2012-04-19 13:24:03

Bahrain GP Preview Mercedes

The of - brought the German of the long-awaited first victory in its modern history in . The under the leadership of Ross brown went to this more than two years, and now, feeling the sweet taste of success, sent in " class="posttag">Bah, on the fourth stage of the championship, where in conditions of hot weather, Michael and will be difficult to confirm the speed shown in the previous weekend.Michael Qualification - 7, - 6"the Excellent results, shown by the in , gave her a powerful surge of forces, and, of course, we will do everything possible to replicate this success in the next few races. However, as practice shows, so far this season it is impossible to be sure, and three different winners of the first three ifies to the high competition in the current . not less than, once again, very pleased to see how our is becoming more and more competitive to fight for the highest places, and in the coming weekend in " class="posttag">Bah we will put all forces and efforts in order to show the same high speed, as in Kate." Qualification - 5, - 5"With in " class="posttag">Bah I have linked pleasant memories. I won here the Cup of Macau-" class="posttag">Bah championship of Formula 3, became the champion of the series , and in their debut race in , finished seventh, showing the best . really like this circuit. It does not require high presser power, but you often and severely inhibit, and overcome numerous high-speed turns. Configuration of suits our car, but once again we will have to work hard on improving the efficiency of the work of rubber and searching for optimal settings, because the weather conditions will be much hotter than in .", head of the "After a fantastic weekend, we conducted in Shanghai, it was a pleasure to devote a couple of days understanding of the circumstances of the achievements of the first victory of the from 1955-year, and for Nico, of course, and it does was a debut victory in the . worked hard to overcome problems with the tires, which had been plaguing us for the first two races. It is obvious that effective work of tyres is an absolutely key factor, which affects the speed of our car and the ability to fight in the leading group.The temperature and conditions on in " class="posttag">Bah will be very different from what we saw in Shanghai, however, we will make all efforts in order to extract from F1 W03 all of its currently available high-speed capacity and make another race week-end on a high note.", Vice President -Benz "In the past Sunday for the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS there was a significant event. However, in our sport situation is changing with the kaleidoscopic speed and now all our thoughts are directed to the preparation of the fourth stage of the season in " class="posttag">Bah. In this route, two years ago - or 41 race ago - our updated "Silver arrow" debuted in ship. Since then the staff of bases in and tirelessly worked on a appearance of the winning , and our speed in became the first pleasant confirmation achieved . never the less, we don't head in the clouds and sober view of the situation, as the competition this season is as high as never before in the history of the "Royal" races, and even the smallest detail can tell you in the rank of a favorite for example is not far to - last Saturday, the first and eleventh place on the ing grid divided only three-tenths of a second.We were not in the current configuration of in " class="posttag">Bah since in -m was used track with the additional section of the slow corners. The temperature of the air and asphalt traditionally will be very high, and zones fall speed up to 150 km/h and below with the subsequent crackdown on here for seven and these two factors are forced to pay more careful attention to the control of wear and tear of the back of the rubber. We know perfectly well how important it is to keep the current generation of tyres in the optimum temperature range - this circumstance makes the race unprecedented . the coming weekend we will be able to assess how significant progress achieved ers to work with AMG F1 W03 in the preparation of it to a hot, in contrast to 's conditions. We don't take for granted, and we will continue to work purposefully on extracting from an existing version of the machine maximum possible capacity.".



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