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2017-11-24 12:14:03

McLaren were allowed to use a second machine on the tests in Abu Dhabi

On tests in Abu Dhabi team McLaren will exhibit two cars, while the rest of the championship will only work with one car.As you know, the McLaren team had to carry out tyre tests after the Grand Prix of Brazil, however, it was canceled for safety reasons. At the request of Pirelli, the FIA allowed the British command to use a second machine in Abu Dhabi as a compensation for the missed tests in Interlagos.It is expected that both days behind the wheel of the second car McLaren is going to work Lando Norris.

2017-11-23 16:24:04

In the season of 2018 will be bus Gipersoft and Superhard

In the season of 2018 will be bus Gipersoft and Superhard

Pirelli unveils tire of the Formula 1 season to the 2018. To the existing five types added with a soft Gipersoft and the hard Superhard.Full set of Pirelli slicks for the season-2018Superhard - orangelight - golubayev - baysoft - rallysprint - cranialtech - followingmicrosoft pink.

2017-11-21 11:24:04

Pirelli is preparing a new rain tyre for the season-2018

Pirelli is preparing a new rain tyre for the season-2018

The head of Pirelli Mario Isola confirmed that his company is busy developing a new tire for rain races.Mario Isola "We are developing new rain tires. This year, we ran some tests, but before you change your current formulations, we still need to run some tests.So, we have some ideas we are testing. If we can develop more high-quality composition for rain, ask FIA and Charlie Whiting to homologate them for the next season outside".

2017-11-14 13:04:03

In Pirelli has cancelled tests in Brazil for attempted robbery

This week in Brazil had to go through the tyre tests Pirelli with the participation of the team McLaren and its backup pilot Lando Norris. But the event was canceled after the attempted robbery Pirelli engineers.In a statement, Pirelli said "After the attempted robbery and a series of similar incidents that took place during the Brazilian Grand Prix, it was decided to cancel the joint with McLaren tests, scheduled for 14 and 15 November.This decision agreed with McLaren and the FIA, it is made in the interests of safety of employees of McLaren and Pirelli".

2017-11-10 10:34:03

Pirelli In Brazil will reign soft compounds

The head of Pirelli Mario Isola believes that the soft tyre will be the best choice for the race in Brazil.Mario Isola "As we have seen during a race in Mexico, soft tyres are the best choice for a track of this type, therefore, in Brazil we have brought softer compounds of tyre compared to last year, when the choice fell on hard types. All this will set new records during the race weekend.What strategy is optimal We don't know, because race in Brazil is always held in extreme conditions of dense struggle. Here is short round, there's changeable weather, there is always traffic. The team will decide what is best for them. We are sure that all the drivers will work with the soft compounds of the tyres".

2017-10-17 11:34:04

Pirelli may redeem Interlagos

Pirelli may redeem Interlagos

Pirelli is counting on the purchase of the Brazilian Interlagos track. This statement of the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport after a visit to Milan, the mayor of so Paulo joo Doria.Doria reportedly met with Marco Tronchetti provera, President of the official supplier of tires for Formula 1 Pirelli.Joo Doria "Pirelli is very popular in Brazil as the Formula 1, so I would like to meet with the President to discuss the privatization route. Tronchetti, provera told me that he would raise this issue with Chinese investors".In Pirelli have confirmed these words in the newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo "Pirelli supports the initiative of the mayor and his efforts to find investors. But Pirelli is not currently involved in this business".

2017-10-16 16:34:03

In the US bus Ul will be pink

In the US bus Ul will be pink

During the United States Grand Prix tyres are the softest part of Ul will receive a pink marking.So Pirelli is going to support the campaign, which is held in the United States Oct there announced a "month of awareness about breast cancer". Pink ribbon is the symbol of the breast cancer Foundation, founded by Susan Carmen.

2017-09-19 11:44:05

Pirelli to make softer tyres for next year

Pirelli has agreed to supply softer tyres to the teams and pilots of Formula 1 in 2018.Despite the fact that this year's tyres have become wider from the pilots is criticism of the most solid compositions.Technical Director of the Force India Andy green "Hard compound so misplaced for this generation of racing cars that I don't know a single pilot who wants to see them on the car."The head of Pirelli Mario Isola responded to the criticism by promising to opt out of hard compounds of tyres, scheduled for the upcoming races, including Sepang, Suzuka and Brazil. And he also promised that the tires of 2018 will be more soft.Mario Isola "All change to some degree. What was the Ul next year will be the Supersoft, Supersoft will become Soft, and Soft will become Psychic. All it means is that we, of course, developing all new tires Ul.We will have a bus ready for commands that can be checked during the tests in Abu Dhabi".

2017-09-16 12:04:03

Pirelli advises Ferrari to win in Singapore

Sebastian Vettel can regain the lead in the world championship this weekend in Singapore. This is the opinion of Marco provera, who is the Director General of the official tire supplier Pirelli.The Italian admits that he is happy that Ferrari this year has caught up with Mercedes, although Pirelli stays on the neutral side.Marco provera "the Scuderia has not only closed the gap, but were able to defeat Mercedes. Ferrari faster on urban roads where the maximum speed is lower and the Mercedes has a slight advantage when speed is higher.So I think Ferrari will be able to show a good race in Singapore".

2017-09-10 16:44:02

Nico urged Pirelli to improve the tires for rain

The pilot of Renault Nico Hulkenberg said that the situation in Monza last Saturday, was extremely annoying. After constant delays of 15 minutes were taken out of equilibrium not only the viewer, but pilots.Nico Hulkenberg "We put on and take off our helmets so often Had to start the car, everything is set up and again to turn off.When it became clear that the delay will take a long time, I thought I should do something better than just waiting. For example, to go to sleep.The rain was not so strong, standing water was not at all on the track. The problem was that the tires made only in order to displace a certain number of liters of water. Otherwise, aquaplaning, and, of course, the pilots don't want to.Charlie Whiting was limited. In the future, I think we should continue to work with Pirelli to improve the situation. Because in the past with other tire manufacturers, we would easily have been able to fly in such conditions.Only, this year very few tests for the tyres, so Pirelli is indeed very difficult to improve our products.

2017-09-07 11:34:03

Lewis Hamilton agree to participate in the tests on Thursday

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton agreed to help Pirelli with tyre testing this week. The British have always been famous for his dislike of tests, and continually refusing them, citing injury or illness.But this time Hamilton did not refuse to test the capabilities of the car and tyres on the French Paul Ricard track.Lewis Hamilton "I Have tests this week, which is a rare opportunity for me, because I'm not a test pilot.I announced my candidacy, so looking forward to this event.

2017-08-31 12:54:03

Pirelli insists the safety of your new tyres

Pirelli left the Belgian Grand Prix, insisting that the tires of 2017 safe. During the weekend in Spa, it was possible to observe alarming time-lapse footage showing the strong vibration of the rear tires while driving at high speeds.Technical Director of Pirelli Mario Isola "This happened only in two places when accelerating in turns 1 and 19. Of course, we saw the television footage, but we've also seen some of these teams, demonstrating vibration, which we haven't seen before.But after inspecting the tires we can say that everything is in order, there is no danger. The tires don't spin on the rim - we can see this on the labeling and regulation valves".

2017-08-27 16:44:03

Chronicle of the race Grand Prix of Belgium

Chronicle of the race Grand Prix of Belgium

144501 - Behind a one-month break, and the race in Spa opens the second part of the championship.144553 - Today from pole position will start Lewis Hamilton. The British pound is the 68-th pole, and this figure he overtook Michael Schumacher.144635 - By the way, it is here in Spa, 25 years ago, his first victory went to Schumacher, and in honor of that date, his son Mick prior to the start of the race drove one lap in my father's car in 1994.144850 - Near Hamilton will start the championship leader Sebastian Vettel. In the championship Vettel ahead of Mercedes driver on 14 points.144906 - the Second row is traditionally the Finnish Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen.144931 Raikkonen four times won at Spa, but the last time it was in the distant 2009.144959 - the Third row completely for pilots Red Bull, while Max Verstappen again ahead of Daniel ricciardo.145221 - Fourth row Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez.145235 - Fifth row Esteban Windows and Fernando Alonso.145259 - Actually, the tenth qualified Jolyon Palmer, but due to the replacement gearbox he went on the 14-th position.145342 - Thanks to the tenth position went Alonso, who did not have one tenth of a second to go to the finals of qualification.145405 - Next Grosjean, Magnussen, Sainz, Palmer, Stroll, Massa, Ericsson, Wehrlein, Kvyat, Vandorn.145436 - the Last five pilots earned various penalties. So, Kvyat got 20 positions for the replacement of elements of the power plant.145455 - Vandorn twice changed the engine, and the Belgian is in total scored 65 penalty positions.145620 - the Temperature is +22C, the track warmed up to +34C145629 - Rain during the race is not 145720 - Length 7004 m is the longest track in the championship. The distance of the race 44 145747 - the pilots of two independent zones DRS145856 - 14 First pilots will start on the soft tyres Ul.145927 - the Stroll, Massa, Ericsson, Kvyat and Vandorn chose 145940 - And only Wehrlein chose the hard type 150017 - Pilots go on warm-up 150148 - Pirelli offer two options strategies the Ul-Soft with one pit stop and the Ul-Soft-Ul with two stops.150216 - In the stands a lot of fans Verstappen, tens of thousands.150249 - Machine return to the starting 150328 - Everything's ready to 150344 - START150436 - Hamilton, Vettel, Bottas, Raikkonen, Verstappen, ricciardo, Alonso.150444 - Quat 16-150548 Hulkenberg in the final Chicane went 150655 - 1 lap Hamilton, Vettel, Bottas, Raikkonen, Verstappen, ricciardo, Hulkenberg, Alonso, Windows, Magnussen, Perez, Grosjean, Palmer, Massa, Sainz, Stroll, Kvyat, Vandorn, Eriksson, 150722, Alonso at the exit of the red Water attacks. And both of them tries to go through Windows. Three cars in a row150731 - In the end Alonso went 150744 - Start.

2017-08-24 10:44:03

Paul Hembery wants to see in Formula 1 regional calendar

The former head of Pirelli, Paul Hembery believes that the racing calendar of Formula 1 should be more regional.Paul Hembery "If we increase the number of races, we have to divide them by regions. Thus, one unit will be in Europe, one in America the other in Asia. This will reduce the stress of travel and will bring Formula 1 to its region, because within a few months people in one place will be able to enjoy their own season.We could have a race every weekend for two months, and then a month rest. Because now continually heard the questions "is there racing this weekend" People do not understand the principles of the calendar of the season".

2017-08-23 11:14:03

Pirelli Spa is very demanding on the tyres

The head of Pirelli Mario Isola said that we should expect from the race in Spa.Mario Isola "Pirelli participated in the Spa endurance race last month. And the race showed us all know about this track changeable weather, unpredictable competition and the high requirements for tires.Now that we have implemented ultra-wide tyres in Formula 1, we expect that new developments will take place in the upcoming race. For example, a race with two pit stops, the most probable strategy. But we'll know more after Friday's practice.Develop the optimal strategy for a particularly difficult race in Spa, as it must be flexible the possibility of rain, safety car or even red flag, as we have seen in the past year, can affect the outcome of the race. On this track you can't act on a clear plan".

2017-08-18 11:04:02

Pirelli Star should be the pilot, not the car

The head of Pirelli Paul hembery believes that in Formula 1 the main character must be the pilot, not the machine.Paul hembery "Boxing needs exciting races, duels and overtakes, which basically should be available to the pilot. The pilot is supposed to be our superstar, not a machine.We must decide whether there is a Formula-1 for manufacturers or teams If we want manufacturers involved in the championship, they need to be competitive or to pretend that they are such. They should not be afraid of ridicule and damage to their brand.Something similar is now visible with engine manufacturers, Honda and Renault. However, for sports in General is not very good".

2017-08-08 10:04:03

Red Bull and McLaren chose an aggressive approach to the selection of tyres for the race in Belgium

Pirelli has published a selection of teams for the race in Spa. McLaren and Red Bull have chosen nine sets of the soft tyres in the Ul.Mercedes took six sets of Ul, as Force India Haas. Ferrari is in the middle selecting seven sets of Ul.Pirelli to race in Belgium decided to choose three of the most soft composition of tyres Soft, Supersoft and Ul.As a result, several teams have adopted aggressive approaches. Daniel ricciardo and Max Verstappen, for example, will only work with one set of Soft throughout the weekend, as Felipe Massa, lance Stroll, Stoffel Vandoorne.Lewis Hamilton there are four sets of Soft, and Valtteri Bottas, the three of them, like Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen.

2017-08-02 11:14:03

Nicholas Latifi the Heat was strong

Nicholas Latifi the Heat was strong

Test-pilot of Renault Nicholas Latifi on the results of the tests in Hungary was on 7-th position.Nicholas Latifi "it's Cool that I managed to get behind the wheel of cars of Formula 1. Yes, it was very hot, but after testing for Pirelli in Barcelona I really wanted to get back behind the wheel.The car has excellent handling, I was able to give the team good feedback. Sorry for the lost time due to the replacement of the engine, but the mechanics coped with the task, and I returned to the track at the end of the day.Sorry that I missed you so much, but the rest of the day was rich".

2017-08-01 10:54:03

In Hungary started the tests of the Formula 1

After the Hungarian Grand Prix of Formula 1 team remained in Budapest, what to hold a two-day series of tests. Today started the first day, behind the wheel of cars sit mostly young pilots.One additional machine was allocated by the Mercedes team for the tests rubber Pirelli. In her cockpit sits Valtteri Bottas.The teams, August 1Mercedes George Ferrari Charles Williams - lance Red Bull - Max Force India - Nikita Mazepin and Lucas Renault Nicholas Latifiah Rosso - Sean McLaren - Stoffel Sauber - Gustav Malaya - Santino Pirelli - Valtteri Bottas Mercedes.

2017-07-22 00:14:03

In Pirelli has determined the cause of the destruction of rubber Vettel

In Pirelli has determined the cause of the destruction of rubber Vettel

After the race in Silverstone tyre damage from cars of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen delivered to the research center Pirelli. The Italian tire revealed the reason for the gap tires from Vettel, but if Raikkonen is still being studied.In a statement, Pirelli said "a Careful study of the left front tyre with the car Vettel has shown that initially she had a puncture. The movement in run-flat tire in the pits led to the complete destruction of the rubber.In the case of Raikkonen, on his bus a few signs pointing to the cause of the destruction. Will need a few days to explore this case".

2017-07-18 10:54:07

Chapter Ferrari the Tyres in Milan on the study

Chapter Ferrari the Tyres in Milan on the study

The head of Ferrari, Maurizio Arrivabene said that the tires ruptured during the race at Silverstone on machines Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen are already in Milan to check.The head of Pirelli "We are studying the incident. Tires in Milan, where they will be thoroughly tested. Also we need to see more data on setting up machines."One suggestion was that the specific configuration of the Ferrari combined with the high downforce produced by the cars of season 2017, contributed to the problems with the tires.Maurizio Arrivabene "Although the reasons seem obvious to us, not in the style of Ferrari to complain about losing."Sebastian Vettel "I don't think someone is particularly to blame. Looking back, everything seems and feels very easy".

2017-07-08 22:14:05

Pirelli Hamilton has a number of interesting strategies

The head of Pirelli Mario Isola told about what the options strategies have of Lewis Hamilton.Mario Isola "Lewis Hamilton has a number of alternative strategies that may have affected its fine. Start on the Supersoft gives you the ability to go the distance in a pair of Ul or Soft depending on the race conditions. It seems that the universal strategy will be the preferred choice for tomorrow, but of course it depends on weather conditions, which remain uncertain.Also it was nice to see that the time of the pole position today was two seconds faster than last year".

2017-06-29 10:14:03

Christian klien Mercedes is better versed in the tires

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Christian Wedge believes that Mercedes was able to accelerate, thanks to better work with rubber.Christian klien "in Canada, Ferrari was the clear favorite, with a huge advantage ahead of the Mercedes, especially in the work with rubber. But since then, time passed, and now Mercedes has better tires, Pirelli, making them faster to enter the working temperature window.If we talk about the title, the world champion will be the team that will be able to develop most effectively the rest of the season".

2017-06-28 17:44:02

Pirelli can prepare even more soft tyres in 2018

The participants began to complain that the tyres are too durable.In Montreal the head of Haas Gunther Steiner said "On the Supersoft we could hold three races."The pilot of Renault Nico Hulkenberg "If you look at the Supersoft tyres, after 30 laps, they will be like new".Part of the problem is high tyre pressure required Pirelli, but the Italian company is reluctant to reduce it, especially in more rigid structures.The German edition Auto Motor und Sport reports that one of the solutions is the introduction of the championship of softer rubber. The new team would get called Megasoft may appear in the season of 2018.

2017-06-21 16:14:03

McLaren doesn't have problems with tires

The tire does not apply to the problems of the McLaren this year. According to experts, to chassis the McLaren is one of the best in the peloton. One reason for this phenomenon is the McLaren approach to winter work, especially in preparation for the new, wider and more bulky tyres from Pirelli.While Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull have provided test cars for the Italian tyre supplier, it turns out that McLaren also participated actively in the process of developing new formulations.Race Director McLaren Eric bulge "We were the only team who sent an observer to all 24 days of tests, we presented more data requirements that the FIA and Pirelli wanted to give us originally.Thus, from the very beginning we understood well the tires without having to provide a test car".

2017-06-14 12:44:04

Sebastian Vettel discusses a contract with Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel discusses a contract with Ferrari

The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel began negotiations on a new contract with Ferrari. Team President Sergio Marchionne wants German signed a contract with a salary increase to September's Italian Grand Prix.Sebastian Vettel "the Extension of the contract is not a problem at the moment. It may sound a bit strange, but we are fully focused on the season, and so far we did not have time to talk about the future. We are all trying to maintain the current momentum.As for Pirelli, I was just asked if I wanted to test the new samples, and I immediately said Yes.I don't know if it was an advantage because the test car was completely different. We also had problems with the heating of the rubber, but that's not a problem".

2017-06-14 10:44:02

Mercedes Pirelli listens to the advice of Vettel

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff continues to believe that Sebastian Vettel has achieved favor from Pirelli for his team.Toto Wolff "Our situation last year was different from Ferrari. We were fully involved in the battle between Nico and Lewis, so none of them were too worried about the development of tires for the future.But I believe that you will very rarely find a silver bullet in Formula 1, which gives a decisive advantage. It has more to do with the preparation of many small details.Perhaps the credibility of Sebastian Vettel from Pirelli is quite high, so his words have strongly influenced the quality and composition of the product. Perhaps in Pirelli listened carefully to the opinions of such famous pilot.But I have no proof of that. For me it's just personal speculation".

2017-06-07 10:34:05

Pirelli is not involved in the conspiracy with Ferrari

There are rumors that the head of Pirelli Mario Isola involved in a conspiracy with Ferrari, as only this Italian team is able to deal with new formulations of tires.Mario Isola "I was talking with Toto Wolff on this topic several times. Talked to him about the conspiracy. Wolff suspects us, he just thinks that Ferrari learned how to use the tyres better than the Mercedes.Ferrari has developed a very balanced car, and the whole secret is that the team is able to get to work tires front and rear.This sport is the best, there is great importance hundredths of a second. Therefore, only the best will be able to fully understand the work of this rubber".

2017-05-29 10:44:03

Pirelli We congratulate Ferrari

The head of Pirelli Mario Isola congratulated the Scuderia to victory in Monaco, the first since 2001.Mario Isola "Though it was always clear that the strategy with one stop would be optimal, today we saw a wide range of options and possibilities. Pilots choose when to pit stop, which led to unexpected results.As expected, the tire wear was low. Long stretches even at the Ul on the hot asphalt does not become a hindrance to teams.Congratulations to Ferrari since winning the double at the historic track".