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Ross Brown "Now we are on the right path"

Ross Brown

For 's Circuit de Catalunya can be regarded as largely symbolic. In it is with the s" class="posttag">s in began the league season for , and three years later his , but already under the name GP presented in its new car - W03. In conversation with the official site of the Brown explained the reasons for the relatively late debut novelties and shared his vision of the coming season.

Question Ross, you have presented a new car in because it was here in -m year debut champions

to be Honest, I never thought about it, but the explanation is quite good laughs

Question Why do you submit a new only in the second

Our program was originally assumed the fixation of the specifications of the machine in a certain moment of time. We believed that the approach, according to which the command uses the last-year's car in the first , and on the second brings novelty, will be for us right, and we're still sure of that.

Question Rather a bold decision, because at this time of year in cooler than in , and heat the tires up to the optimal temperature is not easy. Decided to take the chance

It's Possible. However, you can see for yourself, the risk was justified - now in warmer than in , so that the decision was correct.

Question You have always believed that sooner or later, your machine will allow to achieve high results. W03 forces on such a task

This is not the final specification of the machine Engineers are never satisfied with what they have, and we are always thinking about how to add. I can only say that this machine is a good step forward. We see it in telemetry data, checks on the simulator, as well as on the nature of the work. Definitely, the has made progress"of course, you never know, what are rivals, but now I'm much more confident in the fact that our has become much stronger.

The final specification is not the case even before the end of the current machine you're already thinking about the future, but, as I have already said, W03 - good step forward for the entire .

Question In a recent with Rosberg admitted that from this season more than just waiting for the progress of the . He said it as if in the past years, progress has been.

I Think everyone in the wants to achieve more, so we have strengthened our . We have a lot of first-class specialists, but in the previous season even finish in fourth place in the Cup of Designers was not an easy task. We want to achieve more, to become one of the top s - with , who had joined us in the past year, and the recently came and we have such potential. We are constantly progress, and I am pleased.

Question you Have two fast , who missed the podium. How long you will be able to keep their emotions under control

I'm not against their desire to go up to the podium, because that is the way it should be. We have a decided to share their thoughts, ideas, and we try to convey to the s general plans.

Michael and - a part of the collective, they should know what is happening to the . Yes, as long as our car is not the best in the championship, but the s understand how serious challenge, which they took together with us. They see that we are changing with an eye on the future.

Question and have declared their intention to fight for the fourth or fifth place in the Cup of Designers. Your plans

Move forward - only this should be our goal.

Question And who as a result have their way

I don't know In our sport in the winter you never know who worked better, but it has its own . You arrive at the first race and can't predict who is ahead and who will have trail in the tail. I only know that our has become much stronger, so that in whatever position we might be after the debut of the race, we will be able to react and move on.

Question What is remarkable work on the machine for this season Probably, you had to take into account many other aspects, in addition to changes in the

Yes, we had to adapt to the new rules, first of all, to a ban on hand-blown diffusers. In the past year in this area we have had some interesting ideas, from which, however, failed to achieve optimum efficiency, but we have learned a lot and used this experience in the creation of W03, so that already in this season work much better.

Question I Think, the ban on hand-blown diffusers will play you on the hand

It's Possible. It is not excluded, that the difference between the machines will be slightly less, but it will still remain. In the first two years of the use of new technologies pace of progress just struck, but now she is under a ban, and the commands to build machines more traditional design. Now everyone is waiting for, when there was the following trick, which has a noticeable increase in speed, but if this does not happen, everything will be just a step-by-step move to the desired results.

Question the Leaders of the last season, actively used blow molding diffusers, now complain about the lack of down force. May be, has come your time

If you mean that we have lost a little less, then I may agree with you laughs I think the difference between leaders and s from the middle of the odurzonego delight in this season will be much lower, and to enter the leading positions need to play is not so much time. True, and play even a tenth will be twice more complicated than in .

Question What I am about W03 , who had to experience a lot of cars on the course of his career

It's feedback is positive - Michael liked the behaviour of the machine and its stability during high-speed cornering. However, it is still early to draw conclusions, in the first day of the s" class="posttag">s we have lost a lot of time because of technical problems, so the view is very subjective.

satisfied, we can go to , but in general W03 still not sufficiently fast, and therefore should not be seriously talk about feelings. Again, Michael found no fundamental problems, on which we ought to work, so the challenge is to gradually increase the speed. I think that now we are on the right way.

Question That is, this week you spend a full break-in of the new machine, and evaluate its speed will be only a few days, the final s" class="posttag">s

160 right now We are trying to achieve the best speed. Of course, in the conditions of weather have to be careful to avoid the error in the assessment of the characteristics of the tyres. In addition, many conducted here verification may not have any relationship to the first few races.

We aspire to greater stability in the coming days we will spend a few simulations Grand prix. Yesterday morning the machine without problems drove a lot of circles, and as soon as all issues regarding the reliability remain behind, you can seriously focus on speed. The is very optimistic

Question a Year ago you were surprised by the modest performance in . Believe in this project will be more successful

of Course, we hope so A year ago in we prevented the same problems that dogged the on the s" class="posttag">s. Cooling system worked efficiently, we spent a lot of time and effort to address these and many other problems that have a negative impact on first two races.

Then the of the season was frankly failed, but we will do our best not to repeat past mistakes, because they distract from work over speed. So far all talks about the fact that the upcoming race in should go through without any problems, but let's keep fingers crossed and wait.



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