Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica was born on December 7, 1984 in Krakow. His athletic career began in 1995 in karting. Some time after this he moved to Italy and continued his studies there already. Already in 2001, Robert participated in the Italian Formula Renault and Eurocup in. Later, in 2003 became a constant driver of the European Formula 3 series. In 2005, Robert started in the World Series by Renault, which won several victories, and this allowed him to become a champion of the series. Because of this, he was invited at the end of the year for tests in the Formula 1 Renault, where he showed an excellent result. As a result, Robert said BMW Sauber team and as a result he signed a test driver for 2006. Demonstrating excellent speed on the test and before the Grand Prix, he could make his debut in the race is already on the Hungarian Grand Prix-06, replacing Jacques Villeneuve. In the first race, Robert finished eighth. But he was unlucky, because the result was annulled due to the fact that the mass was smaller than allowed by the machine. But the real surprise was Kubica Wake up in the next Grand Prix in Monza on the podium. This enabled Robert to extend the contract with the team for next year. Pole did not disappoint BMW Sauber, and the championship in 2007 where he finished the final 6th place. But in the U.S. Grand Prix Pole not fortunate enough to get into because of an accident, which put into question the career Kubica, but in the end everything turned out. Robert made a real sensation in 2008. He was among the contenders for the title and surpassed his more famous teammate. After winning the Canadian Grand Prix, he became a favorite in the fight for the title. But then again, he had no luck. BMW Sauber has decided to focus on preparing for the championship of the 2009 and ceased work on the 2008 bolide. As a result, in the second half of the season, the Pole began to show results worse, and the final race in Brazil ended all outside the top ten. After so many successes in 2008, following the championship for him became a nightmare. Robert Kubica finished the championship at the fourteenth place. By its end, he signed a contract with a team of Renault.
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Formula 1

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Robert Kubica can race in Formula E in new York

Robert Kubica can race in Formula E in new York

Robert Kubica could soon be back on the starting grid racing series. At this time, the return associated with Formula E and race in new York.Spanish newspaper Marca reports that the cockpit of one of the teams can be released during the July race of the Formula E in new York, because some pilots of the series should be in the WEC at the nrburgring. These pilots are Jose-Maria Lopez, Sam bird and Sebastien Buemi.As reported, Kubica tested the car Formula E last week in Donington Park, UK.

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Robert Kubica I'm back in my element

Robert Kubica I'm back in my element

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Robert Kubica has been testing behind the wheel of a GP3 car.Robert Kubica "I was back in his element, where he spent quite a few years. I liked it very much. I was very happy that after such a long break quickly able to adapt.It is clear that physically I could be better to approach his training, but I am already at a high level for flying these machines. GP3 no power steering, so I passed quite difficult tests. I am grateful to the championship for the shot".

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Robert Kubica I don't think about returning to Formula 1

Robert Kubica I don't think about returning to Formula 1

The pilot WEC Robert Kubica admitted that he is not thinking about his return to Formula 1.Robert Kubica "I don't think about the return. But for me it is not a closed Chapter.Now the return is much more likely than two years ago. Maybe one day my patience will be rewarded.I won't say anything until I'm absolutely sure."Kubica competed in Formula 1 between 2006 and 2010, In early 2011, the pole was involved in a serious accident and injured her hand, after which the Royal races had forgotten. In recent time, Robert raced in various rally Championships, and this year will compete in endurance races.

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Robert Kubica I ready for tests in Formula 1

Robert Kubica I ready for tests in Formula 1

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Robert Kubica is confident that he is ready to sit behind the wheel of a Formula 1 after a six year break.Robert Kubica "I know that some chances only once in your life, but I always soberly assessed their condition. And if I wasn't confident, would never say what they say. I always told myself to forget about chances until you get better.Everyone reacts to their problems in their own way, I just gave yourself a chance to recover and once again feel the experience of driving Formula 1. I have tried several simulators and may be able to show a good time on most of the tracks. It would be great to get out on the track in a real car".Recall that a career Kubica in Formula 1 was interrupted in early 2011, when he received a serious hand injury during an accident in a rally race.

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Mercedes to let Hamilton sit on the bike

Mercedes to let Hamilton sit on the bike

Oddly enough, but the head of Mercedes Toto Wolff allowed Lewis Hamilton to conduct tests behind the wheel of a MotoGP motorcycle. Although the practice of other stables in relation to the dangerous hobby of his pilots more categorical. It is enough to remember Robert Kubica almost lost his hand during a rally in Italy.Toto Wolff "We don't mind if Lewis wants to try something new. There are no problems from our side. He perfectly kept in the saddle to road bikes, so why not try him yourself driving technology MotoGP no. I'd love to see on this drive".

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Robert Kubica I want to return to Formula-1

Robert Kubica I want to return to Formula-1

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 Robert Kubica again looking for an opportunity to return to the Royal race.Robert Kubica "it is a Pity that in modern Formula 1 this is just a lot of time to be in the pits, waiting out on the road. We have to save tires, the engine, to monitor the accuracy of flying. But both want to attack to the limitBut I still want to return to Formula 1. This is the most prestigious racing series among all series, although its dominance is starting to lose its position".Kubica came into Formula 1 in 2006-2010. for BMW-Sauber and Renault. In early 2011, the pole was involved in a severe accident during a rally race and injured his hand. Injury prevented to pursue a career in Formula 1.

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Eric Bulle I never wanted to be a leader

Eric Bulle I never wanted to be a leader

The former head of Renault Eric bouillet said that he never wanted to be the leader of the team, so now he is satisfied with his job of racing Director at McLaren.Eric boulier "In 2009 I decided to leave the post of the head of the team, but by the time the owners of Gravity bought Renault F1, and I had to stand at the head of a new team. I didn't mean to, just had to. My dream is to help young talents to build their careers. Lead I never wanted. But I had a great relationship with Romain Grosjean had a hit, Robert Kubica and Kimi Raikkonen, but it's worth it".

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Daniil Kvyat Kubica introduced me to the paddock

Daniil Kvyat Kubica introduced me to the paddock

Pilot Red Bull's Daniil Kvyat told that Robert Kubica for the first time introduced him to the world of Formula 1.Daniil Kvyat "When I won one of the races in the Junior series, I gave tests in Formula 1. When I arrived at the track, we met there a Kubica, who invited me to visit the BMW boxes.Robert showed me the pits, the paddock, the car was introduced to the wheel and switches. When I was only 15 years old, and this was my dream Good times - I still remember all this.".

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Robert Kubica I really want to go back

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 Robert Kubica has admitted that he dreams of his return to the Royal race, but it's still impossible.Robert Kubica "If I now said that next year I will start the race in Monza, I immediately got on a diet and dropped ten pounds of excess weight. Well, not ten, but seven precisely. But not talking about it, and that I'm ready to race and even be able to perform well. However, the reality is that for me there is no one waiting, and I won't be able to act on tracks with lots of turns.After the accident, I realized that I now have to put in the life of other purposes. Yeah, I really miss the Formula 1, but what can I do"Recall that a promising Kubica, winner of the Grand Prix of Canada 2008, at the beginning of 2011 was in a serious accident driving a rally car and almost lost his arm. Now the pole stands in the WRC.

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Robert Kubica I believe in Alonso

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 Robert Kubica, now playing in the WRC, said that he believes in the possibility of Fernando Alonso.Robert Kubica "it is Human nature to set new goals, and he lives. When no goals, and life becomes insipid. I was waiting for Alonso titles when he joined Ferrari, but did not. Then he began to look for new ways to achieve their goals.He decided to run the risk, but Fernando is the best driver of modern times. It will work on the title in the new team, and I believe in him".

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The pilot SMP Racing Vartanyan Alexander won the Trofeo Andrea Margutti

The pilot SMP Racing Vartanyan Alexander won the Trofeo Andrea Margutti

The pilot SMP Racing Vartanyan Alexander won the prestigious karting tournament Trofeo Andrea Margutti in the category KF. The competition was held at the Italian track in Lonato. Another kart driver of the Russian team, Ivan Shevtsov involved in the KF Junior class, rounded out the top five in the Junior competition.Vartanian had the best time in qualifying and then won two preliminary and pre-final races. In the final race pilot SMP Racing finished with a lead of three seconds from his nearest competitor, won a landslide victory.In Trofeo Andrea Margutti also participated Ivan Shvetsov. He showed the third time in qualifying KF Junior and also won two third place in the qualifying rounds. In the pre-final race Shvetsov finished second, but because the penalty was forced to start in the final, with only 21-th position. However, during the race Ivan managed to break through a gauntlet of opponents and finished the race in fifth.Karting competitions Trofeo Andrea Margutti are the oldest in Europe and are held in Italy since 1990. At different times in this tournament was attended by Robert Kubica, Fernando Alonso and Giancarlo Fisichella.Finally our guys began to realize his potential, - said the head of the youth program SMP Racing, honored coach of Russia, Peter Aleshin. - They both freshmen in their classes and they lack experience. We are some of the competition was close, but in the finals that never got around to it. Such results in such a prestigious tournament - record the correct direction in the development of the pilot. There is still a whole season and we intend to use every effort to fight for the highest places".In 2015 Vartanyan Alexander and Ivan Shevtsov will continue to compete in the European championship in karting. Vartanian will continue his career in the KF category, while Shvetsov debut in KF Junior.

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Robert Kubica missed the Formula 1

Robert Kubica missed the Formula 1

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Robert Kubica admitted that much he misses the Formula-1 cars.Robert Kubica "I don't miss the Formula 1, its intrigues and other moments. I miss the cars, the capabilities of these machines, the performances in the races. Formula 1 has always been my dream, so now without it very hard. All my life I have spent in order to realize his dream, but the tragedy occurred. And I'm sorry that you have to watch for the race from afar".Recall that in the beginning of the 2011 season, then the driver of the Renault and partner Vitaly Petrov, had an accident during a rally race and suffered serious damage to his hands. Now the pole is in WRC.

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Robert Kubica it pains Me to see the Formula 1

Robert Kubica it pains Me to see the Formula 1

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Robert Kubica, who left the championship due to a serious hand injury received in an accident during the rally, honestly admitted that he dreams of returning to the Royal race.Robert Kubica "I'll tell you honestly, I really hate to see the Formula 1, as dreamed about this series from my childhood. I raved about this series and was happy when I come here. I have gained respect and recognition of talent, but has trouble, forced me to leave the championship. Two years I was absorbed in the restoration of health, but when he came back to normal, my pain Formula 1 returned. I can't watch the race, not able to ride the Grand Prix of the guest of honor, because it will make me only more painful. I've dabbled in the simulator Mercedes showed good times on highways, but on a slow, type, Monaco and Singapore, just couldn't turn because of the low mobility of the right hand. In rally I have a lot of room to maneuver by hand in the vehicle and in the cockpit of the car seat is not there.I try to protect themselves from Formula 1, refuse tests and other suggestions, because I know what I like, what next This will be a big pain. When you want a good steak, and you are served fried, should be able to find the strength to get pleasure from what is. I think about Formula 1, but time is against me".

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The Sauber team has signed a contract with Felipe Nasr

The Sauber team has signed a contract with Felipe Nasr

22-year-old Brazilian Felipe Nasr will be the second driver for Sauber in the season 2015. Previously, it was announced the signing of a contract with Marcus Ericsson, who made his debut this season in the composition of Caterham. Thus, the Swiss team will completely change the composition pilotone Kaltenborn, head of the team Sauber "We have closely followed the career of Felipe. Success in the Junior series suggest that he deserves a place in Formula 1. We are glad that next season he will play for noscapine Banco do Brazil helped Felipe throughout his career. And now she will become our partner. We look forward to the new cooperation"Felipe Nasr "the Contract with Sauber is an important step in my career, and I want obligataire all for helping me support. Finally fulfilled my macthed Sauber has resulted in the F1 a lot of strong drivers Felipe Massa, Kimi Raikkonen, Robert Kubica and Sebastian Vettel. And I'm very proud that I was the next in radway season I spent as a test driver for Williams. I learned a lot and is now ready to debut in Formula 1.

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Kubica not give up the dream of returning to Formula 1

Kubica not give up the dream of returning to Formula 1

Robert Kubica will not part with a dream to return to Formula 1 and calculates the hopes that it will appear after the next surgery on injured right hand, which may have him in the winter break.

The pole got in a serious accident in a rally track in early 2011, after which endured many operations, however, the function and mobility of the hand and fingers are still not recovered 100.

"When the season ends, I'm going to explore all possible options. To return to Formula 1 would be a dream come true, " said Kubica in an interview with BBC Sport. Hand and shoulder in order, and if we talk about mobility, then there are some improvements. Restrictions still remain, so you need a new surgical intervention, but the season is long, rally and many stages of the world rally championship take a lot of time.

Return to F1 is a dream, but we must remain realistic. If I accept the decision and will try to come back in the winter have to carry out new transactions. I hope that the doctors will help me, but you also need luck."

Last year Robert was clearly talking about the fact that the return to Formula 1 is impossible. The effects of trauma does not prevent him to play in the WRC, although this season he has more meetings than productive times, and his best achievement so far was the 6th place in the Argentine rally.


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Robert Kubica appreciate Alonso above Vettel

Robert Kubica appreciate Alonso above Vettel

In his time Fernando Alonso to question who he thinks is the best racer of modern Formula 1, without hesitation, replied "Robert Kubica". In early 2011 due to serious injuries sustained in the accident at the rally route, talented pole was forced to leave F1 after a long period of rehabilitation to go to the rally, but still with Alonso have developed good friendships.

During an interview with Italian TV station Sky Sport 24 Kubica asked what, in his opinion, the difference between Alonso and Sebastian Vettel, after all, four-time world champion, apparently, next year will replace the famous Spaniard in the composition of the Ferrari.

"Alonso is the only driver who can get results even for the wheel is not such a competitive car, " said Robert. - Vettel is able only when it has the best machine.

In the Formula 1 is very high competition, and victory is rarely easy, but in Ferrari sometimes think that they can win all the races. However it is not simple, even if the Scuderia is such an amazing driver, Fernando Alonso. For me he remains a unique pilot, one of those who are able to achieve the best results possible. Perhaps he is the only one who knows how to do it, not even with the best machine."

There are many rumors, as will be further career Spaniard, however, Kubica believes that it would be a mistake, if Alonso will miss the season "If Fernando will not be released at the start of the championship, it will be a big loss. Formula 1 can not afford to lose such a pilot, and I don't think it will happen, but Alonso need to take a new challenge.

I remember when he moved to Ferrari, I was very happy to take on a new challenge, but even after a few seasons he failed to win the title. Few people understand how difficult it is in the championship four or five teams that are fighting for the victory in the championship, and is eight or ten riders capable of winning Grands Prix. The rivalry is very sharp and very hard to put together everything you need for victory."


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Robert Kubica Risk is part of Motorsport

Robert Kubica Risk is part of Motorsport

While FIA is investigating the circumstances of the accident Jules Bianchi, the world of Motorsport is trying to move away from the shock. In an interview with the BBC's Robert Kubica, forced to retire from Formula 1 after a serious injury and the speaker is now in the rally, said that such incidents remind about the dangers of Motorsport.

Robert Kubica "Seeing a similar incident, you ask yourself how is this possible Unfortunately, these things happen in motor racing there is always a risk."

Polish racer gave the example of the European Grand Prix 2007 at the Nurburgring, when Vitantonio Liuzzi lost control of Toro Rosso at the entrance to the first corner, his car was deployed, and almost hitting a car security, she crashed into a tow truck.

"With him it was all right, then nobody thought that it could be dangerous, " he said Kubica. In the FIA has done incredible work to improve, but such incidents suggests that we could not stop, because there is always a risk is part of Motorsport.

In my case it was not so. I was lucky, and lucky - which side show.160 I want to Jules and his family all the best and pray for him. I know him well. He's a sweet and very talented guy."



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Daniel Riccardo awarded the prize named Lorenzo Bandini

Daniel Riccardo awarded the prize named Lorenzo Bandini was told that Daniel Riccardo won the prize named Lorenzo Bandini at the end of last season. On Sunday in the Italian town of Brisighella ceremony was held, during, thus providing the pilot with Red Bull Racing presented the award.

Daniel Riccardo "I would like to thank everyone for this award, which in recent years has been awarded to many riders, and then they have achieved great success in her career. I am very pleased that now I have a prize named Lorenzo Bandini".

The winners of prize Lorenzo Bandini

1992 Ivan He

1995 David Coulthard

1996 Jacques Villeneuve

1998 Giancarlo Fisichella

1999 Alexander Wurz

2000 Jarno Trulli

2001 Jenson Button

2002 Juan Pablo Montoya

2003 Michael Schumacher

2004 Kimi Raikkonen

2005 Fernando Alonso

2006 Mark Webber

2007 Felipe Massa

2008 Robert Kubica

2009 Sebastian Vettel

2010 Lewis Hamilton

2011 Nico Rosberg

2012 Bruno

2013 Piero Ferrari

2014 Daniel Riccardo


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Alonso Friendship in the Formula 1 is forced

Alonso Friendship in the Formula 1 is forced

In the final part of the interview for the press-service Ferrari Spaniard told about the most strong teammates and opponents and about the relationship between the drivers of Formula 1.

Question If you could fight on the track with one of the former Champions of the world, whom would you even knowing that you can lose this fight

Fernando Alonso In the history of Formula 1 a lot of great names. Typically, we are talking about Champions, level Nicky Lauda, Ayrton Senna, Alain Simple and other. We were growing up, until they have won the race. If I could, I wrestled with them driving old cars, which were played in childhood, when admired. Of course I would like to see this.

Question which of the companions you think is the strongest

Fernando Alonso Difficult question. They are all different, and each had strengths and weaknesses. To fight them is not easy - they were all incredibly competitive, so it was necessary to maximize their potential. I remember Jarno Trulli was the best in the qualifications. I have never encountered such, working with other partners.

I spent two years touring with by Giancarlo Fisichella at Renault - then we won the Cup of designers. He was a strong contender in every race and in any conditions. Then was Felipe Massa, now Kimi Raikkonen. But I had strong opponents in the race, because it is difficult to choose one. They all helped me, I learned a lot from them in different areas. But they all had something special.

Question Who was the strongest opponent for you

Fernando Alonso In The Formula 1 - Michael Schumacher. When I was just beginning a career in the championship, he dominated in 2001, and this period lasted until 2005. Michael spoke at another level. Fight it's always been difficult.

Then I had the opportunity a few years to fight him on equal terms, and he was always able to do something special, which exceeded your expectations or perhaps beyond the capabilities of the machine. Thus, it had to be constantly monitored.

Question What kind of racer you would like to receive in your party, but never received

Fernando Alonso This is also a difficult question. I don't know. I believe that at the right moment gave way or another driver on the same team. Of course, since I karting was friends with Robert Kubica, and we could be partners in Formula 1, but went our separate ways.

Question is it Possible to make friends among the pilots And in General, is there friendship in Formula 1

Fernando Alonso Yes, this is possible. But of course, not in the literal sense - they don't compare with your friends outside of Formula 1 or school buddies, you know. In the Formula 1 friendship turns forced - it is because you spend together 300 days a year. Eventually you begin to share not only what to do with work, but something personal.

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Memory check Esteban Gutierrez

Memory check Esteban Gutierrez

The pilots of Formula 1 are famous for the art of racing cars, but as they have memory Official site of the championship, decided to find out and publish a series of interviews with riders, which will help to know them better. Today on the queue Esteban Gutierrez.

Question Who was your first childhood idol

Esteban Gutierrez my Mother was when I learned, through which it had to pass before I was born.

Question What is the first Grand Prix you looked

Esteban Gutierrez It was in Montreal in 2007 I never forget it - Robert Kubica crashed right in front of our stand.

Question At what age did you realize that you want to be an F1 driver

Esteban Gutierrez At the age of 14 I decided that this would be my fate.

Question When did you first get involved in an accident while driving a race car

Esteban Gutierrez On the pre-season tests in the Formula BMW. The blow was very strong, but I was not injured.

Question What color was your first helmet

Esteban Gutierrez the Coloring was mottled - yellow, Golden, blue laughs.

Question When you won your first race trophy and how it looked

Esteban Gutierrez It was in 200-4, in karting. Nothing like before, I never felt I made it to the podium after a hard fight and got the Cup. A regular Cup, very small, but to me he seemed to be the most beautiful

Question What is the first road car you were driving

Esteban Gutierrez my brother was a VW Jetta VR6. I remember that it's not too me her trust.

Question Where was the first house in which you lived

Esteban Gutierrez In Monterey, Mexico. I still live there, when you are in Mexico.

Question You are very nervous when I first went to school

Esteban Gutierrez I don't remember if I was nervous at school, even on the first day.

Question What's the first dish you prepared

Esteban Gutierrez the Quesadilla to your recipe. I now cook when I am at home in Mexico.

Question What are you the first thing I did this morning

Esteban Gutierrez he Wrote to his friend, "Good morning".

Question What did you do first when I learned that will compete in the Formula 1

Esteban Gutierrez he Smiled and promised myself to do everything to one day become a world champion.

Question What was the first purchased music

Esteban Gutierrez I will not tell Precisely, but it was some Mexican music.

Question What was the first sport you were involved in childhood

Esteban Gutierrez Golf and basketball, but sitting behind the wheel of a machine brother I realized that I intended destiny.

Question When was the first romantic kiss

Esteban Gutierrez a truly romantic Not so long ago.

Question When you first asked for an autograph

Esteban Gutierrez In 2007 my mom told me that he is my lover and asked him to sign her card.

Question When you first tasted champagne

Esteban Gutierrez it's Hard to say. Quite a while ago for the New year.

Question Which would you choose first - fruits or chocolate

Esteban Gutierrez Fruit, but sprinkled them with dry chilli laughs.

Question What's the first word you said, being a baby

Esteban Gutierrez Good question. I'll have to ask mom.

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Robert Kubica expects to remain in WRC

Robert Kubica expects to remain in WRC

Former F1 driver Robert Kubica believes that if he can continue to compete in the world rally championship WRC, in 2015, all will be much easier. But while the debut season of the pole in the WRC is very unfortunate that sharply contrasts with the last year's success in the category WRC2, where he has confidently won the 1st place.

Another accident pole suffered last weekend at the first speed section of Rally Finland, after just over a mile away after the start. After eight rounds of the championship season occupies the 12th place in the individual championship, scoring just 12 points, while on account of the leader of the championship, Sebastien Ogier, already 187 points. In three of the rally Robert withdrew, another three finished outside the second ten. All this has prompted speculation that a career Kubica in WRC may soon be completed. He is more optimistic, though, and stresses that while no decisions taken.

"As for next year, I do not know - it's far, - quotes the words of Robert British newspaper Maxrally. - This season is difficult for me it is not easy, so we'll see how things develop.

If I will continue to compete in the rally, the next year will be much better, and I can use my experience and what I have taught many mistakes this season, to make progress and to become more consistent. Because the speed, I believe I have.

As is known, in rally experience is very important, and if I stay in the championship in 2015, of course, I will be easier."

This season's Robert Kubica is driving Ford Fiesta WRC team M-Sport, sponsored by the Polish oil company Lotos.


2014-08-02 12:14:02

Roman Novikov Victory gave us confidence

Roman Novikov Victory gave us confidence

Russian team Zeta Corse was collected only a few months ago, but has already become a real terror of the authorities. In the last four races her pilot Roberto Mary won two victories, podium and fourth place, and on summer break went, taking the second place in the championship.

In an exclusive interview team leader Roman Novikov told about which helped to achieve such progress, and what counts team in the final stages of the season.

Question the novel, the last time the results Zeta Corse in the World series is constantly improving. Making this happen is the appropriate route, or the team has made some breakthrough

Roman Novikov it would be wrong to say that we reached the highway. Still, it's monasery, machines is the same. I think that played a role, the sum of many factors. And last but not least, of course, pilots, because both of our drivers are constantly progressing Roman gaining experience, and Roberto regaining the form that was before the beginning of performance in the DTM. As I said from the very beginning, he took this for six months. And weekend in Moscow was very helpful we were the first to all the practice sessions, and when he realized that he could win in his head as if something has shifted. He was a different pilot appeared in it something of the predator, the notorious "killer instinct". But, of course, in addition there were many changes in the team.

Question Can you tell us about them in more detail

Roman Novikov We took the new team Manager, Marco Rodriguez, who earlier worked in the Campos and Addax. Just a few days before the start of the weekend in Moscow Raceway I called him and offered to try to work with us. He was in Brussels, before me alive was seen only once half a year ago, but immediately agreed. Even without a contract and salary arrived in Moscow to spend with us weekend. At first watched our children, then himself involved in the work. Of course, we cannot say that the victory won thanks to him, but he has given a lot to the team, became a missing link in the chain, made those changes, which were necessary to us. Of course, after that we signed a contract with him, and in Germany he already went as an employee of our team.

Another change is now the second engineer with Humphrey Corbett works Miguel Clara is very young telemetry, but he is extremely talented, and in our opinion, in a couple of years for him will fight all the best teams. And this bunch has been excellent. Also, before stage in Germany we have two new mechanics - one had to take after our mechanic injured his knee during training pit stop. And when we were looking for a replacement, then the ability to make pit stops for hotels. In the end, find a mechanic in the world championship on races on endurance WEC. He recently worked on race "24 hours of Le Mans, and for a day spent 36 pit-stops. Another rookie worked with Robert Kubica in the year when he won the title in the World series. I think, with him we also enclose a long-term contract.

Question did You expect that this year will be able to win some victories

Roman Novikov of Course not. Although it was a funny situation - at the first stage of the season in Monza, where Mary went up to the podium, I then came up to him said, "Roberto, and you know that if the pilot wins the race, the team leader also rises on the podium Imagine how great it would be if you had won in Moscow." And he suddenly I was so serious answers, "And that, to the Moscow stage there was plenty of time, so it is quite realistic". I nodded, laugh - then it seemed to me this is completely impossible. And when I got up on the podium after the second race at the Moscow Raceway, we first of all I remembered the story.

Question After a successful weekend in Moscow, in Germany you have already worked with different mood

Roman Novikov of Course, the victory gave us confidence in their abilities. The mood at all was good, even in their spare time all the mechanics and engineers spoke about the work. This attitude we did not have before. I think their role was played by the fact that everyone understood at the break you want to leave on a high note. Of course, no confidence can not be, but we knew that going fast.

Question Because the track you came You mentioned that the machines are the same, but, say, DAMS traditionally bad acts in Moscow Raceway, and Fortec - well.

Roman Novikov Yes, it happens due to the difference in the settings. But we did not consider the route Moscow Raceway and the Nurburgring suited us better than others. Besides, it is impossible to compare the base, which we have with those that have the strongest teams of the championship - DAMS, Fortec, Arden. of Course, we experienced engineers, but still they have a big advantage.

Question what is the advantage They have more staff

Roman Novikov No, the difference in the amount of approx. This year there is a limit of all of the commands in the course of the weekend with machines can work only 11 people. There are, of course, the staff, who work only on the basis, but here we have a similar situation as the others. But we hold its first season, and some of our competitors - 10th. Do not forget that the current Zeta Corse has almost no relation to the one that played in the League before. A team is created from scratch - from last year's state is left 2 people.

Question do you have the feeling that now the leaders had some difficulties, and after they will return to his old form, to fight for victory will be harder

Roman Novikov No, they at these stages never vanished. In Germany in both races leaders were good, and Roberto just some moments was faster. If in Moscow someone else could tell that something was lucky, at the Nurburgring all these assumptions we dispelled. In my opinion, we were more than competitive, and get in the top three of us was almost guaranteed.

Question Recently you said that Roberto had a goal to be among the best in the championship. He is now second. The goal has somehow changed

Roman Novikov Yes, now he wants to win the championship. Of course, we understand that for this we should be very lucky, but in any case, it will try to complicate a life to Science. And my aim, as a leader is to keep these pilots for next season. I think next year we will be able to fight for the title from the first race.

Question Despite the very successful performance Mary, in the team competition is not so great, because Roman Mavlanov glasses while not gaining. Do you consider this a problem

Roman Novikov No, no problem I do not see here. Despite this we are now ranked fourth in the team classification, and the lag from third of all three points, so there are no problems. We will fight for the top three, and to take the second place among the teams we have no chance. As for the Novel, he is constantly progressing, each subsequent race becomes for him the best, so I think in the final three stages to score it quite on forces.

Question What is the mood now in the Novel Yes, it progresses, but Roberto now is at this level that the comparison with him psychologically to withstand very difficult.

Roman Novikov certainly difficult, Yes. But we all understand that Roberto older, he has much more experience, he is the champion of the European Formula 3. So to compare them until sense, the Novel still need to grow to that level, but it continues to work.

Question When he will be able to reach its optimum level

Roman Novikov Hard to say, but I think that already in the second year. It is with an eye on next season we're working on now, and that is why I want to keep the pilots.

Question is It real

Roman Novikov Yes, certainly. Otherwise I wouldn't be talking about it.

Question Roberto still has a contract with Mercedes, tests machines DTM. It is distracting

Roman Novikov Yes, sometimes, but there is also a positive side. Recently he called Toto Wolff, congratulated on his victory. In addition, Roberto along with several other pilots went to the British Grand Prix at the invitation of Renault, where they visited the Red Bull Racing team. There he congratulated Christian Horner, Sebastian Vettel, Riccardo Daniel - he was simply delighted. He, of course, knows - Meri became the champion of Formula 3 in 2011, and it then came up Sebastian Vettel, who in that year, twice champion, was presented. And with Riccardo few years they played in the same League as, say, Bottom.

Question Maybe it is a little sad that those pilots, with whom he equally competed in the Junior series, now in Formula 1, and he is not

Roman Novikov it only gets even more. He really wants to prove that you deserve to get in Formula 1. He has a unique career. Examples of pilot after retirement from racing cars open-wheel in the touring series successfully returned. But Mary did it.

Question What does the team in this break

Roman Novikov two days after we returned to the base of the machine there already was impossible to reach all were stripped to the last corner, all items are tested and prepared for the next race. Now the whole team went on a two-day holiday.

Question What is the mood of the team before the final three stages of the championship What do you expect

Roman Novikov I think the Hungaroring us very suitable from the point of view settings. In Pol-Ricard, of course, have to work, and as for Jerez - there we were fast even when we still have not everything, and Mary was not in the best condition. So we're already looking forward to the final series - all have been waiting for this holiday, but a week later, wanted to return to the track.

text Elmir Valeev


2014-08-01 20:44:03

Sauber F1 released a cartoon about the history command

Sauber F1 released a cartoon about the history command

The famous animated series McLaren Tooned gives no rest to other teams, in particular Sauber the country has also decided to make a movie on the history of their organization, since the early 70's, when Peter Zauber in makeshift conditions built his first car.

Before the August break Sauber posted on his page on Youtube this short and funny movie of the sport fans will be able to learn different historical episodes, of course, creatively reinterpreted. Please note, as the creators of the cartoon interpret the accident Robert Kubica in Canada in 2007, followed by the debut of Sebastian Vettel in the Grand Prix of the USA, when a young German became the youngest riders earned points in Formula 1.

In General, despite the fact that this season things Sauber are going very badly, and after 11 Grand Prix on her account there is no points, the team was not discouraged. However, on the year 2014, in the cartoon is not a word was said, but in the end formulated the main dream of becoming world Champions.


2014-06-26 20:54:03

Adrian Sutil I would like, that would Kubica came back

Pilot Sauber Adrian Sutil admitted, that very much wants speedy return of Robert Kubica in Formula 1." I have no information about whether Kubica to return to the Royal race, " said Sutil. First - class pilot, very fast from nature and are able to achieve many of the titles. While it is not physically ready to come back, but who knows what will happen after godu rally his performances seem impressive, it may not always finish, but in the first stage showed that fights only for the victory. I don't know, maybe he will continue to act only in the rally, but it would be nice if Robert is back".

2014-06-25 15:04:02

Adrian Sutil I Will be glad to return Kubica

Adrian Sutil I Will be glad to return Kubica

In February 2011 Robert Kubica had a very heavy accident which nearly cost him his life. Polish rider went a long rehabilitation period and now is in the world rally championship, but the consequences of injuries not allow him to be back behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car. However, the pilot Sauber Adrian Sutil has declared, that is happy, if Kubica will return to the championship.

Adrian Sutil "I don't know whether Robert to come back. In any case, he is a great driver, but I think so far he's just not quite ready to return. Only Robert knows what he is now capable of.

Now he plays in the rally and looks pretty convincing. Perhaps its future is connected with the rally racing, and he has already decided everything for myself. Robert is a good man and a great pilot, so I'll be glad if he will return."


2014-06-23 20:24:02

Bottas strengthened Finns statistics in Formula 1

Bottas strengthened Finns statistics in Formula 1

Grand Prix Austria, Valtteri Bottas finished third, and thereby strengthened the position of the Finns in the statistics of the Formula 1 percentage pilots, at least once exerted on the podium. According to this indicator, Finland occupies the second place in the history of the world Cup.

Bottas became the seventh Finn, who managed to reach the podium Grand Prix. To him it did Keke Rosberg 17 times, Jyrki lavish praise Lehto 1, Mika Hakkinen 51, Mika Salo 2, Kimi Raikkonen 77 and Heikki Kovalainen 4. This is a very good result for the country, with a population of 5.5 million people. Even more impressive that fact, that for all history of Formula 1 at the start of the championship were only eight of the Finns.

The only Finn, who participated in the races of Formula 1, but not up to the podium, was Leo Kinnunen, the first representative of the country in this sport. He arrived at the start only once, at the Grand Prix Sweden in 1974, and was out of the race after eight rounds. Another Finnish driver Mikko Kozarovichi, tried twice to qualify, but each time unsuccessfully, therefore not counted in the statistics.

So now 87.5 of the Finnish riders at least once stood on the podium. This indicator is better only in Poland - 100. Their only in the history of the pilot, Robert Kubica, was on the podium 12 times, including once won Grand Prix of Canada, 2008.

Third place is shared by four countries with a value of 50. This is Sweden 5 of 10 riders, Colombia, Russia and Monaco one each. However, the Russian pilot Daniel Quat currently serves in the championship, and thus has the opportunity once to increase this ratio to 100.

The lowest percentage among the countries whose representatives at least once stood on the podium, Netherlands - 7,14. From 14 pilots of this country only one, Jos Verstappen, finished in the top three. It was twice, at the Hungarian Grand Prix and Grand Prix of Belgium 1994.

Britain this indicator has been in the middle of the pack, but the leader by the total number of the drivers on the podium for all history - 39. The second place, thanks to the race Indy-500, are the USA 36, followed by Italy 28, France 21, Germany 13, Brazil 9, Finland 7 and Belgium 6.

Of the 39 countries, drivers which were in Formula 1, representatives of 28 of them at least once to the podium. Never it was not possible for pilots Ireland, East Germany, Uruguay, Czech Republic, India, Malaysia, Chile, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Morocco and Thailand.

Among the pilots absolute record for the number of podiums continues to hold Michael Schumacher - he finished in the top three 155 times. The second place is Alain Prost, on account of which 106, followed by Fernando Alonso 96, Ayrton Senna 80 and Kimi Raikkonen 77. All in the history of the championship of peace on the podium Grand Prix rose 205 drivers.


2014-06-18 10:04:04

Gerhard Berger That Schumacher was opened by the Formula-1 Vettel

Gerhard Berger That Schumacher was opened by the Formula-1 Vettel

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Gerhard Berger believes that if not for Michael Schumacher, they would not have learned of Sebastian Vettel."It is Schumacher was first told me about a boy who's pretty quick in the kart championship, " said Berger. - So, if not for Schumacher, nobody would have seen Vettel and didn't notice it talanta remember Sebastian held its first race in the BMW-Sauber, and if not for their strange policy, he would be there the first number. It was then that I began to argue with Helmut Marko, convincing him that Tonio Liuzzi and Scott AIDS mediocre pilots of Formula-1. And if not for the words of Michael, Marco'd never gave up and never invited a team of Vettel. Already on the first tests all saw how right was Schumacher".IN 2007 Vettel worked as a test pilot with BMW-Sauber and the Grand Prix of the USA had the opportunity to replace an injured Robert Kubica. Already in the next stage, a German made her debut in the Toro Rosso. In Italy-2008 Vettel won the first race, and then he went into the senior team Red Bull.

2014-06-16 13:54:02

Gerhard Berger Schumacher gave me the talent of Vettel

Gerhard Berger Schumacher gave me the talent of Vettel

Sebastian Vettel made his debut in Formula 1 as part Sauber, replacing the injured Robert Kubica in Indianapolis. Vettel spent one race in the Swiss team, and then he was invited to Toro Rosso. Former Toro Rosso co-owner Gerhard Berger said that he first heard about the Vettel from Michael Schumacher.

Gerhard Berger "for the First time on Vettel I heard from Michael Schumacher in Mauritius. He told about the incredibly fast young fellow, speaking in karting. So I think Michael man, first noticed the talent of Vettel.

Sebastian his first race held in Sauber and if not strange political games in this command, he would have become their main pilot. At that time in the Toro Rosso were Vitantonio Liuzzi and Scott AIDS - two weak rider. I took a great effort to convince Helmut Marko that they are completely useless. At the moment, except Schumacher no one noticed Vettel, but already at the first tests Franz Toast saw that Sebastian has an incredible talent."


2014-06-10 16:54:02

Riccardo repeated the example of Raikkonen

Riccardo repeated the example of Raikkonen

Daniel Ricardo, winning the Grand Prix of Canada, was the first modern racer of the Formula 1 after Kimi Raikkonen, who won his first victory before first won the qualification of this curious statistical fact leads to the Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat.

Raikkonen opened the scoring numerous victories in 2003 year in Malaysia, while the first pole won seven stages later, at the Nurburgring.

Among those who spoke in Formula 1 at the same time with Raikkonen was 11 pilots, who first won the qualification, and then the race Giancarlo Fisichella and Fernando Alonso, Jenson button, Felipe Massa, Lewis Hamilton, Robert Kubica, Heikki Kovalainen, Sebastian Vettel, mark Webber, Nico Rosberg and Pastor Maldonado.