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Grand Prix of Japan a Press conference on Friday

Grand Prix of Japan a Press conference on Friday

Participants , Kaltenborn , , Stefano , Kim Spearman ,

Question John, an excellent result in Singapore allowed the to rise on the tenth place in the Cup of Designers. What does this mean for F1 and how it can affect the financing of the

with regard to financing, the situation is still unclear, as the expires at the end of this year, and now it is not clear, as will be the case. But success is definitely raised the morale of the . In the championship of only twelve seats, and the tenth allows to count on certain payments.

Modern cars of , almost do not break, we have to reclaim every position. We noted Singapore's success, but we understand that there is still a lot of work, it was just a small step. The is moving in the right direction, but still far from the desired positions - we would like to be a little higher.

Question you Recently took max Chilton as a backup of the rider. What are the plans for its account, and what options you intend to Charles, which worked well in this season

With Charles we are negotiating. As you noticed, he was perfectly coped with his work, excellently spent the debut season, so we would like to leave him at home for the next year. In the race Charles practically not inferior to Mediocre in speed - it should be noted especially. But Max had two years is a member of our youth racing program, he gradually gets worse, and, possibly before the end of the season we will allow him to the car in the morning of Friday's session.

Question , from goes . Can I assume that Esteban Gutierrez guaranteed take his place

Kaltenborn As has already been said, we will announce its composition, when we deem it necessary, and we do not hurry events.

Stefano We'll do the same.

Kaltenborn We need to straighten out some moments. As for Esteban, he has long been cooperating with our - since the days of Formula . In the past two years he served as backup pilot, and our plans with respect to his candidacy in no way associated with the departure of Sergio. We don't want to mix these two questions. We will announce its decision later.

Question In the previous two races of s were mixed, but the machine has demonstrated a good speed. You upset that this rate does not lead to the expected results

Kaltenborn of Course, because the machine has proved competitiveness, and when not get the expected result because of events which can not influence, without any errors on our part, it is very sad, but the main thing - we continue to believe in the C31, which, by the way, will serve as a basis for the new car in the next season. We will progress from race to race and hope that the next time we're lucky a little more.

Question Kim, how are the preparations to the final stages of the season and the next year

Kim Spearman We are actively preparing for the six remaining stages to help our clients achieve their objectives - for example, the of John gain a foothold on the tenth place in the of the Cup of Designers. As you have probably heard, we signed a with the for the next season, in which they will use our s and KERS, which, as we hope, will allow them to be added in speed. Us such a prospect is very exciting, but still we carry on with .

Question And if to speak about the new for the

Kim Spearman We like to work on it, and if we find a cost-effective way to provide a competitive sample of our customers, it will be very great. Now we are holding with the s, I hope, the necessary agreements will be reached. works in already 54 years, with the most part of them - in the . Our specialists would like to stay in the championship, and we share their aspirations.

Question Is there any drawings, schemes

Kim Spearman of Course, because we are working on the of eighteen months.

Question Martin, you have a very interesting composition for the next season - Jenson and Sergio known to the careful attitude to the tyres. How will this affect the and the car

I do Not think that the effect will be significant. We make maximum efforts to make the car as quickly as possible and most economical in the consumption of rubber. No easy task, but if the machine is initially a good balance and sufficient level of down force, she carefully applies to tyres. I do not think, that the composition of the s in any way affect any of it, here will try to the whole .

Question Drivers say that they are constantly learning. What will have to learn to compared with

Sergio now the same age, how old was he when he ed his career in , " therefore, he will have to learn a little more than that, however, creates additional interest let's see how fast he will be able to progress, and that will do. The upcoming spring promises to be quite exciting Sergio and command for the first time, will work together, and our task is to bring the rider on the level, allowing already in the first race of the new season count on victory.

Question don't You think that the change of the few weakens command in comparison with the current situation

the Current composition of the very strong, and with regard to Sergio - know in the next year, as far as it is fast, and strengthened if its the coming of our . In any case, we have experienced Jenson button and young Sergio, so we are looking forward to the beginning of new cooperation.

Question Stefano, you have already made clear that he does not inform us of the next year. Then the question " do you know who will play for your in the new season

Stefano Must know.

The Question Is That is, you know

Stefano I do Not think that there is any meaning or interest to develop this topic. As I have already said, we will soon announce his decision, but until then I would have preferred to keep silent. Honestly speaking, a bit tired of answering the same question.

Question How do matters stand with your aerodynamic pipe What can be done in the nearest future There are some problems, and if Yes, what are they

Stefano The structure of 's wind tunnel far not the strongest element - it's quite old. With the difficulties sooner or later faces any , and we are doing everything possible to improve the quality of the used our technologies and methods. Now the main task is to eliminate the problem of correlation of the data by all accounts we need to make it to the next season.

Question When the wind tunnel again will to work

Stefano , and It works now. As you know, we use the other aerodynamic ground, and in the next two weeks will be able to thoroughly understand the problems with the main pipe and understand, at what time we have to stop her, to make adjustments and improve efficiency, which is not at the maximum.

Question Ross, you have a new driver for the next season What did you promise him when signing a Everyone hopes to get a car capable of winning.

Ross brown, I'm Not sure that you can call it promises. We have a plan to work, there are professionals who are able to achieve the set goals, the infrastructure, which has been created over the previous two years. As in the case with any , we just presented Lewis their vision and goals for the next few years.

Question What pressure can expose you to the driver, like Lewis, and the Board of Directors of

Ross brown we are All working in the conditions of pressure, but a big part of it is created independently, because we take part in competitive sport. None of us do not hold the power, we are engaged in this business, because we like it, and want to succeed, so that the pressure is everywhere and in all commands. For example, for John it is reduced to a problem of stay on the tenth place in the Cup of Designers, and for us, in striving to achieve more progress. My pressure I create himself, he is not coming from any of the drivers or from the Board of Directors.

Questions from the floor

Question Paolo - La Gazzetta dello Sport Martin, you are not evaluate the decision Lewis as a betrayal


Question Sam Collins - car Engineering Question for Stefano. You mentioned the problem of the correlation of the data obtained in the wind tunnel. How can this affect the work at the machine for the next season

Stefano This has had an impact on many other things. In the second half of the season, we have seen the picture, when new developments have not confirmed its efficiency on the highway. We began to take a closer look into the situation and found that the case in equipment, which.is not something that is out of date, only proved to be inappropriate technologies available on the market. Therefore, the decided to upgrade, to increase the level of correlation in comparison with what we have now.

Question Alan Baldwin - Reuters , among the - three or four Mexican companies. If you can keep them without Sergio What are the prospects

Kaltenborn Promising good, and we are sure that we will have sufficient levels of funding for several years ahead. As for , the company Telmex, owned by Carlos , also said on the continuation of cooperation with . This long-term project, and care Sergio on him will not be affected.

Question TIBO Wilmot - Auto Hendo Question for Kaltenborn. Is it true that you like to invite Robin on youth s" class="posttag">s

Kaltenborn We have not yet named the composition of the participants of the youth s" class="posttag">s and, as in the case with the regulars, do it a little later.

Question - The National Martin, during the yesterday's Lewis said Sergio, he knows exactly what works are carried out on the future of the machine. The extent to which these words are true, and the extent to which this circumstance bothers command

Lewis has spent many years with the , knows employees and that on which we are working, but I do not think, that it is a question about some of the important secrets of the, cause for concern there. If I was interested in intellectual property competitors, I would rather be addressed to the ers, and not to the s. In any case, Lewis respects and knows that in the remaining six races we will do everything possible to catch hold of the title, and the best way to achieve such a goal is to work together and openly, as we usually do.

Question Paolo - La Gazzetta dello Sport Stefano, expressed the hope that in the remaining races of the will attack, and not defend themselves. Given the problems with the aerodynamic pipe, can you guarantee the ability of the to give him all the necessary modifications so that he could go in full force, and does not protect the position of the per some mistakes of competitors What is the plan

Stefano the Plan is to give to the maximum and to prepare new products for each race, although it's difficult. Guarantee may be only the work of the whole , and the rest are empty words, which will not change the situation.

Now the situation in the championship is very clear if you do not have to Refine the car, you find it difficult to fight for the title, because there is no sense to rely on the technical problems of rivals. However, this does not mean that we are not going to give the maximum, but it is also impossible to count all the time on the third or fourth place - need to at least win one race, but we'll see.

Question Sam Collins - car Engineering Question to the suppliers of s. It seems that you already have prototypes of the new V6. Do you plan to develop a system160 KERS, or prefer to entrust a foreign company

Stefano We develop his own version of the system together with the suppliers. This is the part of the call associated with the new power plant for to the maximum download the work of the relevant departments, make sure that all goes according to plan, because for us the project involves the modernization of the entire infrastructure. You need to make sure that the new and KERS ready first for ing on the stand, then in real conditions, and after - to confirm the competitiveness of the route.

The key point is that due to the change of rules, as in the case of the chassis, as in the case of the , in fact, we ourselves have set for themselves a basic level, not having information about the actions of competitors. For our small it will be a serious task - work not worse giants like or , as well as other s, which now pay a lot of new project.

Ross brown In the last two years we have developed their own KERS and would like to keep this process under its control. Yes, the technology we acquire the s, but in the rest of the system is developed by the forces of the , and we intend to keep this order of things.

Kim Spearman We in the develop together with the suppliers. If other chassis will require some adaptations, we are open for cooperation.

Question Gitane - RTBF Ross, are you surprised yesterday's statement of to withdraw from , or you expected such a development of events And a question for all how do you assess the decision of Michael His resignation is a great loss for the championship.

Ross brown In the last two months we have talked with Michael, and if he has not made its decision, it came to him in the past few days. Of course, it is sad when a level Michael is leaving the sport, but he was reconciled to his choice, and this is important, and we respect his decision.

With his departure is losing something important, because after his return, Michael used a slightly different approach to racing, and if in the first phase of his career, many of the championship were to vanilly a few cool, after the podium in I was pleased to see the incredible support in his address. It worked very well, and, as I have said before, if we gave him more than a fast car, surely would have won several races. In some , for example, in , the speed allowed to count on victory. Takes a whole epoch, and it is difficult to imagine that anyone when it will be able to repeat the success of Michael.

Stefano To Ross said I can only add that Michael has proved to the world that he is still fast. He seven-time and one of the best s of the championship. Being a friend of his, I welcome the decision of Michael, because, as it seems to me, he came to him, based on their own experience, and in the current situation it is optimal. I and all the wish him all the best - he is young enough and can devote his time to many interesting cases.

I'm not so familiar with Michael, as these two gentlemen, but it is difficult to imagine that someone in the near future be able to surpass his achievements. Care , of course, the loss for sports, because his name is inextricably linked with the world Cup, and he did succeed in all his endeavors. His performance in this season was the strongest since the return of the race, and, as noted Ross, with more luck he would win a few races. In any case, it is his decision. Great athletes themselves determine when to leave.

Kim Spearman Michael is one of the grea athletes, and he will be an excellent representative of and all the championship. Sure, we have not once see him in the paddock.

Kaltenborn is the most successful driver in the history of , and when he returned to the race, it has become a boon for the entire championship. Accordingly, his departure is a great loss for our sport.

I was lucky to witness the last years of Michael in , his performances speak for themselves. The way he behaves in a paddock - especially in the event of failures - is a manifestation of the highest professionalism and the best example for all young s.

Question Bob McKenzie - The Daily Express Martin, in Tokyo Lewis said that you could not offer him anything, what would have stopped him in the , except that a check for 100 million. It seems he seemed enticing plans for , when will the transition to the new s. Do you regret that were not able to offer the rider something specific, and don't you think that in -m would be in a less advantageous situation than

Lewis - great , and in , I am sure, very glad to get it to himself. For me, as a leader, loss of Lewis not included in the plans, but if you really think that nothing could keep him in the , I can feel a little calmer. The driver made a decision, we respect his choice, and, believe me, we continue to work together with him in the calculation win the rest of the race. As regards the subsequent seasons, we have strong ship relations with Benz, and we expect to fight for the title and in , and in -m.

Question Bob McKenzie - The Daily Express Ross, believes that the advantage will be on your side

Ross brown we Have a with , according to which they should receive the same s as our . No one dares to say what will be the alignment of forces among the s in , but it is unlikely the difference is drastic. We prefer to work for themselves, our staff at the and interact as a , and this makes the command more cohesive than in the case of the work to someone else, but is a proven and very professional client. As in the case of the , our task is to build the best for the season of the year , and will receive exactly the same specification as our .

Question Paolo - La Gazzetta dello Sport Stefano, you said that you must win at least one of the remaining six races. Today, it seems that is not enough speed compared with and . What is the forecast for the weekend

Stefano On Friday it is difficult to form an idea of the arrangement of forces, because you never know what the work rivals. We know only its own program, and is still too early to assume that we have some difficulties. Yes, we are convinced that very strong competitors, but this is nothing new. This is the situation after an hour and a half after the end of the free races - it's time to analyze the events on and try to understand the logic of competitors. I will not promise that tomorrow everything will change - it is better to adopt a cautious approach.

Question Vanessa Ruiz - ESPN Radio Stefano, one of the consequences of the transition in the can be considered a loss of talented young riders, because the Mexican was a listener of your Academy. What do you say

Stefano Nothing. Sergio got a chance, and we wish him all the best. He signed a with the very strong , and we have no right in any way against it, because he, among other things, is the driver .

has helped him to gain experience and better understand some aspects only and all, so that should just accept the situation for what it is, but we'll see. We work with many of the young s, which, as it seems to us, at the right time, being ready for the race, will be able to become full members of the - I think that is all, what I wanted to say.

Question Biron Yong - The Daily Mirror , you discussed with of the option of continuing a career in your

Kaltenborn No, we never talked with Michael.

Question Andrew - the Press Association Ross, yesterday Michael said that he had several options of what to devote their time. Option to stay in a for a different job positions included in them

Ross brown We have not discussed this idea. The Michael extensive experience, and everyone treated him with great respect, but it is difficult to say how things will go on. I think it will take a few months only to consider all options, and I'm sure he will approach the issue in a very professional manner, but as long as I don't even know what he was going to stop.

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