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2017-11-17 11:14:03

A champion Ferrari Michael Schumacher sold for 7.5 million

A champion Ferrari Michael Schumacher sold for 7.5 million

Car Ferrari F2001 which Michael Schumacher was in early 2001 and won the Monaco Grand Prix, was sold at auction Sotheby'ss for 7.5 million.The organizers of the auction expected in the amount of 5.5 million, but in the end the amount was two million more. Before this most expensive car was Schumacher's Ferrrari F2004, which in 2005 was sold for 3.2 million.

2017-11-14 12:54:04

Felipe Massa Robbery in Brazil - an obstacle to the Grand Prix

In Brazil the staff of Mercedes, Williams and FIA was subjected to an armed assault during movement between the track and the hotel. Felipe Massa believes that this is a big problem for the future of his homeland.Lewis Hamilton "I was terrified when I found out about the incident. The saddest thing is that I'm already in the League for about ten years, and every year at least someone from the paddock becomes the victim of local bandits. The organizers are also responsible, because they must guarantee us security."Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff "Brazil is a great country, but we don't need armored vehicles to safely travel from the hotel to the highway".Felipe Massa "It's very sad not only for those who are experiencing such problems, but also for Brazilians. All of this suggests that the time has come for the country to develop further and not to stand still.We race in Mexico, we were in India, and I don't know, is it dangerous there as it is here.But for the responsible people it is a problem, because they have to ensure safety for everyone who comes onto the stage.I love Brazil, but at the moment I'm not coming back here to live. My son is studying in Monaco, he speaks three languages, which is important for its future. Perhaps in the future I would like to come back here when there are safer and better".

2017-10-20 15:14:03

Alonso still dreams of winning Indy 500

Alonso still dreams of winning Indy 500

Fernando Alonso admitted that next year can not act in the Indy-500. At the same time, the Spaniard is determined to take part in this legendary race in the future.Fernando Alonso "I Have a new contract with McLaren, and I have to admit that next year will not act in the Indy-500, because this race overlaps with the Grand Prix of Monaco. But I have to return to Indianapolis Don't know when it will be maybe in 2019, maybe 2020 but I definitely will come back at the start of the Indy 500".

2017-10-04 10:24:05

The success of Honda make McLaren look silly

The head of McLaren Zac brown admits that the team management will look foolish if Honda will make a huge step forward in 2018.After three years of unsuccessful work with a Japanese company McLaren refused to cooperate with Honda by signing a new contract with Renault.Zach brown "Obviously, if Honda start winning in 2018, but we don't, then we'll look stupid. But I think the one who makes the big decisions, should be able to take the results of these decisions.I think that in the moment when you take any decision, always there is an element of "what if I'm wrong". But I think that everyone has contributed to this decision, it was a group. Have given it difficult.It's like Indianapolis. Some of them said, "What if the race in Monaco will be our good opportunity" But, fortunately, Alonso drove well in the United States, and Jenson button started the race from the pit lane. We must look forward, not backward".

2017-09-19 12:04:03

McLaren Alonso may be in Le Mans

Obviously, after the breakup with Honda McLaren, the way Fernando Alonso Indy-500 ordered. But the Spaniard can get the other bonus.Zac brown, the head of McLaren "McLaren is not going to put your team in the 24 hours of Le Mans, now we are focused on the Formula-1. But we talked to Fernando about this race. If he wants to participate in Le Mans, we are ready to discuss it. Naturally, this should not affect Formula-1".Recall that this year Alonso missed the Monaco Grand Prix for the sake of participation in the Indy 500. Previously, the Spaniard said that dreams about winning at Le Mans and Indianapolis.

2017-09-08 16:24:04

Chapter Ferrari Kimi Win - my dream

Chapter Ferrari Kimi Win - my dream

The head of Ferrari, Maurizio Arrivabene told why the Scuderia has extended the contract with Kimi Raikkonen and admitted that he dreams of winning the Finnish pilot.Maurizio Arrivabene "Raikkonen with Vettel spent the last three seasons, and they worked so well together. So no reason not to renew Kimi's contract.This year he ran a great race in Monaco and Hungary. I wish he won this year. His victory is my dream".

2017-09-05 12:24:10

Charles LeClair moves into Formula 1

Charles LeClair moves into Formula 1

Manager Charles LeClair, Nicolas Todt believes that 19-year-old pilot can get into Formula 1 next year. Currently, the driver from Monaco dominated in the championship of Formula 2, and his career supports Ferrari.Nicolas Todt "Charles is a unique pilot. Obviously. This year its priority is to win the title of Formula 2, which very few pilots were able to get in its debut year.My goal is to get to Formula 1 next season. I can't say that it will happen, but given the achievements of Charles in the Formula 2, I think that nothing will prevent his debut in Formula 1 in 2018".Earlier in the Sauber team, which collaborates with Ferrari, has expressed willingness to invite young pilots, a career which supports the Scuderia. Among the contenders include Antonio Giovinazzi and Charles Leclere.

2017-08-01 10:24:03

The head of Red Bull Mercedes Actions difficult to understand

Head Red Bull Christian Horner said that he does not understand Mercedes approach to racing, when at stake is the title.Christian Horner "We did the same in Monaco two years ago. We asked one pilot to miss the faster partner. But then we were not fighting for the title - only for winning the race.Now Mercedes leader Hamilton. And the team that is fighting for the title, is obliged at one point to choose which of the two is the first number. The stakes are too high to play in the nobility".

2017-07-28 12:04:03

Nico Rosberg will be the team principal of Formula E

Nico Rosberg will be the team principal of Formula E

It seems that the champion of the season-2016 Nico Rosberg is preparing to become the head of the factory Mercedes team in Formula E, which will appear in 2019.This week the German automaker shocked the racing world by announcing that after 2018 he will be leaving DTM for electric series.Now Auto Bild reports that Rosberg, the recently retired reigning world champion, is first in line to head the new team.Auto Bild "the President has already met with the head of Formula E, Alejandro Agawam in Monaco. If that happens, Rosberg will become the second world champion of Formula 1, was appointed to lead the team in Formula E. the First is a four-time world champion and head of the factory Renault team Alain Prost".

2017-07-26 17:24:03

A crossword puzzle with Daniel Cuatom Hungary

A crossword puzzle with Daniel Cuatom Hungary

PODIUMS, Hungary I earned a first in his career in Formula 1 podium. With the race tied very cool memories and it's always great to come back.Malacotic very interesting and really challenges the pilot. It is very narrow, I describe it as "Monaco without walls". Then all you need to do right, and I hope that we will have a clean race. In Hungary it is very difficult to overtake, so it's important to have a good qualification.Autographies very passionate race fans, which is great to see autograph sessions always attract a lot of people who root for us. This is definitely one of the most memorable moments of the weekend.Petabyte it is very hot here, so we need to drink plenty of water throughout the weekend, as I constantly reminded my coach at these stages.Otpuskai is a very pleasant town. I have been here many times, there is something to see. It's fun, and I can safely recommend to family and friends to come here on vacation.

2017-07-23 21:04:02

Stoffel Vandorn Budapest - our chance

The pilot of McLaren Stoffel Vandorn believes that the race in Budapest can be successful for his team in terms of fighting for points.Stoffel Vandorn "Budapest should be another good chance for us to earn points. Can you describe this track is like Monaco without the walls. There are so many twists, just a bunch of turns. You need a good chassis and good downforce on the ring, and I hope we can be more competitive than earlier this year.Getting into the top ten on the starting grid there were, maybe, a surprise for Silverstone. But then again, it must mean that our chassis is working well at high speeds, once we were able to achieve this result. We were able to work close to Force India and Williams on this track is a positive. After Silverstone we were disappointed that you did not miss points, but simply are unable to fight for them".

2017-07-17 10:14:04

Vijay Malia I miss Monaco

Vijay Malia I miss Monaco

The owner of Force India Vijay Malia admitted that he is very bored in other countries, and the Grand Prix. We will remind that from-for problems with the law, the Indian confined to the UK.Vijay Mallya "of course I miss racing, especially in Monaco and Singapore. But I had it all with eight and a half years. Now I'm back in the office, but it is also an important part of the job".Soon the British government will consider the issue of extradition of Malia in India.

2017-06-23 12:04:04

Ferrari has prepared updates to the race in Baku

After the Italian team dominated Monaco, its main rival Mercedes responsively hit in Canada. Now, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, unique for Azerbaijan of the track, including extra-long two-kilometer straight, the Ferrari made the updates to its engine.The paper argues that the development is part of an aggressive plan for the development of the Scuderia under the supervision of the Director of the technical Department Mattia Binotto. Reportedly, the decision on delivery of the updated engines in Baku was based solely on positive data on the stand.

2017-06-23 11:04:03

Daniel Ricardo the Route to Baku is really unique

Pilot Red Bull Daniel Riccardo believes that the Baku track one of the most unique in the racing calendar of Formula 1.Riccardo Daniel "In Baku, in my opinion, very special, unique street circuit. There is a very wide section, and there are the narrow sections in the racing calendar.The second sector is most severe, there is heavier than in Monaco, although the Principality is one of the most narrow and difficult roads. When you drive up to the old town, sped by the castle, is a fun and difficult at the same time, and here you can see the audience in the stands This part of the track is my favorite. Long video is just huge, and it allows you to really relax".

2017-06-21 15:54:04

Carlos Sainz Baku Monaco

Carlos Sainz Baku Monaco

The pilot Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz told about his impressions from the race in Baku.Carlos Sainz "You can't compare the route in Baku with Monaco, even if it is a street circuit. Here is not better or worse - just different.This is a very difficult race, but I would not say that is more difficult than in Monaco. However, this track is very similar to Monaco in that any, even a small mistake can be critical. You should always stay focused.Sorry I couldn't finish the race last year, but I remember your battles with the pilots McLaren and Red Bull.It's a shame that we can't enjoy the views while going at the speed of 300 km/h, but I really like the local medieval castle, the perfect backdrop during the race. Photos out here is just excellent".

2017-06-13 09:44:04

Niki Lauda Hamilton has all chances to become the champion

Non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda sure that Lewis Hamilton has every chance to succeed this season.Niki Lauda "I said that Lewis will only help the gathering in the race, but it was slightly exaggerated. The championship this year long. I hope the confrontation Hamilton-Vettel will be tight until the last race.Sebastian was just unlucky in Montreal, but Lewis and so dominated from the start and our car was just the best.We returned from Monaco at the factory and worked so hard that we were able to increase the gap from Ferrari to Montreal".After seven stages of the Hamilton is inferior to Vettel 12 points. In the constructors ' championship, Mercedes is ahead of Ferrari by 8 points.

2017-06-11 23:54:03

Valtteri Bottas Another podium is good

Valtteri Bottas Another podium is good

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas finished second in the race Grand Prix of Canada, after losing to teammate twenty seconds.Valtteri Bottas "I feel great - it's another podium. I'm really happy. Glad we were able to achieve a victorious double.These points after Monaco became very important to us. We worked a lot in the team over progress, and today showed it. We had to stay ahead of Red Bull at the start, but they broke forward. Then we had to control the race with Force India.The team had a good smooth race, and brought us good points".

2017-06-10 13:44:03

Valtteri Bottas it was Great to start the weekend with a good machine

Valtteri Bottas it was Great to start the weekend with a good machine

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas on the results practices Grand Prix of Canada showed the 4th result.Valtteri Bottas "After Monaco is really nice to start the weekend with a positive feeling from the car. I think we look quite competitive here, but it's just practice. We still have a lot of work with tyres of the composition of Ul. We want to squeeze some more speed. The car looks good on the Software that I run today. We will focus on how to find extra speed on the Ul".

2017-06-10 07:44:05

Lewis Hamilton Our car looks competitive

Lewis Hamilton Our car looks competitive

The results of Friday and the pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton was in second position. The leader of the day, the British lost two tenths of a second.Lewis Hamilton "the First day went well. Yes, the pilots Ferrari is fast, but results in the leading group are quite dense. We lose a little bit, but will do everything to win in qualifying.After a difficult weekend in Monaco it is important that our car looks competitive".

2017-06-09 12:54:06

Kimi Raikkonen Vettel is not the pilot number "one"

Kimi Raikkonen has denied all the rumors that Ferrari Manda shares of its pilots by the numbers.Kimi Raikkonen "In Monaco I was in second place and SEB won. It's great for the team, but not for me because I really wanted to win.If people think that I'm supposed to smile, I'll smile only when I have my results, which are expected. I think it would be much more disturbing if I was happy with second, third and other places. What people think all I care.Race behind, and we must accept what has already happened. Pointless something to rethink. And in the team there is no separation of rooms between the pilots. It's all fiction".

2017-06-09 12:54:03

Mercedes withdraws from Formula 1

Despite assurances from Eddie Jordan that Mercedes at the end of season 2018 will leave the championship, the German team remains.Representative Mercedes "These statements are incorrect. No talk about retirement from Formula 1 was not."Eddie Jordan "I had a long conversation with Dr. Dietrich Zetsche, I told him my thoughts. And I had not the slightest doubt that saying something".Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff "Monaco is a place where people like to have fun at the party. And, looks like someone's pretty excited for them, time became the city different stuff. These statements are completely unsubstantiated and reflect nothing like the mischievous speculation of one person.Mercedes has in hand a major contract before the end of 2020, and is currently discussing the next competitive cycle with the new owners of the championship".

2017-06-09 11:24:05

Mark Surer It uses the Mercedes team orders

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 mark believes Surer that Mercedes, not Ferrari, still use team orders.Mark Surer "You can't catch Ferrari in the team orders. In China Vettel was stuck behind Kimi, but the team did not interfere in their fight. Mercedes, on the other hand, clearly used team orders in Bahrain, even openly, on the radio. I like that Ferrari doesn't play such games.I think Kimi realized what happened. At first he was just angry that he lost the race, but Vettel was clearly faster in Monaco, so it's the end of history.

2017-06-08 09:24:04

Ferrari Vettel will remain with us

Ferrari Vettel will remain with us

Technical Director of Ferrari's Mattia Binotto is sure that Sebastian Vettel will remain with Scuderia next year.Mattia Binotto "Vettel is not only one of our pilots, he is a multiple world champion. I think he will stay with us. Why Because there is nothing more beautiful for the pilot of Formula 1, than to win with scarlet team.It has been 16 years since Ferrari won in Monaco, so I think that victory was a release. It was a victory that made us realize that we have a fast car, and now we can compete on the same level with the leaders or be even stronger than them.

2017-06-08 09:04:05

Paul Ricard is determined by the date of the race in the season-2018

Paul Ricard is determined by the date of the race in the season-2018

Circuit Paul Ricard the following year returned to the championship of Formula-1 Grand Prix of France, and is now being actively discussed the date of the race.Promoter of the Grand Prix of France, Christian Estrosi "In Monaco I met with chase Carey regarding our issue. In our conversation, I paid special attention to the selection date of the Grand Prix, because it depends largely on the success of the race.We are discussing the possibility of holding a race in the period from late June to mid-July, but the FIA and FOM will offer us a more specific date.As soon as it becomes known, we will begin to sell tickets. Chase also wants the Grand Prix at Paul Ricard went really French. He wants each race to the maximum of the national colors. And I like his approach".

2017-06-07 10:34:04

Mika Salo no One will replace Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen has a good chance to stay for the next season in Ferrari. So said the ex-pilot of Formula 1 Mika Salo.Mika Salo "Ferrari will certainly take into account the fact that Kimi and Sebastian Vettel continue to get on well with each other.I don't think there are really good guys who know how to work better than Kimi. Kimi was second in Monaco, but he is close to Vettel all the time.Vettel, of course, has already earned a lot of points, but if Kimi can get a couple of wins, it can completely change the situation.

2017-06-07 09:44:04

Bernie Ecclestone Ferrari best car

The former head of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone believes Ferrari can hope for a victory this season. Despite the fact that Bernie was removed from the position of Executive Director, he was present at four of the six Grand Prix this year, considering Monaco.Bernie Ecclestone "Ferrari has the best car now, and he makes a very strong impression. But they have to be careful with the Mercedes.When Raikkonen was leading the race, ahead of Vettel, I immediately told my guests that Ferrari do not finish in that order. It was clear at once".

2017-06-07 09:44:03

Monaco will build new boxes for the season-2018

Monaco will build new boxes for the season-2018

The organizers of the race in Monaco will build a new pit lane and paddock complex worth 30 million euros to race-2018.Bild "Monaco wanted to prepare a new pit lane by 2017, but engineers were unable to guarantee that they will finish all work on time, so the project was deferred to 2018."Richard Micua of the Automobile club of Monaco confirmed "Yes, it's true. The new building will have two floors of boxes. The teams will finally be more space and they will not be tripping over the legs of workers of other stables".

2017-06-05 11:24:03

Mika Salo Vettel can win the championship

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Mika Salo believes that Vettel will win championship season 2017.Mika Salo "Vettel has a good chance to win the world championship. He excels in the fight against Hamilton. Kimi not so much points, so he is the pilot of the number two.Kimi may not believe in it until mathematically possible to win the championship, but the team means Kimi probably just co-pilot.I'm willing to bet that Vettel would take a lot more than Raikkonen. Somewhere Kimi will be faster, but he will have to switch places like in Monaco.

2017-06-05 11:14:03

Roman Grosjean In Canada will not be a lot of overtaking

The pilot Haas Romain Grosjean says that Canada is not a large number of overtaking, as in Monaco.Roman Grosjean "In Canada it is very difficult to overtake at this track the race takes place in Spain or Monaco. If someone crashed - then it is possible to win back the position.It is difficult for us to fight in the middle of the peloton for a higher place, and Canada will be very difficult to ensure that the machine remained on the track. We will do everything we can, but this is one of the tracks, where much depends on the skill level."In the past year, the pilots Haas finished the race in Canada on the 13th and 14th positions, with a lag of two circles.