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2017-11-21 11:54:02

Felipe Massa I Hope we can continue to compete at altitude

Pilot Williams Felipe Massa, who will leave Formula 1 after the race in Abu Dhabi, admitted that he wants in the future to fight at a high level.Felipe Massa "It's part of my future expectations. I really want to continue to have fun on the track fighting for victories.When I was eight, I got the fun of fighting, get it now. I hope it will in the future. So, yeah, definitely, I really hope can find the category in which you will get pleasure from the struggle, no less than in the Formula-1.I will have enough time to think about it to understand what category is best for me".It is expected that the Mass will be the pilot gaining the popularity of the series Formula-E.

2017-11-21 11:34:03

Honda Gradually the gap reduced

The head of Honda Yusuke Hasegawa said that the gap in power between Japanese power plant and other competitors are gradually reduced.Yusuke Hasegawa "in Monza our engine was at a decent level. It all depends on the track. Our competitors sometimes faster, sometimes faster than we are. I can say that our team is almost equal in speed with Williams, Force India and Renault.We were able to maximize current performance of the engine in Brazil, which is encouraging before the last race in Abu Dhabi.From the point of view of power, we are a little behind other manufacturers engines. But we are reducing the gap.We have not had any problems with reliability, which is also encouraging".

2017-11-20 13:14:04

Alonso happy with first tests behind the wheel of a LMP1 car

Alonso happy with first tests behind the wheel of a LMP1 car

Fernando Alonso did behind the wheel of the Toyota TS050 Hybrid sport prototype on the track in Bahrain in the framework of the tests beginners WEC. The Spaniard drove 113 laps and showed a time of 143.013.Fernando Alonso "It was a great day The job behind the wheel of the car of the LMP1 class are always interesting for any pilot, because this incredible machine.I've always wanted to try a similar technique, and I succeeded. I am very happy".

2017-11-20 12:24:03

Jacques Villeneuve continues to pin lance Stroll

The canadian season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve continues his criticism of the national and pilot lance Williams Stroll, but now does it with great humor.Jacques Villeneuve "Yeah, Stroll, he's super fast, very talented. A couple of times when I saw him on the track during the year, remained impressed by his attitude and his speed.Remember the last race in Brazil, where on the same machines, Stroll in a circle behind your partner. Oh yeah, he has an excuse. Something happened to his tire".

2017-11-20 11:44:04

Max Verstappen We will do our best in Abu Dhabi

Max Verstappen We will do our best in Abu Dhabi

The pilot of Red Bull Max Verstappen said that his team will try to achieve the best result possible in Abu Dhabi.Max Verstappen "We, of course, will try to finish the season with a strong result in Abu Dhabi. Last year the race was difficult because of the pit stops, turn in the first corner, the tyres - but even then, the team achieved fourth place.I would say that my favorite part of the track is between the second and third turns is a quick left and right turns. I like to fly under the hotel in the dark with all these lights.The last sector in Yas Marina is actually quite technical, so you have to be very precise in their movements, but it also needs to be our strongest part of the track. There exists quite a lot of opportunities for overtaking, which will make the race interesting. View, this will be a spectacular show".

2017-11-19 11:44:06

Hamilton will not change your number for the League edinichku

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, ahead of schedule has become this year's champion, refused to change his number "44" on the champion's unity.Lewis Hamilton "I don't plan to change his number 44 is my family. This is really weird, and I think every pilot knows your lucky number. Even my dad in his youth had chosen this room, and now he's mine.I have a picture with "43" on my car when I was still a young pilot. But this room was not mine because some kid just stole my. I remember when mark Blundell was on the track and handed out the trophies to the winners. It was the first time I saw the pilot of Formula 1.I think I will only use the number "44". You know, as the defending champion, have the right to use the number "1" instead of "44," but I don't really like this room. This room was different people, but most of all I remember Michael Schumacher. This is his number. I can't take someone else's number."In 2015 and 2016. Hamilton had number "44" that although he had the right to "1".

2017-11-19 11:34:03

Daniel ricciardo I've always enjoyed the track Yas Marina

Daniel ricciardo I've always enjoyed the track Yas Marina

Pilot Red Bull Daniel Riccardo admitted that he is looking forward to the final race of the season-2017.Daniel ricciardo "Yas Marina circuit is a bit similar to Suzuka. This track, which I always enjoyed where I like everything, except that I never made the podium. At Suzuka this year I was able to achieve a long-awaited podium, I hope that there will correct the situation.This is a fun track for aerobatics, I like twilight, and I think it creates a special atmosphere of the season finale.We train in daylight, but the race at dusk, making our work quite difficult. The work day does not give us anything since the evening and night before the track cools down, and the machine requires completely different settings".On account of Riccardo six races in Abu Dhabi. Best result 4th place in 2014 after starting from 20th position.

2017-11-18 10:24:04

BR Engineering has introduced a new sportprototip BR1

BR Engineering has introduced a new sportprototip BR1

The Russian company BR Engineering has introduced a new sportprototip BR1. Track Bahrain International Circuit in the final stage of the FIA WEC season-2017 the global Motorsport community and journalists first saw the car, whose creation was announced a year ago. Car LMP1 was created by Russian company BR Engineering together with the famous Italian automaker Dallara to participate in the new superstone of the world championship FIA WEC.In the presentation BR1 participated Boris Rotenberg, founder and Director of the BR Engineering Pierre Fillon, President of the Association ASO Gerard Neveu, head of the FIA WEC Luca Pignata, chief designer Dallara Dmitry Samorukov, Director of SMP Racing pilots of the program of development of Russian Motorsport SMP Racing Mikhail Alyoshin, Vitaly Petrov and Matevos Isahakyan Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of Bahrain Qarayev, Vagif DragonSpeed team principal Elton Julian and Russian engineers and students of technical Universities who took part in the development of the prototype. The music for the premiere of BR1 was written by Russian composer and producer Victor Drobysh.The presentation was opened by Boris Rotenberg. According to him, the engineers managed to create a completely new car, which used the most modern technologies and materials"it is Symbolic that on 17 November, during the final stage of the FIA WEC season in 2016, we announced the signing of an agreement between BR and Dallara Engineering to start work on a prototype BR1. Today, exactly a year later, we proudly present you the result. During the work on the car we used the best international experience, achievements one of the best companies Dallara. At various stages in the development of the car was actively attended by Russian specialists, and also worked on the simulator the current pilot program SMP Racing Vitaly Petrov, Sergey Sirotkin, Mikhail Aleshin, Viktor Shaitar and Kirill Ladygin. Their task was to from the point of view of experienced riders to make suggestions in key aspects of the prototype, from the ergonomics to the behavior of the car on the road".Prototype BR1 passed all the necessary tests and homologation of the FIA, a number of tests on race tracks under the control of SMP Racing pilots. Ahead of the Russian car the new season of the world championship on races on endurance 2018-2019, where SMP Racing intends to put the two Russian crew in the highest category of the championship, LMP1, to fight for the highest results in the overall classification.While the company BR Engineering, the first manufacturer of the chassis presenting to the public the car are ready to participate in the FIA WEC next season, already signed a contract for the production of a prototype BR1 for team DragonSpeed, also announced recently its intentions to move into the LMP1 category of the FIA WEC."I must say that the rate BR1 on the track is impressive, - said the pilot program SMP Racing Mikhail Alyoshin. - Impressive and how well made the prototype, and how sensitively it responds to changes in preferences that we do. To work with such a machine is a pleasure. Now our task is to spend as much time behind the wheel, to detect the different nuances, to work with the settings, because even in the ideal technique is always better. I am sure that next season prototype BR1 compete with rivals".One of the main innovations in superstone 2018-2019 world Championship on races on endurance will be the merging of hybrid and non-hybrid prototypes in one of the LMP1 class with defined capacity limitations. This will allow private teams, including the Russian team SMP Racing and DragonSpeed team, to compete for a championship titles FIA WEC.Facts ABOUT the prototype of BR1-CLASS LMP1 the process of creating aerodynamic elements of the new prototype was held 16 sessions in the wind tunnel, the total length of which was 600 hours, during which it has produced 1000 trials.In tests on the simulator and on the finished prototype was attended 5 professional pilots SMP Racing programme, including Vitaly Petrov, first Russian Formula 1 driver- Mikhail Aleshin, the pilot of the American series IndyCar- Sergey Sirotkin, the reserve pilot of the Formula 1 Renault- Kirill Ladygin, a multiple champion of Russia on go-karting and road racing, the bronze prize-winner of the race "24 hours of Le Mans- Victor Shaitar, world champion, winner of the race "24 hours of Le Mans", FIA WEC.On the simulator prototype BR1 pilots had a total of 64 hours, which amounted to 173 session or 870 laps.TECHNICAL characteristics of the PROTOTYPE BR1AER V6 twin turbo 720 HP Possible to install motorsGibson V8 LMP1 Spec 700 HP.Message other proizvodyaschuyu Le Mans Sprint body kit on the back 6-speed robotic transmission Xtrac lock differentialbaselsn TILTON Brembo brake system LMP1 UPRAVLENIE with power production Kayaba.Userrepository pilotado the foot pedal accelerator and timesmachine disciminate, production OZ specifically for Michelin Radial LMP1 18 dumontadriana 930 kg.

2017-11-16 21:34:03

In Zandvoort is ready to host the Grand Prix of the Netherlands

The owners of the track of Zandvoort believe that they are ready for the Grand Prix of Holland. This statement emerged from the Dutch News, which says that there are no insurmountable organizational, technical or logistical reasons why the League could not again hold races at this track.In the report of the company Decisio says Zandvoort only need to modify a little bit the track.The representative Decisio "This is a must do if you come more than 100,000 people, but it's doable.The adaptation of the infrastructure can be completed within a year, but we still have to form a consortium and get into the calendar.We are not going to make any assessments".

2017-11-16 10:24:04

Flavio Briatore Lewis was more motivated

The former head of Renault Flavio Briatore believes that Lewis Hamilton deserved to win his fourth title.Flavio Briatore "this year, he was more motivated. He worked more on the track than at the disco. That he helped win the title".

2017-11-15 11:54:04

Stoffel Vandorn Alonso is not my mentor

Stoffel Vandorn Alonso is not my mentor

The pilot of McLaren Stoffel Vandorn stated that it did not need the help of Fernando Alonso as a guide to the championship.After a slow start, the Belgian newcomer is now regularly competes with his teammate Fernando Alonso, which is probably one of the best pilots of Formula-1.Stoffel Vandorn "he's Probably the best pilot in Formula 1. I have a good relationship with him, even if we did compete on the track, but that's okay.This year we have a strong car, but it was positive for me because I had the chance to get closer to Alonso.But he is not my mentor, as Mass to Stroll. Of course, we work together as one team and moving in the same direction, but he's not standing right next to me, supervising my work.We are very open and talk a lot outside of the track, but he is not my mentor. Perhaps Strolla need it, but not me".

2017-11-15 11:04:03

Niki Lauda I am concerned about the views of Liberty

Non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda admitted that he is concerned with politics Liberty Media aimed at the future of the championship.Niki Lauda "I'm worried. They need time to figure out what Formula-1, but this time will soon be over, and what they think about the future, worries me.Brown says that we need to increase the speed, but the DNA of Formula 1 in the other. It is wrong to assume that in order to make racing more attractive, every weekend should have a new winner.Of course, I'm sure we'll find a satisfactory compromise. The source of the problem is rising costs and reduced income. But where we want to go We need ideas, but I don't see them.I heard from Sean Bratka what they want to see the children accompany the pilots on the track. But this new idea is simply copied from footballFiscal policy is logical and correct, but we need a three-year plan for its implementation. Want us to send thousands of employees into the streetAt the moment Liberty just announced that it wants to submit, but not how she intends to do it".

2017-11-14 12:54:04

Felipe Massa Robbery in Brazil - an obstacle to the Grand Prix

In Brazil the staff of Mercedes, Williams and FIA was subjected to an armed assault during movement between the track and the hotel. Felipe Massa believes that this is a big problem for the future of his homeland.Lewis Hamilton "I was terrified when I found out about the incident. The saddest thing is that I'm already in the League for about ten years, and every year at least someone from the paddock becomes the victim of local bandits. The organizers are also responsible, because they must guarantee us security."Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff "Brazil is a great country, but we don't need armored vehicles to safely travel from the hotel to the highway".Felipe Massa "It's very sad not only for those who are experiencing such problems, but also for Brazilians. All of this suggests that the time has come for the country to develop further and not to stand still.We race in Mexico, we were in India, and I don't know, is it dangerous there as it is here.But for the responsible people it is a problem, because they have to ensure safety for everyone who comes onto the stage.I love Brazil, but at the moment I'm not coming back here to live. My son is studying in Monaco, he speaks three languages, which is important for its future. Perhaps in the future I would like to come back here when there are safer and better".

2017-11-13 10:44:04

Roman Grosjean I received a fine for anything

Roman Grosjean I received a fine for anything

Haas pilot Roman Grosjean finished 15th after the beginning of the race with Esteban Window. During the race the Frenchman received a 10-second penalty after the finish - two more penalty points.Roman Grosjean "the Only thing I can say about the start of the race is the fact that I received a strong blow in the machine frame. I believe that I had a punctured rear left wheel. I had to turn the steering wheel in order not to lose the car. It was made by me due to a puncture. I received a fine for anything, and I'm not very happy with it. I want to see the replay again.A positive result of the race is that lately the speed of the machine was stunning. Despite the fact that we had a serious damage near the bottom, the car went around the track pretty good.Now we need to understand why the speed was so high before the race in Abu Dhabi".

2017-11-12 21:44:04

Riccardo Daniel it was hard to Break

Pilot Red Bull Daniel Riccardo during the launch became a member of the incident and took a step back. But the Australian managed to get to sixth position.Daniel ricciardo "the Start was very difficult. In the first turn I decided to walk on the left side of the track, because that is how I was able to achieve a maximum break, but someone suddenly bumped into me. The car was damaged, and had to go to the pits. Fortunately, the safety car helped to catch up with the peloton and start a breakthrough.It was a difficult breakthrough, I fought as best I could. The last 15 laps were difficult because of the tires. Problem started unexpectedly. Max even had to call in for an additional pit stop. We are always working to the limit, and so will run to the checkered flag in Abu Dhabi. I think that everything should be fine".

2017-11-12 20:54:03

Chronicle of the race Grand Prix of Brazil

Chronicle of the race Grand Prix of Brazil

184951 - Today from pole position for the third time in his career, will start Valtteri Bottas.185046 - Next to him is Sebastian Vettel.185102 - Second row Kimi Raikkonen and Max Verstappen.185154 - Third row Sergio Perez and Fernando Alonso.185252 - the Spaniard sixth, and so high it didn't start in 2014, when he played for Ferrari.185319 - the Fourth row completely for Renault Nico Hulkenberg and Carlos Sainz.185341 - Completing the top ten Felipe Massa and Esteban Windows.185405 - we Already know that Massa ends his career in Formula 1, so it's his last start on home track.185432 - Next Grosjean, Vandorn, Magnussen, Riccardo, Wehrlein, Stroll, Ericsson, Hartley and 185511 - Riccardo and the last four were different penalties one for replacement of transmission, some elements of the power plant.185525 from the pit lane will start Lewis Hamilton.185603 - British guy failed the first qualified in the status of four-time champion, breaking the car on the first lap. 185629 - Mercedes took advantage of the situation and replaced Lewis powerplant, so it will start from the pit lane.185724 - the Temperature is +28C and the track warmed up to +60C185818 - Round here short 4309 M185826 - race Distance - 71 185840 - There are two independent zones DRS185852 - Rain during the race is not 185926 - Raikkonen on the starting grid had problems with the electrics. But I guess everything was solved.190013 - Pilots go on warm-up 190027 - Most pilots chose the tires 190107 - On the harder Soft will start Riccardo he spent the second part of the qualification on these tires, Eriksson, went Out and 190130 - a Lot of live were greeted by the local 190202 - Machine return to the starting 190218 - All ready to 190230 - Lewis stands at the exit of the pit 190259 - START190327 - Vettel, Bottas, Raikkonen.190334 - Behind the reversal 190406 - Grosjean and Windows simultaneously 190412 - On the road machine 190439 - Grosjean knocked out Windows, and Esteban is the first gathering in your career190502 - McLaren Vandorn 190515 Windows tried to get to the boxes, but still stood on 190527 - the Entire peloton rides through pit 190650 - 1 lap Vettel, Bottas, Raikkonen, Verstappen, Alonso, Massa, Perez, Hulkenberg, Sainz, Faded, Ericsson, Hartley, Stroll, Hamilton, Wehrlein, Grosjean, 190706 - Magnussen also 190724 - by car Riccardo changed the bow 190840 - During the launch.

2017-11-11 09:44:03

Carlos Sainz I feel like I've made progress

Carlos Sainz I feel like I've made progress

The pilot of Renault Carlos Sainz in the practice of the Brazilian Grand Prix showed 11-th result.Carlos Sainz "It was a positive day for me, because every time out to the track, I felt I had made progress. During the day, I got more confidence in working with the machine. Well, today I have completed your program. I am sure that tomorrow I will be able to fight for more good results together with the team".

2017-11-11 09:34:04

Lewis Hamilton a good day

Lewis Hamilton a good day

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton showed the best result in practices the Grand Prix of Brazil.Lewis Hamilton "It was a good day. It was great to get out to the track and try the new speed, since this year's cars are much faster. Chase then became physically more difficult than in years past. It's just great.Today we tried a long series of circles and short. But the range here is very small, so to warm up the rubber need to go through sometimes two extra round. Overall, I was happy with everything. We are very close to another victory.

2017-11-11 09:14:03

Esteban We were able to take a step forward

Esteban We were able to take a step forward

The pilot Force India Esteban Windows in the practice of the Brazilian Grand Prix showed the 7th result.Esteban Windows "I'm happy today. This morning the car was not in the best condition, but we made a big step forward during the second practice. Now the car feels much better, so that is another good work from the team that made the right decisions throughout the day. We need to continue to improve tomorrow and hopefully we will be able to fight for the finals of qualification.To work on the track was very hard physically because it was so hot and humid, a bit like Singapore. I wasn't expecting it, and it was one of the worst days this year".

2017-11-11 08:44:04

Fernando Alonso Today was harder than we expected

Fernando Alonso Today was harder than we expected

The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso on the results practices Grand Prix of Brazil was in 10th position.Fernando Alonso "Today was more difficult than we expected. During the first session we ran into some problems, and then the second was again having trouble with the engine. We lost valuable time on the track and in the end we were not able to complete the entire program. We tried to move the priority items on the circles when the machine was on the track that allowed more or less remain satisfied with the result.Tomorrow some more will need to recalibrate the machine, so we'll see what we can do. The time between the rivals are very close, so the struggle for an exit in the final qualification will be very tight. But if it rains it will be our chance".

2017-11-09 09:54:03

Christian Horner against the abandonment of Friday's practice

Head Red Bull Christian Horner believes the abandonment of Friday's practice - the wrong direction for the championship.Christian Horner "Obviously, the leaders of the championship are trying to free up space for more races. If the book is too many chapters, then it loses its interest.I also think that for too long the championship is a wrong decision. And on Friday, the promoters have the opportunity to attract more spectators to the track.Waiver practices will lead to a greater amount of time working in simulators. But we need to test everything on the track. It will be a great pressure on all the stables. Between us, the gaps in outcomes will only increase".

2017-11-04 13:54:03

Chapter Haas We are too early to switch to a new car

Director Haas Gunther Steiner admitted that his team may be too early switched to work with the machine for the season-2018, which results in the last races fell.Gunther Steiner "We made the decision to switch to the car of 2018, because he wanted to make some fundamental changes that would be unable to migrate 100 percent out of this car.If you look at the results, we stopped development too early. Should we have to do this I don't know. The result we will see only in February, when check, was it worth the effort or not.Right now we have a good model of a new car, but I don't know how we'll be able to move from the aerodynamic tunnel on a real track. We learn only when we will see all on the track".

2017-11-03 10:44:03

Fernando Alonso in the gravel traps

The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso believes that Formula 1 should return to gravel traps in places where they laid the asphalt.Fernando Alonso "we Need to put grass or gravel, so the pilots could no longer cut corners.Take, for example, Suzuka. I do not think there we have even thought about Cresco, isn't it I think the solution is very simple. And similar problems as with max in USA, do not.I think races like the Porsche Cup or Formula 2, would have left behind a lot of garbage on the track. It will be incredibly difficult to go on these sites.We also have to consider that Formula 1 is not the only series that runs on these tracks. There's also MotoGP, and they need completely different security zone. I think that is incredibly difficult to reconcile all".

2017-11-02 12:04:04

Marcus Ericsson Our team works with tires

Pilot Sauber Marcus Ericsson believes that the progress of his team in a number of recent races is associated with an excellent tire.Marcus Ericsson "the Tyres this year are more conservative, less efficient and not so much degraded, but there is still a small window where our engineers have achieved the best level of adhesion with the track.I know we most of the year worked in the wrong direction, but now everything has changed. Now we have found some nuances that helped us pretty much to improve, and this applies to temperature and temperature control of the tires.We did some work with the tyres, with different temperature zones, and this seems to be very helpful to us. For us it was a big hit".

2017-10-31 13:24:04

Chase Carey Hamilton is the best Ambassador for the championship

The head of Formula-1 chase Carey believes that Lewis Hamilton is perfect for the role of Ambassador of the championship.Chase Carey "He is the best Ambassador you could wish for in Formula 1. He represents the sport the best way.Now we have to wait for a new future. We are waiting for the beginning of 2020. Then will end the current long-term contracts, and we'll start a new story this season.Engines should be louder, cheaper and less complex, and we need more fighting on the track.In this championship there are strong characters. But after my first year, I can see that everyone understands that some things must change. Most importantly, one or two teams could not win all the races".

2017-10-30 10:54:04

Pierre went Out I drove so many laps

Pierre went Out I drove so many laps

The pilot Toro Rosso Pierre went Out in the race Grand Prix of Mexico finished 13th, equalling his best result in his career.Pierre went Out "it Was great finally to ride on track after such a difficult weekend. I was able to drive so many laps Unfortunately, the race was not as good as we wanted.It took me a few laps to get used to the track and the car, but at least I continued to gain experience in the car, which was very helpful. So we decided to go the distance to end. Now we must work hard and continue to progress until next weekend in Brazil.

2017-10-30 10:34:03

Esteban a Great day for the team

Esteban a Great day for the team

In Mexico, the pilot Force India Esteban Windows finished fifth, equalling his best result in his career. In the first half of the race the Frenchman was third, but then missed both pilots of Ferrari.Esteban Windows "It's a great day for the team. Fifth place in the race and fourth place in the championship - a fantastic achievement after a strong season. For a while I thought that the podium is possible, because I've been sitting in third place. I had a great start and then did everything they could in the free space of the track. Unfortunately, the virtual machine security gave Kimi the advantage during the pit stops and he was able to catch up with me.The last few laps of the race with Stroller behind me was difficult. He had more fresh tires, and he managed to catch me, so I had to give everything in this fight to stay ahead. When you work so hard to achieve the result, it feels very positive, so I'm looking forward to today's celebration".

2017-10-29 10:44:04

Felipe Massa It was the maximum for the machine

Felipe Massa It was the maximum for the machine

Pilot Williams Felipe Massa in the qualification of Grand Prix of Mexico was on the 11-th position.Felipe Massa "I showed the best lap, which was capable of this machine it was almost a perfect circle. Unfortunately, this was not enough to reach the finals. I was happy with my attempts. Maybe the 11-th result is even better the 10th, because I will start from the clean side of the track on fresh tires.Let's focus on the race and see what we can get. We are definitely in the fight, and most importantly".

2017-10-29 10:34:05

Kimi Raikkonen the Result is far from desired

Kimi Raikkonen the Result is far from desired

Pilot Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen in qualifying for the Grand Prix of Mexico showed the 5th result.Kimi Raikkonen "It was quite a difficult qualifying, and the result was far from ideal. I struggled trying to show a clean lap, but I didn't have enough grip, so I made a lot of mistakes. At some point the car felt good, in others not so good, it was very easy to make a mistake. Every time I tried to pick up a little speed, the front end seemed stuck to the track, and the rear began to chatter.In the third round I was just trying to pass without errors. I knew that I was going very slowly. Tomorrow will be another day, and I'm sure the race will go better. It is difficult to predict what will happen, but until we see how the car in race mode works much better. We need to be in order. I hope we have a good start and drive first turn. If you avoid trouble, we can claim good points".