2012-02-21 13:54:03

The Company Isofoton - a new partner of Mercedes

The Company Isofoton - a new partner of Mercedes

The Company Isofoton, specializing in solar energy, has become a new of the , whose was held today in . In the past year, Isofoton, based in the nish Malaga, celebrated its 30th anniversary. In the following three years of its total generating capacity should reach the mark of 1 Gigawatt. Among the products of the company - innovative decisions related to the motive sector.

Logos Isofoton in will be posted on the helmets of and - they have a very prominent area in the upper part of the protective glass.

, head of "We are pleased to announce a new ship agreement with Isofoton and welcome this company in the AMG . is often a ing point for new technologies, not only in the motive industry. Because we are always pleased ship with companies who share our best approach and open the revolutionary technologies.

Isofoton is at the forefront in the use of solar energy, which corresponds to the aspirations of all the , including command and , to make our sport more effective from an environmental point of view, as well as socially responsible.

Angel-Luis Serrano, president of the Isofoton "the Strategic ship between our company and of the is based on common values. A commitment to high quality, advanced technology and environmental protection. Isofoton is already more than 30 years is a leader in the use of solar energy, and you are excited about the of cooperation with at the moment when the race come into the era of eco-efficiency".




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