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2017-06-07 10:34:04

Alonso not sure about the updates Honda engine

The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso has admitted that he may not be a new more powerful Honda engine in Montreal.Some media reported that the new specification engine will simply not yet ready.Fernando Alonso "I don't know if we have something new for engine in Canada, but I hope so. I get my news from the Newspapers. Some publish one, others - absolutely another.Until we arrive in Canada, we do not know the truth, but every time we introduce a new motor, we will start last, because all the limits and limits of rules is exhausted.So I think we need to carefully choose races in which we can be strong, and in which - not".

2017-06-07 10:14:03

Malone and Mateschitz held a secret meeting at the Formula 1

The owner of Red Bull Dietrich Mateschitz recently met with the new owner of Formula 1 by John Malone.Malone-the billionaire from the USA, the owner of Liberty Media, which is considering the future of controversial rules on engines.In recent days, Helmut Marko of Red Bull warned that if the current situation about the engine will be used after 2020, a company producing energy drinks will leave Formula 1.Newspaper Bild reports that Malone met with Dietrich Materiam, founder and owner of Red Bull. It is believed that they agreed that in future the engines will become cheaper, easier and louder. However, non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda disagree with this approach.Niki Lauda "We need to agree on a new future of Formula 1. But the solution should be more efficient than what is offered to us".

2017-02-07 11:24:04

Flavio Briatore Michael Schumacher is not getting any better

Flavio Briatore Michael Schumacher is not getting any better

The former head of Renault Flavio Briatore said that Michael Schumacher is not getting any better.Flavio Briatore "I know from Jean Todt and Felipe Massa, the good news about the health of Michael Schumacher is not. News there is absolutely no. And I believe that no news is very bad sign".

2017-02-01 10:24:03

Jean Todt let alone Mick Schumacher

Jean Todt let alone Mick Schumacher

The President of the FIA Jean Todt has asked the press to be left in peace Mick Schumacher, son of seven-time champion.Jean Todt "Mick is a wonderful boy. And I urge Newspapers around the world not blessingwhite Schumacher, leave him alone, give him a chance to develop peacefully".Last season Schumacher Jr. spoke in German and Italian series Formula 4, and in both cases he was the second. This year Mick will act Euroseries Formula 3.

2016-12-23 11:34:03

The new owners of Formula 1 is ready to change the format of the race weekend

In early 2017, the American company Liberty Media will have full control over the championship. According to the publication iNewspaper, there already was thinking about changing the format of the race weekend.There is a proposal to hold two races a sprint on Saturday and main on Sunday. The distance of Sunday's race will be considerably reduced. It is not excluded that the Friday workout completely canceled.It is believed that this format will appeal to an American audience.

2016-11-12 13:04:03

Ron Dennis want to shift down as head of McLaren

Ron Dennis want to shift down as head of McLaren

The current contract Ron Dennis with the McLaren Group, which owns the eponymous team expires in January 2017. However, the shareholders now want to shift it from the steering post.According to the publication Sky News, Dennis was going to sell the company to Chinese investors for a sum of almost two billion euros. The majority shareholding of the McLaren Group didn't like it, and they decided to remove Dennis from management and the company, and a team of Formula 1. The Board of Directors meeting was to be held on Friday.Dennis, in turn, tried to challenge the expected decision of the Board of Directors in the High court of London, however, the court did not support the head of McLaren.Recall that Dennis is not only the head of the McLaren Group, but the co-owner owns 25 of the shares. Another 25 Mansur Ayeha. The remaining 50 owned by Bahrain Mumtalakat company.

2016-08-16 10:34:03

Luca di Montezemolo Schumacher responding to treatment

Luca di Montezemolo Schumacher responding to treatment

Luca di Montezemolo, the former CEO of Ferrari said that Michael Schumacher for several years recovering from a head injury responds to treatment.Luca di Montezemolo in an interview with Ecumenical News "He is responding to treatment. I know he's strong. I'm sure he'll get out of this situation".

2016-07-29 10:24:04

Vietnam is committed to Formula 1

According to information posted on the pages of Thanh Nien News Hanoi is interested in the construction of the highway Formula-1.Now local authorities are busy with analysis of calculations, trying to display the total amount of the project. Moreover, in Vietnam are not prohibited from gambling, therefore, attract more investors and construction near the road entertainment.Earlier similar project was closed, since the institution of gambling is allowed to build only on the territory of the circuit. Now the same area entertainment buildings has grown considerably.

2015-11-30 11:24:03

Pastor Maldonado it's a Shame to finish the race in the first corner

Pastor Maldonado it's a Shame to finish the race in the first corner

Pilot Lotus Pastor Maldonado dropped out of the race Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi in the first turn.Pastor Maldonado "it's a Shame to finish the race in the first corner, because for the points I had. Today we had a good strategy to complete the race at a fast pace, but we are unable to see its implementation. I didn't see the moment of collision, I just felt Alonso flew into my car from behind. Of course, if I flew into Alonso, now the Newspapers were full of headlines".

2015-06-29 10:04:03

Telecommunication giants are ready to buy Formula 1

Newspaper the Sunday Times reports that the two telcos Sky and Liberty Global are considering the purchase of controlling block of shares of Formula 1. It comes to the amount of about six billion euros.It is known that these two companies have already held talks with investment Fund CVC Group, which is currently the main shareholder of the championship.Previously there was information that in buying the Formula 1 American company is interested RSE Ventures, which has enlisted the support of the authorities of Qatar.

2015-06-24 14:14:04

Ferrari Williams is ready to offer compensation for Bottas

Newspaper Bild reports that the Ferrari team intends to refuse further cooperation with Finn Kimi Raikkonen and invite his compatriot Valtteri Bottas, who now plays for Williams.Instead, Ferrari is ready to pay Williams compensation in the amount of four million euros. The British team is ready to release Valtteri, but it requires 15 million euros.If Bottas departs Williams, his place may be taken by Nico hlkenberg, who played for this team in his debut season 2010. At the same time, Nico himself also claims a place in Ferrari. Two years ago, he has already held talks with Ferrari, but then chose to take a more experienced Raikkonen, which are now trying to get rid of.

2015-03-24 11:44:03

The cause of the accident Alonso became jammed the wheel

The cause of the accident Alonso became jammed the wheel

Newspaper Marca has put forward a new version of what happened with Fernando Alonso on the tests in Barcelona. According to Spanish journalists, the cause of the accident was jammed wheel.They analyzed the photos of the car in the turn before and after the accident. Before collision the steering wheel was turned to the right, and in this position he remained after the impact.In addition, Alonso himself said recently that before departure routes the steering wheel became very stiff.

2014-10-25 16:04:02

O'connell Caterham Cars will remain in the UK

O'connell Caterham Cars will remain in the UK wrote that Caterham F1 received permission from Bernie Ecclestone to drop two Grand Prix. Crisis managing team of Finbarr O'connell confirmed that machinery and equipment is really remain based in Lipide.

"Racing equipment has been prepared for shipment to Austin, but still remains in the UK, " said O'connell, in an interview to Sky Sports News. It will remain here, and hope that if Cateraham will be able to participate in the last race of the season, we will ship machinery and equipment from here.

Today got a call 10 to 15 potential buyers and have expressed serious interest, we talk with everyone and collect information so that they could study.


2014-10-24 14:24:02

All are interested in Caterham were in the race, but.

All are interested in Caterham were in the race, but.

Between Pinbarren O Connellan, the bankruptcy Trustee opechataly base Caterham F1 in Lipide and not allow there employees, and Bernie Ecclestone had a conversation about how to get out of this situation.

"Yesterday I was in talks with the team, it was in the evening. I phoned and to Bernie Ecclestone, to see if he could help in finding solutions, " said O'connell on the TV channel Sky Sports News. - Time is running out and I needed to talk. Understand that the team now many other problems, but I need to get her representatives walked out with me over the intercom and made an acceptable offer.

In the press quoting Bernie, who says he wants to try to find out. I also need to get everything sorted. The value of assets, which I control, will be much higher if Caterham will be able to compete in the race, so we are all interested in this. I think it's all about money.

I am very interested in the fact that the cars were at the start of the race, I really want it. But I can't afford to pay the creditors of the company Caterham Sports Ltd. I think I should pay those people, who want to be in the race".


2014-10-18 23:44:02

Vijay Malia and Indian cinema

Vijay Malia and Indian cinema

Vijay Malia - Indian businessman, billionaire although the former, as in recent years his condition has declined, co-owner of the whole Empire for the production of alcoholic beverages, co-owner of the team Force India, serving in the Formula 1, as well as several Indian teams in different leagues national championship cricket. List of business interests that person can continue, but until recently it was not known that he had some connection to Indian cinema.

Newspaper Mumbai Mirror writes that Malia became the prototype of one of the characters of the new film and will play the role of popular Indian actor Suhel Seth. Director of the film, called Calendar Girls "Girls calendar", will be Madhur Bhandarkar, the famous master, winner of the Indian national film awards.

The fact that in India Vijay Malia is well-known that he is from year to year funding the publication of a very popular calendar with photos of models, and it is this aspect of life and business activity of the entrepreneur dedicated to the future film, the shooting of which will begin in November.

The news was confirmed Suhel Seth "Yes, I start shooting on November 8, and Malia, my good friend. I also hope that on the set will see pretty girls".


2014-10-17 21:14:02

Alain Prost Double points is an artificial solution

Alain Prost Double points is an artificial solution

This year a lot will be decided in the final race of the season in the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, where racers will receive double points at the finish. In an interview GulfNews four-time world champion Alain Prost has stated that they never supported this idea.

Alain Prost "I've always said that I don't like this rule - it seems to me artificial. Now nothing to do, the decision was made a long time ago, his goal is to keep the intrigue until the end of the championship, but questions remain. Is it good for sports, if one race has a greater impact on the results than the other

I like the circuit in Abu Dhabi, like the approach of the organizers - I was there at all Grand Prix, except the first. Race starts in the evening when the natural lighting, and finishes with faux - night track I like even more. The final Grand Prix, fantastic atmosphere, concerts - it's a real event."


2014-10-14 22:24:02

Nico Rosberg I don't feel like catching up

Nico Rosberg I don't feel like catching up

Lewis Hamilton twice during the season played serious behind Nico Rosberg. Now Lewis nine victories, Niko only four, but the points difference is small, all probably will be decided at the final Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, where racers will receive double points. In live Sky Sport News, Rosberg was talking about the fight for the title.

Nico Rosberg "I know that I must start again to win, and I like the idea of double points in Abu Dhabi

In Sochi, I was able to minimize losses after a mistake on the first lap, although I was not sure that I can go the distance, in fact, on one set of tyres. Before the start we only theoretically discussed this possibility. I knew that risk, so very glad that everything turned out, and after the finish was happy that the team early won the Cup of designers.

I don't feel like catching up. I feel like a hunter and talked about it all year. I hunt for the title. Until the end of season three races, a lot of points still to play, and I should receive them".


2014-10-12 13:44:11

90 minutes before the start Comment Bernie Ecclestone

90 minutes before the start Comment Bernie Ecclestone

For a half hour before the start of the Grand Prix of Russia Bernie Ecclestone gave a short comment

Bernie Ecclestone "I like that Lewis and Nico are fighting among themselves, this is a real race. Hopefully one day they will again face. It would be great.

The chances of Bottas impose them fight I don't know."


2014-10-07 16:24:02

State Bianchi remains critical

State Bianchi remains critical

The state of Jules Bianchi last night has not changed, the doctors in the hospital, mie still consider it critical, but stable.

On Monday evening in the hospital profit parents racer, and Tuesday morning came Professor Gerard Saan, a close friend of FIA President Jean Todt who was supervising the family of Michael Schumacher, when he passed the initial stage of treatment after injuries on the ski slopes in December last year. Professor Sayan called for advice on the method further action.

Craig Slater, Sky sports News "the Head of the press service of the FIA today gave a short review, saying that the state Bianchi - critical, but stable - this phrase was uttered last night. Parents Bianchi thanked the hospital staff for their excellent work, stated that they believe in them, but said nothing about the results of the operations conducted at night on Sunday."

Japanese police examined the wrecked car, the investigation into this matter will not be held, but it will hold the FIA and the Marussia F1 Team.


2014-10-06 20:54:03

Max Mosley Closed cockpit would not help Bianchi

Max Mosley Closed cockpit would not help Bianchi

After a serious accident Jules Bianchi in Suzuka resumed talking about the fact that Formula 1 should return to the topic of cars with closed cockpits. In theory, such a solution must protect riders from head injuries, however, many experts agree that Bianchi is unlikely to be saved. In particular, this point of view the channel Sky Sports News was expressed by former FIA President Max Mosley.

Max Mosley "In case of accident Jules Bianchi, probably no means of protecting the head of the racer - closed cockpit or any other measure does not change the nature of the consequences. The impact energy was huge.

In his time the FIA lot of experimenting, trying to find the optimal solution, for example, tested the protective caps of the same material from which made the lights of the cabin fighters. But all of this is ambiguous, because when the car gets into an accident, person on the inside, and if it would be some kind of cap, which must be removed before removing the victim of a racer, it cannot be excluded that this will only complicate the situation. So this debate will continue for a long time."

Similar opinion is shared by the chief engineer Williams Rob Smedley. According to him, the technical implementation of a closed cockpit is not the most difficult task, however, the effectiveness of such decisions is questionable.

"From a technical point of view it is very easy to do, - quotes the words of Rob Smedley German Auto Motor und Sport. - This issue was discussed at many meetings of the technical working group, but in fact we were making no headway. I don't know, would a closed cockpit on the consequences of the accident, like the one which got Jules. We don't know how in this situation would have behaved any other machine. This accident".


2014-10-06 18:54:02

State Bianchi critical, but stable

State Bianchi critical, but stable

The international press continues to monitor the status of Jules Bianchi, who, after yesterday's accident is in the intensive care unit of the medical center of mie Prefecture.

"The state of Jules remains critical but stable, " reports from Japan Steven Slater, the correspondent of Sky Sport News. In General, information about the same as yesterday, when he was taken to the hospital in about half past five in the evening.

The first new information we received today after here from Paris arrived parents Jules, Christine and Philip Bianchi. They have spent with her son for some time, but did not communicate with the press, asking the FIA representative to say a few words on their behalf. They thanked the hospital staff for the wonderful care Jules, stressing that fully trust the Japanese experts.

But there is no information about the results of the first operation, which Bianchi moved yesterday, or how do you plan additional surgical intervention. The journalists explained that a press conference will not be, therefore, no detailed information about the condition of the rider will have to wait.

It became known that tomorrow here comes the famous surgeon, Professor Gerard Saan, a close friend of FIA President Jean Todt. He advised the family of Michael Schumacher, when he passed the initial stage of treatment after injuries on the ski slopes in December last year. Probably now Saan will perform the same role.

There are also representatives of the teams Marco Mattiacci from Ferrari, Graham Loudon and John Booth of Marussia. They were going to wait for the parents Bianchi, but tomorrow, as far as I know, these commands must leave Japan to continue preparations for the Grand Prix of Russia in Sochi."


2014-10-06 10:44:02

In the hospital mie waiting for parents Jules Bianchi

In the hospital mie waiting for parents Jules Bianchi

The correspondent of the TV channel Sky Sports News Steven Slater is on duty in the hospital, mie, where doctors are fighting for the life of Jules Bianchi after yesterday's accident. In the morning news, he told us what the situation is.

Steven Slater "We do not receive any information from the management of the hospital, as I understand it, the state of Jules remains critical, doctors continue to fight for his life.82328232

I want to refute some of the rumors that appeared in the French press. Unfortunately, Jules is not breathing on their own, while it is connected to an artificial respirator. The second operation was not, he suffered one medical procedure that ended yesterday about 23 hours local time, and since then is in intensive care".

Statements about the state of the Bianchi is not expected until his parents arrive at the hospital mie day on Monday.


2014-10-05 16:34:02

The doctors are doing everything to save the lives of Jules Bianchi.

The doctors are doing everything to save the lives of Jules Bianchi.

Operation at the University hospital mie continues, then Jules Bianchi will be placed in the branch of intense therapy.

The correspondent of the TV channel Sky Sports News Steven Slater reported from Japan "I Must say honestly I spoke with several witnesses to the accident, and, given the difficult circumstances of the incident, can be considered good news the fact that doctors believe in the possibility of carrying out the necessary treatment that will save the life of a racer. The consequences of the accident were initially assessed as extremely serious.


2014-10-03 07:54:02

Luca di Montezemolo it All depends on what he wants Alonso

Luca di Montezemolo it All depends on what he wants Alonso already talked about the fact that, according to the Brazilian press Fernando Alonso, McLaren, Honda and Ferrari has agreed on terms of transition Spanish rider in the British team. However, the retiring President of Ferrari Luca di Montezemolo, answering questions of journalists at the Geneva motor show, noted that the issue with the contract remains open.

Luca di Montezemolo "I think Fernando Alonso the best racer in the world. He is a paid job, spends an incredible race, and in 2010 could win the title. And Fernando, and we believed that together we can achieve more. I have no choice but to thank him.

Fernando talks with Marco Mattiacci, but it is not our task to solve this problem tomorrow. It all depends on what he wants. In the end, we will find the best option, especially because we have a contract".

Speaking about his future, Luca di Montezemolo said that doesn't know yet, what will you do after leaving Ferrari "I am leaving the company at the time when it is in an excellent financial position. I arrived in Geneva because Sergio Marchionne now too much to do. Sure, after a few months it still will call.

Next week will be my last in Maranello. Honestly, I haven't decided what will go on. Otherwise, I would have told about the plans.


2014-10-01 16:04:02

Codemasters has released a new trailer for the game F1 2014

Codemasters has released a new trailer for the game F1 2014 already talked about that on October 17, there will appear a new F1 racing simulator 2014 developed by the British company Codemasters. Wanting to keep interest fans of the video game to the new product, the company has published a new colorful trailer.

The developers promise that the new product takes into account all changes in the technical regulations that occurred in Formula 1 in 2014, including the emergence of turbocharged power plants, new routes and changes in the composition of the pilots. The first new product will be able to assess the owners of the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Version for gen console the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will go on sale in 2015.

text Mikhail Smirnov


2014-10-01 14:54:02

Arai I don't think Japan will discuss the composition of the McLaren

Arai I don't think Japan will discuss the composition of the McLaren

Next year, Honda returned to Formula 1 as a supplier of engines for McLaren and hoping for a quick success, make efforts to attract competitive racers. In the last months in the paddock rumors about their interest in Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, and the fact that the team for the next season can be named already in Suzuka, but the head of sports programmes Honda Yasuhisa Arai denies this.

"We always talk about what riders would like to see in the team, and it is quite natural that during a visit McLaren in Japan, we have a few meetings, " said Yasuhisa Arai Sky Sports News. "But I don't think we will be discussing the riders, because nothing is decided yet".

At the moment, McLaren takes the sixth place in the Cup of designers, once the worst of Mercedes customers. Answering the question, will the situation the transition to Japanese motors, the head of sports programmes Honda added "of Course, there are different reasons for the current results McLaren. Given this experience, we make efforts to make a big step forward."


2014-09-28 20:44:02

In Spain believe that Alonso remains in Ferrari

In Spain believe that Alonso remains in Ferrari

On Sunday, the Spanish radio station Cadena Ser told a story about that after the race in Singapore Fernando Alonso was invited to a dinner of their mechanics, as he sometimes does, and what happened was - to his surprise - that they all read Italian Newspapers, seriously alarmed, and asked him not to leave Ferrari. And then Fernando once again assured that it was not going to leave and asked me not to believe unfounded rumors.

The conclusion, which makes the author of the comment, is this despite all the disappointment with the results of the season and the speed of Ferrari F14 T, Alonso binds their future plans with Scuderia - if only the situation will not undergo drastic changes, and the overall atmosphere within the team will not deteriorate, which has no special prerequisites. Therefore, two-time world champion expects to be in a Ferrari, at least 2015.

Also, the radio station said that people from the environment Alonso had already been approached by representatives of Mercedes, trying to probe the situation in the future, but of course, these were informal contacts. In General, the birthplace of Fernando, where the press is often first learns of his plans, believe that at the moment he is not going to change the team. Moreover, there is hope that James Ellison, a year ago took the position of technical Director of Ferrari, will be able to create for the next season fast machine that will allow you to fight for victory, at least on separate tracks.

Review Spanish radio station ends up revealing passage "this Is the real situation Fernando Alonso, these are his plans for the future. All is not optimistic, but our duty is to call a spade a spade, and not to build castles in the air. We are told how things are now. Let's see what happens."

It seems that in Spain would be happy if their idol in the near future parted ways with Ferrari and found the use of their forces where he can truly showcase his remarkable talent. Probably countrymen Fernando even you can understand, but if you calmly, without emotion, to analyze all known circumstances and possible prospects Alonso, then simple logic tells us that next season, he's still more chances to prove himself in a Ferrari than, for example, in a McLaren. He is now without any problems ahead of the machine of this team, although they are motors Mercedes, and, of course, few believe that the new engines are Honda, which will debut in 2015, will be immediately competitive.

Other versions of rumours about Alonso, of which the European press, are even less convincing. However, as riders often say "In the Formula 1, everything is possible"


2014-09-24 17:44:02

Helmut Marko Verstappen reminiscent of Ayrton Senna

Helmut Marko Verstappen reminiscent of Ayrton Senna

In five races before the end of the season Daniel Riccardo ranks third in the individual competition, giving 60 points championship leader Lewis Hamilton. The chances of victory of the Australian small, but the Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko sure that the team must fight to the end.

Helmut Marko also touched upon the upcoming debut of max Verstappen in the Formula 1, comparing the young Dutchman with Ayrton hay.

Question In Singapore, you had a long talk with the chief designer of the Red Bull Racing Rob Marshall. It was about the novelties that appear on the machine in 2014, or about preparing for the next season

Helmut Marko basically, we were talking about 2015. The main theme was the integration of the power unit in the chassis, the need to establish closer cooperation with Renault next season.

Question And that brings us to the next topic the meeting of Renault and representatives of client teams - Red Bull, Toro Ross, Lotus and Caterham. What was it all about

Helmut Marko how to make the plant better in 2015, how to improve the reliability and efficiency on the road.

Question Recently, the co-owner of Lotus Gerard Lopez said that Renault always hid the fact that Red Bull is a team number one, but this season they stopped doing it.

Helmut Marko This is not the case. For many years we were one of their customers, like everyone else, and only due to the success we grew closer, but even in such circumstances Lotus for a long time was in a special account at Renault. The situation has changed recently. This was followed by the announcement that Red Bull has become the official partner Renault.

Question does this Mean that in the past, Red Bull and Lotus got the same kind of support, but this season the focus has shifted to Red Bull

Helmut Marko It's good to see the results. Last season Lotus with Kimi Raikkonen and Roman Grahanam were one of our closest rivals. This year the situation is different. At that moment, when the power plant is the key to success, it is important to focus on the most promising option.

Don't forget, this season at Renault four different engine, which had to adapt to the chassis. Next year, the power plant will be one - designed Red Bull Racing together with Renault, and others will have to take it for what it is. This is the most effective solution. In Mercedes proved that this model is successful - they have only one version of the power plant. Like a Ferrari.

Question Now Renault is working closely with Red Bull. This long-term partnership or it is focused only on 2015

Helmut Marko We are in the process of strengthening technical cooperation, to 2015 to battle with Mercedes. If we talk about the distant future, now there are negotiations about how we can cooperate at a higher level in the long term.

Question In Singapore, Vettel had the race, but compared to past seasons he has bad luck. How will you solve the problem

Sebastian Vettel We try to optimize all the elements to solve these problems. But remember, in Singapore on Friday, he refused engine - that has never happened before, but the problem occurred again on the machine Sebastian At Lotus, Caterham and Toro Rosso also have problems, but both riders. In our case trouble occurs only with Vettel

Question What can you promise him next year

Helmut Marko We better conduct the tests, and the motor will have more power. We had a technical meeting to discuss the possibility to carry out technical modernization of the power plant until July 2015. So by the beginning of the European part of the season we should be competitive engine.

Question Your words sounded as though you had written the first four exit race of the new season.

Helmut Marko this season we have already proved that even with a lack of power, can play at a competitive level, and next year it won't be so bad, even on the first field Grand Prix.

Question they Say that Sebastian can change the team, he turns everything into a joke. What is the situation really

Helmut Marko to be honest, I don't even know what team he is sent right now - they change every day. Hard to keep track of all the rumors laughs

Question frankly, if not for Daniel Riccardo, results Red Bull this season would not be so rosy.

Helmut Marko I don't quite agree with you. Remember the stage in Canada - they both had a chance to win. The same thing happened in Budapest - the emergence of the safety car played against Sebastian. In the two races they had the same speed, however, due to circumstances beyond our control, both of the race was not in favor of Sebastian.

Question For four years in the Red Bull was "Petalmane". How do you cope with the situation when your star shines not so bright

Helmut Marko actually, we don't raise a fuss about this subject - she is more interested in the press, sometimes in the Newspapers wrote such nonsense. Of course, Sebastian was difficult, especially given the fact that his companion was much less technical problems.

Question You have insisted on next season Max Verstappen played for Toro Rosso. What do you expect from such a young racer

Helmut Marko He is an exceptional talent, which appears only once in the decade.

Question can You compare him with anyone

Helmut Marko he is most similar to Ayrton Senna. In this case, you should not look at his age. He talked with experts in working with young people, they all assure me that in the development plan it is closer to 22-year-old boy than to a 16-year-old. If we talk about its ability to work at the wheel, he four years professionally engaged in racing. We expect that Max will be competitive from the first Grand Prix. This is not a lottery - we know what we do, and success will prove us right.

Question How will you work with max He needs to pay more attention than older drivers

Helmut Marko As I said, psychologically he has more than 20 years And Yes, we are intensively working for him, he will take part in Friday's free practice. He recently drove 400 miles on the tests in Italy. When possible, it works on the simulator, and physical and psychological training with him are the leading experts. Yes, some things will become clear when the season will start in 2015. In view of the above, he will receive a perfect "education" before you start.

Question let's Talk about the current season. What results is still possible

Helmut Marko We had a good race in Singapore. Of course, when the track is full of long straight, Mercedes is still much faster, but there where a lot of turns, in other words, what matters is the efficiency of the chassis, we are again in the game.

We want to keep the second place in the Cup of designers, as Williams and Ferrari will try to catch up with us. It is obvious that the greatest threat comes from Williams. Believe it or not, but we have not refused to winning the title in the individual competition. Given double points in Abu Dhabi, everything is possible

Question So you finally agree with the rule of double points in the last race of the season

Helmut Marko Yes, now we have evaluated this rule Although if we lose the second place in the Cup of designers, then let him curse laughs

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2014-09-20 14:14:02

Mark Webber enough signal display on pit lane

Mark Webber enough signal display on pit lane

Restrictions on communication has become one of the main topics for discussion in Singapore, especially when the FIA softened his stance, putting off the main limitations until the next season. Former Formula 1 driver mark Webber does not see anything amazing.

Mark Webber "this week everyone is talking about limiting radpanelbar, and the following will appear some other topic for discussion. Everything, as usual.

Actually, quite enough signal display on the pit lane, but due to the increasing volume of information in modern Formula 1 on the radio a lot of data. Teams want to optimize, constantly give some directions. Ten years ago there was no such information flow. Having so much data at their disposal, the team want to transfer driver.

If the FIA slightly restricting the radio, you did this so that Newspapers could about something to write. Want to stay in the theme.