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Ross brown about the present, past and future

Ross brown about the present, past and future

In-depth with the official site of the championship of the head of the GP Ross brown summed up the results of three years of performance of the in F1, telling about the role of , the functions of and the tasks that have to be dealt Lewis .

Question Ross, Michael goes away, replace it comes Lewis - what it means for the

Ross brown This means that the tradition will continue - we have a will again be two excellent rider. Of course, approaches Michael and the Lewisdiffer160-160and we must understand, what exactly is the difference. We have to work with the new pilot, but I'm very glad that Michael will replace it is Lewis, as the best candidate just can't imagine.

Question Michael was in the leading the pilot - it concerned and age, and experience. Now your s will contemporaries, which, in addition, prior to joining the F1 were for each other the main rivals. As their competition for a long time can affect the atmosphere in the

Ross brown you Know, and Michael got along very well during the past three years, and now we will have two drivers of the same age.

Question .with the same ambition to win the title.

Ross brown The truth is, with the ambition and the Michael everything was in order. Never underestimate the ambitions of Michael. From him there were plenty of them, but you're right - now we are waiting for the situation is somewhat different, it is inevitable. We need to and after the arrival of Lewis support of the good working relationship that had the pleasure of and Michael. Sure, it will be so, because Lewis had already demonstrated that may work with other members. So we were interested to look forward to his appearance.

Question Who is chosen Lewis

Ross brown We understand that the action of Michael is coming to an end, and we have to leave at the end of this season. In such a situation, you always to look around. In Lewis also ended in a valid , and another in the vicinity of last year's Christmas its management came out with us to the link. Then it all ed.

All interested parties was important to convince Lewis, the - this command, to which should join. Every one of us working on this. The pilot of this level, as Lewis, studied the situation from all sides what is our ering , what is our , what potential for the future we have. In , the are waiting for serious changes, and we believe that we will be well prepared for them. We with a representative of our -building Department of Bob bell160discussed the situation with Lewis - and all tried to persuade him to do the right thing.

Executive Director Nick fry has established a very strong connection with the management of Lewis, to help them find a solution - from the whole this required quite serious efforts. I am not saying that the original idea came from me. The situation changed - but I am glad that happened in the end.

Question there Was the impression that if Michael had expressed a desire to stay, extended to the with him. This is so

Ross brown I Think there were moments, when the nomination of Lewis.

Question .is not considered

Ross brown I would not say so, but the were with varying degrees of success. Michael was always open to dialogue, bluntly expressed his thoughts . He did not at once accept the final decision about what would like to do next, because I am most in detail informed him about the development of events. Ultimately, all of our actions have been blessed from Michael. smiles

Question That is, it cannot be said that Michael was still wondering, and you in this moment signed a with Lewis, so he didn't get

Ross brown here's what I say - Michael very deeply involved in the work of our . He is not one of those pilots who just coming on the road to the beginning of the weekend, driving the machine, after which serves home. He knows what we are and, as I said, it also included the development of the situation around Lewis. And Michael is not immediately said that we should do it this way. This decision as well as any serious decision - required time.

Question What is ultimately attracted Lewis It is considered, that it is not the money.

Ross brown I Hope he was able to see the potential of the - see, what we want to do here is create. If you remember his career at , where he gain experience, and the helped him to become a first-class pilot. And now, perhaps, it is time to the reverse process - Lewis wants to contribute to the creation of a very strong F1 .

If you look at the list of achievements , it is clear that in such organization is incredibly difficult to make an important contribution to her success. There's all so so good, as far as it can be. I think, this factor and it drew Lewis. He remains the only pilot in the F1, who had never changed a command - it was a huge desire to make tacos step and see what will come out of this how will the relations develop, will improve their own quality.

He knows what it looks like, with only one hand. I remember, when I was moved from the Benetton in the , I felt that we have a very good all out, but at that time the has not been as successful as it is now. It became clear to me that there is a very strong points, but there are also those where I could change something and achieve the improvements.

I think, is about the same waits and Lewis, when he will join us. I hope he comes to the conclusion that in some matters, it is all very well, but in others we look not so much. And that's the last he will improve.

Question apparently, he also wanted to join a company with a world name, to use this fact for the benefit of proper career

It's Possible. But I had quite a clear feeling that things like that he thought only in the second turn. If we failed to meet its main demands, then the rest of it even it wouldn't behave. smiles

Question What will be useful for the of the new member of the Board of Directors What place it occupies in the overall hierarchy and disadvantages seeks to eliminate

Ross brown Management of a command - and responsibility for it is still for me. I think this is understandable. From has a great experience of work in the race, I believe, he will be able to inform the Board of Directors on how events develop. We have not yet achieved the set goals, because it is natural, that sounds questions about why this has not happened yet.

I try to keep them abreast of events, but can't do that on a daily basis, because shall participate in the work of the . So Nick will help me, bringing necessary information, as well as giving advice. It may also take on the issues such as on the commercial rights and that sort of thing, where he can say its word.

He can use his knowledge and experience, to strengthen the moments, which I do - this is a very useful function. Very nice to have a man, who sometimes can ask the reasons of this or other step - this allows you to have confidence that your actions sufficiently considered. The existing Board of Directors and its Chairman will give us a very strong support in all matters, and the Nicknames, with its racing experience, can begin to ask all other questions. That's why we took it.

Question When such decision was taken Few believe that he will be able to get so serious post in the after his experience in the Jaguar.

Ross brown I Think, is once again explain what position he occupies, Nick is a non-Executive Director or the Chairman of the Board, and has certain responsibilities. But his work does not imply the daily location of the database. We communicate with him once or twice a week and meet after each race. I am sure that Niki is constantly thinking about the faces in front of him tasks, but it does not need to work every day to get to the office by half-past eight, as I do.

When we agreed" During the last years he was involved in our with the holder of the commercial rights. It is well known that the dialogue with is extremely difficult, however, Nick managed to help us. That was when it all ed. After that, he was actively involved in the Affairs, as well knew each member of the Board of Directors. In the end it all came to the current situation.

Question To finish the season there were only four of the race, so that you can sum up the first results of . They are painful

Ross brown Painful was the second half of the season. After a promising and several very good results we had to feel disappointment. In the first half we have experienced some problems with the reliability, because of what the missing points, but then the pain became deliver already speed.

But the good news is that we know part of the reason, because of which it occurred. The structure of our command has undergone certain changes, and if some people leave their posts, then those who come to replace them, it takes some time to get settled. For example, this is what happened with our Department of aerodynamics.

That's right, in the second half of the championship, we were almost unable to add. This is a very dangerous situation, when the battle is so hard. Sometimes it may decide to one-tenth of a second. Because we must do everything possible to ensure that this does not happen again in .

Question Well now you can evaluate three seasons spent the GP after the return of the company in F1. What was the purpose and to what extent it is able to achieve

Ross brown you Know, I figured that if we implement the assigned tasks, the people will be able to assess the contribution to the common cause introduced Michael. And he is very great. And where would we not be in the future, the contribution of Michael will always be one of the components of our . work with the ers and employees of the base helped the gain present form.

Question -th will be a transitional year, but with the serious changes in the mean that all have to from scratch, and this opens up new opportunities. Do you already work on the machine for the

Ross brown Yes, a little. But we still have several months of work on the machine for -th until February or March. After that we will have two programs for the current season and to the next .

Question Can I wait from you the sensation, as it was in

Ross brown, Who knows. laughs Let's first of all we all the same will build the car.

Question Name three reasons that from , the situation will begin to change for the better

Ross brown will Manifest our technical structure. The has already felt the taste of success in the beginning of this season - and now seeks to achieve more. And, most important, will manifest great interest in the project company and our Board of Directors.160

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