Renault - sports team, participating in the Formula 1 races. The history of the team began in 1977 when it was organized by avtoroizvoditelem-Renault. Initially, the team Renault positioned as a national French project. For the French team were racers, sponsored French companies Elf and Equipe, even the tires, which were equipped cars were produced by the French company Michelin.Osnovnaya rate in the 70's was made at the Renault team turbine engines, which, although characterized by high capacity, but could not boast of reliability . During this period, the team scored only one victory in 1979. Despite the problems with the engines in the 1983 season the team won second place in the Constructors' Championship, and driver Alain Prost took second place in the individual competition. However, a title he prevented the gathering because of problems with the turbine at the last stage of the race. Since then, the results are not getting better, and the team left the formula 1. From 1989 to 1997, part of Renault's Formula 1 engines was to supply its production of engines leading komandam.S Williams and Benetton teams have won the Constructors' Cup six times in a row. Return of the team in the ranks of Formula 1 dates back to 2002 when they finished chetvertymi.V 2003 they were able to hold onto fourth place in 2004, reached the third season, and in 2005 won the world championship, and won first place in the Constructors' Championship. Riders who have brought the team victory - Fernando Alonso and Giancarlo Fisichella. They also helped the 2006 team Renault repeated its success. In 2007, Fernando Alonso left the team, which led to an unsuccessful season - the team finished in third place in the Constructors' Championship. In this regard, in 2008, Flavio Briatore, head of the department of Renault Formula 1, has decided to update the structure. Thanks to him, returned to the team, Fernando Alonso, a co-pilot took place Nelson Piquet Jnr. Because of the scandal surrounding Grand Prix 2008 in Singapore, the team has lost its main sponsor and changed its color back to black and yellow coloring. In season 2010 the team debuted Russian driver Vitaly Petrov.
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Formula 1

2017-05-28 22:44:02

Jolyon Palmer I don't make mistakes

The pilot of Renault Jolyon Palmer in the race Grand Prix of Monaco finished 11th, on the threshold of a spectacle zone.Jolyon Palmer "I'm happy with the race, the pace was pretty good and I didn't make any mistakes. I liked this race. To drive the car all the 78 laps of Monaco is great. I enjoyed every lap of this race.Here is quite difficult to overtake, so the eleventh after starting from 16th position is very good. I clearly felt that I can get into the points, so in Canada we will try to make the next step. Sorry, just one second separated me from the first of the year points.

2017-05-28 22:04:03

Niko we had the potential to achieve points

The pilot of Renault Nico Hulkenberg ended the race in Monaco because of problems with the transmission.Nico Hulkenberg "I think today was an opportunity to achieve a pair of glasses. We were comfortable in 10th position and had the potential to finish in the points zone. Moreover, if I remained in the business, ninth or even eighth position was possible in this race. The refusal came as a surprise.I saw the smoke coming from the rear of the machine, and the team told me to stop. Diagnostics showed transmission failure. As a pilot, I find that frustrating, but it certainly does not diminish our potential. We will return to Montreal".

2017-05-28 18:14:08

Daniil Kvyat Perez was a surprise for me

Daniil Kvyat Perez was a surprise for me

The pilot Toro Rosso Daniel Quat went off of the race distance of the Monaco Grand Prix after a collision with Sergio Perez.Daniil Kvyat "the Collision was a surprise to me, as well as Perez in the right mirror. He went on the attack in the turn, where to overtake is impossible. There just wasn't space for us. It's a shame to lose points because the car every day was getting better. We have made good settings for the race, the car had a decent speed.Now we are waiting for Canada, where Renault might provide us with an updated engine. We hope for greater power and speed".

2017-05-28 09:04:03

Niko Is the best we could expect

Niko Is the best we could expect

The pilot of Renault, Nico Hulkenberg, qualification Monaco Grand Prix ended on the 12th position.Nico Hulkenberg "I Think it's the best we could achieve today from the car. We struggled all weekend with a lack of grip and balance, which is reflected in the results on Thursday. We managed to improve the car and I am very satisfied with their community. Tomorrow is likely to be a tough day on the track. You need to be fast, but to fly on tiptoe, so as Monaco can always be surprises, and you should always be ready to take advantage of the situation. We will try to spend this race".

2017-05-27 18:24:05

Qualifying score after six stages

After six qualifications in three teams, there is complete dominance of one of the pilots.Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas 3-3Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel - Kimi Raikkonen 5-1Red Bull, Daniel Riccardo - Max Verstappen 3-3Force India, Sergio Perez - Esteban Windows 5-1Williams, Felipe Massa - lance Stroll 6-0McLaren, Jenson button - Stoffel Vandorn 1-0Toro Rosso, Daniil Kvyat is Carlos Sainz 2-4Renault, Nico - Jolyon Palmer 6-0Haas, Roman Grosjean - Kevin Magnussen 3-3Sauber, Marcus Ericsson - Pascal Wehrlein 0-4.

2017-05-26 15:44:03

ABUY and Simple held demonstration races for Renault

ABUY and Simple held demonstration races for Renault

In the framework of the Monaco Grand Prix, the Renault team is celebrating the 40th anniversary of his debut in Formula 1. On Friday behind the wheel of their cars returned 74-year-old Jean-Pierre ABUY and 62-year-old Alain Prost.Gaboy got behind the wheel of the car RS01, which the French team debuted in the championship in 1977. Simple returned to the cockpit RE40, driving of which he became Vice-champion in 1983.

2017-05-26 15:34:04

Carlos Sainz We don't know when Renault will offer the new engine

The pilot Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz told that Renault does not guarantee the exact date of the debut of a new power plant.Carlos Sainz "it is said that this can happen in Baku or Austria, but I don't know when it will be. It's definitely out of our control, so I try not to think about it.Renault had to stop work on the power to eliminate problems with reliability. We'll see what happens".

2017-05-25 17:14:03

From the results in Monaco depends the fate of Palmer

From the results in Monaco depends the fate of Palmer

According to the Judge 13, to manual Renault unhappy with the results of Jolyon Palmer, and the British may lose the place if I don't achieve progress in Monaco.The team leader Nico Hulkenberg for five races earned 14 points. On account of Palmer no points. In addition, four of the five stages he couldn't get out of the first round of qualifying.Weekend in Monaco Jolyon is unsuccessful in the second practice refused machine.

2017-05-25 16:14:03

Team Renault celebrates 40th anniversary of the debut in Formula 1

Team Renault celebrates 40th anniversary of the debut in Formula 1

July 16, 1977 at the Grand Prix of great Britain debuted the Renault team. The 40th anniversary of the debut of the French decided to celebrate during the Monaco Grand Prix, which brought his first car, the RS01.Renault RS01 - the first Formula 1 car with a turbo engine. Initially, the team was represented by only Jean-Pierre ABUY. The first results were, to put it mildly, not very positive and the car of the French team is even called "the kettle" - so often she smoked.However, RS01 opened turbary, which ended in 1987 with the introduction of the ban on turbo engines.

2017-05-24 11:34:04

The head of Renault We need time for reliability

The head of Renault's Cyril abiteboul said that his company has delayed the release of the new engine due to work on the reliability.Cyril abiteboul "We said that reliability is the main problem. That's why we are not prepared to supply their engines to customers.We had updates before Spain. We completed the program at the booth, and on Saturday afternoon all teams were updates. But major innovations must pass additional tests for reliability.We have not yet caught up with the Mercedes, but it's a small improvement. In Monaco will be more, and then even more when we think of its updated engine".

2017-05-24 10:24:03

Alain Prost Alonso will go to Renault

Alain Prost Alonso will go to Renault

Four-time world champion Alain Prost believes Fernando Alonso would not agree to return to Renault, where in the mid-2000s, he won two titles.Alain Prost "Fernando wants to win races and Championships. I don't think we can offer him a car capable of fighting for the title next year, and two years later too.We have to be very realistic. I've been doing this for almost forty years and know how difficult it will be.We have to be very careful. We want progress, but we should not be foolish purposes only so that Fernando will be with us.Your last title Alain Prost won in 1993 with a Renault engine.

2017-05-23 11:54:03

Niko Is the most vivid moment of the year

Niko Is the most vivid moment of the year

The pilot of Renault Nico Hulkenberg believes the track in Monaco, a bright flash racing season.Nico Hulkenberg "This track, like in Monaco, not anywhere else. It is the highlight of the year. It is unique and special in every aspect of the event, and I very much look forward to the start of the race. This is probably the most glamorous Grand Prix on the calendar, and there is no place where the pilot experienced the beauty of speed.Physically it's not the most complex track, but you need to act carefully and very accurately. To be focused on every action that's important in Monaco. To overtake here difficult, but it's an exciting race and a huge challenge. I really love racing in Monaco."Six times Hulkenberg took part in the Monaco Grand Prix, his best result was 5th place in 2014.

2017-05-21 13:04:03

Niko Track in Monaco us

Niko Track in Monaco us

The pilot of Renault Nico Hulkenberg expects from the race Grand Prix of Monaco positive result.Nico Hulkenberg "the circuit will suit us, especially with tires Supersoft and Ul. I'm looking forward to the race and hope for a good result.Last year I made it very well, but on new machines the maneuvers will become more aggressive. Now you will need to find a new rhythm and harmony with yourself and with the machine. There is definitely need to feel comfortable.Over the years of performances in Formula 1, I figured out how to place circles on this track. Therefore, I am confident in the upcoming fight for points".On account of Hulkenberg six races in Monaco, the best result was 5th place in 2014. Last season he started fifth and finished sixth.

2017-05-19 12:54:05

Red Bull hopes to update the Renault

Red Bull Renault is waiting for the updates that was postponed indefinitely for reasons of reliability.In Barcelona, the former Champions thanks to the updated car took a small step forward, lifting myself to the leaders of the championship, Mercedes and Ferrari, but the gap is still large.Sports consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marko "We were able to eliminate about 60 of the gap from the leaders. Of course, we hope fully will catch up with Mercedes and Ferrari before the Grand Prix of Austria".

2017-05-18 13:04:04

Head of Mercedes Red Bull will not let go Sainz

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff sure that Carlos Sainz will not get a Renault. The French have tried to get a Spanish pilot this year, but was denied by Red Bull.Toto Wolff "Yes, Carlos is ready to take the next step. I like it very much, like his family. Carlos embodies the modern pilot, because he is handsome, clever, fast.He is the pilot of Red Bull, and they will always keep good pilots in their system or to control their destiny. And Carlos is now no one and will not let go. It seems that next year he will play for the Junior team.

2017-05-17 14:04:03

Red Bull again threatened to leave Formula 1

Sports consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marko said that Formula 1 needs to move on to other engines. Otherwise, the Austrian team could leave the championship.Helmut Marko "We need a simple engine capacity of 1000 HP, where there will be one standard unit and KERS battery. The cost of creating engine should be in the region of 15-20 million euros.Independent companies like Ilmor or Cosworth should be able to participate in the championship, so we or, say, McLaren could use their engines. Last year, neither Mercedes nor Ferrari want to supply us with their engines, and only the version with Renault was affordable, not without the help of the pressure of Bernie Ecclestone.We want to have equal rights with manufacturers. We want the automakers didn't blackmail us".

2017-05-16 13:24:04

Dietrich Mateschitz We need to get back to the leaders

The owner of Red Bull Dietrich Mateschitz commented on the key issues associated with Formula 1.Dietrich Mateschitz "We need to catch up, but we are waiting for updates from our partner Renault. We need to be patient until closer to Mercedes and Ferrari.I heard Verstappen and Ricardo can go this year. But where All the seats in the Mercedes and Ferrari are busy.It is clear that the new owners of the championship are very committed to innovation. And above all they want to do something else to the audience. We also need to give them time, because Liberty is making the right steps.

2017-05-15 10:54:03

Niko This result was a reward

Niko This result was a reward

The pilot of Renault Nico Hulkenberg in the race Grand Prix of Spain finished sixth and received 8 points - exactly what earned the team the whole of last season.Nico Hulkenberg "It's sixth place was a reward for our team. I will not argue, we were very lucky that the pilots of the faster teams ran into trouble soon after the start. We just successfully took advantage of this circumstance and did a great job during the pit stops. We are pleased to be able to stay ahead of Sauber and to reduce the gap against direct rivals".

2017-05-14 08:54:04

Niko Hulkenberg the Weather played against us

Niko Hulkenberg the Weather played against us

The pilot of Renault Nico Hulkenberg in qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix showed only 13-th result.Nico Hulkenberg "the Weather conditions in qualifying played against us. It was very windy, and with higher temperatures it affected our aerodynamic characteristics. This morning much has changed in the behavior of the machine. I was dissatisfied with the behavior of the car on the track, although the last attempt of the second round was a success. Well, let's hope that the race will be held more successfully.

2017-05-13 20:14:03

Qualification account after five stages

After five qualifiers, four teams, there is a marked dominance of one of the pilots.Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas 3-2Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel - Kimi Raikkonen 5-0Red Bull, Daniel Riccardo - Max Verstappen 3-2Force India, Sergio Perez - Esteban Windows 4-1Williams, Felipe Massa - lance Stroll 5-0McLaren, Fernando Alonso - Stoffel Vandorn 5-0Toro Rosso, Daniil Kvyat is Carlos Sainz 2-3Renault, Nico - Jolyon Palmer 5-0Haas, Roman Grosjean - Kevin Magnussen 2-3Sauber, Marcus Ericsson - Pascal Wehrlein 0-3.

2017-05-13 16:44:08

Jolyon Palmer I don't know what happened

The pilot of Renault Jolyon Palmer in the qualification of Grand Prix of Spain showed low 17-th result.Jolyon Palmer "it's hard for Me to explain what happened. Just the car was not speed. At all. Yesterday I was so pleased with his technique and pace, waiting for developments today, but there was a complete failure. I wasn't sure in the car, and it lacked speed.I really hope that tomorrow I can return to the form that you showed on Friday. I'm sure the team will do everything possible to implement all our plans".

2017-05-13 12:54:03

Nico Hulkenberg Confident Friday

The pilot of Renault Nico Hulkenberg on the results practices Grand Prix of Spain showed the 7th result.Niko "Sure Friday for our team. We did our normal programme without any problems with the car. As usual, there are areas on which we are working. The team should improve qualifying pace, we need more racing speed.I must confess, we very much struggled for good results, so mediocre in the circle a little frustrated. If we are able to bring to tomorrow what I started today, the result of the weekend can get very decent".

2017-05-11 16:54:04

Renault Barcelona we are ready for a big step forward

Renault technical Director Nick Chester is sure that in Spain his team can compete for a high position in the race.Nick Chester "we still Have a few improvements related to aerodynamics. They are specially prepared for Spain. We are in a positive mood before the upcoming race. We have a new spoiler and a new bottom.The updates that we used in Sochi, worked as expected, so we made a step forward in our race pace, while maintaining a qualification rate. In this area much remains to be done, but we are moving in the right direction.We are in the fight in the center of the peloton, but it's a very tight battle, so we must use all the advantages that you can obtain from the machine. We are preparing for the next step forward".

2017-05-09 20:54:04

Sergio Perez, Renault was a surprise for Formula 1

Sergio Perez, Renault was a surprise for Formula 1

The pilot Force India Sergio Perez was pleased with Renault's progress over the past year.Sergio Perez "I Think that Renault was really a good surprise for Formula 1. They made an impressive step forward. It will be interesting to see how they can develop further".However, Perez said that he has no regrets that he refused to go to Enstone in 2017, as Force India were able to show an even more impressive start this season than Renault.Sergio Perez "No, I'm happy with the team they are in. We'll see in Barcelona something that we really are worthy. In the meantime, we are in fourth place in the championship. I think we look good.Obviously, we use capabilities based on the problems of other teams. We have no speed opponents who are ahead, but the speed may appear with upgrades".

2017-05-09 09:24:03

Jolyon Palmer My speech not fiction

Jolyon Palmer My speech not fiction

The pilot of Renault Jolyon Palmer self-critical comments about their performances this season.Jolyon Palmer "Not a fantasy It was very difficult, and I'm the first to admit that my performance is just terrible.Had a lot of problems, every weekend a new problem. I have also made mistakes that threw me back. I hope that new updates will help me to achieve better results.As soon as we receive the new parts, the speed will come. If I can then do a clean qualifications, you will achieve points in the race. In Spain, a lot can change."On account of Palmer no points, while his partner Nico Hulkenberg has 6 points.

2017-05-05 11:04:03

Sirotkin will take part in the tests of Renault in France and in Friday practice in Spain

Sirotkin will take part in the tests of Renault in France and in Friday practice in Spain

The pilot program SMP Racing, reserve driver of the Renault F1 Team Sergey Sirotkin will take part in team quizzes and free practice of Formula 1 in France and Spain.A two-day team test will start on 9 may on the French circuit Paul Ricard. Russians will spend behind the wheel of a car 2012 Renault first test day. The following speech of Sergey Sirotkin will participate in free practice Grand Prix on 12 may."I will be very happy to be back behind the wheel of the car of Renault, - said Sergey Sirotkin. - We have a lot of work during the tests in France, and, of course, you will need to prepare well for the upcoming performance in Spain. Despite the fact that in Sochi failed to pass a full session, my team and I are optimistic and continue with renewed vigor to work on. I want to say thank you to Renault, the program SMP Racing and its founder and Director Boris Romanovich Rotenberg, for the opportunity to work and play in a great team, a great car on the best tracks in the world, in the best Motorsport event in the world".In the season-2017 Sergey Sirotkin conducts a full season in the Renault F1 Team and has twice been driving RS17 on the tracks in Bahrain and Sochi. In parallel, the Russians involved in the work of the Russian prototype BR1 BR Engineering company, involved in work with young pilots SMP Racing, as well as in the Russian educational programs.

2017-05-04 10:34:04

The main goal of Renault is to get as close to Red Bull

The main goal of Renault is to get as close to Red Bull

Renault technical Director Nick Chester said that his team is seriously engaged in restructuring its structure.Nick Chester "In a sense, it's quite easy to motivate yourself because we have a real goal. Red Bull a very good car with the same engine. It is a good benchmark for us. But really we are now busy rebuilding the base in Enstone.We attract good people, we create new objects and we have already made a good step forward this year, so our goal is to get as close to Red Bull".

2017-05-03 17:04:03

The debut of the new Renault engine is delayed for a month

Minders Renault planned to prepare a solid pack of the power plant to the Grand Prix of Canada, which will be held in early June. However, the debut is postponed for a month.The head of Renault Sport's Cyril abiteboul told that there were some difficulties in the preparation of the updates, so the new engine will appear not earlier than July. This will take place either at the Grand Prix of Austria at the beginning of July, or the Grand Prix of great Britain in mid-July.The first new power plant will receive the pilots of the factory team Renault and then Red Bull and Toro Rosso.

2017-05-01 20:14:03

The head of Renault It was a step forward

The head of Renault It was a step forward

The head of Renault's Cyril abiteboul said that his team is pleased with the successful outcome of the race the Russian Grand Prix, where Nico Hulkenberg finished 8th. Cyril abiteboul "Another step forward for the team, and it's not only confirmation that we returned to fight for the points, but that our race pace has improved compared to our qualification work.It was a really exciting race for Nico because we took a chance with the strategy, taking the fight with Force India. In the end, Nico had to save fuel because his struggle with the Window was beyond our capabilities. We did everything we could on the track that we just don't fit.Our speed gives us reason for optimism, because we have a serious program of development of the machine.Finally, congratulations to Valtteri Bottas for his first victory in the Grand Prix".