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2017-11-21 11:24:05

George Russell ready for Formula 1

George Russell ready for Formula 1

A graduate of the Mercedes George Russell said he was ready for a career in Formula 1. There is an assumption that young Brit next season will be the reserve pilot Force India.George Russell "I'm ready for the season in Formula 1. I have done a lot for Mercedes, I worked a lot in the simulator. Feel well prepared, and this year I won the GP3 championship.If you look at the facts, the only options are Williams or Sauber, but we will see.One of the reasons I really want to take part in the tests at the end of the year with Force India is a possibility that may open after this work. For example, in January, if something happens, I will jump for joy. I will definitely take my chance".

2017-11-15 12:24:04

Antonio Giovinazzi refuses dreams to be in Formula-1

Antonio Giovinazzi refuses dreams to be in Formula-1

Antonio Giovinazzi admitted that he still hopes to return to Formula 1 with Ferrari. We will remind that this year the Italian has helped Sauber, replacing an injured Pascal Wehrlein.Antonio Giovinazzi "This year has given me more than I expected. I do not deny that after a great year in GP2, I feel ready to participate in a full season in Formula 1. But now I feel even more prepared than last winter.In Australia, I had a great time, but China was the worst Grand Prix for me in the career of a pilot. Error happened to me on the stage when I was under pressure from the press. After this criticism was rife. Maybe in China I set goals that were unattainable. But that disappointment helped me grow.I understand that Formula 1 is not football, where you can play for different teams. Here only 20 seats for all pilots in the world, but I always thought that there may be at the level of Vettel and Hamilton".

2017-11-11 23:24:03

Qualifying score after Brazil

In the team Williams Felipe Massa drove a qualifying score with their partner and 172. The most equal fight to Sauber, where Pascal Wehrlein is leading with a score 107.Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas 13-6Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel - Kimi Raikkonen 14-5Red Bull, Daniel Riccardo - Max Verstappen 6-13Force India, Sergio Perez - Esteban Windows 12-7Williams, Felipe Massa - lance Stroll 17-2McLaren, Fernando Alonso - Stoffel Vandorn 15-3Toro Rosso, Pierre went Out - Brendon Hartley 0-2Renault, Nico - Carlos Sainz 2-1Haas, Roman Grosjean, Kevin Magnussen 12-7Sauber, Marcus Ericsson - Pascal Wehrlein 7-10.

2017-11-11 12:04:03

Sauber can call the pilots in Abu Dhabi

The head of the team Sauber Frederic Vasseur said that the pilots on the season-2018 may be called during the final Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi. It is expected that his place will retain Marcus Ericsson and his partner will be one of the protg Ferrari or Charles LeClair, or, less likely, Antonio Giovinazzi.Frederic Vasseur "I hope that we will be able to call the pilots in Abu Dhabi. Of course, we have time before the Grand Prix of Australia, but we do not want to delay the matter.Leclere copes with his work. In Friday practice to work difficult, but he showed stable and high speed".

2017-11-10 15:24:03

Pascal Wehrlein My last chance is Williams

Pascal Wehrlein admitted that it will lose a place in the team Sauber. The only chance to stay in Formula 1 - a contract with Williams.Pascal Wehrlein "Obviously, my results in the last races already on what will not affect. Everyone knows that in Brazil and Abu Dhabi, we hardly earn points. My last chance is Williams. Sauber seat for me there.If you have to miss at least one more year, to return to Formula 1 will not be easy. Of course, if I had 5-10 million dollars, and my chances were higher."The Williams team uses Mercedes engines. Maybe that's where it will take Wehrlein in exchange for a discount on the power plant, it is known that Pascal supports the German company.

2017-11-02 12:04:04

Marcus Ericsson Our team works with tires

Pilot Sauber Marcus Ericsson believes that the progress of his team in a number of recent races is associated with an excellent tire.Marcus Ericsson "the Tyres this year are more conservative, less efficient and not so much degraded, but there is still a small window where our engineers have achieved the best level of adhesion with the track.I know we most of the year worked in the wrong direction, but now everything has changed. Now we have found some nuances that helped us pretty much to improve, and this applies to temperature and temperature control of the tires.We did some work with the tyres, with different temperature zones, and this seems to be very helpful to us. For us it was a big hit".

2017-10-31 16:04:04

Sauber refused by Pascal Wehrlein

Sauber refused by Pascal Wehrlein

As reported by the Swiss publication Blick, citing a source inside the team, the leadership of the Sauber refused to renew the contract with Pascal Wehrlein.It is expected that one will receive a protg of the Ferrari. It will be either Charles, LeClair, or Antonio Giovinazzi. In return, Sauber expects to get a discount on the power plant of Maranello.Second place is likely to retain Marcus Ericsson, which has a good sponsors and communications with team owners.The only chance of Wehrlein is Williams. It is known that Mercedes is negotiating with a team that uses German engines.

2017-10-30 11:04:03

Fernando Alonso the Race was positive

Fernando Alonso the Race was positive

After starting from 18th position, Fernando Alonso made it to tenth place and earned one point. Decoration of the race became his fight with Lewis Hamilton for ninth place.Fernando Alonso "overall, it was a good race, given that we startval from the tail of the peloton, and finished it with glasses. The car felt very well since Friday. We were very quick in the turns, and we had good handling and good balance throughout the race.We lacked the maximum speed for attack and defense, so I was stuck behind a Sauber for half the race and then couldn't pass Magnussen. As soon as I fell out of his DRS zone, it was very vulnerable, so in the end, there's nothing I could do to stop Lewis.I fought hard, trying to brake a little later each time, but still missed out on ninth place. It was a good battle, but it's so hard when you don't have a good machine.Now we're going to Brazil - let's try and earn some points there".

2017-10-29 10:24:04

Markus Eriksson the Last round was a surprise

Markus Eriksson the Last round was a surprise

Pilot Sauber Marcus Ericsson became the best pilot of those who came out in the second round of qualifying.Marcus Ericsson "It was a good day. We continued to work on after practice yesterday and took the correct steps to configure the car. We were able to become more competitive. It was a good team effort because we were able to get the most out of the car in qualifying. I am also happy with my last lap in qualifying - it was a pleasant surprise, and he wasn't too far from the exit in the second round. Before the race we all have a positive attitude".

2017-10-28 22:44:03

Qualification account after Mexico

Mercedes, Ferrari and Williams continues dominance of one of the pilots, and Haas and Sauber fight between teammates almost equal.Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas 13-5Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen 13-5Red Bull, Daniel Riccardo - Max Verstappen 6-12Force India, Sergio Perez - Esteban Windows 11-7Williams, Felipe Massa - lance Stroll 15-2McLaren, Fernando Alonso - Stoffel Vandorn 14-3Toro Rosso, Pierre went Out - Brendon Hartley 0-1Renault, Nico - Carlos Sainz 1-1Haas, Roman Grosjean - Kevin Magnussen 11-7Sauber, Marcus Ericsson - Pascal Wehrlein 7-9.

2017-10-28 12:34:04

Kevin Magnussen could miss the race in Mexico

The Haas team appealed to the FIA with the request to allow Kevin Magnussen to miss Saturday briefing pilots because of ill health.In the FIA went against the American team, however, before the start of Saturday's practice Magnussen will have to communicate with the medical delegate of the FIA. If Kevin will have to pass a qualification and race, his place will be Antonio Giovinazzi.In the beginning of the season, Giovinazzi already spent two races in the composition Sauber, where he replaced injured Pascal Wehrlein.

2017-10-25 19:34:03

Daniil Kvyat was allowed to seek a place in another team

In the Red Bull/Toro Rosso actually refused the services of Daniil Kvyat, and, as reported by Sky Sports, the Russians were allowed to look for a place in another team.At the moment the job is in Sauber and Williams. To get to Sauber, you must have either the support of Ferrari, no major sponsorship package. Title sponsor Williams takes a pilot over the age of 25, and Daniel still only 23. So the probability that the team will remain in Formula 1 as a combat pilot is practically zero.However, it is possible to look for options in IndyCar.

2017-10-24 10:44:04

Pascal Wehrlein Mercedes is losing support

Pascal Wehrlein Mercedes is losing support

Pascal Werlein may lose the support of Mercedes. He now plays for Sauber, but next season is likely to remain without a place in the Swiss team.Toto Wolff, head of Mercedes "Williams - the only option is the Pascal. They consider several pilots. Pascal has a chance, but we can't do more than what's already done.At some point the pilot must begin to stand on their own two feet".

2017-10-22 13:44:03

Qualification account after the United States

The dominance of one pilot is most evident in Williams and McLaren. Approximately equal to the fight is only Sauber.Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas 12-5Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel - Kimi Raikkonen 12-5Red Bull, Daniel Riccardo - Max Verstappen 6-11Force India, Sergio Perez - Esteban Windows 11-6Williams, Felipe Massa - lance Stroll 14-2McLaren, Fernando Alonso - Stoffel Vandorn 13-3Toro Rosso, Daniil Kvyat is Brendon Hartley 1-0Renault, Nico - Carlos Sainz 0-1Haas, Roman Grosjean - Kevin Magnussen 11-6Sauber, Marcus Ericsson - Pascal Wehrlein 6-9.

2017-10-15 20:34:03

In Haas refused to take young pilots Ferrari

As you know, the team Haas is working closely with Ferrari. However, the Americans rejected the proposal of the Scuderia to take one of the graduates of the Racing Academy of Ferrari.Gunther Steiner, team principal, Haas "We are working closely with Ferrari, but they respect the decisions we make. Yes, they offered their young pilots, but we refused.We're happy with our current driver line-up and believes that nothing should be changed".Meanwhile, Sauber has expressed willingness to provide space for young pilots Ferrari in exchange for a discount on the supplied engines and other components. We are talking about Charles LeClair and Antonio Giovinazzi.

2017-10-08 13:34:04

Pascal Wehrlein to rejoice

Pascal Wehrlein to rejoice

Pilot Sauber Pascal Wehrlein in race of the Grand Prix of Japan finished last, losing to the leaders of the two circles.Pascal Wehrlein "I can't be satisfied with today's race. I had problems with the balance of the car, starting with the start of the race. I wasn't able to attack as much as you would have done it under normal circumstances.Now we will analyze our data and try to find the causes of problems. Overall, a disappointing race for me in Suzuka. I hope that at US everything will be better".

2017-10-07 21:04:03

Qualification account after Japan

In Renault total advantage of Nico over Jolyon Palmer, who is leaving the French team after the Japanese weekend. Pierre went Out a second consecutive qualification has lost a partner in the Toro Rosso, and in the next phase it will have a new partner Daniil Kvyat.Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas 11-5Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel - Kimi Raikkonen 11-5Red Bull, Daniel Riccardo - Max Verstappen 5-11Force India, Sergio Perez - Esteban Windows 11-5Williams, Felipe Massa - lance Stroll 13-2McLaren, Fernando Alonso - Stoffel Vandorn 12-3Toro Rosso, Carlos Sainz, Pierre went Out 2-0Renault, Nico - Jolyon Palmer 15-0Haas, Roman Grosjean, Kevin Magnussen 10-6Sauber, Marcus Ericsson - Pascal Wehrlein 5-9.

2017-10-03 12:04:04

Quata I want to change on of Wehrlein

The expert in the world of Formula-1 Joe saver reported that the head of the team Toro Rosso Franz Toast wants to change Daniil Kvyat on Pascal Wehrlein, now speaking for the Sauber.Obviously, one of the pilots Toro Rosso in the next season will be Pierre went Out, which debuted at the Grand Prix of Malaysia. Carlos Sainz goes to Renault, and this place claims suspended Daniil Kvyat and, according savard, Pascal Wehrlein.We only know that a sports consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marko, who oversees the Junior team is not yet agree to replace Kvyat.

2017-10-03 11:54:04

Kubica and di Resta will conduct comparative tests

The Williams team is considering two candidates for a possible replacement for Felipe Massa. It's Robert Kubica and Paul di Resta.Both candidates for a place in Williams in October will carry out a comparative test driving cars 2014. The first tests will be held at the British Silverstone, and then both pilots will go on the Hungarian Hungaroring.Kubica competed in Formula 1 in 2006-2010 for BMW-Sauber and Renault. His career in the championship was interrupted after a serious accident in a rally in early 2011. Di Resta played for Force India in 2011-2013 this year, he spent one race, replacing Williams Executive Felipe Massa.

2017-10-02 10:14:04

Pascal Wehrlein I am very happy with this race

Pascal Wehrlein I am very happy with this race

Pilot Sauber Pascal Wehrlein in race of the Grand Prix of Malaysia finished on 17-th position.Pascal Wehrlein "I'm very happy with the race. I was able to maintain a good pace and even made it to the middle of the peloton. This is a good step forward. Now I want to study our data and analyze how this progress was generally achieved. The aim is to maintain good form of the team in the following races to the end of the year to get good results".

2017-09-30 15:14:04

Qualification account after Malaysia

Renault continues the total benefit Nico, and Pierre went Out his first skills lost to the partner for Toro Rosso.Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas 10-5Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel - Kimi Raikkonen 10-5Red Bull, Daniel Riccardo - Max Verstappen 4-11Force India, Sergio Perez - Esteban Windows 11-4Williams, Felipe Massa - lance Stroll 12-2McLaren, Fernando Alonso - Stoffel Vandorn 11-3Toro Rosso, Carlos Sainz, Pierre went Out 1-0Renault, Nico - Jolyon Palmer 14-0Haas, Roman Grosjean, Kevin Magnussen 10-5Sauber, Marcus Ericsson - Pascal Wehrlein 4-9.

2017-09-28 14:04:04

Felipe Nasr admitted that a return is unlikely

Felipe Nasr admitted that a return is unlikely

Brazilian ex-pilot Sauber Felipe Nasr said that he wants to return to the championship next year, but it is unlikely.Felipe Nasr "I tested the prototype IMSA, I had some contacts with some teams in Formula E, I spent several sessions in the simulator, worked in Indycar during the race in new York.In Indycar I was invited Helio Castroneves. He introduced me to a lot of people in this championship.Regardless of the category, I think next year I will have the opportunity to participate in the races. In Formula-1 will get difficult. Here it is necessary to be associated with the automaker from the beginning of your career, or looking for a lot of money for their participation in the championship. What races are held in your country, does not help."Nasr enjoyed the support of the Brazilian Bank, but because of the crisis in Brazil Banko do Brasil turned to the sponsorship program. No sponsors and Felipe at the end of last year left without a place in the Sauber, despite the fact that he brought the team score.

2017-09-28 10:54:03

Marcus Ericsson is Another difficult race ahead

Pilot Sauber Marcus Ericsson believes that the race in Malaysia will be held for his team in vain.Marcus Ericsson "Another tough race for us, with a very hot and humid conditions. The track complex. It includes both fast and slow corners, so it is important for us to make the tires work correctly.I used the last week of hard training to return to Malaysia in full armor. In the case of Japan, for me this is a special race, as I lived and drove there in 2009. I have great memories of that time. I feel Asian at home".On account of Ericsson's three races in Malaysia. Best result - 12th place in 2016.

2017-09-27 12:24:03

Who is Pierre went Out

At the Grand Prix of Malaysia will debut a 21-year-old Pierre went Out, which is to temporarily replace in the Toro Rosso of Daniil Kvyat. We traced the career of the French pilot.His career Pierre began with karting. Much success in the French series is not achieved, but in 2010 became the Vice-champion of the European championship of karting.In 2011, Faded debuted in formulas, starting with the French Formula 4. He won four of 14 races, three more podiums and eventually became the bronze medalist.The next step - evrostroy Formula Renault 2.0. In the 2012 season, Pierre has only twice been on the podium and eventually finished 10th. In 2013 with three victories, he became the champion thanks to what became a participant of the youth program of Red Bull.In 2014, went Out with the support of Red Bull got a place in the team Arden, acting in the Formula Renault 3.5. Never managed to win, but eight podiums allowed to take second place in the series. At the end of the season, Pierre has played in six races for the GP2 team Caterham, but above the 11-th place was never finished.In 2015, went Out spent a full season in the GP2 for the DAMS. 3 pole positions, 4 podiums and 8 place. In may, Pierre first sat behind the wheel of a Formula 1 test with Toro Rosso. Then spent two test days in the Red Bull.In 2016, the second attempt went Out all the same became the champion of the GP2, winning four races. At the final stage, he managed to get ahead of Antonio Giovinazzi, which in the season of 2017 made its debut in Formula 1 in the Sauber. In parallel, Pierre was listed as a reserve pilot of Red Bull and took part in the tests, Red Bull and Toro Rosso.Before the beginning of season 2017, the leadership of Toro Rosso chose between the Quatum and died Out, but in the end I relied on more experienced Daniel. But Pierre was sent to the Japanese Superformula, because the rules GP2 champion can't stay in the series. In Japan, Faded settled, won two races and now two stages to the end of the championship, inferior to the leader just a half point.Went out spend in the Toro Rosso race in Malaysia and Japan, and then miss the United States Grand Prix, as the stage in Austin is superimposed on the final race in Superformula. Obviously, after that, he will be back behind the wheel of a Toro Rosso.In the Toro Rosso want to check went Out in combat conditions before you sign a contract with him for the season 2018. It is very likely that the contract with Pierre would be signed, but his partner will be either Daniel, or protege, Honda Nobuharu Matsushita.

2017-09-25 15:04:03

Marcus Ericsson could lose a place in the Sauber

Chapter Sauber Frederic Vasseur said pilot Marcus Ericsson is not guaranteed a place, despite the fact that he is associated with team owners.Frederic Vasseur in an interview with Auto Motor und Sport "I Think it is worth building a team around one pilot just because he has good communication with the owners. Obviously, we need to talk to the owners about what's good for Marcus, and what suits the team."And here is Pascal Wehrlein, a career supported by Mercedes, can keep his place in the team.Frederic Vasseur "Pascal knows our situation, and I knew him in the DTM. We need pilots who will be fast on the track and can push the team forward."At the same time, Vasser confirmed that the place in Sauber expect Antonio Giovinazzi and Charles Leclere, graduates of the Racing Academy of Ferrari.Frederic Vasseur "This issue we will discuss with Ferrari in the near future. Initially, we wanted to determine the engine supplier, and then to solve the issue with the pilots".

2017-09-20 16:44:03

Season 2018 seven vacancies

In the course of Grand Prix of Singapore became aware of the extension of the contracts of Valtteri Bottas, the pilots Force India, and also about the transfer of Carlos Sainz in the Renault. The teams are still seven vacancies, one of which may take Daniil Kvyat.Williams - 2 wakasiyaka no contracts with the pilots, but there is no doubt that lance Stroll will stay in the team, given the investment made by Strolla senior.In a couple of Canadians who will soon turn 19 years old, Williams is seeking an experienced pilot, over the age of 25 - this requirement is title sponsor Martini. Until recently, Felipe Massa remained the only candidate for this place, but first started talking about Paul di Resta, which now appears to be backup pilot of the team, and then about Robert Kubica. Kubica first tested in the part of Renault, but there chose Carlos Sainz, and now Robert is actively training in the simulator Williams.Another candidate - Marcus Ericsson, who may lose the place in the Sauber. The only advantage of the Swede is a solid set of sponsors.Toro Rosso - 2 vakansiyalar Sainz goes to Renault, and with high probability it will be replaced by Frenchman Pierre went Out - other suitable pilots in the Red Bull yet.Obviously, stay Sainz in the Toro Rosso, then went Out would take place Daniil Kvyat. Now, the Russian pilot has a chance to keep his job, it's important to make mistakes in the remaining races.Meanwhile, a new partner Honda want to see in the ranks of Toro Rosso its pilot Nobuharu Matsushita, which now appears in the Formula-2. It is not clear in what capacity - possibly as a test pilot. If the Japanese insist on the place of combat pilot, it is easy to guess that it will go with Cuatom.Few people know that now Matsushita listed as a pilot for the development of the McLaren-Honda. However, before the combat cars are not all limited to work in the simulator.McLaren - 1 vakantiecentrum with Stoffel Vendorno confirmed a month ago that negotiations with Fernando Alonso go. Earlier two-time champion reiterated that he would remain at McLaren, if the team change engine supplier. It happened, and now, as far as we know, Alonso and the McLaren management to discuss details of the new contract. Most likely, the agreement will be signed for one season to sign a contract for a longer period, the Spaniard just will not risk it.If Alonso refuses though it goes nowhere, then McLaren, in the words of Zac brown, have a plan "B". Obviously, this refers to Jenson button. Lando Norris, who will soon turn 18, they're unlikely to be put into a fighting machine.Sauber - 2 vacanciel contract extension with Ferrari Sauber head of Frederic Vasseur said he was willing to give one or even two seats for the wards of the Scuderia. Obviously, in return, the porters expect to receive discounts on the powerplant, gearbox and other components that will deliver Maranello.Ferrari has Antonio Giovinazzi and Charles Leclere, who in the course of this season, was repeatedly brought to the tests. And Giovinazzi even held two races, replacing the injured Pascal Wehrlein. If Ferrari is willing to pay for seats of both pilots, no place will be Marcus Ericsson. If the Scuderia will pull only one place, it is likely that Eriksson and his sponsors will remain in the Sauber.Without mestis the above it follows that in the season of 2018, we will not see on the grid protege Mercedes of Pascal Wehrlein. In the customer team Force India all the seats were occupied, and in Williams he victims. Perhaps he will remain in Formula 1 as a backup pilot factory team Mercedes.

2017-09-19 11:44:04

Sauber and Williams are waiting for the decision by the pilots in the 2018 season

Robert Kubica still has a good chance to return to Formula 1 next year. Carlos Sainz took the place of the pole in the Renault, but he has all the chances to get a place in other teams, which has not yet decided on the composition of the pilots.Williams is considering replacing Felipe Massa, but they need the pilot, which will be more than 25 years, to meet the needs of the title sponsor Martini. The other team, where there is an opportunity to get a place - Sauber. There is a place can not only lose Pascal Wehrlein, but Marcus Ericsson. Ferrari wants to put in the Sauber cockpits of its pilots, or at least one of Charles LeClair. According to unofficial information, the factory Sauber visited Maurizio Arrivabene and Sergio Marchione.The representative of Ferrari "It is true that Marchionne and Arrivabene was in Hinwil. Marchionne never seen that factory. It is true that Ferrari wants to be reunited with their pilots LeClair and Giovinazzi in the race".Marcus Ericsson, whose career supported by influential money bags can go from Sauber to Williams.Marcus Ericsson "There are a lot of rumors. I know that my managers interact with Sauber and a few other teams, including Williams. We will see what happens in the coming weeks, has begun an exciting time".

2017-09-18 11:24:03

Pascal Wehrlein I spent a chaotic race

Pascal Wehrlein I spent a chaotic race

Pilot Sauber Pascal Wehrlein's race in Singapore ended on the 12th position. The Germans lost to the leaders of the two circles.Pascal Wehrlein "it was quite a chaotic race. As soon as the track slowly dried out, we decided to stay on rain tires and wait to go directly to Ul. However, the track did not dry up as quickly as we expected and the replacement of intermediate tyres was too late. Later during the race I was losing more and more time due to the multitude of blue flags. So was my race.

2017-09-16 22:34:03

Qualification account after Singapore

Only in the team Toro Rosso is about an equal fight. Renault, by contrast, is the complete dominance of Nico.Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas 9-5Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel - Kimi Raikkonen 10-4Red Bull, Daniel Riccardo - Max Verstappen 4-10Force India, Sergio Perez - Esteban Windows 11-3Williams, Felipe Massa - lance Stroll 11-2McLaren, Fernando Alonso - Stoffel Vandorn 11-2Toro Rosso, Daniil Kvyat is Carlos Sainz 6-8Renault, Nico - Jolyon Palmer 13-0Haas, Roman Grosjean - Kevin Magnussen 9-5Sauber, Marcus Ericsson - Pascal Wehrlein 4-8.