2012-02-22 16:04:06

Head of Mercedes a Step on fiberglass nose doesn't give you much advantage

The head of the decided to become a participant of many conversations about the new appearance of the cars of the season- and told about his attitude to the notorious "step"."I agree that a step in the nose of the new cars looks intriguing and at the same time forbidding, "Brown said. - Step doesn't give you much advantage, but if I had no increase in speed, then we would go by . Let our nose looks strange and disgusting, but soon forget all about it and everything will go down in the usual . do not oppose the decision of the to oblige us to take this step. They did everything correctly, because last season showed that a wide front fender is flying very dangerous in the event of an accident. In addition, if in the side of the car hits another car, the higher the front fairing can kill the pilot. I agree to do the car ugly, if it will enhance the security of the pilot".



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