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2017-11-21 11:34:03

Honda Gradually the gap reduced

The head of Honda Yusuke Hasegawa said that the gap in power between Japanese power plant and other competitors are gradually reduced.Yusuke Hasegawa "in Monza our engine was at a decent level. It all depends on the track. Our competitors sometimes faster, sometimes faster than we are. I can say that our team is almost equal in speed with Williams, Force India and Renault.We were able to maximize current performance of the engine in Brazil, which is encouraging before the last race in Abu Dhabi.From the point of view of power, we are a little behind other manufacturers engines. But we are reducing the gap.We have not had any problems with reliability, which is also encouraging".

2017-10-28 11:14:03

Felipe Massa We are ready to fight

Felipe Massa We are ready to fight

Pilot Williams Felipe Massa on the results practices Grand Prix of Mexico was on 12-th position.Felipe Massa "On this track to work pretty hard on Friday, this is not Austin. I could not get a normal a single fast lap, but we can see that bus Ul our car shows good performance.We will be ready to fight on Sunday. We just need to fight for points. We know that Renault looks competitive - this will be our direct competitors. The altitude of downforce here than in Monza, so cornering is easy to get wrong. I was not wrong, so hope to be able to perform well in the remaining days of the weekend. Tomorrow, hopefully, we will have a good qualification and then a good race".

2017-10-06 13:24:04

Sebastian Vettel We decided to save the rain tires.

Sebastian Vettel We decided to save the rain tires.

In a dry first practice Sebastian Vettel showed the best result, ahead of championship leader Lewis Hamilton by two tenths of a second. In the second practice when it was raining, the pilot Ferrari was limited to one installation circle.Sebastian Vettel "this Morning we did a great job checking many solutions. In the afternoon, as expected, the rain came. Of course, I would like to work on a wet track, but we decided to save the rain tires.In the last two races we showed disappointing results, but here we are once again convinced that the car is fast. We are confident in their abilities and on Sunday will show all that capable.The last time rain qualifying was held in Monza, and there we did not look very convincing. In Malaysia has improved, so hopefully we made the right conclusions. If the rain qualification, we will be able to show its strength".

2017-09-29 14:24:03

Chapter Mercedes we Have a problem with the tires

According to the results of Friday practice in Malaysia pilots Mercedes were sixth and seventh positions behind Ferrari in fifteen seconds.Toto Wolff, head of Mercedes "not the best Friday. We have from the beginning had problems with the tires. We look for the cause. The balance of the car leaves much to be desired, it slides in all the corners. Perhaps it is due to overheating of the front and rear tires.On different tracks, our car looks different. In Monza and Silverstone, we were ahead for a second, and there were problems. We can't understand why this is happening".

2017-09-24 18:24:03

Sean Gelael ready for the next step in Formula 1

Sean Gelael ready for the next step in Formula 1

Indonesian Sean Gelael ready for the big step forward in the context of its application, the main pilot in Formula-1 in 2019.Sean Gelael "I understand that I need a really good result in Formula 2 to obtain a Superlicense FIA. Only points in the race not enough for me.I hope we can do it right next year. It will be a big step forward and we hope that next year we will be able to continue the program of tests with Toro Rosso. Then we'll see what will bring me 2019".Gelael currently ranked 15th in the ranking Formula 2 with the fifth best result this season, made in Monza, and he hopes that this could mark the beginning of a series of strong results before the end of the season.

2017-09-18 17:54:06

Chapter Toro Rosso We showed the best result in recent years

Chapter Toro Rosso We showed the best result in recent years

The head of Toro Rosso Franz Toast was pleased with fourth, Carlos Sainz.Franz Toast "What a fantastic result We showed our best performance in recent years, probably the best since the victory at Monza in 2008. Carlos did a fantastic job, keeping everything under control in a difficult situation early in the race. He has traveled a long and demanding race, bringing the car to the 4th position to the finish.As for the decision to switch to the Supersoft, we did it because I thought it would give us an advantage before the end of the race. However, the safety car slightly shuffled the cards, but it worked. Now we are in a positive mood are you going to prepare for the Grand Prix of Malaysia".

2017-09-16 19:14:03

Valtteri Bottas it is Unusual that such a large gap

Valtteri Bottas it is Unusual that such a large gap

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas in qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix showed 6-th result. The owner of the pole, the Finn lost 1.3 seconds.Valtteri Bottas "the gap to the leader is huge. It is unusual for us. Especially after Monza, where we were unattainable.It's hard to see this situation for the team. We do not have enough clamping force to work on this kind of tracks. But we will try to improve positions during the race.Tomorrow will be a race in our hands fast car, fast enough to fight for the podium. Let's see what happens".

2017-09-16 12:14:03

Niki Lauda you Need to change the rules on engines

Non-Executive Director of Mercedes was supported by Red Bull, insisting on changing the rules on engines for 2018.Modern penalties for changing parts of the power plant contribute to confusion for the viewer, as previously said the head of the Red Bull principal Christian Horner. Thus in 2018, the pilots will have to get by with just three engines for the season, then as it is now is not enough and four.Niki Lauda "everybody was saying that the engines may be cheaper for customers if we build them in smaller amounts. But we know that the situation would not be saved with the help of three engines. Because the development of test stands do will cost more".The Executive Director of the Formula 1 chase Carey admits that confusion about the rules is really not an ideal situation "the Structure is fine, obviously incomprehensible to the majority of race fans. In Monza, half of the peloton were fined, and for that - few could understand.Technology is an important part of this championship. But the viewer an important component of the sport of racing, not technical. Everyone needs struggle and competition".

2017-09-16 01:24:04

Fernando Alonso the Day has passed very positively

Fernando Alonso the Day has passed very positively

Fernando Alonso at the end of practice of the Singapore Grand Prix was on quite a high for McLaren seventh place.Fernando Alonso "Today, our work went well. Everything basically looks exactly as we expected. We knew that on this track we will be more competitive than at Spa and Monza.Today two of our cars were in the top ten, and I hope that we will be able to do the same tomorrow during qualifying and then Sunday race.We need these points we are in ninth place in the constructors 'championship, so for every opportunity that is before us, we need to grasp with both hands".

2017-09-14 13:54:02

Fernando Alonso Starts the final phase of the season

The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso told about what to expect from the team in Singapore.Fernando Alonso "We knew that dual race in Spa and Monza will be for us a difficult test, but so many gatherings, how many of these two races is too much. However, we have shown a rate higher than expected, although I could convert it in points.We left the European part of the season is behind, and has now entered the final phase. Singapore is a great place to start, as this is one of the tracks on the calendar that is best suited for our car. This is a real chance to fight for points.In Singapore you need a car with good traction in slow corners and set at a high level of downforce, so we definitely have a chance. You only need to make sure that there are and reliability".

2017-09-14 13:44:03

Honda the Balance between chassis and engine is the key to success in Singapore

The head of Honda Yusuke Hasegawa believes that the Singapore partner team McLaren will be able to compete for points.Yusuke Hasegawa "we had a disappointing weekend in Italy, however, we saw positive points in the fact that our speed on the straight was quite high. In contrast to Monza, Singapore can boast a large number of slow corners. Marina Bay will help to reveal our main strengths.The right balance between the settings of the machine and the possibilities of the engine - the key to success in the upcoming weekend. Our engineers are hard at work preparing the perfect settings of the power plant. I hope we will be able to provide pilots with a good engine, so they can hunt for points".

2017-09-13 10:04:03

Niki Lauda Ferrari are the favourites of Singapore

Non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda Ferrari called the favorite of the upcoming Grand Prix of Singapore.Niki Lauda "We won in Monza, and it was a shame for Ferrari at their home track. But in Singapore, maybe Vettel will change the situation. Many times the Ferrari was faster than the Mercedes. At Spa Vettel was very close to us. Okay, in Monza, maybe a little less, but in my opinion, this was due to a mistake in the settings of the Ferrari.The Scuderia will be a favorite in Singapore, but on the other hand, it is difficult to say who will win. I hope it will be Hamilton.Vettel is the pilot number one. He's loyal to the Scuderia, and if the team is competitive, its hard to get ahead".Vettel has won four of the last six races in Singapore. On account of Hamilton's only two victories in 2009 and 2014.

2017-09-11 13:24:03

Nick Chester the Track in Singapore is different from Monza

Renault technical Director Nick Chester told about the main features of the route in Singapore.Nick Chester "first, this track is very different from Monza, in stark contrast with it, because you want from the machine settings with high downforce. This road, which should match perfectly. You need to consider many variables when drawing true settings level turns, thrust requirements, the height of the curbs, and much more. But if you have a sufficient amount of downforce, the car will definitely be competitive.We expect high speed from your car on the ring".

2017-09-10 18:24:04

Giancarlo Minardi it Seems McLaren will work with Renault

The former head of the eponymous team Giancarlo Minardi believes that in the next season McLaren will cooperate with Renault.Giancarlo Minardi "During the delayed qualifying session in Monza Zac brown apparently has signed an agreement with Cyril Abiteboul. I also know that Yusuke Hasegawa, apparently, is flying to Japan to produce a new programme of work with the Toro Rosso".

2017-09-10 17:44:03

A system of fines incomprehensible

Pressure is growing on the leadership of the Formula 1, because the current system of fines for technical failures of machines incomprehensible to the General public.In the name of reducing costs, pilots are punished by penalties of deprivation places on the starting grid. This happens when they overstep the limit of the permitted number of engine parts during the season.The ex-pilot Jochen Mass "Moving down the grid for the replacement parts - it is unclear to me. This part of the car, and when they break, they need to be replaced. We've all seen the chaos in Monza, where many pilots were punished.Sports Director of the Formula 1 Ross Brawn "We will consider it in upcoming meetings. So we promised Zhat Todt. To find a solution will be difficult, but by 2021 we have time.We hope to find a solution before the introduction of the new generation of engines in 2021. Why Because I think the current system is very unpopular with the viewers. We need to find a better way".

2017-09-10 16:44:02

Nico urged Pirelli to improve the tires for rain

The pilot of Renault Nico Hulkenberg said that the situation in Monza last Saturday, was extremely annoying. After constant delays of 15 minutes were taken out of equilibrium not only the viewer, but pilots.Nico Hulkenberg "We put on and take off our helmets so often Had to start the car, everything is set up and again to turn off.When it became clear that the delay will take a long time, I thought I should do something better than just waiting. For example, to go to sleep.The rain was not so strong, standing water was not at all on the track. The problem was that the tires made only in order to displace a certain number of liters of water. Otherwise, aquaplaning, and, of course, the pilots don't want to.Charlie Whiting was limited. In the future, I think we should continue to work with Pirelli to improve the situation. Because in the past with other tire manufacturers, we would easily have been able to fly in such conditions.Only, this year very few tests for the tyres, so Pirelli is indeed very difficult to improve our products.

2017-09-08 11:44:06

Toto Wolff dissatisfied with the weather service Formula 1

Toto Wolff dissatisfied with the weather service Formula 1

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff expressed his dissatisfaction with the official meteorological service of Formula 1.This year Meteo France took on the role of provider information about the weather for all Formula 1 teams. But in Monza the weather forecasters apparently gave incorrect predictions.Toto Wolff "on Friday they promised all-day rain, but the sun was out. On Saturday we were promised a dry day, but we all remember how was practice and qualification".Wolf hinted that Formula 1 needs to rethink its dependence on centralized meteorological services, whereas in the past the teams are engaged with their own suppliers.Toto Wolff "Maybe we need to think if it's right. Perhaps we should return to the old regulations".

2017-09-07 11:54:03

Fernando Alonso wants to be loyal to McLaren

Fernando Alonso wants to be loyal to McLaren

The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso has said that he wants to be loyal to McLaren, considering his future in Formula 1.The head of McLaren Zac brown before leaving Monza said, it's likely that the Spaniard will sign a new contract in 2018 if McLaren will abandon Honda and will sign an agreement with Renault.Fernando Alonso "McLaren is in a difficult situation, because three years the team was very uncompetitive. I think that three years of non-competitiveness is the limit for a team like McLaren is one of the best in the history of Formula 1. Starting next year, I think all this will change.I don't know what will happen, but I'm optimistic. One option is to change the engine. I'll wait for their decision.I want to be loyal to the team, because we went through hard times together. When they solve the issue with the engine, I also will make my decision".

2017-09-06 16:24:03

The contract extension of Sergio Perez was delayed because of the sponsors

The contract extension of Sergio Perez was delayed because of the sponsors

The contract of Sergio Perez with Force India expires at the end of this year. Mexican is expected to announce the extension of the agreement in Belgium, however, have already passed the race in Spa and Monza, and signed papers there.Deputy head of the Force India Otmar, Szafnauer stated that the contract with Perez sure to be extended, and a hitch connected with his sponsors.Othmar, Szafnauer "it Remains only to clarify some details. We all know that Sergio's career from the beginning to support Mexican sponsors, so be sure to sign two contracts. The contract with Peres agreed, was left to negotiate with sponsors".

2017-09-06 11:54:04

The teams of the 2018 contracts and rumors after Monza

The teams of the 2018 contracts and rumors after Monza

In the course of the last two Grand Prix in Spa and Monza, some teams voiced signed with the pilots contracts. Permutations to the top teams is not expected, although technically jobs are still there.Mercedes the contract Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes ends at the end of 2018. Agreement with Valtteri Bottas was signed only for one season. However, Finn has proved himself as a team player, and leadership in the face of Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda spoke in favor of the contract extension.The final word for the Board of Directors. However, other candidates for this place not Sebastian Vettel extended his contract with Ferrari, Fernando Alonso was given to understand that he should not dream about Mercedes after the scandal of 2007, and young drivers Esteban Windows and Pascal Wehrlein lack experience.Ferrari before the start of the home Grand Prix of Italy, the team extended the contracts with current drivers. And if Sebastian Vettel the agreement signed before the end of 2020, with Kimi Raikkonen signed a one-year contract.Red Bull Red Bull satisfied with the work of Daniel ricciardo and max Verstappen. There has repeatedly stated that both pilots connected with the team multi-year contracts. The pilots themselves did not seem very satisfied with the situation in the Red Bull. But they should go nowhere, as vacancies in the Mercedes and Ferrari will only appear at the end of 2018.Force India Esteban a Window signed a multiyear contract, but the agreement with Sergio Perez ends this year. The team is ready to prolong the contract with the Mexican, behind which there are respectable sponsors, but the pilot admitted that he has other offers. If Perez leaves Force India, it is likely to replace Pascal Wehrlein.Williams no doubt, lance Stroll will retain a seat at Williams due to large financial injections from Stroll-Scarecrow. The team needs a second experienced pilot, and Felipe Massa copes with this role. Most likely, the Brazilian will keep his place.A couple of weeks ago there were rumors that the pilot Williams could become Fernando Alonso. But it is unlikely the Spaniard will agree to change sewed on soap in the near future, Williams will not fight for victory.Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz signed a multiyear contract, but there is a small chance that for good compensation, the Spaniard will move to Renault.Place Daniil Kvyat in the team Dolny shaky - his back literally breathes Pierre went Out. In addition, in the Wake of rumors about a possible collaboration with Toro Rosso, Honda has been assumed that one of the places is a Japanese pilot.Renault Nico Hulkenberg signed a one-year contract with the possibility of renewal for the season 2018. Obviously, the team would exercise its right and extend the agreement with the German pilot.But the likelihood of a contract renewal with Jolyon Palmer minimum. As a replacement candidacies of Carlos Sainz, Sergio Perez, Robert Kubica and Russian Sergey Sirotkin.Some time talked about returning to Renault's Fernando Alonso, but the French team gave to understand that is not going to give the Spaniard the championship the car in the next three years.Navlabel team gene Haas stated he was pleased with the results of Roman Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen and intends to leave the pilots for next season without changes. But official statements have not yet been. However, Magnussen has already said that he has a contract for season 2018.McLaren Vandorn has a long-term contract with McLaren. The agreement with Fernando Alonso expires at the end of the year, and the Spaniard said that he would remain only if the team will change the engine supplier.If Alonso will leave McLaren, to Jenson button. In addition, rumors circulated about a possible invitation of Carlos Sainz.Sauber is no doubt that his place will retain Marcus Ericsson, who is affiliated with the sponsors and team owners. Second place is likely to get one from a protg of the Ferrari. It will either be Antonio Giovinazzi or Charles LeClair. Instead, the Swiss team will receive discounts on Italian powerplants.

2017-09-06 10:54:04

The President of Ferrari Our team embarrassed

Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne said that his team's upset performance in the home race in Monza.Sergio Marchionne "the Speed of the Mercedes is definitely faster than Ferrari. So Lewis said. And I agree that our team is embarrassed by that difference. But our goal has not changed. What I saw tifosi, it was not a real Ferrari. Something went wrong.I think in Singapore, we are invincible. But it doesn't change the fact that a week ago we were very close to winning, and then something happened.For the first time this season we have performed below expectations, so obviously we still have work to do. The competitors were one second ahead of us, and it is impossible to accept. It was not a Ferrari".

2017-09-06 10:54:03

The head of Red Bull Official Formula 1 too conservative

Head Red Bull Christian Horner has criticized officials of Formula 1 for being too conservative behaviour during Saturday's qualifying in Monza.The audience reacted extremely negatively, when time after time the session was delayed for 15 minutes.Christian Horner "to be Honest, I think they acted very conservatively, I would say too conservative. Formula 1 is not a sport that requires exceptionally good weather.From a security point of view it is quite clear that in this case it was necessary to exercise some caution, but we could get back on track much sooner.I think it's an internal matter for the FIA, it should be resolved at the next meeting".

2017-09-06 10:34:04

Jean Todt, the leader of the championship will be a special color Halo

Jean Todt, the leader of the championship will be a special color Halo

The President of the FIA Jean Todt believes that his new idea will help revive the popularity of the innovation in security - Halo.Many drivers and fans are unhappy that the head-protection system will affect the aesthetic and DNA of Formula 1 from next year.The President of the FIA said in Monza that Halo introduced to the pilots were safe.Jean Todt "That's why we need responsible decision makers for the sport.When I announced that we will present Halo for Formula E in 2018, the critics were not. Also with the introduction of Halo for Formula 2 the following year, I did not hear any negative comments. This shows that people have become accustomed to it.I voiced another idea that I like the special colour for the leader of the championship. In addition, I heard that some teams have sold space on Halo sponsors for advertising".

2017-09-06 10:04:04

Toto Wolff admitted that he drank coffee with Verstappen

Toto Wolff admitted that he drank coffee with Verstappen

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff admitted that he had met with the father of max Verstappen at Monza.Amid high-profile negotiations with the participation of McLaren, Honda, Toro Rosso and officials of Formula 1 there was another notable meeting.She passed between Wolff and former Formula 1 driver Jos Verstappen. Rumor has it that the conversation was about the departure of max from the Red Bull.Toto Wolff "first, I know Jos, as he was a pilot. We both have a friend who was there with us. This Is Niki Lauda. We drank coffee, I admit it.The following year max we will not take - it is not available. In 2019 it is one of the contenders for the role of a pilot in our team. Max is one of the great stars of the future, but there are also many others Valtteri, ricciardo and Esteban Windows".

2017-09-05 17:44:03

Valtteri Bottas I'm not panicking without a contract

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas said that he is not worried because of the lack of a contract for the season 2018.Valtteri Bottas "We need to deal with the team. But my feelings haven't changed, I'm not panicking without a contract. I'm used to such things. I am calm, waiting for news.I have no clear answer as to why my temp was not high enough in Spa. Nothing wrong with my car is not found. Therefore, a high pace in Monza surprises".

2017-09-04 11:54:05

Father Verstappen talks with the leadership of Mercedes

Father Verstappen talks with the leadership of Mercedes

The summit at Monza may affect the future of max Verstappen in Formula 1.Bild newspaper reported that the father of Red Bull's driver Jos Verstappen, met with the head of Mercedes Toto Wolff.But as a non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda denies "All these rumors are nonsense. The fact that Verstappen has a contract with Red Bull until the end of 2019. By 2020 it may not be any changes. It needs to be there for another two years.Until then a lot can happen, so it makes no sense to talk about this topic".

2017-09-04 11:54:03

McLaren and Renault discussed possible cooperation in Monza

It seems that the series of meetings of the management of McLaren and Renault are aimed at deciding the fate of the British team. In the paddock there were rumors that the transaction has been successfully concluded.Fernando Alonso "I just came from a meeting of engineers, and now tries to learn a little bit about what happened. While the details of the negotiations are unknown to me".The head of McLaren Zach brown "We have to make a decision in September - perhaps in the beginning of the month. I think many teams are under pressure this decision. To take even the situation of Toro Rosso. Next week we will gather together, review the plans Honda and then make the final decision".We also know that in Monza arrived and the entire leadership of the sports division of Honda. Obviously, a lot clearer this week.

2017-09-04 11:44:04

Carlos Sainz Race ended, not where we wanted

Carlos Sainz Race ended, not where we wanted

The pilot Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz in the race Grand Prix of Italy finished only 14-m. Carlos Sainz "the Race ended not where we wanted to finish it, but today we are faced with difficulties just because we have a good package of upgrades for Monza. It's not just the lack of power - it was important to achieve the correct clamping force.We just didn't have the pace to score points. It's a shame, because I broke the statistics every time I finished the race, I finished in the points.We now go to Singapore, where we need to be more competitive, and I look forward to fighting for points".

2017-09-04 10:44:03

Chapter Ferrari It was a difficult Grand Prix for the Scuderia

Chapter Ferrari It was a difficult Grand Prix for the Scuderia

The head of Ferrari, Maurizio Arrivabene admitted that the Grand Prix of Italy was held for his team very hard.Maurizio Arrivabene "It was a difficult weekend on a track that definitely did not meet the technical specifications SF70H. A large crowd of our fans here at Monza, supported us all these days, and the whole team are grateful for that.After a disastrous qualifying, Sebastian managed to get on the podium. As for Kimi, he had serious difficulties with the balance of the car. Despite the fact that everyone in the team did everything possible, we can't be satisfied with the result. We will fight to the race in Singapore was marked by the dominance of the Scuderia".