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Ross Brown Fourth place can't be the target for Mercedes

Ross Brown Fourth place can't be the target for Mercedes

In , the last of the strongest, presented a new car. Team boss believes such an approach is justified.

Question Ross, this time you have presented the la car from the top s. Is there a confidence that this strategy has justified itself

we were very important s" class="posttag">s in , allow a connection between the old and the new machine, between the old and new compositions rubber Prelli. The reliability of last year's machine allowed to travel a great distance for the three days that we were working, it was almost the same as that of rivals with new machines for four days.

Question what kind of feeling of your s to the new season

I Have a very positive feeling, but now they need to confirm the results on . For me, the key factor is the strengthening of the , we now have a much more serious ering potential, than a year ago. We have previously worked strong ers, but we have gained in experience and will be able to more effectively respond to the various challenges.

Judge about how this progress has impacted on the speed of the machine, it's too early - you need to wait. In private s" class="posttag">s in the Sunday new car a few inferior to last year's in a slow turning, but, in general, we managed to compensate for the larger part of the loss of clamping force. Comments s were very positive.

Question what are The main differences between the new car from last year's

the Most obvious external difference is the form of nose fairing. This is a very bright feature, not giving the big win, although a definite advantage of all is the same, otherwise we did not use such a solution. I think, soon all will become accustomed to the peculiar appearance of the cars, although they look not too elegant.

I suppose that in the future the will agree to reduce the difference in height between the front of the chassis and with , because in this case it is only about security.

regulating the maximum height of the front part of the nose fairing, to avoid the dangerous consequences for the riders in a collision, and the height of the front of the chassis we, like many, have left the former, and therefore appeared this "step ".

If to speak about the changes, the less obvious external examination, they, of course, relate to the new configuration of the exhaust system and diffuser. As a result of the back of the machine and the bottom looks a bit different, yes and possible to change the mapping now severely limited.82328232

The debate about the peculiarities of cartography and the location of the exhaust pipe, but this is nothing unusual. Yes, in -m impact of exhaust gases on the aerodynamics will decrease, but the has already learned a lot. In the last couple of years we have collected a huge amount of data on the work of the exhaust system, about how she can improve aerodynamic efficiency. And we're not going to forget this information.82328232

No doubt, everyone will try to continue to get maximum results, using the energy of the exhaust. Perhaps, it will use a slightly different way - this is the essence of . Here there are many excellent , trying to act as can be productive in the framework of the rules. I think something similar is happening now or waiting for us in the near future.

Question All these restrictions have made it difficult work on a new machine

I'm a long time in , and accustomed to the changes of the rules. The rules are equal for all, the question is, who will be able to find the best approach to this change, in order to gain an advantage over rivals. In this year, one of the basic problems of raising efficiency of the rear wing, although eventually had to revise the whole concept of aerodynamics, including the front fender. This difference from last year's car is very evident.

Question What are your goals for the upcoming season

the Main thing - to make progress, to take the next step, for the fourth place in the constructors can't be the target for . We are ready to fight for the podium. Each , in addition to the title, is in the progress.though, even winning the title you are looking for areas in which you can add. If you do not win in the race, try to understand the reason. Most importantly, this finding does not destroy the basis that you already have.



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