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2017-09-23 11:44:03

McLaren offered to Honda mechanics to pause

Team McLaren offered to the Honda mechanics to take a sabbatical to build a competitive engine. However, the Japanese refused, and the contract will run until the end of 2024, was terminated.Race Director McLaren Eric bulge "at the start of 2017, we realized that we have serious problems. We started to get nervous and began to look for solutions that could improve the situation.In a pinch, we were ready to offer Honda skip one season until they succeed.We also suggested that the Honda engineers and their colleagues from Mercedes can provide technical cooperation. Or form your own group of experts in the field of engines, consisting of different companies to help Honda faster to find a more effective solution.Unfortunately, none of the proposals has not been adequately studied, and as a result we have exhausted the arguments. We had come to the conclusion that there is no other way, except for the termination of cooperation."McLaren will use customer Renault engines next year.

2017-09-10 20:54:03

McLaren not sure about the fine Vandorn Singapore

Race Director McLaren Eric bulge said that his team are not sure whether or Stoffel Vandorn new penalty for changing elements of the power plant is already in Singapore.Eric boullier "We're not sure yet, but we will need to replace the unit MGU-K. He doesn't, just wasn't enough time before the race because of the closed Park."Considering the chances of McLaren in Singapore, boullier expects the team well, as in Hungary, where she finished two cars in the top ten.Eric bulge "In Singapore we have to finish two cars in the top ten. Also, both cars should reach the final qualification. I think this is second favorite us route after Budapest".

2017-09-07 10:34:03

Eric boullier Honda is not able to operate at our level

Race Director McLaren Eric bulge said that Honda may not work on the same level of competitiveness with the British team.Eric boullier "McLaren have achieved their goals, and Honda could not. The situation is complicated by the fact that we are talking not only about McLaren. We also need to consider all the options that will be best for the whole Formula 1. All parties to the negotiations understand that. I can't tell you about it."The head of McLaren Zach brown "the Ideal scenario is one where everyone is smiling at the end. But for this it is necessary that the Toro Rosso was the correct play its role.We need to know what we do and where we go, because we are now in a time zone that affects the design of the car next season".

2017-09-04 11:44:04

Carlos Sainz Race ended, not where we wanted

Carlos Sainz Race ended, not where we wanted

The pilot Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz in the race Grand Prix of Italy finished only 14-m. Carlos Sainz "the Race ended not where we wanted to finish it, but today we are faced with difficulties just because we have a good package of upgrades for Monza. It's not just the lack of power - it was important to achieve the correct clamping force.We just didn't have the pace to score points. It's a shame, because I broke the statistics every time I finished the race, I finished in the points.We now go to Singapore, where we need to be more competitive, and I look forward to fighting for points".

2017-08-27 17:14:03

Fernando Alonso has Summed up the engine

Fernando Alonso has Summed up the engine

The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso out of the race the race Grand Prix of Belgium due to engine problems.Fernando Alonso "the Race was interesting, especially the first part when I was fighting in the top ten. But I forgave. Suddenly lost power so I had to stop the car in the pits.It was a very disappointing result, because I really could finish in the points zone. Let us now try to compete for points next week in Monza.As for the contract next year, then it is necessary to wait. View, time to think is still there. But now I can say I'm happy with my team".

2017-08-23 11:34:05

Fernando Alonso I Love the first after the holiday race

The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso has said that eagerly awaits the opportunity to return behind the wheel.Fernando Alonso "I love the first after the summer break race It's an incredible feeling when you go back to work, feeling rested, relaxed and loaded, and ready to fight for their goals. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, worked hard and now look forward to returning to the car.As the season continues, we become stronger and stronger, and, hopefully, the second half of the year will bring us even more points. Race in Spa - a difficult task for an entire team of engineers and mechanics, as you pass the gas to the floor almost three quarters of the circle, making the track a serious test for the machine and the pilot. We know that we have a lot of work to achieve a positive result, but the lap here is long, and there are plenty of places for overtaking".On account of 13 races Alonso in Spa. Three times the Spaniard was on the podium, but not higher than the second step.

2017-08-22 13:24:03

The race at Spa is an important Grand Prix for McLaren

Race Director McLaren Eric bulge said that the upcoming race in Spa is important for his team for three reasons.Eric boullier "it's Always nice to get back on track after the summer break. We all had the opportunity to relax with family and recharge the batteries.The race at Spa has always been special for McLaren, but this season it will be even more important. First, it is the home Grand Prix for Stoffele of Vandorn. Secondly, it was at Spa in 1968, Bruce McLaren won the first victory driving for his own team. In addition, on 30 August we will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the birth of Bruce McLaren".That's just the chances of success on the track where the engine power, the McLaren is minimal.

2017-08-22 13:14:05

A couple of responses from Kevin Magnussen

A couple of responses from Kevin Magnussen

The press service of the official website of Formula 1 asked interesting questions to the pilot Haas Kevin Magnussen.Question in Addition to flying Formula 1 car, what do you like doingKevin Magnussen I Have enough to do in Formula 1, so outside of racing I like a relaxed life. No noise I can not stand it enough during the raceQuestion What movie last made you cryKM it Must have been a very long time - I don't remember.Question What are you afraid ofKM Spiders make me nervous.Question What was the last book you readKM I like to read biographies, mostly of athletes. The last one was Usain Bolt.Question What your teachers said about you at schoolKM My teacher was a woman, and she told me to dream more is to strive for your goals.Question do you have any "wrong" weaknessKM the Candy. Sweets.Question You do not collectKM No, not anymore. When I was a kid, I had all my trophies from karting in my room. I took all that and threw it away.Question what do you miss most when travelingKM my dog is an annual English Staffordshire bull Terrier.Question What was your worst purchaseKM I'm a very thoughtful shopper, so knock on wood, I haven't had bad purchases.Question What is your perfect Sunday without a raceKM Good weather in Denmark and a nice walk on the beach with my dog.Question What is the biggest mistake you ever madeKM Nothing comes to my mind. I'm the one who can all easily forget.Question When was the last time you were really angryKM Every day in traffic jams For many obvious reasons.Question What super power would you prefer to fly or be invisibleKM the Ability to fly.Question What do you sing in the showerKM I don't singQuestion do You believe in love at first sightKM Yes It's happened to me before.Question What is the worst thing to be famousKM what some people know about you from unreliable sources.Question What is the strangest question you ever heardKM IN each race weekend, I ask strange questions. I don't remember all of them, I very quickly forget themQuestion You can invite three people to dinner, living or dead. Whom do you inviteKM Elvis Presley, Jim Clark and Abraham Lincoln.Question What was the best for you as a childKM Karting. That's allQuestion What everyone needs to try at least once in your lifeKM the Race in Formula 1.

2017-08-06 23:24:06

Eric bulge Lando Norris is a future star

Race Director McLaren Eric bulge said that Lando Norris after the incredible tests in Hungary exactly can be considered a rising star of Formula 1.Recall that during the recent tests, 17-year-old Norris has surpassed the time, Fernando Alonso, shown in the final qualification. However, in a barouche was a softer rubber Ultrasoft. At the same time, the young Briton first drove the McLaren MCL32.Eric bulge "Lando amazed all of us with his maturity, professionalism and speed, and he quickly coped with the modern machines of Formula 1.His feedback to the engineers was valuable and useful, and he, of course, is our rising star. He will show a lot in the future".

2017-08-01 10:04:04

McLaren 12 weeks the choice of engine

McLaren 12 weeks the choice of engine

Race Director McLaren Eric bulge said that his team has 12 weeks to choose the supplier of engines for the season 2018.Eric boullier "We need to make a decision no later than 12 weeks. If you want to build a car is around the engine, you need to start work no later than September".At the same time, Honda is confident that McLaren will not abandon the cooperation with Honda.The head of Honda Masashi Yamamoto "Honda in Formula 1 with McLaren. We have a contract".

2017-07-29 20:24:04

Lewis Hamilton Not the easiest weekend

Lewis Hamilton Not the easiest weekend

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton in qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix showed the 4th result.Lewis Hamilton "It was not the easiest weekend for us, but the results I was still disappointed. I knew that the pilots Ferrari will be quick, but didn't think the gap will be so serious.Race tomorrow - then we'll see what we can do. To overtake here difficult, so everything will depend on good strategy".

2017-07-20 10:34:02

Italian press the Grand Prix of great Britain was a turning point for Ferrari

The Italian publication claims that Ferrari after the failure at Silverstone should fear for the fate of the title.La Gazzetta dello Sport "the Race for Ferrari at Silverstone was the worst this season. The Scuderia returned home worried that the British Grand Prix may have been a turning point in favor of Mercedes. The last three races were tough, but now it's much worse."After the Grand Prix of great Britain Sebastian Vettel ahead of Lewis Hamilton by just one point.

2017-07-09 18:14:03

Sergio Perez Today we were strong

Sergio Perez Today we were strong

Race for Force India in Austria turned out pretty good Sergio Perez finished 7th, Esteban Windows - 8. Sergio Perez "We really struggled a lot in today's race and we were strong. Thanks to the team for a good strategy. We were able to keep two machines in the glasses, which is good for the team. As a result, we have earned a lot of points. It was a difficult weekend for me personally, but I did everything I could."Esteban Windows "That was a strong race, but not perfect. I could do better, if not failed start. I played the position, but lost it very quickly. In the end I struggled a lot with Felipe, and I was lucky to stay ahead. It was very difficult. I helped overtaking the leaders, so today I can be happy".

2017-07-09 14:34:03

McLaren denies rumors about the breakup with Honda

The future of the project McLaren-Honda, it seems, is in a healthy phase of its development, because during the weekend in Austria was not told about a possible breakup.Race Director McLaren Eric bulge "we had some setbacks early this season, but you can see that we're back on the right path. We will soon be fighting for first place.Also, I officially deny any rumors that we are going to take a break in the relationship with Honda in favor of the Mercedes".

2017-07-08 16:54:06

Sebastian Vettel I could drive faster

Sebastian Vettel I could drive faster

The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel in the final qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix showed the 2nd result.Sebastian Vettel "obviously I could go round faster. Yellow flags ruined my fast lap, but all the pilots were in the same conditions, no one has been able to improve their results.The machine is tuned very well, we have the high speed range. Race pace also looks impressive, so we have a chance to fight for the victory".

2017-06-28 11:34:03

McLaren have confirmed their interest in Carlos Sainz

McLaren have confirmed their interest in Carlos Sainz

Earlier there were rumors that Carlos Sainz could come in to replace Fernando Alonso if the two-time champion from McLaren. The British team confirmed its interest.Race Director McLaren Eric bulge "I know him, and I really like jy as a pilot. All in the paddock respect him, for us it is a great option.But we should know for sure that he's free from his contract. If Yes, then we definitely want it. Of course, we want to keep Fernando, and we hope that he will continue to work with us, become a champion. We all want that, and progress from Stoffele of Vandorn".

2017-06-26 12:34:03

Max Verstappen I'm devastated

Max Verstappen I'm devastated

The pilot of Red Bull Max Verstappen out of the race the race Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.Max Verstappen "the Race looked quite promising for me. So I was completely devastated after his vanishing. The problem again in the technique. I could achieve the podium, but no. I am very disappointed with this result".

2017-06-25 19:34:04

Chapter Toro Rosso Kvyat Car just shut down

Chapter Toro Rosso Kvyat Car just shut down

Race for Daniel quata lasted only 9 laps. As told the head of the team Toro Rosso Franz Toast, the machine of the Russians just off.Franz Toast "On the machine of quata is completely disconnected electronics, including telemetry and radio communications. It's hard to say what happened. In the past such was the case with power plants Renault, but we have it first".

2017-06-25 10:14:06

McLaren the Decision on cooperation with Honda is still pending

Race Director McLaren Eric bulge said that a specific date for the extension of the contract with Honda not exist.Eric boullier "the term does not exist, but there are decisions that need to be taken, procedures that must be followed, and deadlines for negotiations, so an exact date cannot be determined.I can't say that we'll break up with Honda. The situation suggests that we need to make a decision to contract with a defined specific objectives".

2017-06-21 16:14:03

McLaren doesn't have problems with tires

The tire does not apply to the problems of the McLaren this year. According to experts, to chassis the McLaren is one of the best in the peloton. One reason for this phenomenon is the McLaren approach to winter work, especially in preparation for the new, wider and more bulky tyres from Pirelli.While Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull have provided test cars for the Italian tyre supplier, it turns out that McLaren also participated actively in the process of developing new formulations.Race Director McLaren Eric bulge "We were the only team who sent an observer to all 24 days of tests, we presented more data requirements that the FIA and Pirelli wanted to give us originally.Thus, from the very beginning we understood well the tires without having to provide a test car".

2017-06-17 14:24:02

Giuliano Salvi Magnussen similar to Raikkonen

Race engineer Kevin Magnussen Giuliano Salvi compared the character of a young Dane with the character of Kimi Raikkonen.Giuliano Salvi, who now works together with Magnussen at Haas previously worked at Ferrari drivers such as Michael Schumacher, Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen.Giuliano Salvi "He is very honest and direct which I really like. As a character, Kevin is very much reminds me of Kimi - they're both Scandinavians, who, how to say it better, don't care about politics, and they have no arrogance.The first impression can be misleading because they are struggling to establish a direct connection with you, but when you work with them and know them a little deeper, it becomes clear that they are indeed open.They are similar to cats. If they are afraid you see it. If they are angry, you see it. And it's really good. You know how they think and what they feel.Such people will never tell you one thing, meaning another. They are very direct and honest".

2017-06-14 12:44:03

No information about updates Honda

Every day growing rumors that the Union McLaren-Honda will fall apart before the end of the season. I think the last straw for the British team was the race in Montreal, where Honda failed to fulfill the promise to upgrade its extremely unreliable and inefficient power plant.In the race Fernando Alonso out of the race for a few laps before the finish, and not earning almost one hundred percent of points.Race Director McLaren Eric bulge "it's Hard to find words to Express our frustration, our disappointment and our grief. It's just blatant, it's disgusting"Fernando Alonso "After 16 years of performing for me, this gathering does not mean anything, but we need to get points for the work of those men and women who every day work in the factory on the machine.I have no information about the improvement of the engine. I don't work for Honda, and I'm not designers and efficient engines. I'm very disappointed, because McLaren every year gives me a great car".

2017-06-13 11:44:06

McLaren Vandorn - not Hamilton

McLaren Vandorn - not Hamilton

The management of McLaren Stoffele of Vandorn encourages faster to adapt to their new life in Formula 1.Race Director McLaren Eric bulge "In the Junior series machine is the same for all, so you adapt to it, and your style of flying does not change. But in Formula 1 always be new details that completely change the behavior of the machine.The current situation with Honda is not helping us, but the main problem lies in the fact that Stoffel - not Lewis Hamilton. He's good, but he's not a star.Yes, prior to his debut in 2007, Hamilton has played a lot of tests and Vandorn didn't do it. But Verstappen held so many tests".

2017-06-12 01:44:03

Daniel Quat Today I did everything I could

Race in Canada for Daniil Kvyat was having a bad stalled at the start of the warm up lap the engine, two penalties and problems during the pit stop.Daniil Kvyat "a Very bad day. Our problems began during the warm-up lap, when the engine stalled. I caught up with the peloton to the line of the safety car, so don't know what the earned penalty.I managed to get to ninth place, and we had a good pace. Unfortunately, during the pit stop a problem occurred where I had to go.Today I did everything I could. Very sorry that the race ended this way, because we deserve a reward".

2017-06-09 12:54:06

Kimi Raikkonen Vettel is not the pilot number "one"

Kimi Raikkonen has denied all the rumors that Ferrari Manda shares of its pilots by the numbers.Kimi Raikkonen "In Monaco I was in second place and SEB won. It's great for the team, but not for me because I really wanted to win.If people think that I'm supposed to smile, I'll smile only when I have my results, which are expected. I think it would be much more disturbing if I was happy with second, third and other places. What people think all I care.Race behind, and we must accept what has already happened. Pointless something to rethink. And in the team there is no separation of rooms between the pilots. It's all fiction".

2017-06-05 11:24:04

In the McLaren satisfied with the latest upgrades aerodynamics

Race Director McLaren Eric bulge said that his team is satisfied tests the latest innovations in the field of aerodynamics.Eric bulge "As engineers, they are very happy with data obtained from recent tests of aerodynamics. This is the step we've been waiting for.Correlation stunning 95 of matches between the computer and the real work on the track. Now we trust our process. It's not just the aerodynamics, it's also the chassis, suspension - everything works exactly as we planned. Every time we put on a new car detail, we know exactly what will happen.The natural trend is a small deviation, but we are glad that the difference is miniscule".In the last two Grand Prix McLaren drivers consistently took place in the final qualification. However, so far failed to earn at least one point.

2017-06-05 11:04:06

Pascal Wehrlein has passed all the tests

Pascal Wehrlein has passed all the tests

Pilot Sauber Pascal Wehrlein got the green light to participate in the race Grand Prix of Canada.Recall that last weekend, Wehrlein was in an accident when his truck overturned and rested on the fence. Head of Pascal touched the barrier, and the Germans needed a scan of the back and neck to make sure that the new injury aggravated the old one, obtained before the start of the season in the Race of Champions.Wehrlein confirmed via Twitter that he has passed all the necessary health checks and is ready to race in Montreal.

2017-06-03 00:44:03

No news after a scan of the back of Wehrlein

No news after a scan of the back of Wehrlein

There are no even rumors about the health of Pascal Wehrlein, had an accident during the race Grand Prix Monaco.After his bizarre crash with Jenson Button, the young German admitted that he will need scans to check the neck and back.Recall that Pascal has already missed two races early in the season due to cracks in the vertebrae received in the Race of Champions.

2017-05-31 12:04:04

Pascal Wehrlein it's all good

Pascal Wehrlein it's all good

Pilot Sauber Pascal Wehrlein sure his back is no problem.Pascal Wehrlein "I feel good and definitely will be ready for the next race. My back feels good. After the crash during the Race of Champions I didn't feel anything for about an hour, but then could barely turn around.Now two hours later everything was fine. I feel just fine. Let's see what happens in a couple of days".