Mercedes GP - widely known among fans of racing, the German team in Formula 1. Moreover, it is the factory team of German automotive giant company Mercedes-Benz. The renowned company has exhibited his team to participate in the Grand Prix and World Championships twice. The first - in the middle of the twentieth century, the second - from the 2010 year. At the 1954th and the 1955th's Mercedes GP riders managed to win the title, promising for the fans and the team is 2010. Returning to the track after the break, the team gives great hope to win more and more awards. The way the team in Formula 1 from the beginning could not have been more successful. In the first year of participation in competitions Mercedes GP won the World Cup. The situation was repeated in the next, the 1955th year. However, in the same year, a successful team titled dramatically left the championship. The reason for this decision was the leadership of the accident the pilot Pierre Levega, which killed more than eighty people, including most drivers. Which had a chance to win the race "24 Hours of Le Mans" Mercedes GP team immediately withdrew from the competition. This situation has significantly undermined the reputation of Mercedes, and she was not involved in motorsports for nearly thirty years - to 1987-year. The tragic accident forced to radically revise relevant to the safety of racing, since the security rules have been significantly altered. Gradually, the holding of races had been postponed from public roads closed for special-purpose tracks on which to this day all of auto racing performed on stages in all parts of the globe. Concern Mercedes returned to the sport only when Formula 1 was to gain momentum at the expense of television broadcasts. The track has become a powerful new platform for advertising campaigns famous automobile brands. Since then, the group members supplied the Formula 1 world-class engine of its own production. Prior to 2008 the right to act on the engine had only Mercedes McLaren team. But in the year 2009 engines also received the team Brown and Force India. And finally, after a hiatus of more than half a century, Mercedes Grand Prix team triumphant return to Formula 1.
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Formula 1

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McLaren offered to Honda mechanics to pause

Team McLaren offered to the Honda mechanics to take a sabbatical to build a competitive engine. However, the Japanese refused, and the contract will run until the end of 2024, was terminated.Race Director McLaren Eric bulge "at the start of 2017, we realized that we have serious problems. We started to get nervous and began to look for solutions that could improve the situation.In a pinch, we were ready to offer Honda skip one season until they succeed.We also suggested that the Honda engineers and their colleagues from Mercedes can provide technical cooperation. Or form your own group of experts in the field of engines, consisting of different companies to help Honda faster to find a more effective solution.Unfortunately, none of the proposals has not been adequately studied, and as a result we have exhausted the arguments. We had come to the conclusion that there is no other way, except for the termination of cooperation."McLaren will use customer Renault engines next year.

2017-09-23 10:34:06

Sainz doubts early debut in the Renault

Sainz doubts early debut in the Renault

The pilot Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz said that he still doesn't know what kind of car will race in Malaysia next week.Carlos Sainz "no One will tell me what I will do next. I am the pilot, who was leased to another command which may be strong next season.If I go back, it is only in the Red Bull. It suits me fine. I think if I was in the hands of the car Mercedes or a Ferrari, I could fight for the title.Personally, I think it will become a reality in 2020. I think the third title Fernando Alonso we will see sooner than mine.

2017-09-22 11:54:04

Lewis Hamilton I Hope it will be a new start for McLaren

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, speaking for McLaren from 2007 to 2012, hopes that the changes will help the British team to compete for victory.Lewis Hamilton "I was constantly surprised that this has not happened before. It was a long and difficult road for McLaren and Honda, I hope this will serve as a new beginning for McLaren, because they have to fight us for victory.But who knows, maybe Honda too, a couple of years will be able to fight with the leaders".

2017-09-21 15:44:03

Kimi Raikkonen We don't give up

Kimi Raikkonen We don't give up

After the failure in Singapore, where the pilots of Ferrari retired on the first lap, Kimi Raikkonen said that Ferrari will fight to the end for the title.Kimi Raikkonen "it Seems that many people think that we are in a difficult situation. But we go further. It's just another race, another race weekend. We don't give up, we continue to fight at full strength, we will show all that capable".Singapore after Sebastian Vettel loses Lewis Hamilton is 28 points. In the constructors ' championship Ferrari is inferior to the Mercedes 102 points.

2017-09-21 11:34:03

Paddy Lowe next year Williams will be a fast machine

Paddy Lowe next year Williams will be a fast machine

In 2014, after a series of unsuccessful seasons, the Williams team took 3rd place in the Cup of designers. Since then, the results gradually fell, and now the team from grove is fighting with Toro Rosso for the 5th place. Paddy Lowe, who took the post of technical Director of Williams in the beginning of this year, I am sure that next season Williams will be a formidable force.Paddy Lowe "the New machine will be materially different from current. During the development, we use a completely different philosophy. We expect to improve in all areas and has achieved notable successes.The last time Williams came strong engineers from other teams, so ideas we have plenty. We will select the best of these ideas, and next year Williams will be a quick car."Recall that before the transition in Williams, Lowe worked as a technical Director of the Mercedes.

2017-09-21 10:44:04

Lewis Hamilton Still have a run where we won't fast

Lewis Hamilton Still have a run where we won't fast

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton believes that relax is still very early, and the fight for the title continues.Lewis Hamilton "we have Japan where you need a lot of downforce, so this track definitely will not be our trump card. In Brazil, we will be strong, and in Mexico, again all will shift in the direction of Ferrari.Honestly, I think the struggle will continue. It is difficult to predict who will win. We'll know when we end this fight".

2017-09-21 10:34:04

Valtteri Bottas I started to go blind during the race in Singapore

Valtteri Bottas I started to go blind during the race in Singapore

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas admitted that during the race in Singapore began to experience serious difficulties with vision due to dehydration.Valtteri Bottas "I Have denied the flow of fluid in the cockpit. Even with the night start, the temperature was just below 30 degrees Celsius, and the temperature in the cockpit was about 60 degrees I had a very hard time.Now, I feel good. Only at the end of the race I felt my vision began to fall due to dehydration.But you know what people can do amazing things until they give up.In Singapore, Bottas finished third after starting from sixth position.

2017-09-21 10:24:04

Niki Lauda This accident hurt Vettel

Niki Lauda This accident hurt Vettel

Non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda believes that the accident and the gathering in the race Grand Prix of Singapore was expensive to Sebastian Vettel.Niki Lauda "28 points is not bad for us. Still the breaks were in the area two or three points in favor of one or another pilot. But 28 points is a good margin.I would say that the fight for the title has moved in our direction, and we can already draw some conclusions. This crash is very costly Cebu".

2017-09-20 16:44:03

Season 2018 seven vacancies

In the course of Grand Prix of Singapore became aware of the extension of the contracts of Valtteri Bottas, the pilots Force India, and also about the transfer of Carlos Sainz in the Renault. The teams are still seven vacancies, one of which may take Daniil Kvyat.Williams - 2 wakasiyaka no contracts with the pilots, but there is no doubt that lance Stroll will stay in the team, given the investment made by Strolla senior.In a couple of Canadians who will soon turn 19 years old, Williams is seeking an experienced pilot, over the age of 25 - this requirement is title sponsor Martini. Until recently, Felipe Massa remained the only candidate for this place, but first started talking about Paul di Resta, which now appears to be backup pilot of the team, and then about Robert Kubica. Kubica first tested in the part of Renault, but there chose Carlos Sainz, and now Robert is actively training in the simulator Williams.Another candidate - Marcus Ericsson, who may lose the place in the Sauber. The only advantage of the Swede is a solid set of sponsors.Toro Rosso - 2 vakansiyalar Sainz goes to Renault, and with high probability it will be replaced by Frenchman Pierre went Out - other suitable pilots in the Red Bull yet.Obviously, stay Sainz in the Toro Rosso, then went Out would take place Daniil Kvyat. Now, the Russian pilot has a chance to keep his job, it's important to make mistakes in the remaining races.Meanwhile, a new partner Honda want to see in the ranks of Toro Rosso its pilot Nobuharu Matsushita, which now appears in the Formula-2. It is not clear in what capacity - possibly as a test pilot. If the Japanese insist on the place of combat pilot, it is easy to guess that it will go with Cuatom.Few people know that now Matsushita listed as a pilot for the development of the McLaren-Honda. However, before the combat cars are not all limited to work in the simulator.McLaren - 1 vakantiecentrum with Stoffel Vendorno confirmed a month ago that negotiations with Fernando Alonso go. Earlier two-time champion reiterated that he would remain at McLaren, if the team change engine supplier. It happened, and now, as far as we know, Alonso and the McLaren management to discuss details of the new contract. Most likely, the agreement will be signed for one season to sign a contract for a longer period, the Spaniard just will not risk it.If Alonso refuses though it goes nowhere, then McLaren, in the words of Zac brown, have a plan "B". Obviously, this refers to Jenson button. Lando Norris, who will soon turn 18, they're unlikely to be put into a fighting machine.Sauber - 2 vacanciel contract extension with Ferrari Sauber head of Frederic Vasseur said he was willing to give one or even two seats for the wards of the Scuderia. Obviously, in return, the porters expect to receive discounts on the powerplant, gearbox and other components that will deliver Maranello.Ferrari has Antonio Giovinazzi and Charles Leclere, who in the course of this season, was repeatedly brought to the tests. And Giovinazzi even held two races, replacing the injured Pascal Wehrlein. If Ferrari is willing to pay for seats of both pilots, no place will be Marcus Ericsson. If the Scuderia will pull only one place, it is likely that Eriksson and his sponsors will remain in the Sauber.Without mestis the above it follows that in the season of 2018, we will not see on the grid protege Mercedes of Pascal Wehrlein. In the customer team Force India all the seats were occupied, and in Williams he victims. Perhaps he will remain in Formula 1 as a backup pilot factory team Mercedes.

2017-09-20 11:44:03

Jarno Trulli the Title is not lost for Vettel

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Jarno Trulli believes that Sebastian Vettel can still win the title in 2017.Jarno Trulli "If you really want to blame one pilot more than another, you could say that Vettel would have to do this maneuver better.But Championships are won late in the season, and not over six races to the end. There are still six races, and each of them can earn 25 points for the victory. And we already know that anything can happen.Actually, the Cup is extremely balanced. It is clear that today, 28 points seems like a large gap, but one wrong move Mercedes will return the lead to Vettel.From Ferrari we can expect anything. We have seen how they become competitive when we weren't expecting that, so nothing is lost. History will end at the checkered flag of the last race".

2017-09-20 11:04:05

Toto Wolff, Valtteri Bottas is not "number two"

Toto Wolff, Valtteri Bottas is not

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff said that he still will not use Valtteri Bottas as the pilot number two.Hamilton won the last three races and achieved a 28-point advantage in the fight for the title. Valtteri Bottas during this time scored only 33 points.Toto Wolff "Yes, Valteri was a bit confused lately. It is difficult to understand the reasons. Maybe he's just hard to set up the machine. Or maybe Hamilton is more familiar with the concept car.I think the chances of Lewis winning the championship higher than Valtteri. As before, we will assess the situation, but the situation is becoming clearer after every race.I don't want to say that one pilot is "number one", because it can affect the motivation of the second pilot. I mean other pilots".

2017-09-20 10:54:03

Lauda blames Vettel crash in the Singapore Grand Prix

Non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda has joined the dozens of fans and insiders who accuse Sebastian Vettel that he has destroyed all hope of his title by accident at the start of the race Grand Prix of Singapore.Niki Lauda "Obviously it was the fault of Sebastian. I don't know why he is so at risk during this important stage of the world Cup. If this happened in my day, we would have returned to Maranello".

2017-09-19 17:04:05

Niki Lauda While the championship is not won

Non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda cautious in their comments about the benefits of Lewis Hamilton in the world championship.Niki Lauda "I am not fond of such statements, which now can be heard. They say, we are already Champions. I can only smile inside.Of course, this is a big step forward. But do not forget that the world Cup is won only when he wins. Sepang is an excellent choice of our machine. And if Ferrari do not think there we have to win".

2017-09-19 16:44:03

Toto Wolff, Singapore has not decided the fate of the title

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff believes that the victory of Lewis Hamilton and the gathering of Sebastian Vettel in Singapore has not decided the fate of the title of season 2017.Toto Wolff "I'm cautious. Even on Sunday morning we thought about minimizing losses, and in the evening have all talked about a 28-point advantage.But there is still six races, which means that the situation may turn against us six times, as it happened in Singapore for Ferrari".

2017-09-19 10:44:03

Chapter Mercedes We just wanted to minimize the loss

Chapter Mercedes We just wanted to minimize the loss

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff said that his team in Singapore was not going to win.Toto Wolff "We woke up on race day with a clear mindset is to minimize our losses. And left Singapore victorious. It was one of those days that reminds you how unpredictable and incredible can be the Motorsport. It is clear that we were just lucky, but lucky not only to win, and two cars to avoid the accident at the start of the race. After that, we just made the most of their opportunities.We celebrated this victory. And you know, this race showed that in the remaining six Grand Prix to happen anything".

2017-09-18 17:54:04

Norbert Haug Porsche needs to return to Formula-1

The former head of Mercedes Norbert Haug has called for Porsche to be part of Formula 1.Norbert Haug "I can say that it would be very good news. Formula 1 - the perfect proving ground for Porsche.Like Audi, they can either spend 250 million euros for prototypes, or to join Mercedes with a much more cost-effective investment in Formula 1. In case of success, the international press and the audience here simply have no equal.Porsche has done an incredible job with the LMP1 prototype. They are competent to assemble the fastest car in Formula 1".Earlier there was information that Porsche can buy the team Red Bull in 2020.

2017-09-18 12:54:04

Daniel ricciardo couldn't win because of gear box

Daniel ricciardo couldn't win because of gear box

In qualifying Daniel ricciardo ahead of Lewis Hamilton, but the race pilot of Red Bull lost to his rival from Mercedes. As it turned out, ricciardo could not get to the finish line.Christian Horner, head of the team Red Bull "before the first appearance of the safety car we saw ricciardo drops the oil pressure in the gearbox. We were confident that it will pass only half the distance.We were advised to do some settings and it helped him to drive the whole distance. However, Daniel had to sacrifice my lap time. If not for the problem with the transmission, he could fight for the victory".

2017-09-17 18:54:06

Riccardo Daniel I tried to win

Riccardo Daniel I tried to win

Daniel ricciardo in the race Grand Prix of Singapore finished second, losing to Lewis Hamilton a little more than four seconds.Riccardo Daniel "I tried, really tried to win, but second place looks like a good result. We don't have enough speed to win. We are surprised at how quick the Mercedes, but the fourth podium on this track is good. We are constantly watching the rubber and weather. It was difficult, but we managed to do everything right, and it was good".

2017-09-17 18:44:03

Valtteri Bottas is the Next target Vettel

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas finished 3rd in the race Grand Prix of Singapore. Now he's losing Sebastian Vettel 22 points.Valtteri Bottas "it's a good race. We are very fortunate that the leaders came down, and we automatically were the fastest on the track. We have prepared the machine that gave the opportunity to attack. I struggled with Riccardo, but I don't have enough speed to catch up and overtake him. This was our chance, and we were able to do everything right.My next goal is to beat Vettel in the individual competition. We wanted to make a victorious double, but a double podium is good.

2017-09-17 17:24:03

Chronicle of the race Grand Prix of Singapore

Chronicle of the race Grand Prix of Singapore

145141 - Today from pole position will start Sebastian Vettel. For the German's fourth pole position in Singapore, and in the three previous cases, the first German crossed the finish line.145434 - Actually, in the last nine races in Singapore seven times he won the pilot, which started from pole position. In two other cases the owner of the pole and led the race, but technical problems prevented a win.145524 - Next to Vettel is confirmed as Max Verstappen.145542 - Second row Daniel ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen.145653 - Only the third row will start Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas - this track is clearly not suitable Mercedes.145817 - the Fourth row Nico Hulkenberg and Fernando Alonso. On the contrary, this track suited the McLaren more.145830 - Completing the top ten Stoffel Vandorn and Carlos Sainz.145844 - Next Palmer, Perez, Kvyat, Windows, Grosjean, Magnussen, Massa, Stroll, Wehrlein and 145922 - In Singapore, the day was rain, and now the track is quite wet.145952 - during the race the track will be dry.150009 - Most pilots to start chose rain tires.150052 - intermediate will start the first six and Sainz, Kvyat, Grosjean and Stroll.150252 - Pilots go on warm-up 150318 - Machines occupy space on 150341 - All ready to 150353 - START150403 - Vettel Raikkonen knocked out150417 - Even a few broken cars in the first corner150434 - A Turn Of Vettel He has no nose cone150447 - the safety Car on the track150514 - so started the first ever Formula 1 night race the rain150626 - Start.

2017-09-16 22:34:03

Qualification account after Singapore

Only in the team Toro Rosso is about an equal fight. Renault, by contrast, is the complete dominance of Nico.Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas 9-5Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel - Kimi Raikkonen 10-4Red Bull, Daniel Riccardo - Max Verstappen 4-10Force India, Sergio Perez - Esteban Windows 11-3Williams, Felipe Massa - lance Stroll 11-2McLaren, Fernando Alonso - Stoffel Vandorn 11-2Toro Rosso, Daniil Kvyat is Carlos Sainz 6-8Renault, Nico - Jolyon Palmer 13-0Haas, Roman Grosjean - Kevin Magnussen 9-5Sauber, Marcus Ericsson - Pascal Wehrlein 4-8.

2017-09-16 19:14:03

Valtteri Bottas it is Unusual that such a large gap

Valtteri Bottas it is Unusual that such a large gap

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas in qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix showed 6-th result. The owner of the pole, the Finn lost 1.3 seconds.Valtteri Bottas "the gap to the leader is huge. It is unusual for us. Especially after Monza, where we were unattainable.It's hard to see this situation for the team. We do not have enough clamping force to work on this kind of tracks. But we will try to improve positions during the race.Tomorrow will be a race in our hands fast car, fast enough to fight for the podium. Let's see what happens".

2017-09-16 12:14:03

Niki Lauda you Need to change the rules on engines

Non-Executive Director of Mercedes was supported by Red Bull, insisting on changing the rules on engines for 2018.Modern penalties for changing parts of the power plant contribute to confusion for the viewer, as previously said the head of the Red Bull principal Christian Horner. Thus in 2018, the pilots will have to get by with just three engines for the season, then as it is now is not enough and four.Niki Lauda "everybody was saying that the engines may be cheaper for customers if we build them in smaller amounts. But we know that the situation would not be saved with the help of three engines. Because the development of test stands do will cost more".The Executive Director of the Formula 1 chase Carey admits that confusion about the rules is really not an ideal situation "the Structure is fine, obviously incomprehensible to the majority of race fans. In Monza, half of the peloton were fined, and for that - few could understand.Technology is an important part of this championship. But the viewer an important component of the sport of racing, not technical. Everyone needs struggle and competition".

2017-09-16 12:04:03

Pirelli advises Ferrari to win in Singapore

Sebastian Vettel can regain the lead in the world championship this weekend in Singapore. This is the opinion of Marco provera, who is the Director General of the official tire supplier Pirelli.The Italian admits that he is happy that Ferrari this year has caught up with Mercedes, although Pirelli stays on the neutral side.Marco provera "the Scuderia has not only closed the gap, but were able to defeat Mercedes. Ferrari faster on urban roads where the maximum speed is lower and the Mercedes has a slight advantage when speed is higher.So I think Ferrari will be able to show a good race in Singapore".

2017-09-16 10:54:04

Valtteri Bottas It was a difficult day for us

Valtteri Bottas It was a difficult day for us

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas on the results practices Grand Prix of Singapore was on 4th position.Valtteri Bottas "it was a tough day. I think we need more speed. We made a lot of changes in settings between sessions, but have not yet found the perfect balance.From what we learned today, I see that a lot of work ahead. Personally, I struggled with balance and lack of stability of the car on the track. The car behaves very nervously, it was hard for me to trust the car in time attack track. This is important, something we need to work, so I can do more".

2017-09-16 02:04:03

Daniel ricciardo Great start

Daniel ricciardo Great start

Pilot Red Bull Daniel Riccardo showed the best results in the first and second practice for the Singapore Grand Prix.Daniel ricciardo "Today was a good day, but I was expecting that, to be honest. I knew that we would come here with a good car.We have made some progress during the day. Although we were the fastest in the first practice, I wanted to get more from the car and after lunch. We took another step forward and now we hope that tomorrow we will have even more opportunities to progress. It looks like it will be a weekend of complete dominance. Great startI know that in qualifying Ferrari and potentially Mercedes will be stronger, but I'm sure we will be able to deal with them".

2017-09-15 10:54:06

Mercedes withdraws from Formula 1 until 2021

The President of Mercedes Dieter Zetsche said that his company will not leave the Championships until 2021. Hearing about leaving the championship came after a statement of the company on retiring from the DTM in order to appear in Formula E. Dieter Zetsche "Formula 1 is connected with our history and our brand. Is a component that has helped us to develop the brand and make it younger, so far I see no change in strategy until 2021. The agreement will last until this date, and I don't even think about it.We decided to leave the DTM and starting a project in Formula E. At the moment, this series is a social PR platform, we want to help to increase competition between the teams in this championship.

2017-09-14 13:44:04

Chapter Mercedes In Singapore we are waiting for a serious struggle

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff believes that the Singapore his team will face a serious fight for the victory.Toto Wolff "This track, which we are very ill-suited. There's a lot of slow corners, lots of bumps and a little straight. This year we hope to win, we are preparing for the heat of the struggle.A clear definition of our strengths and weaknesses were the driving force of our team in recent seasons. We will strive to become better and stronger in all areas, we did analyses to identify all their strengths and weaknesses.In 2015, we lost the race in Singapore, so a lot of work to win. This time we will also fight for the best result".

2017-09-13 15:24:03

The Mercedes team has extended the contract with Valtteri Bottas

The Mercedes team has extended the contract with Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas will hold in the Mercedes is still at least one season, the team officially announced the contract extension until the end of 2018.Toto Wolff, head of the team "this year, Valtteri had a hard time since he appeared in the Mercedes at the last moment, becoming a partner of one of the best pilots of Formula-1. However, it achieved good results.Yes, there were UPS and downs, although the problems were much less, than successes, including victory in Russia and Austria. The results of Valtteri and his progress made it easy to solve the issue with a contract extension for next season. In addition, we value the relationships that have developed between our pilots."Valtteri Bottas "Continued cooperation with Mercedes in the season of 2018 is a great honour for me. I enjoy every day that I spend in the team since then, as it became a part of it in January of this year. During this time I had much to learn. We had many pleasant moments that I will never forget.The contract extension for the season-2018 says that I have justified the confidence of the team. I won the first victory in the Mercedes lineup and I am sure that there is potential for further progress".As already mentioned, the contract is extended only for one season. Previously Toto Wolff said that at the end of 2018, would exempt pilots which may be of interest to Mercedes. For example, Max Verstappen and Daniel ricciardo.