Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica was born on December 7, 1984 in Krakow. His athletic career began in 1995 in karting. Some time after this he moved to Italy and continued his studies there already. Already in 2001, Robert participated in the Italian Formula Renault and Eurocup in. Later, in 2003 became a constant driver of the European Formula 3 series. In 2005, Robert started in the World Series by Renault, which won several victories, and this allowed him to become a champion of the series. Because of this, he was invited at the end of the year for tests in the Formula 1 Renault, where he showed an excellent result. As a result, Robert said BMW Sauber team and as a result he signed a test driver for 2006. Demonstrating excellent speed on the test and before the Grand Prix, he could make his debut in the race is already on the Hungarian Grand Prix-06, replacing Jacques Villeneuve. In the first race, Robert finished eighth. But he was unlucky, because the result was annulled due to the fact that the mass was smaller than allowed by the machine. But the real surprise was Kubica Wake up in the next Grand Prix in Monza on the podium. This enabled Robert to extend the contract with the team for next year. Pole did not disappoint BMW Sauber, and the championship in 2007 where he finished the final 6th place. But in the U.S. Grand Prix Pole not fortunate enough to get into because of an accident, which put into question the career Kubica, but in the end everything turned out. Robert made a real sensation in 2008. He was among the contenders for the title and surpassed his more famous teammate. After winning the Canadian Grand Prix, he became a favorite in the fight for the title. But then again, he had no luck. BMW Sauber has decided to focus on preparing for the championship of the 2009 and ceased work on the 2008 bolide. As a result, in the second half of the season, the Pole began to show results worse, and the final race in Brazil ended all outside the top ten. After so many successes in 2008, following the championship for him became a nightmare. Robert Kubica finished the championship at the fourteenth place. By its end, he signed a contract with a team of Renault.
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Formula 1

2017-11-23 12:24:03

Williams have confirmed their participation in the tests Sirotkin

In the tests, which will be held in Abu Dhabi after the final race of the season, the Williams will participate lance Stroll, Robert Kubica and Russian Sergey Sirotkin.On the first day, 28 November, driving FW40 will work lance Stroll and Robert Kubica. The second day, November 29, will be divided between them Robert Kubica and Sergey Sirotkin.The statement of the press service Williams said "We neterpeniem waiting for the opportunity to test new tires with the new pilots the lance as a combat pilot season in 2018, Robert with his experience and Sergey is a promising new talent Formula-1".On account Sirotkin three test day in the Sauber and Renault, during which he drove a distance of 1181 km, and seven of Friday's practice.

2017-11-23 11:44:03

Doornbos will be happy to see Kubica in Formula 1

The return of Robert Kubica in Formula 1 next year - it seems to be almost solved.This is the statement of the RTL GP, echoing other sources, including the French Canal Plus, which claims that the pole has signed a contract with Williams for 2018. RTL GP argues that the contract 32-year-old pole is designed for two seasons.Ex-Formula 1 driver Robert Doornbos, who is the expert team of Ziggo Totaal Sport F1, told the Dutch newspaper Dagblad Algemeen "I'd be happy to see Kubica in Formula 1. It's a great pilot".

2017-11-21 20:54:03

Sergey Sirotkin claims a place in Williams

Sergey Sirotkin is called in as a contender for a place in the team Williams. It is expected that Russians will take part in the tests, which will be held in Abu Dhabi after the final race of the season, driving a Williams.This season, Sirotkin worked as a reserve pilot of the team Renault, and in this capacity, he spent several Friday practice and test sessions.There, in Abu Dhabi, the one day tests will fulfill Robert Kubica, another contender for a place in Williams.

2017-11-21 12:04:03

Kubica has already signed a contract with Williams

NBC journalists believe that Robert Kubica has already signed a contract with the Williams team. The announcement of a two-year agreement is expected during the final stage in Abu Dhabi.Let's remind, that Kubica has not played in Formula 1 in 2010 due to a serious hand injury received during a rally race. This season he conducted a series of tests at the wheel of old cars Renault and Williams.The Williams contract with Kubica means that Daniil Kvyat next year will remain without a seat in Formula 1.

2017-11-18 10:14:03

Jacques Villeneuve does not believe in the return of Kubica

Champion 1997 Jacques Villeneuve has questioned the ability of Robert Kubica successfully return to Formula 1 next year.Jacques Villeneuve "we are Talking not only about the upcoming tests, when he will have to get out of the car with a set of Halo that is already difficult enough for a guy.How about the start of the race, when he will have to sharply deviate from other machines I doubt he can do it with one hand. From my own experience I know that it is almost impossible.I think the FIA need to think carefully about whether to allow the race pilot with an injury or not. He can initiate accidents. Kubica himself also need to think carefully about whether he wants this.It is not about playing cards, he is responsible to his colleagues. The same applies to Williams. If there is a serious accident, the responsibility will be very great."Informed negatively about the idea of the return of Kubica spoke ex-pilot Williams Juan Pablo Montoya and former technical Director of the British team Patrick head.

2017-11-17 11:34:03

Montoya, Kubica to Williams Is this a joke

Montoya, Kubica to Williams Is this a joke

Juan Pablo Montoya is skeptical of the idea put behind the wheel of a Williams Robert Kubica, who had not acted in Formula 1 since 2010. He was the Colombian raced for Williams in 2001-2004 Juan Pablo Montoya "to be honest, this sounds like a joke. I am sure that Robert will not be able to give 100 in a modern car of the Formula-1".Similar opinion is shared by Patrick head, co-founder and former technical Director of Williams "Robert was one of the best in the past. Only he knows whether he is ready to return. He had a serious injury, and Williams now want to know what he's capable of".According to rumors, Kubica has already found sponsors who are willing to bring Williams 8 million euros. It is expected that Robert will take part in tyre tests, which will be held in Abu Dhabi after the final race of the season.

2017-11-16 10:24:06

Robert Kubica - a real contender for the role of test driver in Abu Dhabi

Williams technical Director Paddy Lowe has confirmed after many rumors that Robert Kubica could take part in the tests, which will be held in Abu Dhabi after the final race of the season.Paddy Lowe "We are still considering what options would be best for the team and Kubica is definitely a strong option.We are open to suggestions. This also applies to the combat pilots. It is important that next year we will have the best lineup in terms of speed".

2017-11-14 12:54:03

Robert Kubica preparing for tests in Abu Dhabi

Robert Kubica preparing for tests in Abu Dhabi

Robert Kubica looks set to get another chance to prove themselves behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car. Tyre tests in Abu Dhabi after the final race of the season-2017, and the Polish pilot they will represent Williams.Paddy Lowe, technical Director, Williams "We choose among different pilots. We considered Wehrlein, who also has a chance for a place in the team. Kubica almost certainly you will give another chance to be in the car during the tests in Abu Dhabi.This topic is too interesting for the press and fans, but we want to check it out and decide for yourself without external pressure".

2017-11-14 11:34:03

Williams the pilots will not be accepted in a short time

Williams technical Director Paddy Lowe said that the decision on the composition of the pilots will not be accepted in the near future.Paddy Lowe "We are unlikely to make a decision in a short time. We have a few different options and we will notify you of its decision when it is taken.A lot depends on your personal rate of applicants, so we need time to evaluate their love".A place in Williams expect Robert Kubica, Paul di Resta, Pascal Wehrlein and Daniel Quat.

2017-11-04 15:44:03

Felipe Massa will announce retirement next week

Felipe Massa will announce retirement next week

Edition Motorsport reports that on 8 November, the eve of the home Grand Prix of Brazil, Felipe Massa will collect a press-conference where will announce the completion of a career in Formula 1.A year ago, Felipe has already said goodbye to Formula 1, but later Williams approached him with a request to return to replace Valtteri Bottas, who joined in the Mercedes. This time, it seems, Felipe finally say goodbye to the championship.According to rumors, Williams technical Director paddy Lowe doesn't want to work the dough. In its place expect Robert Kubica, Paul di Resta and Pascal Wehrlein.

2017-10-24 14:24:03

In Williams interested in Wehrlein

In Williams interested in Wehrlein

Williams technical Director Paddy Lowe has admitted that Pascal Wehrlein is among the candidates for a place in the team in the season of 2018. The main problem of the German pilot his age as the title sponsor of the team, the brand Martini, requires anyone over the age of 25.Paddy Lowe, technical Director, Williams "If we are talking about Pascal, we do not need to check on the tests, because we see how he performs in the race. Yes, we need to consider the wishes of the sponsors, but I am also sure that Martini understands how important for us pilots.We will choose the option that is best suited from the point of view of the results, not the one that is best for sponsors".According to rumors, Lowe does not want to work with Felipe Massa, so now the benchmarks are two other veteran Robert Kubica and Paul di Resta. As for Wehrlein, the Lowe is well acquainted with him in a Mercedes.

2017-10-19 10:24:04

Paul di Resta finished the test in Hungary

Paul di Resta finished the test in Hungary

Another contender for a place in Williams - Paul di Resta - ended test program driving the car 2014. As was the case with Robert Kubica, testing took place in Hungary.Press service of Williams "These tests are part of our program evaluation of applicants for a place in the team in the season of 2018. Now we will evaluate both candidates. Haste in the selection of pilots".In addition to Paul di Resta and Robert Kubica for a place in the Williams claim, and Felipe Massa, who plays in the British team in 2014.

2017-10-19 10:04:05

Paddy Lowe has not commented on the tests Kubica

Paddy Lowe has not commented on the tests Kubica

Williams technical Director Paddy Lowe would not comment on rumors about the return of Robert Kubica in Formula 1 with the British team.Paddy Lowe "there's nothing I can comment on now. All I can say is that we have several options.We need pilots and experts is strong enough to bring the team back to the top. I already made some changes to the project car of the season in 2018, and at the moment I'm happy with what I see.I love my job. And now I have the opportunity to review the new draft - Williams going to win. For this we need strong engineers, effective team and excellent work. When this happens, you get more investors and a bigger budget".

2017-10-18 12:24:03

Kubica had another test for Williams

Robert Kubica, the applicant for a place in Williams in the season of 2018, had another test day. This time the pole was working at the Hungarian Hungaroring circuit.Press service of Williams "Robert had one more day of testing behind the wheel of the FW36 at Hungaroring circuit. More we can not tell".Today Kubica driving the car of 2014 will be replaced by another contender Paul di Resta.

2017-10-16 11:24:04

Bernie Ecclestone Williams needs to take Robert Kubica

Bernie Ecclestone Williams needs to take Robert Kubica

The former head of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone believes that Williams needs to take the next year Robert Kubica.Bernie Ecclestone "If Robert wasn't in that accident, then I think now he would already be world champion. I think he can come back even stronger than before.It will probably be more aggressive than then, I can only foresee a good future for him in Formula 1.As for his physical form, many years ago I raced with a guy named Archie Scott-brown. Archie was damn fast, and he was in a worse position than Robert, much worse, but he managed to be very successful. I don't think the injury will keep him".

2017-10-12 14:14:03

Williams Kubica successfully conducted tests

On Wednesday, Robert Kubica conducted tests in Silverstone behind the wheel of a Williams 2014. The British team evaluates the test results as successful.Representative Williams "Robert held a successful test day at Silverstone behind the wheel of the FW36. More we can not comment".Another test day Kubica will hold in Hungary. In parallel, the tests Williams will conduct another contender for a place in the team - Paul di Resta.

2017-10-11 17:34:03

Robert Kubica's training at Silverstone

Robert Kubica claims a place in Williams, the British team staged a Polish private pilot tests today, he sat behind the wheel of the car of 2014 at Silverstone.Next week Kubica will hold a second series of tests at Budapest's Hungaroring. With him behind the wheel of a Williams 2014 will run a test-pilot Paul di Resta, also claiming the role of the partner lance Stroll next season.Previously Kubica ran some tests in-part of Renault.

2017-10-11 10:34:03

Nico Rosberg Robert Kubica will not race in Austin

Nico Rosberg Robert Kubica will not race in Austin

The Manager of Robert Kubica, Nico Rosberg has confirmed that the pole will not be released at the start of the race Grand Prix of the United States, replacing Carlos Sainz, who joined in the Renault.Nico Rosberg "If you throw in the water, but you can't swim, it could destroy you. And here. Without proper tests on an unfamiliar machine you can play. Better to just work on the job to Williams".

2017-10-09 14:04:03

Felipe Massa Williams Professionals support my candidacy

Felipe Massa Williams Professionals support my candidacy

In Japan, Williams technical Director Paddy Lowe said that Felipe Massa must play in next season, but he was confirmed by the tests of Robert Kubica and Paul di Resta.Felipe Massa "I am concerned that the team may choose a path that will result in stable to serious difficulties. I think that lance has made great progress during the year, so perhaps the team is to maintain the current composition of the pilots.In any case, the team knows best what she needs. I think that if Williams will listen to the professionals, it will leave it as is.In the last three years the car did not fit my style of piloting. It was not a high level of grip, tires did not work so well - it was all sad, and I couldn't compensate for all of these problems with his style.Now, when I feel that I could pass high, motivation increases. I still believe that can do a lot to give the team".

2017-10-03 11:54:04

Kubica and di Resta will conduct comparative tests

The Williams team is considering two candidates for a possible replacement for Felipe Massa. It's Robert Kubica and Paul di Resta.Both candidates for a place in Williams in October will carry out a comparative test driving cars 2014. The first tests will be held at the British Silverstone, and then both pilots will go on the Hungarian Hungaroring.Kubica competed in Formula 1 in 2006-2010 for BMW-Sauber and Renault. His career in the championship was interrupted after a serious accident in a rally in early 2011. Di Resta played for Force India in 2011-2013 this year, he spent one race, replacing Williams Executive Felipe Massa.

2017-09-26 11:24:03

The tests Robert Kubica was not held because of lance Stroll

Last week Robert Kubica were to hold a private test in Japan driving a Williams 2014. However, according to Motorsport Magazine, interposed the family of lance Stroll.Obviously, Stroll senior has no influence on the choice of the pilots, but he can specify who can participate in private tests, which he partially paid. The Williams team had planned to assess the shape of Kubica, but in the end driving, Stroll younger.I must say that in the course of this season, lance has spent a lot of private tests. Trained young canadian and to the Singapore Grand Prix, and after. Perhaps Williams private tests cost even more than the race itself. But part of the cost covers Lawrence Stroll.Now Williams plans to have tests for Kubica somewhere in Europe. It is possible that this Robert will have to find sponsors.

2017-09-26 10:54:06

Robert Kubica - a candidate for a place in Williams

Robert Kubica - a candidate for a place in Williams

Williams confirmed that Robert Kubica is competing for a spot in the team next season.An unnamed representative Williams in an interview with GPupdate "we are Now considering several candidates for a place in the team in the season of 2018. Robert Kubica is included in this group of pilots".Previously Kubica, who never played in Formula 1 in 2011, conducted tests in the part of Renault. But in the end the French chose Carlos Sainz.

2017-09-20 16:44:03

Season 2018 seven vacancies

In the course of Grand Prix of Singapore became aware of the extension of the contracts of Valtteri Bottas, the pilots Force India, and also about the transfer of Carlos Sainz in the Renault. The teams are still seven vacancies, one of which may take Daniil Kvyat.Williams - 2 wakasiyaka no contracts with the pilots, but there is no doubt that lance Stroll will stay in the team, given the investment made by Strolla senior.In a couple of Canadians who will soon turn 19 years old, Williams is seeking an experienced pilot, over the age of 25 - this requirement is title sponsor Martini. Until recently, Felipe Massa remained the only candidate for this place, but first started talking about Paul di Resta, which now appears to be backup pilot of the team, and then about Robert Kubica. Kubica first tested in the part of Renault, but there chose Carlos Sainz, and now Robert is actively training in the simulator Williams.Another candidate - Marcus Ericsson, who may lose the place in the Sauber. The only advantage of the Swede is a solid set of sponsors.Toro Rosso - 2 vakansiyalar Sainz goes to Renault, and with high probability it will be replaced by Frenchman Pierre went Out - other suitable pilots in the Red Bull yet.Obviously, stay Sainz in the Toro Rosso, then went Out would take place Daniil Kvyat. Now, the Russian pilot has a chance to keep his job, it's important to make mistakes in the remaining races.Meanwhile, a new partner Honda want to see in the ranks of Toro Rosso its pilot Nobuharu Matsushita, which now appears in the Formula-2. It is not clear in what capacity - possibly as a test pilot. If the Japanese insist on the place of combat pilot, it is easy to guess that it will go with Cuatom.Few people know that now Matsushita listed as a pilot for the development of the McLaren-Honda. However, before the combat cars are not all limited to work in the simulator.McLaren - 1 vakantiecentrum with Stoffel Vendorno confirmed a month ago that negotiations with Fernando Alonso go. Earlier two-time champion reiterated that he would remain at McLaren, if the team change engine supplier. It happened, and now, as far as we know, Alonso and the McLaren management to discuss details of the new contract. Most likely, the agreement will be signed for one season to sign a contract for a longer period, the Spaniard just will not risk it.If Alonso refuses though it goes nowhere, then McLaren, in the words of Zac brown, have a plan "B". Obviously, this refers to Jenson button. Lando Norris, who will soon turn 18, they're unlikely to be put into a fighting machine.Sauber - 2 vacanciel contract extension with Ferrari Sauber head of Frederic Vasseur said he was willing to give one or even two seats for the wards of the Scuderia. Obviously, in return, the porters expect to receive discounts on the powerplant, gearbox and other components that will deliver Maranello.Ferrari has Antonio Giovinazzi and Charles Leclere, who in the course of this season, was repeatedly brought to the tests. And Giovinazzi even held two races, replacing the injured Pascal Wehrlein. If Ferrari is willing to pay for seats of both pilots, no place will be Marcus Ericsson. If the Scuderia will pull only one place, it is likely that Eriksson and his sponsors will remain in the Sauber.Without mestis the above it follows that in the season of 2018, we will not see on the grid protege Mercedes of Pascal Wehrlein. In the customer team Force India all the seats were occupied, and in Williams he victims. Perhaps he will remain in Formula 1 as a backup pilot factory team Mercedes.

2017-09-19 17:04:04

Father Jolyon Palmer admitted that his son was going for Williams

Father Jolyon Palmer confirmed that the 26-year-old pilot switched to Williams in search of a place for 2018.Jolyon Palmer "I Hope I will be able to rely on his contract and finish the season in the Renault. Of course I want to stay in Formula 1, but there are other options".The best opportunity for the Palmer - Williams. However, this command also is considering taking Robert Kubica. The latest news is that Kubica will run in the simulator of the British team.Jonathan Palmer "a Couple of good races, and of the son, notice to Williams. This team wants to make your best choice and my son has a chance to show his speed and talent in the next few races".

2017-09-19 11:44:04

Sauber and Williams are waiting for the decision by the pilots in the 2018 season

Robert Kubica still has a good chance to return to Formula 1 next year. Carlos Sainz took the place of the pole in the Renault, but he has all the chances to get a place in other teams, which has not yet decided on the composition of the pilots.Williams is considering replacing Felipe Massa, but they need the pilot, which will be more than 25 years, to meet the needs of the title sponsor Martini. The other team, where there is an opportunity to get a place - Sauber. There is a place can not only lose Pascal Wehrlein, but Marcus Ericsson. Ferrari wants to put in the Sauber cockpits of its pilots, or at least one of Charles LeClair. According to unofficial information, the factory Sauber visited Maurizio Arrivabene and Sergio Marchione.The representative of Ferrari "It is true that Marchionne and Arrivabene was in Hinwil. Marchionne never seen that factory. It is true that Ferrari wants to be reunited with their pilots LeClair and Giovinazzi in the race".Marcus Ericsson, whose career supported by influential money bags can go from Sauber to Williams.Marcus Ericsson "There are a lot of rumors. I know that my managers interact with Sauber and a few other teams, including Williams. We will see what happens in the coming weeks, has begun an exciting time".

2017-09-15 11:04:03

Cyril abiteboul we All want to see the return of Robert

The head of Renault's Cyril abiteboul has expressed doubts that Robert Kubica could return to the championship.Cyril abiteboul "I don't want to create speculation, and I don't want to impose on the team a certain responsibility, because there is interest from the public, they all want to see the return of Robert.We all would love to have Robert back, but it must make sense".It is known that after the appearance of information on the transfer of Carlos Sainz in Renault's Kubica was asked to release him from the agreement with the French team to get the opportunity to explore other options for 2018.Speed Week reports that other options are Sauber and Williams.

2017-09-06 11:54:04

The teams of the 2018 contracts and rumors after Monza

The teams of the 2018 contracts and rumors after Monza

In the course of the last two Grand Prix in Spa and Monza, some teams voiced signed with the pilots contracts. Permutations to the top teams is not expected, although technically jobs are still there.Mercedes the contract Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes ends at the end of 2018. Agreement with Valtteri Bottas was signed only for one season. However, Finn has proved himself as a team player, and leadership in the face of Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda spoke in favor of the contract extension.The final word for the Board of Directors. However, other candidates for this place not Sebastian Vettel extended his contract with Ferrari, Fernando Alonso was given to understand that he should not dream about Mercedes after the scandal of 2007, and young drivers Esteban Windows and Pascal Wehrlein lack experience.Ferrari before the start of the home Grand Prix of Italy, the team extended the contracts with current drivers. And if Sebastian Vettel the agreement signed before the end of 2020, with Kimi Raikkonen signed a one-year contract.Red Bull Red Bull satisfied with the work of Daniel ricciardo and max Verstappen. There has repeatedly stated that both pilots connected with the team multi-year contracts. The pilots themselves did not seem very satisfied with the situation in the Red Bull. But they should go nowhere, as vacancies in the Mercedes and Ferrari will only appear at the end of 2018.Force India Esteban a Window signed a multiyear contract, but the agreement with Sergio Perez ends this year. The team is ready to prolong the contract with the Mexican, behind which there are respectable sponsors, but the pilot admitted that he has other offers. If Perez leaves Force India, it is likely to replace Pascal Wehrlein.Williams no doubt, lance Stroll will retain a seat at Williams due to large financial injections from Stroll-Scarecrow. The team needs a second experienced pilot, and Felipe Massa copes with this role. Most likely, the Brazilian will keep his place.A couple of weeks ago there were rumors that the pilot Williams could become Fernando Alonso. But it is unlikely the Spaniard will agree to change sewed on soap in the near future, Williams will not fight for victory.Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz signed a multiyear contract, but there is a small chance that for good compensation, the Spaniard will move to Renault.Place Daniil Kvyat in the team Dolny shaky - his back literally breathes Pierre went Out. In addition, in the Wake of rumors about a possible collaboration with Toro Rosso, Honda has been assumed that one of the places is a Japanese pilot.Renault Nico Hulkenberg signed a one-year contract with the possibility of renewal for the season 2018. Obviously, the team would exercise its right and extend the agreement with the German pilot.But the likelihood of a contract renewal with Jolyon Palmer minimum. As a replacement candidacies of Carlos Sainz, Sergio Perez, Robert Kubica and Russian Sergey Sirotkin.Some time talked about returning to Renault's Fernando Alonso, but the French team gave to understand that is not going to give the Spaniard the championship the car in the next three years.Navlabel team gene Haas stated he was pleased with the results of Roman Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen and intends to leave the pilots for next season without changes. But official statements have not yet been. However, Magnussen has already said that he has a contract for season 2018.McLaren Vandorn has a long-term contract with McLaren. The agreement with Fernando Alonso expires at the end of the year, and the Spaniard said that he would remain only if the team will change the engine supplier.If Alonso will leave McLaren, to Jenson button. In addition, rumors circulated about a possible invitation of Carlos Sainz.Sauber is no doubt that his place will retain Marcus Ericsson, who is affiliated with the sponsors and team owners. Second place is likely to get one from a protg of the Ferrari. It will either be Antonio Giovinazzi or Charles LeClair. Instead, the Swiss team will receive discounts on Italian powerplants.

2017-09-05 11:44:05

Robert Kubica there is a Chance

Robert Kubica there is a Chance

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Robert Kubica believes that he has a pretty high chance to return to the championship.Robert Kubica "a Few months ago, I promised that I will return to the paddock, as a pilot or as a commentator. I prefer to be in the car, and this is a good step forward in terms of what happened. A few years ago I wouldn't have thought about it."However, Renault boss Cyril abiteboul a week ago in the Spa said that he wasn't sure if Kubica may return to Formula-1.Cyril abiteboul "We have not received answers to all questions concerning whether Robert to be competitive. What's next Unknown."It is known that Renault gives Kubica the next chance to prove themselves during practice for the Grand Prix of Malaysia.Robert Kubica "I want to get another chance to sit behind the wheel. Last months was fundamental, and I realized that I can compete in Formula 1.I don't know what will happen, but so far so good. I'm not a pilot, because I do not speak, but has a good chance.I am convinced that we can succeed, that can pilot these machines at a high level, despite my limitations. At the same time, I learned that you need to enjoy what life gives you every day.

2017-08-28 12:14:04

Robert Kubica may be in Malaysia

Robert Kubica may be in Malaysia

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Robert Kubica may re-enter the track behind the wheel of a Formula 1 season-2017, this time during Friday practice in Malaysia.The head of Renault's Cyril Abiteboul enough brilliant results of the pole during the Hungarian tests, so he wants to check again Kubica.Cyril abiteboul "we don't Have all the answers we would like to have after the tests in Hungary.In a perfect world we would like to hold more of these tests to see whether he will be able to participate again in the race at the same level. We want to understand is it possible or not".