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Grand Prix of Brazil a Press conference on Friday

Grand Prix of Brazil a Press conference on Friday

Participants Eric Bule , Kaltenborn , Stefano , , ,

Question Eric, yesterday you signed a with Coca-Cola Please tell us about it. The company with its drink Burn will become the title sponsor

Eric bouillet I'm not going to go into details. We have a marketing plan, and a little later you will learn the details.

Question It can have a significant effect on the of the Now you will be able to invest more in the development of the machine

Eric bouillet Whatever the amount of the , the arrival of a new sponsor is always pleasant. It is possible to spend more money on the finalization of the machine in the next year, in the following years. In addition, it is nice to have the logo of a well-known company and to participate in all the activities connected with the promotion of their , as well as promotion of the and as a whole.

Question Will you be able to in the next year, consistently fight for the highest position

Eric bouillet don't know Yet. The regulation does not practically change, from each depends, to what extent will the speed of their car. Do not see the reasons on which we suddenly lose speed, I hope to progress. In addition, in the next year-already with the first race will be in peak form, and this is a serious factor.

Question , today confirmed the signing of a with his second, as it seems to us, - Esteban . How important it was to preserve ship relations with the Mexican side

Kaltenborn Nice to preserve stability, but here it is important to understand the difference. The fact that Esteban - Mexican, does not mean that this case is similar to our with , since Esteban, unlike Perez, does not have direct support for Escuderia Telmex. Yes, an indirect link between the driver and the band is still there, because Telmex as a whole is interested in the development of sport in Mexico and Latin America, but this is a different case. Nevertheless, the pleased to continue cooperation with a trusted .

Question Both the existing very popular, however, Camuy, apparently, his popularity did not help and even worked against it.

Kaltenborn do Not say that it worked against. The decision to invite new riders always is strategic, and it is influenced by many factors. Camuy cooperated with us during the last three years, he's a great rider, excellent player and a nice young man, so that the decision to part with him was not easy. He definitely deserves a place in , and I hope that he will be able to enlist the support of the Japanese companies, and stay in the .

Question Ross, in the next season of DRS will be banned. As far as it will affect the speed of the new machine

Ross brown the Changes are not so significant. DRS in any case provides a positive effect, but in the next season we even in the free races and s will be able to use it only in predefined places, so that a departure from the technology is obvious. It would be foolish to argue that the DRS does not provide us a certain advantage, but for the next season we have other interesting solutions.

Question Changed and the list of the shareholders of the - bought out the share, belonging to the holding company Aabar. What is changing and how severe will be the effect

Ross brown For the , nothing has changed. Aabar out of the list of shareholders Dailmler, and it would be strange, if the remained aloof from this process. In turn, the purchase of a full package of shares confirms devotion 160 . In terms of funding for us there are no changes, but now we are more sure of the intentions of the parent company to stay in the championship.

Question a question for Stefano and Christian. How is the preparation for the race All according to plan

Stefano In the previous weekend was the day of birth of the Christian, and this birthday already Ross - let's stick to the tradition, with the birthday, Ross

Today, we have completed the program. Every employee understands that weekend promises to be a challenge we have to play to the maximum, although even this does not guarantee us the title. You need to work flawlessly, and then wait for the results of rivals, but there is no other choice.

Question What is the mood in the

Stefano All understand - we have nothing to lose, since lagging behind. You need to act rationally, and if there is any chance, be able to take advantage of them. Perhaps, these words can describe the mood in the .

Question the weather Forecast is not very favorable. Is it working for you or against you

Stefano Answer after, making forecasts is always difficult. Rain can make adjustments to the balance of forces, but much depends on how strong he is. This factor should also be used optimally.

Question Christian, the same question. How to prepare

the Usual Friday. However, the temperature of the asphalt today just that it has become a serious challenge for all, but in the whole race went according to plan. We have completed the program, gathered a lot of information, and how useful it will be, we will find out on Sunday morning. Stefano said, that the forecast promises to .

Question What is the mood in the

Fantastic We recently for the third time in a row won the constructors ' championship,160 and fighting spirit has never been so high. Again, all in secures the limiting concentration. We perceive the upcoming race as well as any of the previous nineteen steps - need to get the maximum from the machine and s, and they see, what will be the result. The approach has not changed.

Question Rain reduces the chances for success

the Weather is the same for all, and the one who in the end will get the title, should be able to cope with any challenges in any kind of weather on any route. Despite the advantage of the thirteen points, we do not believe the victory assured and know very well how quickly the situation can change. In the -m in front of the stage in Abu Dhabi we lost more than thirteen points, but in the end took the title. Therefore, the main task - to play to the maximum, and check already after the finish.

Question Martin, a good beginning of the final weekend for , the tremendous victory the Button in the first race of the season. Your machine is the fas in the beginning and the end of the championship, but, perhaps, it is this circumstance that increases the frustration from the fact that the would not fight for the champion title.

Of Course. In this season we have six times finished first, but in the second half, due to various reasons, did not do their best. This fact, of course, sad but now we just concentrated on the rest of the race. Rivals experience a serious pressure, and we just try to win and this stage. In one sense, our task much easier.

Question How does this affect the preparation for the next season In fact, you have initially a fast machine, the basis is already good.

I Think, for anybody not a secret, that for the victories need not only the speed, but also reliability. Often our car was the fas, but not time there were annoying incidents and breakdowns. We must on this work to the next season will not have problems with the reliability and up to the finish of the last race compete for the title and the Cup of Designers.

Questions from the floor

Q Dan - Honorary Question for Stefano and Christian. The fate of the title will be solved in the confrontation of your drivers. Could you evaluate their performance during the season

I will begin with it. In this season Sebastian was a very great. It would be naive to claim that he had the fas car, since in some cases the advantage in speed remained on the side of the opponents. For example, were very fast in virtually every race, but Sebastian never draw the hand and continued to fight.

After the summer break he yielded to the leader of the championship almost forty points, but worked very intently and to the maximum use of their chances. He would have to deal with an experienced competitor, who also acts in peak form. We observe the confrontation of the two amazing talents - I hope, we will enjoy an exciting race I think, I have no better words to describe the performance of Sebastian in this season.

Stefano In my personal opinion Fernando holds one of the best seasons of his career. In the first races of the vehicle was not the fas, but he just had time to squeeze out of the technology maximum. When we reached progress, he had won a stunning victory, when it was ing, was piloted by the unmistakable. Fernando always worked to the limit, but I understood the difficult situation turned out to be a , and was able to rally the .

I agree, anyone who win the title, worthy of the champion's title, but the only thing that can be noticed, Fernando spent far not all nineteen races, a few times he struck out of the highway. When the competition is so dense, any loss of points very expensive.

Again, won't look back, we need to look in the future. Sure, Fernando show all his talents, so that together with the , which also works in conditions of the most severe pressure, squeeze out the maximum from the car. have already achieved fantastic results, and the main factor played an excellent spirit.

Question What could you say about Sebastian

Stefano I Have the same approach, as a Christian, I am speaking of my own driver.

Question - The National Stefano, once again, the have the opportunity to win the title in the final race of the season. The current situation is different from what it was in and

Stefano In 2007, we, too, were fighting for the title in the last race, although in each case feel different. I think is also remembers the season, so we, too, knew that very strong competitors, but have tried to work to the maximum, and the situation turned in our favor. Then in we won the Constructors ' championship, and Massa for twenty seconds owned the title, while crossed the finish line. In that case we lost mainly because of the lack of reliability in the course of the season our car several times failed to get to the tartan flag. worked very well and deserved the title, but the main trophy in the end went to Lewis.

Defeat in the -m proved to be the most frustrating, because in a couple of cases, we obviously could work better, but have not used their chance and not helped Fernando. Again, when our car was not the fas, and we won, including, due to bad luck . Bad memory, but, in any case, next Sunday we will not look back, and whatever is the result, we will adopt it. But the feeling is closer to what we had in 2007.

Question Lucas Da Silva - ESPN Magazine, Christian, at which point the has become one of the middle peasants in the command, which is already the day after tomorrow may take the third League title in a row

Good question. The company came in in 2005. Its owner - Dietrich , at first acted as a sponsor, then with the acquisition of the Jaguar took on myself the role of the leader and pursued one goal - to fight in the top of the odurzonego delight. Then the considered, in which always sounds loud music, and are some of the party, , grateful for the opportunity to play in the . But the band has gradually replenished with the right people, in the beginning of 2007 we have ed to work as a single whole, and when in , the change of made all with a clean slate, our design Department was able to show all their skills.

We were fighting for the title, in the end lost , but retained speed, won both the trophy in , to repeat this achievement in , and in the current season has already secured their third consecutive Cup of designers.160 All this has become possible thanks to the efforts of each employee. Yes, we have a fantastic leaders - Adrian brilliantly manages the design Department - the result, however, requires universal participation. Confirmation of the excellent work can be considered as thirty-four victory in the race and eighty-podiums, produced in any of the eight seasons. Credit for this goes to all of our employees, as well as talented s. and Sebastian very successful s, and something that has Sebastian for a hundred , may not does not excite.

Question Michael - Sud Deutsche Zeitung a Question for Mr. and master . The next season is largely special on the one hand, the s need to prepare for the changing of the rules in , on the other hand, each of them wants to achieve success. What results do you expect in the next season

Stefano In , the rules remain unchanged, therefore I expect that our car will be no less fast than it is now. Already during the season the will gradually to direct more resources to the preparation to the championship of , because there the requirements are quite different. In the , a small group of are already working in this direction. In addition, as manufacturers of s we should offer its own version of the new power unit.

For us the new season will be the most difficult by the fact that we must simultaneously work on a variety of principal novelties, taking part in the struggle for the champion title and the Cup of designers. Well, in we, most likely, will see another separation odurzonego delight at the group rate. If you remember, in the beginning of the season participants were nearly equal, but a little more than a year, when all the changes come into force, the scenario is different.

I have almost nothing to add. As noted Stefano, the season will be very interesting. Perhaps two or three of the commands presented here today, not quite successfully host the first half of the next season and in the end decide to donate the result in favour of the preparation for the , that promises a good plot.

Again, the situation is very difficult. Each participant in the next season to win the race and to fight for the title, however, focusing on the current competition, you have, in fact, giving season . Sure, we are waiting for an interesting second half of the next season and no less intriguing season in -m.

Question Alberto - Autosprint As you know, Honda actively interested in the technology of s, which will be used in -m. In your opinion, will the company to return to , and if Yes, you would have welcomed such a return

as far As I know, in we will have only three supplier of s, and the difference in the characteristics of the power units will be much more significant than today, and about aerodynamics can say the same thing. The new rules always stimulate the creative search, and then, after a few years, the come to the General options.

Ross brown On the experience of cooperation with the Honda I know that they like such calls. The company considers the as a platform to their designs, the new they were comfortable with, however, some concrete steps on their part so far we have not seen. Honda is restored after the crisis period, it has a lot of talented ers, which will be interesting for this project, but a strategic decision, apparently, have yet to be taken. In any case, we would be happy to see them return, the more suppliers of s, the better.

Question Vanessa Ruiz - ESPN Radio Christian, as you look at the fact that in the can appear another title sponsor, representing the company - the manufacturer of beverages How it is bad for the Such a business model is easy to implement

I do Not think that the appearance of such a company to hurt us or . encourages free competition, and as for the business model, the it is unique, because the has achieved success not only in the production of energy drinks, but also became famous for its achievements in the . So any fear not, we will be glad to see other companies. Can't imagine what the business model they choose, but we are already working.

Question Kate Walker - Girl r Ross, happy birthday In the following year to you goes . He is known for his free spirit, then as a is associated with severity. You plan to somehow restrict the behavior of Lewis, or let him be himself

Ross brown We will work day in, day out, from race to race, and such things as that provided in principle difficult. I know Lewis, we often talked about. He's a smart man, perfectly understanding, what is the , and how much attention riveted to it. He also understands, as is positioning itself , and in the future might be able to avoid getting into any trouble or dubious history. Again, the championship needs bright characters, and we do not plan to greatly restrict Lewis. Personally, I don't expect any problems.

Question Ted Kravitz - Sky TV a Question for all. You come from different professions a lawyer, an er, a former . What are the qualities needed to become a good leader of the

Eric bouillet When the s to win the race, the success confirms not only your personal qualities, but also your ability to attract the right people, to ensure adequate financing, hire the best s, to help the in the conditions of serious pressure of work as a whole, as well as the ability to be a kind of politician in the world of . The definition is quite simple, but this is how it works.

Kaltenborn I do Not think, that here there is some kind of standard. Each of us is judged by the end of the season, and if the performed successfully, then you are a good leader.

Ross brown I Agree, each estimate the achievements, but one of the key indicators - command. However, all we are showing their true skill rather in periods of crisis, than on the wave of success. How we respond to technical problems, how to motivate the , as collect all the factors together, these qualities are paramount. All of us had no time to feel the bitterness of defeat, because that is the nature of the the winner is always the one, the rest are the losers. And the way we react to failure, and how to try to improve the situation, is the measure of the present leader.

Stefano I Totally agree, I have nothing to add.

I don't think that here we can speak about some kind of standards. The role of the leader in the different s can mean different set of permissions, but it always comes down to the ability to work with people, and then everything depends on the education and skills. You must be able to discover the potential of employees and inspire them to the result, and remove the barriers, to form a common goal, a common understanding of, and this process should encompass the whole .

- the largest sport in the world. You can argue that, from Monday to Friday it is rather a business, but, in the end, it all ends up the rivalry between competitors, between product design, and if you manage to work, as a whole, the results are truly impressive. Of course, the success of anyone is not guaranteed, but it's the principle of sport you get returns according to its own efforts.

I have almost nothing to add. All spoke about the , and any of the - is a stunning a of specialists, which work on a limit of forces, regardless of what position of the machine on the grid. Be a good player and understand the aspirations of the people - the only one of the most important components, but what about the others already said everything.

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