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Eddie Jordan Alonso more than earned the title than Vettel

Eddie Jordan Alonso more than earned the title than Vettel

Without belittling the merits of , the former boss of the , and today is a commentator on the BBC believes that Fernando is not less than deserved the victory in the championship, the pilot of . In an with Die Welt Irish commented on season and suggested forecast for the next year.

Question has Earned whether third title

Absolutely. Sebastian have done well, but a Union with Vettel of once again proved to be invincible in this season.

Question it's a good car

On paper, everything looks so, but we should not forget, that the speed of the RB8 in the beginning of the season is not allowed to fight for the title. However, no Vettel, nor the have not lost faith in something that will be able to win the championship.

Question What does it mean for third victory in the championship in 25 years

The Sebastian special attitude to the history of , he is very interested in, but I believe that in the most pleases him it was a victory in the championship.

For him this season was not easy. The outcome of the championship became known only in the last . Although all said about the technical superiority of the , this victory was not easy. Of course, competitive machine helps to achieve success, but just have a good car is not enough - take a look at the results Webber. Of course, Sebastian has more than for driving the same car. In , there is an old rule.

Question What kind of rule

If you want to fought for the victory, we need a competitive machine and excellent drivers. All of this must be better than the competitors. Interest is in constant change of the situation, which should keep track of the and the drivers. After a difficult to the season Sebastian done so, therefore, he won the title, and the - the constructors ' championship.

Question would and favorites in the next year

In the next season of the of the almost does not change, so the will again be strong. In addition, they have succeeded in the use of "gray zones" of the technical . I still can't say whether this is sufficient to next year stay ahead - I don't know what to prepare for the off-season and , as well as what conclusions they have made on results of this year. I suppose they will try all means get ahead of .

Question whether Sebastian win a fourth title in a row


Question why do you have such a confidence

it's simple he is young, ambitious, extremely concentrated and purposeful guy that has a lot of potential. A world-class .

Question do you Think it stronger

They are both first-class s. From my point of view, Fernando even more deserved the title.

Question What do you mean

The Fernando less competitive machine, and found itself in a more difficult position than . Nevertheless Alonso great, almost perfectly spent the race. I think this was his best season in . It is hard to believe in what he has achieved such high results and was ready for anything, despite the problems of the .

Question do You think is the best pilot

I didn't say that. I said that above assess the results, only because he had less competitive machine than the . However, this does not mean that I underestimate the performance Vettel.

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