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Nico Rosberg Michael Schumacher will be hard to get ahead

Nico Rosberg Michael Schumacher will be hard to get ahead

German Sport Bild suggested unusual variant of the - answered questions via Twitter.

Question that's Great, that you agreed to take part in the Twitter . Where are you at right now

Rosberg In in .

Question we can Not say that the s" class="posttag">s are added ideal for . What do you think about the new car

Rosberg the Command is tuned optimistically and is confident of success. We managed to create a good base W03 reliable, so we can fully concentrate on speed. We have a small problem, but they are easy to solve.

Question On Wednesday headed the protocol, you too surprised

Rosberg Now we don't know who fast. I think, it is connected with the quantity of fuel, but the time wouldn't surprise us.

Question are You going to fight for a place on the podium

Rosberg While I can't judge that. It is important that has made progress, but we are on the right path.

Question Important is for you the first victory in this season

Rosberg it would Be great to win behind the wheel of a , but again I repeat, it is important that the has made progress.

Question Leader said in an with Sport Bild that the first win would make you better. Can you comment on his words

Rosberg I can answer this question after the victory.

Question What do you expect from the match with in this year

Rosberg No doubt, it will be difficult to beat. I'm sure he will be able to return to the leaders.

Question would You be happy with the new with

Rosberg we Have good relations and similar wishes to work at the machine. I will be happy if he would stay.

Question You often exceed the speed on the roads

Rosberg Sometimes, but only a little.

Question Many people like the culture of the , but it seems that she is in decline. What you have

Rosberg I Have a great - it made my girlfriend Vivian. Located near the Michael.



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