 with - Perez - 3.1 - Grosjean - 2.6 - Maldonado - 0.9 p - Verstappen2922 - button attacked Maldonado and broke the front anticrime2926 - the button in boxoh3003 - Verstappen and Sainz easily passed Nasra3032 - Verstappen passed Maldonado3040 - And Sins3243 - 43 lap Vettel - 2.7 with - Riccardo - 1.5 C - Raikkonen - 1.1 - Rosberg - 2.1 C - Bottas - 1.2 C - Kvyat - 1.6 - Perez - 4.5 - Grosjean - 1.9 - Verstappen - 1.3 C - Sync3258 - 150.298 - best lap Verstappen3341 - Verstappen overtook Grogan3350 - 30 minutes before the end gonki3430 - I Wonder what the button is now at the pace of ricciardo and Raikkonen3452 - However, he moved on to Supersoft3642 - 45 laps Vettel - 3.1 with - Riccardo - 2.1 C - Raikkonen - 2.0 - Rosberg - with 2.4 - Bottas - 1.7 - Kvyat - 1.9 - Perez - 6.8 - Grosjean - 0.4 C - Verstappen - 0.3 s - Sync3722 - 14-15 laps still had time to drive the pilots at this rate.163755 - Verstappen passed Grogan3820 - most Likely, max will be one more stop. Supersoft can't.163833 - And Sainz was Grogan3924 - 150.186 - best lap Fettes4038 - 47 laps Vettel - 3.3-with - Riccardo - 3.0 - Raikkonen - 3.4 C - Rosberg - 2.3 C - Bottas - 2.0 - Kvyat - 3.3-with - Perez - 5.6 C - Verstappen - 3.4 s - Sainz - 4.7 with - Grogan4132 - Pastor reported that his car damaged rear diffuser. Apparently, after contact with the Button.164312 - 150.118 - best lap Riccardo4550 - 50 lap Vettel - 3.0 - Riccardo - 4.2 C - Raikkonen - 5.1 C - Rosberg - 3.4 with - Bottas - 2.3 C - Kvyat - 4.8 with - Perez - 1.5 C - Verstappen - 3.8 s - Sainz - 13.7 C - Grogan4623 - 17 minutes to finish Genki4702 - Verstappen overtook Peres4713 - 150.075 - best lap Fettes4840 - 150.041 - best lap Riccardo4944 - Button issue with the gearbox, it slowly rolls along tracce5126 - the button in the pits is shod5329 - Nasr Maldonado was in the fight for 11 mesto5339 - 54 range Vettel - 3.1 with - Riccardo - 7.4 with - Raikkonen - 6.6 C - Rosberg - 6.5 - Bottas - with 2.4 - Kvyat - 7.8 with - Perez - 0.5 C - Verstappen - 1.0 - Sainz - 24.8 C - Grogan5355 - Maldonado in boxoh5710 - 56 laps Vettel - 3.7 C - Riccardo - 8.3 C - Raikkonen - 8.2 - Rosberg - 7.5 - Bottas - 2.1 C - Kvyat - 9.9 C - Perez - 0.4 - Verstappen - 1.1 - Sainz - 29.3 - Grogan5722 - 7 minutes before the end gonki5808 - Nasr overtook Grosjean. It is a struggle for 10 mesto5838 - And Verstappen and cannot pass Peres5900 Is It the pressure Signs0044 - 58 laps Vettel - 3.4 with - Riccardo - 9.9 C - Raikkonen - 8.7 C - Rosberg - 7.4 with - Bottas - 3.2 - Kvyat - 11.3 C - Perez - 0.4 - Verstappen - 0.8 s - Sainz - 35.0 p - Grogan0120 - it Seems that pilots will be able to go the full distance in 61 Krug0141 - Nasr was Grogan0306 - 59 laps Vettel - 3.9 C - Riccardo - 10.0 C - Raikkonen - 9.6 C - Rosberg - 7.3 with - Bottas - 3.6 - Kvyat - 12.6 with - Perez - 0.5 C - Verstappen - 0.5 s - Sainz - 37.9 C - Nasr0311 - Grosjean in boxoh0403 - For a few seconds before the two-hour limit Vettel went on last, 61, Krug0415 - Grosjean cosel0520 - 60 laps Vettel - 2.9 with - Riccardo - 13.6 with - Raikkonen - 8.7 C - Rosberg - 8.2 - Bottas - 2.3 C - Kvyat - 14.4 C - Perez - 0.6 to - Verstappen - 0.8 s - Sainz - 36.8 C - Nasr0545 - And Sebastian is the first to cross the finish line Third win for Ferrari this season.170610 - Riccardo 2nd. Pilot Red Bull have lost only half a second.170625 - Then Raikkonen and Rosberg0727 - FINISH Vettel - 1.4 to - Riccardo - 15.6 with - Raikkonen - 7.5 C - Rosberg - 9.4 - Bottas - 1.3 C - Kvyat - 15.3 with - Perez - 0.6 to - Verstappen - 1.4 s - Sainz - 37.1 - Nasr0807 - Grosjean qualified 13th, ahead of a pair of pilots Manor, two stragglers kruga0825 - the Order at the finish Vettel, ricciardo, Raikkonen, Rosberg, Bottas, Kvyat, Perez, Verstappen, Sainz, Nasr, Ericsson, Maldonado, Grosjean, Rossi, Stevens0904 - the First time since 2013 on the runway there is not a single pilot Mercedes Rosberg 4th and Hamilton sachel0943 - see you at the live broadcast of the Grand Prix of Japan in a week.

2015-09-18 10:04:03

In Sauber not support the idea of last year's engines

Strategic group of Formula 1 proposes to legalize the use of last year's engines. In Sauber oppose such a decision.Monisha Kaltenborn, Sauber head "I don't think teams should be offered this choice. We need to be together, to create one championship, not to split it into two categories. I think that's wrong.Of course, if the team has serious problems, it is possible to go that way. It's better than closing team."This year, the Marussia team, is on the verge of bankruptcy, uses Ferrari engines last year's modifications. For this she received special permission from the FIA.

2015-09-17 11:04:03

Alexander Rossi will replace Roberto merhi

Alexander Rossi will replace Roberto merhi

During the Singapore Grand Prix place Roberto merhi Manor-Marussia is Alexander Rossi. Also 23-year-old American will race in Japan, the USA, Mexico and Brazil.In 2012-2014 Rossi worked as a test driver for Caterham. In the second half of last season he joined Marussia and almost debuted in the Grand Prix of Belgium due to financial problems max Chilton team decided to substitute for Rossi, but at the last moment the sponsors of the British transferred the funds and returned to his place in the cockpit. At the end of the year, Rossi had to replace the injured Jules Bianchi, but the team due to lack of funding missed a few races.