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Presentation of new cars Mercedes F1 W03

Before the first day of the second series of pre-season s" class="posttag">s, the AMG has introduced a new car in the pit lane race track in . At 820 local time held a short - and Rosberg pulled the protective veil with W03, and an hour the car left the boxes to the first s" class="posttag">s.

If in the majority of the s presented their new car in front of the first series of s" class="posttag">s, the decided to spend more time in the wind tunnel, and on the very first s" class="posttag">s focus on the assessment of the effectiveness of the new tyres with the previous year's car. W03 was the first break in a few days before the - for this was leased circuit at . The command connects serious expectations with a new car, hoping to make progress in the year .

, the head of the "I with great certainty waiting for the debut of W03, the has done a very serious work, I hope, the machine will allow us to achieve good results. But the form of nose fairing, which became a consequence of new rules, W03 became an elegant interpretation of new - this is a big step forward compared to last the machine, including the attention to detail.

In the past year we used a very courageous approach, and although not always radical solutions allowed to achieve the results we expected, this experience was invaluable for the development of W03. The appearance of the new car was the result of ever-closer integration between our ers in and , allowed to increase the efficiency of the ".

, vice president "the Process of building the continues, in the past two years, we finished the season in fourth place in the Cup of designers and want to achieve more integrated in the dispute for the victory. It will take time and will require a great effort, but we are doing our best and we are sure that in the end will be able to achieve the goal.

We need to move forward step by step. Defeat of the , and will be very difficult, but that is the goal. We're still a young , a lot to learn, but this process is going on - I have a feeling that we are moving in the right direction.

I think, our designers coped well with their work. The "step" on fiberglass nose still have to get used to, but after a time machine capable of winning races, will seem to be pretty, though our W03 now it seems to me beautiful".

Work on the project W03 began in may of , but the rules several times specified, and the made adjustments to the design. On fiberglass nose W03 is characteristic of "step ". The machine consists of approximately 4500 parts against 4200 details at last year's MGP W02, she has a better to lower the center of gravity. All mandatory crash-s" class="posttag">s of the new car passed by the end of the first week of January .

of the F1 W03

Chassis Structure of carbon and cellular composite materials

Suspension Triangular levers and torsion springs with rods/pushers

Shock Absorbers Penske Moving. Electronics the Standard ECU

Wheel disks BBS forged magnesium. Bus

Brakes Ventilated carbon disks and pads Brembo

Gearbox Semi-matic transmission with hydraulic drive in aluminum housing.

Length 4800 mm. Height 950 mm. Width 1800 mm.

Engine -Benz FO108Z. 2.4 liter 8 cylinder. 18000. Weight 95.

Rosberg "Before the of the program W03 the s have very positive expectations, during the break I drove a few laps behind the wheel of a new car - the first impressions were very positive.

The machine looks good, it really is very harmonious, which once again proved the effectiveness of cooperation of different departments of our - from the first circles we have been able to focus on the execution of the program. It will be interesting to estimate its speed in a few weeks".

"I have repeatedly participated in the break-in and ing of new machinery, but even after many years in today, I feel a special feeling. The with impatience and hope waiting for this day, last week, when we had the first break in W03, the machine has left a good impression. Now we'll work hard to make it more competitive.

In the coming weeks we should do better to be able to assess the balance of forces and understand how a big step forward made the , but now I can say that our guys in and perfectly coped with their work, I would like to thank them worthy results. I'm looking forward to the new season."

After a short official ceremony of began s" class="posttag">s W03.



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