Renault - sports team, participating in the Formula 1 races. The history of the team began in 1977 when it was organized by avtoroizvoditelem-Renault. Initially, the team Renault positioned as a national French project. For the French team were racers, sponsored French companies Elf and Equipe, even the tires, which were equipped cars were produced by the French company Michelin.Osnovnaya rate in the 70's was made at the Renault team turbine engines, which, although characterized by high capacity, but could not boast of reliability . During this period, the team scored only one victory in 1979. Despite the problems with the engines in the 1983 season the team won second place in the Constructors' Championship, and driver Alain Prost took second place in the individual competition. However, a title he prevented the gathering because of problems with the turbine at the last stage of the race. Since then, the results are not getting better, and the team left the formula 1. From 1989 to 1997, part of Renault's Formula 1 engines was to supply its production of engines leading komandam.S Williams and Benetton teams have won the Constructors' Cup six times in a row. Return of the team in the ranks of Formula 1 dates back to 2002 when they finished chetvertymi.V 2003 they were able to hold onto fourth place in 2004, reached the third season, and in 2005 won the world championship, and won first place in the Constructors' Championship. Riders who have brought the team victory - Fernando Alonso and Giancarlo Fisichella. They also helped the 2006 team Renault repeated its success. In 2007, Fernando Alonso left the team, which led to an unsuccessful season - the team finished in third place in the Constructors' Championship. In this regard, in 2008, Flavio Briatore, head of the department of Renault Formula 1, has decided to update the structure. Thanks to him, returned to the team, Fernando Alonso, a co-pilot took place Nelson Piquet Jnr. Because of the scandal surrounding Grand Prix 2008 in Singapore, the team has lost its main sponsor and changed its color back to black and yellow coloring. In season 2010 the team debuted Russian driver Vitaly Petrov.
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Formula 1

2017-09-23 12:24:03

Jolyon Palmer refused compensation by Renault

Renault want in Malaysia is made by Carlos Sainz, however, it does not allow the current contract with Jolyon Palmer. According to Spanish newspaper Marca, the French team invited the British compensation, but he refused.Palmer can understand - he needs to show results to earn a place in next season, especially there was an option with Williams. At the same time, Renault wanted to be early to have Sainz, Palmer's team in arrears of points. At the same time, place Sainz in the Toro Rosso could take Pierre went Out, who needs to gain experience before the season 2018.

2017-09-23 11:44:03

McLaren offered to Honda mechanics to pause

Team McLaren offered to the Honda mechanics to take a sabbatical to build a competitive engine. However, the Japanese refused, and the contract will run until the end of 2024, was terminated.Race Director McLaren Eric bulge "at the start of 2017, we realized that we have serious problems. We started to get nervous and began to look for solutions that could improve the situation.In a pinch, we were ready to offer Honda skip one season until they succeed.We also suggested that the Honda engineers and their colleagues from Mercedes can provide technical cooperation. Or form your own group of experts in the field of engines, consisting of different companies to help Honda faster to find a more effective solution.Unfortunately, none of the proposals has not been adequately studied, and as a result we have exhausted the arguments. We had come to the conclusion that there is no other way, except for the termination of cooperation."McLaren will use customer Renault engines next year.

2017-09-23 11:04:06

Renault will part ways with Red Bull

The head of Renault Cyril Abiteboul almost confirmed that Renault and Red Bull will be out at the end of season 2018.Rumours in the Singapore paddock, the French provider has announced the Austrian team that she will not be able to use Renault engines after 2018.Abiteboul told French magazine Auto Hebdo "Sooner or later, Renault will have to part with Red Bull.But the only thing I can confirm today is that we have a contract with them to 2018".

2017-09-22 11:34:04

Christian Horner We can't just abandon Sainz

Head Red Bull Christian Horner said that his team can not throw away the good pilots, so looking for opportunities to keep Carlos Sainz in the future.Christian Horner "all our pilots are constantly coming to the queries, daily and weekly. We need to be patient and wait for his time. Our pilots are unavailable for other commands, but we can rent them out. To fully convey them we can't. This will not happen. When the music stops, it will become clear, but we need to be patient.If Sainz something goes wrong at Renault, we'll get him back, and he will play for us".

2017-09-22 11:34:03

Nico Hulkenberg We can rise from seventh place

The pilot of Renault, Nico Hulkenberg is confident that his team is quite able to break just above seventh place in the team standings.Nico Hulkenberg "I am completely confident in it. I also think that we are moving in the right direction, developing your machine. We still need to work on improvements, but the team makes the right moves.From the point of view of development, I was pleased with the way the team is working on your mistakes. If you look at where we were earlier in the year and where now, all my expectations were met. We fought well this year, but still ahead. We will be able to get higher in the team standings".In Singapore Renault bypassed Haas. Theoretically, the French team with 42 points can compete for 5th place with Williams 59 points and Toro Rosso 52 points.

2017-09-22 11:24:05

The head of Renault it is a Pity that Sainz gave us a rental

The head of Renault it is a Pity that Sainz gave us a rental

The head of Renault's Cyril abiteboul said that his team would like to get Carlos Sainz on a regular basis.Cyril abiteboul "the Fact that Red Bull gave us Carlos only in rent, on time, well said about the possibilities and speed of this pilot."The most interesting thing about this story is that Carlos Sainz in the event of his departure from Renault at the end of season 2018 will be able to return as the only pilot in the Red Bull, replacing there Daniel Riccardo or max Verstappen. If he does not provide a place in the senior team, he has the right to terminate the contract with Red Bull.

2017-09-22 11:24:04

Jolyon Palmer I have to score points

Jolyon Palmer I have to score points

The pilot of Renault Jolyon Palmer continues to cling to the last hope to remain in the Royal race.Jolyon Palmer "I Have a car that can finish in the glasses, and I'm focused on working as efficiently as possible. I'd really like it if the team signed a contract with me for next year, but as the season passed, it is clear that this did not happen. It was a tough year.I want to finish the year with a high head and prove that you can cope with this task. The decision was made, so I have six races to do everything in my power, and I have a car that can help me in accomplishing this work.Before the start of the race in Singapore, the Renault team announced that place Jolyon Palmer next season is Carlos Sainz. Ironically, in Singapore, Palmer earned the best result of his career. Now the only chance to stay in the championship - the team Williams.

2017-09-20 16:44:03

Season 2018 seven vacancies

In the course of Grand Prix of Singapore became aware of the extension of the contracts of Valtteri Bottas, the pilots Force India, and also about the transfer of Carlos Sainz in the Renault. The teams are still seven vacancies, one of which may take Daniil Kvyat.Williams - 2 wakasiyaka no contracts with the pilots, but there is no doubt that lance Stroll will stay in the team, given the investment made by Strolla senior.In a couple of Canadians who will soon turn 19 years old, Williams is seeking an experienced pilot, over the age of 25 - this requirement is title sponsor Martini. Until recently, Felipe Massa remained the only candidate for this place, but first started talking about Paul di Resta, which now appears to be backup pilot of the team, and then about Robert Kubica. Kubica first tested in the part of Renault, but there chose Carlos Sainz, and now Robert is actively training in the simulator Williams.Another candidate - Marcus Ericsson, who may lose the place in the Sauber. The only advantage of the Swede is a solid set of sponsors.Toro Rosso - 2 vakansiyalar Sainz goes to Renault, and with high probability it will be replaced by Frenchman Pierre went Out - other suitable pilots in the Red Bull yet.Obviously, stay Sainz in the Toro Rosso, then went Out would take place Daniil Kvyat. Now, the Russian pilot has a chance to keep his job, it's important to make mistakes in the remaining races.Meanwhile, a new partner Honda want to see in the ranks of Toro Rosso its pilot Nobuharu Matsushita, which now appears in the Formula-2. It is not clear in what capacity - possibly as a test pilot. If the Japanese insist on the place of combat pilot, it is easy to guess that it will go with Cuatom.Few people know that now Matsushita listed as a pilot for the development of the McLaren-Honda. However, before the combat cars are not all limited to work in the simulator.McLaren - 1 vakantiecentrum with Stoffel Vendorno confirmed a month ago that negotiations with Fernando Alonso go. Earlier two-time champion reiterated that he would remain at McLaren, if the team change engine supplier. It happened, and now, as far as we know, Alonso and the McLaren management to discuss details of the new contract. Most likely, the agreement will be signed for one season to sign a contract for a longer period, the Spaniard just will not risk it.If Alonso refuses though it goes nowhere, then McLaren, in the words of Zac brown, have a plan "B". Obviously, this refers to Jenson button. Lando Norris, who will soon turn 18, they're unlikely to be put into a fighting machine.Sauber - 2 vacanciel contract extension with Ferrari Sauber head of Frederic Vasseur said he was willing to give one or even two seats for the wards of the Scuderia. Obviously, in return, the porters expect to receive discounts on the powerplant, gearbox and other components that will deliver Maranello.Ferrari has Antonio Giovinazzi and Charles Leclere, who in the course of this season, was repeatedly brought to the tests. And Giovinazzi even held two races, replacing the injured Pascal Wehrlein. If Ferrari is willing to pay for seats of both pilots, no place will be Marcus Ericsson. If the Scuderia will pull only one place, it is likely that Eriksson and his sponsors will remain in the Sauber.Without mestis the above it follows that in the season of 2018, we will not see on the grid protege Mercedes of Pascal Wehrlein. In the customer team Force India all the seats were occupied, and in Williams he victims. Perhaps he will remain in Formula 1 as a backup pilot factory team Mercedes.

2017-09-20 15:54:04

McLaren is behind schedule by two weeks

McLaren is behind schedule by two weeks

Preparing the machine 2018 team McLaren behind schedule by two weeks due to late signing of the contract with Renault.Eric bulge, racing Director at McLaren "We had to decide on an engine supplier for another two weeks to Singapore. But now we have a new challenge and we work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make up for lost time. For two weeks the backlog is pretty easy to eliminate".After signing the contract with Renault will have to make changes in the design of a new machine that needs to index MCL33.Eric boullier "the layout of the power plant of Renault is markedly different. We will have to redesign some sites already developed for the machines of 2018".In 2018, McLaren needs to have the power plant of the same specification that Renault factory team and Red Bull.Eric bulge "In 2018 we will get the same engines as Renault and Red Bull. When developing machines, 2019 we can influence the design of the engine - it can be called the partnership".

2017-09-19 17:04:04

Father Jolyon Palmer admitted that his son was going for Williams

Father Jolyon Palmer confirmed that the 26-year-old pilot switched to Williams in search of a place for 2018.Jolyon Palmer "I Hope I will be able to rely on his contract and finish the season in the Renault. Of course I want to stay in Formula 1, but there are other options".The best opportunity for the Palmer - Williams. However, this command also is considering taking Robert Kubica. The latest news is that Kubica will run in the simulator of the British team.Jonathan Palmer "a Couple of good races, and of the son, notice to Williams. This team wants to make your best choice and my son has a chance to show his speed and talent in the next few races".

2017-09-19 11:54:03

Fernando Alonso I Hope, we will agree with McLaren

Fernando Alonso I Hope, we will agree with McLaren

Fernando Alonso is in no hurry to take a decision on the season 2018. The Spaniard stated that he will examine the details of the new partnership, McLaren and Renault.Fernando Alonso "I always said I would take the decision only when a choice will make the team. Last week in the McLaren signed a contract with Renault, and now I have to learn the details of the new project.Despite the results, I spent three excellent seasons in McLaren. I hope we will agree".I must say that Alonso has no other options. Obviously, the delay in the renewal of the contract involved, specifying the duration and cost of the contract. There is no doubt that Fernando will remain one of the most paid pilots of Formula-1.Zak brown, head of the team McLaren "guys like Fernando, cost a lot of money. But we are ready for it".

2017-09-19 11:44:04

Sauber and Williams are waiting for the decision by the pilots in the 2018 season

Robert Kubica still has a good chance to return to Formula 1 next year. Carlos Sainz took the place of the pole in the Renault, but he has all the chances to get a place in other teams, which has not yet decided on the composition of the pilots.Williams is considering replacing Felipe Massa, but they need the pilot, which will be more than 25 years, to meet the needs of the title sponsor Martini. The other team, where there is an opportunity to get a place - Sauber. There is a place can not only lose Pascal Wehrlein, but Marcus Ericsson. Ferrari wants to put in the Sauber cockpits of its pilots, or at least one of Charles LeClair. According to unofficial information, the factory Sauber visited Maurizio Arrivabene and Sergio Marchione.The representative of Ferrari "It is true that Marchionne and Arrivabene was in Hinwil. Marchionne never seen that factory. It is true that Ferrari wants to be reunited with their pilots LeClair and Giovinazzi in the race".Marcus Ericsson, whose career supported by influential money bags can go from Sauber to Williams.Marcus Ericsson "There are a lot of rumors. I know that my managers interact with Sauber and a few other teams, including Williams. We will see what happens in the coming weeks, has begun an exciting time".

2017-09-19 10:34:03

Future engines for the Red Bull looks unclear

Renault has already stated that it will not work with Red Bull after the season in 2018. It is not excluded that Red Bull will switch to Honda engines that will be tested on the machines of the Junior team Toro Rosso next year. At the same time, we know that Red Bull is negotiating with Porsche.Christian Horner, head of Red Bull "We had talks with Porsche, and at the moment those discussions are ongoing. In the Toro Rosso for Honda pressure will be lower than in the McLaren, so they will be able to deal with their problems."Honda President Masashi Yamamoto "If in the future you will have the chance to supply engines to a top team, why notI read in the news the rumors that we are buying Toro Rosso, but we've never discussed this in our company".

2017-09-19 10:24:05

Carlos Sainz I'll Probably finish the season in the Toro Rosso

Carlos Sainz I'll Probably finish the season in the Toro Rosso

The pilot Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz and he already knows where he will finish the season 2017.Carlos Sainz "At the moment, I certainly will advocate for the Toro Rosso in Malaysia, and all the rest is speculation. Decisions are made by Red Bull, Renault and others, but not me.I'm not going to abandon possibilities, but all these agreements, I don't bother you. Anything can happen, but I'm willing to adapt quickly to the situation."It is known that the science has already been on the basis of Renault and passed the procedure of fitting the seat.

2017-09-18 17:54:03

Jolyon Palmer I learned from the Internet

Jolyon Palmer said that he learned about the loss of his place in the Renault from the Internet.Jolyon Palmer "I learned this when I read the news on the Internet. So it's a bit frustrating. But it changes nothing.Of course, I knew that the team denies me because the season was very difficult. But you never know what will happen until then, until it happens. I'm working to take the place of Mass in Williams".

2017-09-18 12:54:03

Renault apologized to Hulkenberg

Renault apologized to Hulkenberg

In Singapore Niko Hulkenberg led the fight for fourth place, but first there was a long pit stop, and then the pilot of Renault and all came.Cyril abiteboul, head of the team Renault "We should apologize to Nico for what he had to go the distance. Had the oil leak, causing the car began to lose speed. We tried to solve the problem during a prolonged pit stop. Despite our best efforts, Nico had to go".

2017-09-17 19:04:03

Jolyon Palmer Every time it turns out not so good

Jolyon Palmer Every time it turns out not so good

The pilot of Renault Jolyon Palmer in Singapore finished sixth. The British pound is the best result in his career and the first points for the season. Ironically, it happened after it became known that Jolyon will lose a place in the team at the end of the season.Jolyon Palmer "it's a Pity that such productive work does not work every race. For me today it all came together very well. I am pleased with how was able to hold this Grand Prix. We had the pace from the start and I managed to convert a good score. Let's see what we can do in the remaining six races. I have a contract until the end of the season, so I don't listen to no talk.I'll have to look for a new place, but do not think about it. You never know what will happen in the future. Every year I wonder where I will appear. This is not a new situation for me".

2017-09-16 22:34:03

Qualification account after Singapore

Only in the team Toro Rosso is about an equal fight. Renault, by contrast, is the complete dominance of Nico.Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas 9-5Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel - Kimi Raikkonen 10-4Red Bull, Daniel Riccardo - Max Verstappen 4-10Force India, Sergio Perez - Esteban Windows 11-3Williams, Felipe Massa - lance Stroll 11-2McLaren, Fernando Alonso - Stoffel Vandorn 11-2Toro Rosso, Daniil Kvyat is Carlos Sainz 6-8Renault, Nico - Jolyon Palmer 13-0Haas, Roman Grosjean - Kevin Magnussen 9-5Sauber, Marcus Ericsson - Pascal Wehrlein 4-8.

2017-09-16 19:14:05

Fernando Alonso Will attack

Fernando Alonso Will attack

The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso passed the final qualification of the Grand Prix of Singapore, where he showed the 8th result. Without engine failure.Fernando Alonso "This track, which is like our car. Tomorrow we need to finish two cars in the glasses as it is today fought for the third round in qualifying. The main thing that all was well.We compete with the best cars on this track. This is a good test for us. We see that Red Bull with the Renault engine can fight with the best teams. We are now able to assess what is our chassis. We believe that we have a good car.A couple of weeks and everything will be known to my future. I think that we all discuss, evaluate opportunities Renault. While I'm all happy.Stoffel is fine with me. Stability is good, especially when he's consistently behind my back. Actually, we all help each other. Everything looks very good. Tomorrow I will attack and hold your position".

2017-09-16 19:04:05

Niko Hulkenberg I'm glad I start the 7th

Niko Hulkenberg I'm glad I start the 7th

The pilot of Renault Nico in the qualification of Grand Prix of Singapore was on 7th position.Nico Hulkenberg "the Pole position was unreachable, but I am very glad that we are so fast. The separation from McLaren is quite small, we are a little ahead.I'm happy to start the 7th is a good starting position to fight for decent points in the race".

2017-09-16 01:14:05

Nico Hulkenberg It was a standard practice

Nico Hulkenberg It was a standard practice

The pilot of Renault Nico Hulkenberg in the practice of the Singapore Grand Prix showed the 5th result.Nico Hulkenberg "we had a standard, but positive on Friday. The rate per day increased, especially at the end of the second practice. I was happy with the car all day, and most importantly for me at the moment. The team has achieved a good balance and settings. Of course, there is always room for improvement, but it certainly is a good start to the weekend".

2017-09-15 15:54:03

McLaren goes on motors Renault

McLaren goes on motors Renault

After three years of suffering with minders Honda team, McLaren goes on motors Renault. The contract is signed until the end of 2020.Zak brown, head of the team McLaren "This agreement guarantees the team's stability and gives the opportunity to start working on the car, 2018.We always strive for long-term partnerships. We are confident that we can help the mechanics Renault to make big improvements to their engines began to win races on a regular basis."Jerome Stoll, President of Renault Sport "This is a strategic decision for Renault. We will work with McLaren, and we're pleased to work with a team that has such a rich history in Formula 1.We will cooperate not only in the technical and athletic areas, our partnership will affect the marketing component. We are confident that McLaren will push us forward, and will benefit both sides."Cyril abiteboul, managing Director of Renault Sport "We look forward to the moment when the McLaren cars will appear the logos of Renault. This team has two talented pilot that will help in refining the engine and will become a landmark in the work on the chassis. We are starting to work with a champion team, who is determined to get back on top".

2017-09-15 14:44:03

Carlos Sainz - the pilot of Renault

Carlos Sainz - the pilot of Renault

Renault team officially announced that partner Nico Hulkenberg in 2018 will be Carlos Sainz. Technically, the Red Bull team surrendered the Spanish pilot to rent for one season.Cyril abiteboul, head of the team Renault "Carlos Sainz is a talented pilot, which we watched long enough, especially after his success in the youth series by Renault. We can now confirm that Carlos will play for us in the season of 2018.Sure, Nico Hulkenberg and Carlos Sainz will be nice to complement each other, both on track and abroad. I want to thank Helmut Marko for the fact that Red Bull has agreed to provide us with Carlos to rent.I want to thank Jolyon Palmer for his work in the team. We wish him success".Carlos Sainz "I am delighted to be part of team Renault. For the pilot of Formula 1 have the honour to speak for the factory team, and I hope to respond to the trust excellent results on the track.Look forward to the opportunity to work on the bases in Enstone and Viry. I've worked with Renault in Formula 1, and in the Junior series, and is well known to me their desire to succeed. Sure, it's the beginning of a very exciting Chapter in my career.I want to thank Red Bull for their support and for the opportunity. I want to thank everyone who worked in the Toro Rosso".Helmut Marko, a sports consultant to Red Bull "We are pleased that we were able to agree with Renault that Carlos will hold this team the season 2018. It will be useful to work in the factory team together with an experienced partner.We will closely monitor the results of Carlos because he is still a part of the family Red Bull".

2017-09-15 14:24:04

Renault confirmed the termination of cooperation with Toro Rosso

Renault has confirmed that late in the season stops the supply of the power plant team Toro Rosso.In a statement, Renault said "Renault confirms the completion of technical cooperation with the team Toro Rosso at the end of the season 2017.Renault was a partner of Toro Rosso in 2014, 2015 and 2017, During this time, the team earned 137 points, and the best results were two fourth place max Verstappen in the 2015 season".Waiting for a statement about the beginning of cooperation with Toro Rosso Honda c.

2017-09-15 11:04:03

Cyril abiteboul we All want to see the return of Robert

The head of Renault's Cyril abiteboul has expressed doubts that Robert Kubica could return to the championship.Cyril abiteboul "I don't want to create speculation, and I don't want to impose on the team a certain responsibility, because there is interest from the public, they all want to see the return of Robert.We all would love to have Robert back, but it must make sense".It is known that after the appearance of information on the transfer of Carlos Sainz in Renault's Kubica was asked to release him from the agreement with the French team to get the opportunity to explore other options for 2018.Speed Week reports that other options are Sauber and Williams.

2017-09-15 10:54:05

The President of Renault Fourth team, we will not

The President of Renault, Jerome Stoll said that his company will not be able to work on equal terms with four teams, so the three partners - at the time.Jrme Stoll "Technically we can't. Otherwise, it will come at the expense of one of the three teams who are our partners.In the end, we are not just suppliers in Formula 1, and the real players. Our problem is the strategy that we have created to achieve the title by 2020".

2017-09-15 10:54:04

Carlos Sainz waiting for news about his future

The pilot Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz said that he is still waiting for news about his future in Formula 1.Carlos Sainz "I May have the information on hand is not greater than all. Back in June, clarifying a number of things in direct conversation with management, I left to decide its own future in their hands. I belong to Red Bull.Since then I did nothing - just waited, trusting their decision."Sainz denies that his future is inextricably linked to the split of the McLaren-Honda as McLaren and Toro Rosso have to exchange partners engines for 2018.Carlos Sainz "it would Seem, well, if Alonso will work in a McLaren-Renault, but the truth is that I have this situation generally does not affect. Now I only think about the Grand Prix of Singapore".

2017-09-14 17:54:03

Verstappen not worried about the future of divorce Red Bull with Renault

Max Verstappen commented on the rumors regarding the fact that at the end of 2018 would end the cooperation with Red Bull Renault.Max Verstappen "I'm not worried. It will only be in 2019. In any case, nothing depends on me.Who knows, maybe Honda next year seriously increased. And yet the fact that I'll stay in Red Bull after 2018".The Red Bull team gets Renault engines since 2007. In recent years, they are labeled as TAG Heuer.

2017-09-14 14:04:04

Renault refuses to work with Red Bull

Renault refuses to work with Red Bull

As informs edition Daily Mail, the Renault company was notified by the Red Bull team about the termination of supplies of engines after a season in 2018.In recent years, from Red Bull is a lot of criticism about the French engines. Perhaps this was the reason for this decision. Moreover, now the mechanics Renault has a new partner in the person of team McLaren.Next year's Junior team Toro Rosso will use Honda engines. Maybe in the future the senior Red Bull will work with the Japanese minders.Meanwhile, there were rumors that the purchase of Red Bull is interested the Porsche company. But it will not happen before 2021, when it will come into force new rules on engines.