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2017-09-19 17:04:04

Father Jolyon Palmer admitted that his son was going for Williams

Father Jolyon Palmer confirmed that the 26-year-old pilot switched to Williams in search of a place for 2018.Jolyon Palmer "I Hope I will be able to rely on his contract and finish the season in the Renault. Of course I want to stay in Formula 1, but there are other options".The best opportunity for the Palmer - Williams. However, this command also is considering taking Robert Kubica. The latest news is that Kubica will run in the simulator of the British team.Jonathan Palmer "a Couple of good races, and of the son, notice to Williams. This team wants to make your best choice and my son has a chance to show his speed and talent in the next few races".

2017-09-19 11:44:05

Pirelli to make softer tyres for next year

Pirelli has agreed to supply softer tyres to the teams and pilots of Formula 1 in 2018.Despite the fact that this year's tyres have become wider from the pilots is criticism of the most solid compositions.Technical Director of the Force India Andy green "Hard compound so misplaced for this generation of racing cars that I don't know a single pilot who wants to see them on the car."The head of Pirelli Mario Isola responded to the criticism by promising to opt out of hard compounds of tyres, scheduled for the upcoming races, including Sepang, Suzuka and Brazil. And he also promised that the tires of 2018 will be more soft.Mario Isola "All change to some degree. What was the Ul next year will be the Supersoft, Supersoft will become Soft, and Soft will become Psychic. All it means is that we, of course, developing all new tires Ul.We will have a bus ready for commands that can be checked during the tests in Abu Dhabi".

2017-09-19 10:34:03

Future engines for the Red Bull looks unclear

Renault has already stated that it will not work with Red Bull after the season in 2018. It is not excluded that Red Bull will switch to Honda engines that will be tested on the machines of the Junior team Toro Rosso next year. At the same time, we know that Red Bull is negotiating with Porsche.Christian Horner, head of Red Bull "We had talks with Porsche, and at the moment those discussions are ongoing. In the Toro Rosso for Honda pressure will be lower than in the McLaren, so they will be able to deal with their problems."Honda President Masashi Yamamoto "If in the future you will have the chance to supply engines to a top team, why notI read in the news the rumors that we are buying Toro Rosso, but we've never discussed this in our company".

2017-09-18 17:54:04

Norbert Haug Porsche needs to return to Formula-1

The former head of Mercedes Norbert Haug has called for Porsche to be part of Formula 1.Norbert Haug "I can say that it would be very good news. Formula 1 - the perfect proving ground for Porsche.Like Audi, they can either spend 250 million euros for prototypes, or to join Mercedes with a much more cost-effective investment in Formula 1. In case of success, the international press and the audience here simply have no equal.Porsche has done an incredible job with the LMP1 prototype. They are competent to assemble the fastest car in Formula 1".Earlier there was information that Porsche can buy the team Red Bull in 2020.

2017-09-17 18:44:03

Valtteri Bottas is the Next target Vettel

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas finished 3rd in the race Grand Prix of Singapore. Now he's losing Sebastian Vettel 22 points.Valtteri Bottas "it's a good race. We are very fortunate that the leaders came down, and we automatically were the fastest on the track. We have prepared the machine that gave the opportunity to attack. I struggled with Riccardo, but I don't have enough speed to catch up and overtake him. This was our chance, and we were able to do everything right.My next goal is to beat Vettel in the individual competition. We wanted to make a victorious double, but a double podium is good.

2017-09-17 14:44:04

Sergio Perez remains in Force India

Sergio Perez remains in Force India

Force India announced the contract extension of Sergio Perez until the end of 2018. Thus, the pilots of the Indian team in the next season will not change the Mexican partner will remain a Frenchman Esteban Windows.Vijay Malia, head and co-owner of the team "Sergio played an important role in the progress made by our team in recent years. He came to us in 201 year and since then has become one of the fastest racers of the championship. In the composition of the Force India he was four times on the podium is the most successful pilot of the team.Sergio is a partner of Esteban - it guarantees us a certain stability in the next season."Sergio Perez "the Contract with Force India was a priority for me. In this team I was able to show his talent, together we have achieved major successes.This season Force India did a great job - we're the fourth strongest team Formof-1. For this reason, I easily made the decision on prolongation of the contract".

2017-09-16 19:14:05

Fernando Alonso Will attack

Fernando Alonso Will attack

The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso passed the final qualification of the Grand Prix of Singapore, where he showed the 8th result. Without engine failure.Fernando Alonso "This track, which is like our car. Tomorrow we need to finish two cars in the glasses as it is today fought for the third round in qualifying. The main thing that all was well.We compete with the best cars on this track. This is a good test for us. We see that Red Bull with the Renault engine can fight with the best teams. We are now able to assess what is our chassis. We believe that we have a good car.A couple of weeks and everything will be known to my future. I think that we all discuss, evaluate opportunities Renault. While I'm all happy.Stoffel is fine with me. Stability is good, especially when he's consistently behind my back. Actually, we all help each other. Everything looks very good. Tomorrow I will attack and hold your position".

2017-09-16 12:14:03

Niki Lauda you Need to change the rules on engines

Non-Executive Director of Mercedes was supported by Red Bull, insisting on changing the rules on engines for 2018.Modern penalties for changing parts of the power plant contribute to confusion for the viewer, as previously said the head of the Red Bull principal Christian Horner. Thus in 2018, the pilots will have to get by with just three engines for the season, then as it is now is not enough and four.Niki Lauda "everybody was saying that the engines may be cheaper for customers if we build them in smaller amounts. But we know that the situation would not be saved with the help of three engines. Because the development of test stands do will cost more".The Executive Director of the Formula 1 chase Carey admits that confusion about the rules is really not an ideal situation "the Structure is fine, obviously incomprehensible to the majority of race fans. In Monza, half of the peloton were fined, and for that - few could understand.Technology is an important part of this championship. But the viewer an important component of the sport of racing, not technical. Everyone needs struggle and competition".

2017-09-16 02:04:03

Daniel ricciardo Great start

Daniel ricciardo Great start

Pilot Red Bull Daniel Riccardo showed the best results in the first and second practice for the Singapore Grand Prix.Daniel ricciardo "Today was a good day, but I was expecting that, to be honest. I knew that we would come here with a good car.We have made some progress during the day. Although we were the fastest in the first practice, I wanted to get more from the car and after lunch. We took another step forward and now we hope that tomorrow we will have even more opportunities to progress. It looks like it will be a weekend of complete dominance. Great startI know that in qualifying Ferrari and potentially Mercedes will be stronger, but I'm sure we will be able to deal with them".

2017-09-14 13:54:02

Fernando Alonso Starts the final phase of the season

The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso told about what to expect from the team in Singapore.Fernando Alonso "We knew that dual race in Spa and Monza will be for us a difficult test, but so many gatherings, how many of these two races is too much. However, we have shown a rate higher than expected, although I could convert it in points.We left the European part of the season is behind, and has now entered the final phase. Singapore is a great place to start, as this is one of the tracks on the calendar that is best suited for our car. This is a real chance to fight for points.In Singapore you need a car with good traction in slow corners and set at a high level of downforce, so we definitely have a chance. You only need to make sure that there are and reliability".

2017-09-14 13:44:02

Niko the Route of Marina Bay is very demanding

The pilot of Renault Niko Hulkenberg told about the track in Singapore.Nico Hulkenberg "It's a very difficult track, one of the most difficult in the season, the real test for the pilot. The circle is long with many a turn, many of which are very slow.High temperature and humidity do aerobatics on the highway unbearable ordeal. It is very important to be on top form because of these rigid requirements".

2017-09-13 10:24:03

McLaren will not give Norris another team

McLaren will not give Norris another team

The head of McLaren, Zac brown stated that McLaren will not give Lando Norris to another team.17-year-old pilot Lando Norris, succeeded in Formula 3, ready for a bright future in Formula 1 and already has a contract with McLaren. But brown said that McLaren is likely to send Norris to Formula 2 the following year, instead of be seriously considered as a potential replacement for Fernando Alonso.Zach brown "no team made a request for the Norris so far, and our current plan is to let him compete in Formula 2.He's definitely a star of the future, so I don't think we give it to another team. I'm convinced he's fast enough to compete in Formula 1 right now, but we also need to make sure that this transition is not too hasty, and he has enough experience."Norris has a chance to work on the tests McLaren in Hungary, where beat Fernando Alonso.

2017-09-12 21:24:04

The next three seasons McLaren will be staying with Renault engines

The next three seasons McLaren will be staying with Renault engines

Team McLaren has signed a contract with Renault to supply engines. The agreement is designed till the end of 2020.As informs Motorsport, McLaren will get engines of the same specification as the Red Bull team. Obviously, a slight advantage on getting the models will have a factory team Renault.The official announcement is expected soon.The McLaren contract with Renault means that the Toro Rosso team switches to Honda engines. Most likely, in her part of the Japanese pilot, possibly as a Friday tester.

2017-09-12 11:24:04

Sean Gelael sit behind the wheel of a Toro Rosso

Sean Gelael sit behind the wheel of a Toro Rosso

Formula 2 Sean Gelael will work in the Toro Rosso during Friday practice in the four remaining races of this season.The Indonesian pilot, who has twice tested the car team will participate in practices the Grand Prix of Singapore, Malaysia, USA and Mexico. Toro Rosso has not yet determined which of the pilots will release a cockpit for Gelele.The head of the team Franz Toast "During the tests in Bahrain and Budapest Shawn did a great job, very professional, he helped the team. Gelael Mature approach to all issues by communicating with engineers.Everyone in the team was impressed by his speech, his technical understanding and his commitment. Therefore, we are happy that he will work with us until the end of the year. I'm sure Sean will do great and useful work for the team".

2017-09-11 14:04:03

Max Verstappen would Rather start the race in Singapore

The pilot of Red Bull Max Verstappen admitted that looking forward to the Singapore Grand Prix, where his team has a chance for a good result.Max Verstappen "I look forward to the opportunity to contest a race in Singapore because it is always a special weekend. The race was strong for us last year, and I think this time we can fight for the podium.Night race and high temperatures really test you to the limit of physical capacity, because it is physically the most difficult race of the season. I have a few weeks in the sauna preparing for this race. Now I'm ready for the heat and stuffiness of Singapore and Malaysia.I like that the track is replete with twists and turns, I like that there are a lot of bumps, because it's a street track."On account of Verstappen two races in Singapore. In 2015, he finished 8th last year to 6th.

2017-09-11 13:44:03

Chapter Ferrari I don't care how will look the cars with Halo

Chapter Ferrari I don't care how will look the cars with Halo

The head of Ferrari, Maurizio Arrivabene admitted that he doesn't care about how next year will look like the cars with the Halo system.Maurizio Arrivabene "Honestly, I don't care. I don't care how will look the cars. I it will be easier to perceive the situation. I know that we did everything in our power. All the latest serious accident in Formula 1 were associated with head injuries. If again something happens, we'll be safe from the consequences".

2017-09-10 21:14:04

Mika Hakkinen I was ready to return, but did not

Mika Hakkinen I was ready to return, but did not

Two-time Formula 1 world champion Mika Hakkinen said that in late 2001 he took a leave of absence but never returned to the sport.Finn tested the McLaren at the end of 2006, but in a recent interview with Unibet said that he was ready to return, but decided not to.Mika Hakkinen "It was close. I retired in 2001, and everything was fine. But after a few years I had a certain feeling. I felt mentally and physically ready to return to Formula 1.I practiced a lot. I flew to England to work in the simulator McLaren. I've spent a lot of days. It was probably 2004 or 2005. I was fully prepared to return to Formula-1. And as two-time champion I knew how to be ready for it, I would have been better than ever. I was negotiating with Williams, but it didn't work. This was largely because the negotiations were up and down. I didn't like it.Finns are very black and white. If you do something, you will do it. You go straight to the point. And while I understand that this is a complex case, but they couldn't get a better pilot than the double world champion.There were other problems. And it was not about a crazy amount of money, which could not be considered. There were other problems that influenced the decision.I tested the McLaren, drove the car all day, dashed in many circles after all these years, and all went well. We all analyzed. I knew about the problem with a computer that constantly blocked the wheels. We couldn't do anything about it. We are unable to fix it because we didn't have new items.This Is Formula 1. This is a permanent solution to the problems, it's constant suffering. I wanted to get back to thisI had a reason. If I return, I will again work with the same issues. Fortunately, the tests went smoothly.I got into Formula 1 in 1991. It took me seven years to win the race. The same thing could happen on the return. I'm not going to waste seven years. After winning two Championships I can be satisfied with their achievements".

2017-09-10 16:44:02

Nico urged Pirelli to improve the tires for rain

The pilot of Renault Nico Hulkenberg said that the situation in Monza last Saturday, was extremely annoying. After constant delays of 15 minutes were taken out of equilibrium not only the viewer, but pilots.Nico Hulkenberg "We put on and take off our helmets so often Had to start the car, everything is set up and again to turn off.When it became clear that the delay will take a long time, I thought I should do something better than just waiting. For example, to go to sleep.The rain was not so strong, standing water was not at all on the track. The problem was that the tires made only in order to displace a certain number of liters of water. Otherwise, aquaplaning, and, of course, the pilots don't want to.Charlie Whiting was limited. In the future, I think we should continue to work with Pirelli to improve the situation. Because in the past with other tire manufacturers, we would easily have been able to fly in such conditions.Only, this year very few tests for the tyres, so Pirelli is indeed very difficult to improve our products.

2017-09-07 11:34:03

Lewis Hamilton agree to participate in the tests on Thursday

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton agreed to help Pirelli with tyre testing this week. The British have always been famous for his dislike of tests, and continually refusing them, citing injury or illness.But this time Hamilton did not refuse to test the capabilities of the car and tyres on the French Paul Ricard track.Lewis Hamilton "I Have tests this week, which is a rare opportunity for me, because I'm not a test pilot.I announced my candidacy, so looking forward to this event.

2017-09-05 11:24:05

Felipe Massa I will switch to Formula E

Felipe Massa I will switch to Formula E

Pilot Williams Felipe Massa has confirmed that he will leave Formula 1, will join Formula E. Felipe Massa "I have conducted tests with the Jaguar. It's an incredible car, and the race itself in the Formula-E I really like. They are alive, natural, and much depends on the pilot. When I leave Formula 1, will be transferred to Formula E. I think it's a fantastic series, and I see a great future for her".

2017-09-04 11:54:04

Zach brown Lando Norris will not be in Formula 1 next year

Zach brown Lando Norris will not be in Formula 1 next year

The head of McLaren brown assured that the talented Lando Norris is not a contender for the role of combat pilot at the season-2018.Zach brown "No, our plan is to allow him to compete in Formula 2 next year. A combat pilot in Formula 1 until he will be."Earlier, 17-year-old Norris has successfully conducted the tests in Hungary.

2017-09-01 11:44:03

Fernando Alonso Like Spa, Monza is a legendary track

The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso has said that the track in Italy is one of the most legendary.Fernando Alonso "Like Spa, Monza is one of those legendary tracks that love everything. This year with new faster machines we will definitely see a new speed record and lap record. On the straights the car will look incredible.This is the fastest track on the calendar from the point of view of the maximum speed. For the pilot it is always a landmark moment - eminent race on the straight and turns. We always said that this track is not suited to our car, and we don't expect an easy solution of the question".

2017-08-31 15:14:03

Honda found no problems in the engine Alonso

Honda found no problems in the engine Alonso

After the race in Belgium, where Fernando Alonso went because of problems with the engine, Honda engineers have tested power unit from the car of the Spaniard and not found any problems.The engine was taken to the base Honda in Milton Keynes, where it is carefully checked. Most likely, this same powerplant will be used during the upcoming Italian Grand Prix.Earlier there was information that Alonso out of the race the race in Spa, not because of problems with the engine, and due to the fact that tired of fighting driving uncompetitive cars.

2017-08-29 12:24:04

Sainz would be glad to see Extinguished as a teammate

Sainz would be glad to see Extinguished as a teammate

The pilot Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz said that he would be happy if Pierre went Out will be his teammate next year.Carlos Sainz "of Course, I sympathize with his career and I don't mind if he becomes my teammate. But it is the responsibility of Helmut Marko, not mine, so I have no idea he will choose stability or you get a new talented pilots.Unfortunately, Formula 1 is not enough to show excellent results - a number of circumstances must come together to chose you.Pierre went Out last year won the GP2, and this season is the Japanese SuperFormula series. The Frenchman regularly involved in the tests, Red Bull and Toro Rosso.

2017-08-28 12:14:04

Robert Kubica may be in Malaysia

Robert Kubica may be in Malaysia

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Robert Kubica may re-enter the track behind the wheel of a Formula 1 season-2017, this time during Friday practice in Malaysia.The head of Renault's Cyril Abiteboul enough brilliant results of the pole during the Hungarian tests, so he wants to check again Kubica.Cyril abiteboul "we don't Have all the answers we would like to have after the tests in Hungary.In a perfect world we would like to hold more of these tests to see whether he will be able to participate again in the race at the same level. We want to understand is it possible or not".

2017-08-25 22:44:03

Pilots Sauber will lose five positions at the start

After Friday practice, the FIA has announced that the pilots Sauber Pascal Wehrlein and Marcus Ericsson will lose five positions at the start due to gearbox replacement.However, to start the latest they will not have as earlier 35 penalty positions earned by the representative for McLaren Stoffel Vandorn. Later, the Belgian also changed the gearbox, so the amount he will lose 40 positions.

2017-08-25 21:04:03

Felipe Massa the day you want to forget

Felipe Massa the day you want to forget

Pilot Williams Felipe Massa missed all of Friday practice after crashed the car at the beginning of the first session.Felipe Massa "This day you want to forget. On the first lap of the first practice, I had big oversteer, especially evident in the seventh turn when I touched the inner curb. It was my mistake and I feel very disappointed. At the end of the day I didn't even show the test timeThis negative start to the weekend, because I did not know about the car. Tomorrow will have to start from scratch.I think that the session didn't go well for Strolla, the results are not encouraging. Tomorrow will have to work with so many aspects. I hope things work out".

2017-08-25 12:44:04

Three pilots tested Halo

Three pilots tested Halo

For the first time this season as part of Friday's practice tests, system Halo, which will become mandatory next season.Halo appeared on three cars the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton, the McLaren Stoffele of Vandorn and the Sauber of Marcus Ericsson.Obviously, during the remaining stages of the season, all drivers will have time to work with Halo.

2017-08-25 11:14:03

Halo rules introduced too late

Engineers of Formula 1 is concerned that the official rules for Halo announced too late, as the machine of the season-2018 are in full swing.Auto Motor und Sport reports that the device protecting the driver's head not only looks unsightly, but will have a big impact on the design of the cars next year from the point of view of aerodynamics and weight.Michael Schmidt "the Exact rules for the Halo will only be available from September".Technical Director of the Force India Andy green "it's Too late. From the point of view of the monocoque the time ends".Technical Director Toro Rosso James Ki "the Center of gravity will rise now, and the weight distribution will move forward.We also need to strengthen the sides of the monocoque test load, and this means that in the appropriate places will be used another structure of carbon".However, FIA, fearing protests from the teams made it possible to form the upper part of the Halo at its discretion.James Key "It will help to minimize the disadvantages of aerodynamics".