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Chronicle of the race Grand Prix of Brazil

Chronicle of the race Grand Prix of Brazil

184951 - Today from pole position for the third time in his career, will start Valtteri Bottas.185046 - Next to him is Sebastian Vettel.185102 - Second row Kimi Raikkonen and Max Verstappen.185154 - Third row Sergio Perez and Fernando Alonso.185252 - the Spaniard sixth, and so high it didn't start in 2014, when he played for Ferrari.185319 - the Fourth row completely for Renault Nico Hulkenberg and Carlos Sainz.185341 - Completing the top ten Felipe Massa and Esteban Windows.185405 - we Already know that Massa ends his career in Formula 1, so it's his last start on home track.185432 - Next Grosjean, Vandorn, Magnussen, Riccardo, Wehrlein, Stroll, Ericsson, Hartley and 185511 - Riccardo and the last four were different penalties one for replacement of transmission, some elements of the power plant.185525 from the pit lane will start Lewis Hamilton.185603 - British guy failed the first qualified in the status of four-time champion, breaking the car on the first lap. 185629 - Mercedes took advantage of the situation and replaced Lewis powerplant, so it will start from the pit lane.185724 - the Temperature is +28C and the track warmed up to +60C185818 - Round here short 4309 M185826 - race Distance - 71 185840 - There are two independent zones DRS185852 - Rain during the race is not 185926 - Raikkonen on the starting grid had problems with the electrics. But I guess everything was solved.190013 - Pilots go on warm-up 190027 - Most pilots chose the tires 190107 - On the harder Soft will start Riccardo he spent the second part of the qualification on these tires, Eriksson, went Out and 190130 - a Lot of live were greeted by the local 190202 - Machine return to the starting 190218 - All ready to 190230 - Lewis stands at the exit of the pit 190259 - START190327 - Vettel, Bottas, Raikkonen.190334 - Behind the reversal 190406 - Grosjean and Windows simultaneously 190412 - On the road machine 190439 - Grosjean knocked out Windows, and Esteban is the first gathering in your career190502 - McLaren Vandorn 190515 Windows tried to get to the boxes, but still stood on 190527 - the Entire peloton rides through pit 190650 - 1 lap Vettel, Bottas, Raikkonen, Verstappen, Alonso, Massa, Perez, Hulkenberg, Sainz, Faded, Ericsson, Hartley, Stroll, Hamilton, Wehrlein, Grosjean, 190706 - Magnussen also 190724 - by car Riccardo changed the bow 190840 - During the launch.

2017-11-12 08:34:06

Felipe Massa I was not able to show a good lap because of one pilot

Felipe Massa I was not able to show a good lap because of one pilot

Pilot Williams Felipe Massa through to the final qualification of the Grand Prix of Brazil, which showed 10-th result. To achieve the best, according to the Brazilian, he was not allowed Carlos Sainz from Renault.Felipe Massa "I was pleased with the qualification, or rather, the first two rounds. I was not able to show a good lap because of one pilot that is specifically not allowed me to finish the job. It was really disappointing.I think that if you make a mistake, all right then, but it was not a mistake. I'm really disappointed on the last lap it was raining, and I'm not going to give up. And I believe that my result could be much better".

2017-11-12 08:34:04

Sergio Perez I'm happy with this result

Sergio Perez I'm happy with this result

The pilot Force India Sergio Perez in qualifying Grand Prix of Brazil was sixth.Sergio Perez "I am very satisfied with today's result, especially considering how hard it was to work in tandem with the latest qualifications. It was a good fight, because the final was very hard, but I managed in difficult conditions to be sixth. This is our high for today.I have to say "thank you" to the team for all the latest upgrades, because they help us to fight for the finals. The engineers worked so hard and today's result was their merit. I'm glad to be back in the fight in the third round, and I now look forward to the race. Let's see if the rain will go - it will help us to achieve our goals".

2017-11-11 22:04:03

Valtteri Bottas I had a very good round

Valtteri Bottas I had a very good round

In the absence of Lewis Hamilton defended the honour Mercedes Valtteri Bottas, who won the pole in Brazil.Valtteri Bottas in an interview with Sky Sports "In the course of the qualification Sebastian was very close, but in the end I managed a very good lap. Of course, it is a pity that Hamilton took off at the start of qualifying, but I'm glad I was able to defend the honor of the team.We have a great machine, but the fight against Ferrari will be very tight. Looking forward to the start of the race".

2017-11-11 21:44:03

Lewis Hamilton I'm human

Lewis Hamilton I'm human

For Lewis Hamilton qualification in Brazil ended in the second minute. Four-time champion went off the road and crashed his Mercedes.Lewis Hamilton "I'm fine. It all happened very quickly, but I have nothing to say. Very unfortunate departure, but challenges make life more interesting. Unusual for me, but I'm human, I make mistakes, too.In the race I will try to have fun. I was able to get on this track forward, I will try to do it again".

2017-11-11 19:14:03

Hamilton crashed the car in qualifying

Hamilton crashed the car in qualifying

The first qualification for Lewis Hamilton in the status of four-time champion ended with a broken car.Hamilton one of the first to leave the pits during the first part of qualifying in Brazil. However, on the second sector of the first fast lap Lewis made a mistake, went off the road and crashed into a protective barrier. The car received serious damage and the evacuation had to post the red flags.Lewis himself was not injured.

2017-11-11 18:34:03

Lance Stroll could miss qualification

In Saturday practice of the Brazilian Grand Prix Williams lance Stroll refused already in the first lap. It is possible that the canadian will miss the qualification.At the moment Williams mechanics are changing the powerplant and the transmission on the car Stroll.Press service of Williams "because of problems encountered by car lance during practice, you need to replace the engine and transmission. The team is making every effort to prepare the car for qualifying".

2017-11-11 09:14:03

Esteban We were able to take a step forward

Esteban We were able to take a step forward

The pilot Force India Esteban Windows in the practice of the Brazilian Grand Prix showed the 7th result.Esteban Windows "I'm happy today. This morning the car was not in the best condition, but we made a big step forward during the second practice. Now the car feels much better, so that is another good work from the team that made the right decisions throughout the day. We need to continue to improve tomorrow and hopefully we will be able to fight for the finals of qualification.To work on the track was very hard physically because it was so hot and humid, a bit like Singapore. I wasn't expecting it, and it was one of the worst days this year".

2017-11-11 08:44:04

Fernando Alonso Today was harder than we expected

Fernando Alonso Today was harder than we expected

The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso on the results practices Grand Prix of Brazil was in 10th position.Fernando Alonso "Today was more difficult than we expected. During the first session we ran into some problems, and then the second was again having trouble with the engine. We lost valuable time on the track and in the end we were not able to complete the entire program. We tried to move the priority items on the circles when the machine was on the track that allowed more or less remain satisfied with the result.Tomorrow some more will need to recalibrate the machine, so we'll see what we can do. The time between the rivals are very close, so the struggle for an exit in the final qualification will be very tight. But if it rains it will be our chance".

2017-11-06 16:24:03

The head of Renault We can still get fifth

The head of Renault, Cyril Abiteboul does not lose hope to finish the season in fifth place in the constructors ' championship, ahead of Williams.Cyril abiteboul "this season we set a goal to finish in fifth place in the team standings, and this achievement is still mathematically possible.Mexico emphasized our potential. Both cars out of the race, but both drivers were in the finals of qualification and jockeyed for position before the technical failure. There are only two races. We will make every effort to be fifth or sixth at the end of the struggle.At the moment Renault with 48 points and is in seventh place in the constructors ' championship. Ahead of Williams 76 points in fifth position and Toro Rosso 53 points on the sixth.

2017-11-04 12:44:04

Red Bull is the best team for Verstappen

Red Bull is the best team for Verstappen

Jos Verstappen is confident that his 20-year-old son Max chose the best top team to participate in the race until 2020.Jos Verstappen "the Team works day and night to once again become more competitive. If you look at the car in the beginning of the season and now the difference is very striking is the answer to the question about what makes a top team. And all the changes perfectly fit into the style of driving max, which is evident in the results.In Brazil we hope for rain, and then Max will be able to show what he's capable of, like a year ago. I think that in the qualification of the other top teams will be a little stronger, but the race Red Bull will be able to fight for the victory".

2017-11-02 12:04:03

Christian Horner Max greatly missed in the lead

Head Red Bull Christian Horner said that Max Verstappen was bored, being the leader of the race in Mexico.Christian Horner "a Big issue in this race was to slow and not high speed, which was very unusual. I think he was just bored most of the circles.He loves the fight wheel to wheel. That's exactly what he did in the first two turns. He lost the qualification, but won the race. He wanted to win this race more than any other pilot.You know, we have award, in the event that if the pilot shows the fastest lap. Now I think to cancel this rule. I instructed his engineer, so he under no circumstances told him that Vettel has deprived him of a few euros. It was important to bring the car home, which he did".

2017-10-29 10:44:04

Felipe Massa It was the maximum for the machine

Felipe Massa It was the maximum for the machine

Pilot Williams Felipe Massa in the qualification of Grand Prix of Mexico was on the 11-th position.Felipe Massa "I showed the best lap, which was capable of this machine it was almost a perfect circle. Unfortunately, this was not enough to reach the finals. I was happy with my attempts. Maybe the 11-th result is even better the 10th, because I will start from the clean side of the track on fresh tires.Let's focus on the race and see what we can get. We are definitely in the fight, and most importantly".

2017-10-29 10:34:04

Esteban Windows Awesome skills

Esteban Windows Awesome skills

The pilot Force India Esteban Windows on the qualification of the Grand Prix of Mexico was in 6-th position.Esteban "It was a terrific qualifying session. I'm really happy.Everyone on the track and at the factory have worked hard to prepare some upgrading, and I could really feel the difference this morning and in qualifying. They gave me a really strong car, and during a real fight speed is much higher.I actually made a small mistake on his last lap in the third round, so perhaps I could be even faster and ahead of Raikkonen. Despite this, I am very pleased with this result and excited about the upcoming race. We have a strong race pace, good top speed, and there is potential for a very strong result".

2017-10-29 10:34:03

Riccardo Daniel I did not have enough grip

Riccardo Daniel I did not have enough grip

Pilot Red Bull Daniel Riccardo in the qualification of Grand Prix of Mexico showed only 7-th result.Daniel ricciardo "We were strong during the first days of the weekend but in qualifying I just didn't have enough grip. It was not We were great during practices, after which not even touched the machine, but every time I left the pits in qualifying for a fast lap, the car was like the other.We have tried to experiment in the third round, making an extra warm up lap, but it didn't work. Sometimes it happens that some sets of tires just don't work. I got just that.This morning the track was really cold, but we could still show the speed. In the afternoon, when there was a qualification, the temperature increased significantly, but nothing worked. If I can work at the level of practices during racing, then I will definitely fight for the podium. But all this is confusing, and we really need to understand what happened in qualifying".

2017-10-29 00:24:03

Verstappen did not begin to punish

In the final qualification Max Verstappen was in the way of Valtteri Bottas and messed up that first attempt. After the qualification of the stewards Grand Prix of Mexico studied the moment.The stewards heard the explanation of the pilots, watched videos, and came to the conclusion that Verstappen has shifted to the left Bottas enough room.

2017-10-28 23:54:03

Sebastian Vettel It was really a cool circle

Sebastian Vettel It was really a cool circle

The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel won the qualification of Grand Prix of Mexico. For four-time champion is the 50th pole position of his career.Sebastian Vettel "Yeah, it was a great round To be honest, each circle was given to me with great difficulty. The car was constantly slipping, had to fight with the tires. I drove the first sector and was able to win the qualification just because of this.We are very often lost in the recent past and today in the first two rounds we weren't the first, but I was able to go perfectly the first sector and to achieve for the team the pole position. So I'm very happy.Yesterday we saw that the racing speed we have. We made some changes and it worked. It looks promising. This victory is very important for me. Tomorrow Lewis will attack, that's for sure. But let's see what we can do".

2017-10-28 12:34:04

Kevin Magnussen could miss the race in Mexico

The Haas team appealed to the FIA with the request to allow Kevin Magnussen to miss Saturday briefing pilots because of ill health.In the FIA went against the American team, however, before the start of Saturday's practice Magnussen will have to communicate with the medical delegate of the FIA. If Kevin will have to pass a qualification and race, his place will be Antonio Giovinazzi.In the beginning of the season, Giovinazzi already spent two races in the composition Sauber, where he replaced injured Pascal Wehrlein.

2017-10-28 11:24:04

Valtteri Bottas the First practice went better than the second

Valtteri Bottas the First practice went better than the second

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas on the results practices Grand Prix of Mexico was in 6 th position with a delay of half a second.Valtteri Bottas "the First practice was good, I liked it very much. This is such a fun track Everything turns quite complicated, so setting the right balance - a lot of work.We made some changes before the second practice and during the work it became clear that we went in the wrong direction, so at the end of the session I had to go back to the original settings.For some reason, I could not get to work on the tire. That's why everything looked after lunch so dim. But I think it was overall a positive day, I'm looking forward to the qualification".

2017-10-28 11:14:03

Felipe Massa We are ready to fight

Felipe Massa We are ready to fight

Pilot Williams Felipe Massa on the results practices Grand Prix of Mexico was on 12-th position.Felipe Massa "On this track to work pretty hard on Friday, this is not Austin. I could not get a normal a single fast lap, but we can see that bus Ul our car shows good performance.We will be ready to fight on Sunday. We just need to fight for points. We know that Renault looks competitive - this will be our direct competitors. The altitude of downforce here than in Monza, so cornering is easy to get wrong. I was not wrong, so hope to be able to perform well in the remaining days of the weekend. Tomorrow, hopefully, we will have a good qualification and then a good race".

2017-10-22 15:54:03

Pierre of galsi remains without a title in Superformula

The Frenchman Pierre went Out I decided to skip the United States Grand Prix for the final stage of the Japanese Superformula, where he claimed the title.Before the final race at Suzuka, went Out behind the leader of the championship only half a point. However, due to the approaching Typhoon was first cancelled the qualification, and then the entire stage. So in vain the Frenchman missed the race in Formula 1.

2017-10-22 12:24:04

Daniel Quat I am very happy with the result

The pilot Toro Rosso Daniil Kvyat in qualifying for the Grand Prix of the USA showed a 12-th result.Daniil Kvyat "I'm very pleased with today's qualification. We coped very well with the limited information we had. In the morning we lost a lot of time working on the track, so in qualifying, I think we've reached the limit of the machine. So we can be happy - engineers have done a fantastic jobI feel good in the car, and we will try to turn today's 12th place in points. Anything can happen in the race, so we just need to stay cool and work well with the tires, to stick to a flexible strategy and fight".

2017-10-22 11:54:04

Felipe Massa It was a clean circle

Pilot Williams Felipe Massa in the qualification of Grand Prix of the USA was on the 11-th position.Felipe Massa "My lap was clean. Today between the three teams was a slight difference in speed, but, unfortunately, we were the third of them. We need to perform. My laps were clean, no bugs, but, unfortunately, we are unable to get to the finals.I was happy and confident in the car the whole weekend, but I expect that we will make another step forward".

2017-10-22 11:44:03

Esteban I Have had stomach problems

The pilot Force India Esteban Windows once again took place in the final qualification showed the 7th result.Esteban Windows "I'm pleased with this result. Again the team did a fantastic job, we were strong at every circuit during the weekend. We have a great chance to earn a lot of points.For me it was a difficult qualifying session because I didn't feel good. I had a very strong headache, had stomach problems. So I'm glad that went through the session with strong results. Now I need to relax a bit and try to recover, to-morrow to be ready to race".

2017-10-22 10:54:04

Kimi Raikkonen We tried our best

Pilot Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen in qualifying for the Grand Prix of the USA showed the 5th result. While only 9 thousandths of a second he came to 3rd position.Kimi Raikkonen "Today the car was better than in previous days. After the Friday session, we made some changes and in qualifying I had a pretty good balance. We tried hard, but the fifth position is my maximum that I could get on this machine. I think that it was possible to achieve more, but in some places it was a little difficult. I struggled tried to turn pure maximum, some rounds were good, and some I've made too many mistakes.It was a worthy qualification, but surely it could be better, so I can't be satisfied with the result. Start will be difficult, but I will try to do everything very cleanly and efficiently".

2017-10-22 10:44:03

Carlos Sainz I'm very proud of myself

Carlos Sainz in the first part of Renault qualified finished in 8th position.Carlos Sainz "this weekend had a lot to adapt, but I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved. This is a good result considering it is our first qualificationIt was not an easy session with the constant changes in temperature and wind. I didn't know how the car will react to it, but we did a good job, so I am very happy.The transition to a new team late in the season was always a difficult task, but everyone in the team and the plant most helped me. Tomorrow I will try to do a clean race. Speed is, therefore, my goal is to finish higher than that I start".

2017-10-22 10:34:03

Roman Grosjean Hard home qualifications

Haas pilot Roman Grosjean in the home for his team in the qualification of Grand Prix of the USA showed 14-th result.Roman Grosjean "It was a tough weekend until qualifying. Before qualification I didn't use Ul. Yesterday, we worked with other teams, and on Saturday morning turned on the track before to try them out.The incident with Strolla was unexpected and quite close to the accident. I was lucky not to turn around on the grass, that could be a disaster. It would be the end of the training. We went to the second round, which is good, since it was the maximum that we can squeeze out of their car.We strongly tightened and narrowed the gap from seven tenths to two-tenths to the guys ahead, but we still don't really perform well on the home track. I think it has more to do with the tyres, and in this area there's a gap in speed. We need to deal with it. I hope we can give the fans something special tomorrow".

2017-10-22 10:14:05

Lance Stroll punished for blocking

After the end of the qualification in Austin, the stewards of the Grand Prix of the USA have punished the lance Stroll for blocking Roman Grosjean.Stroll was fined loss of three positions at the start. In addition, the young canadian earned first career penalty.Earlier, a similar punishment was awarded to Kevin Magnussen, prevented Sergio Perez.

2017-10-22 09:54:03

Riccardo Daniel I'm glad to be the fourth

Pilot Red Bull Daniel Riccardo in qualifying Grand Prix of the United States showed the 4th result. Front couple Mercedes and Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari.Daniel ricciardo "I was glad when I crossed the line and saw that I was fourth. I was just a hundredth from Valtteri, but I knew I had done everything and jump was impossible.We don't have much speed, and today after practices, it has not increased. Today more and a strong wind blew, and, from all sides. This factor combined with the fact that the track is a little bumpy and slippery, just leads to a crazy race and qualifications I was only on the last lap managed to find the speed and approach to the track. The second time I would not be able to repeat it".