2012-02-22 15:44:02

Ross Brown FOTA has not lost relevance

Ross Brown FOTA has not lost relevance

At the end of last year, after unsuccessful on a new Agreement on the limitation of resources, the , - and announced the release of . There was danger of the dissolution of the association, but the head of the AMG believes that the work of the organization is not limited to the search for ways to reduce costs, and disappointed by the lack of unity among the s.

"We reiterate our devotion to the and regret that several of the s came out of the association. Before the crisis and pressure from the outside do more cohesive, and now, in the absence of external pressure, the natural resistance of us divided.

I think that it would be short-sighted to believe that no longer valid. The Problem of in the fact that we are very difficult to work together. I believe the association of s and disappointed with the events of the last few months. It seems to me, we should pity about it, because one of the objectives of was the search for optimal decisions for the future of , and not a single command.

We must find a way to limit costs, and in this situation it is very important the concept of the Agreement on the limitation of resources, but to find the best solution, it is necessary to unity and working together. We adhere to this strategy and will ensure the proper performance of the terms of the Agreement, which shall become part of the future of , because without it, the commands are subject to greater risk."





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