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Grand Prix of China a Press conference on Friday

Grand Prix of China a Press conference on Friday

Participants , , , , Claire .

Q Claire, as you have changed your responsibilities in the

Claire First of all, let me thank you for the invitation to this press conference is a great honour for me to be here in such striking of the company. With regard to responsibilities, they have not changed so much. My attention has always been directed on commercial issues - in particular, on the formation of the , allowing the to participate in races. These questions, I will continue.

In addition, the status of the Deputy of the head of the assumes responsibility for a number of technical points, so I will interact with our technical Director Mike to ensure that we have all the necessary resources to return to the first ranks of the odurzonego delight. And yet mandatory re functions - interaction with the and .

Question How do now looks command structure

Claire As I have already said, there are no serious changes. We have a Board of Directors, who leads the and solves other issues of business. In this regard, all remained, as before, except that personally I now go on every stage - however, I was accustomed to this. And my father still remains the leader of the .

Question Christian, you, probably, hoped that the events of the previous race remained in the past, but your driver added fuel to the fire, saying that he did not intend to apologize for victory and, to repeat the situation, he would have acted the same way. What is your opinion

Don't you want to talk about the race for the pit stop or other purely sporting moments In , there will always be conflict of interests between the rider and the situation in the individual championship and the Cup of Designers - and the last two factors, unlike other sports, not always evolve according to the same scenario. In the individual competition, it all depends on the rider, and in this regard Sebastian yesterday reasoned logically enough. In addition, it is well known that the relations between our s were never that friendly, but we managed to keep the situation under control, and for the last four years, we earned more than 2000 points, won 35 victories and won six titles in the individual championship and the Cup of designers.

For commands such conditions are not a novelty. Yes, it was an outward manifestation, all around it is interesting that we have going on in the , but everything is going according to the usual schedule. If to speak about the orders to the pit lane, what happened, happened. Sebastian explained his act, apologized in front of me and the staff of the , the issue is closed. We continue to work and entirely focused on the upcoming weekend.

Question Can we assume that Sebastian has received a carte Blanche as its Director and the owner of the stated that no orders will be no more

Let me explain. After the race in we discussed what happened, and he, as a true fan of the sport. I Think you know the desire of to pure competition and the desire of the company to support athletes in different sports. Again, we have a , , and here there is a certain conflict of interests between the riders and the whole .

A true fan speed want to see the battle of the wheel in a wheel, as happened not once, but sometimes circumstances arise that require interference. However, in we were worried not about the fact of competition, but rather a tire wear, and, based on the collected in the course of a weekend of information, we wanted to bring the race to the finish with minimal risk. But the order of the commands may not conform to the intentions of Sebastian, a conflict arose. Subsequently, we have this conflict thoroughly discussed and are now ready to move on, trusting his s. We let them continue to compete with each other, they will receive information from us, and what to do with it is to solve them.

Question John, seems like you have a competitive car and pilots. As far as this ensures the 's future in

It definitely plays its role. Our shareholders want to see the progress of the , and we should not disappoint them. As long as the can be satisfied - we have in the state of a total of 170 people, and we have already worked relatively well, but we should not stop on the achieved. I repeat - shareholders expect progress.

Question please, Tell us about participation of Pat in the creation of the machine and its contribution to the work directly in the paddock

Pet only this year again began to go in stages. It a couple of times appeared in the paddock and was met by a very friendly way, but I would prefer him to stay on the basis of the and made our car a little faster. Pet plays an important role in our design staff, bringing discipline, knowledge and great experience - especially in the part of the work in the wind tunnel, which is already a year and a half.

Question Franz, you also have the updated construction headquarters under the leadership of James UIC. Tell us about the changes.

Franz Toast Yes, in terms of personnel changes are significant. James spent a significant reshuffle, expanded staff of the Department of aerodynamics, strengthening the affiliated companies, working in the wind tunnel and the Department of computational hydrodynamics. He invited the new professionals and to the ering Department, correct methods of work. I am convinced that we are on the right path, and is already looking forward to a successful season, because James managed to put together a strong for a very short period of time. Again, closer to the middle of the season of the positions will be more or less defined, and the participants will work for the future, but so far the progress is obvious, and we are acting according to plan.

Question it All goes in parallel with the development of infrastructure on the basis of the .

Franz Toast We have built a new shop of composite materials and can now expand the staff of the appropriate Department. Now we ourselves construct , front and rear , a nose cone, the cover, air brakes, bottom and cone. Therefore, we are more independent in these processes, the production cycle has become much shorter, and this is also a sign of progress.

Question Ross, your orders from the boxes were considered, including, as an attempt to establish a hierarchy of s. Comment

Ross brown Among our s, there is no hierarchy, they have equal status. Again, in the course of the season, one of them may come to the front, this factor will have to take into account in the final phase of the championship, and we would like, that he, whose chances for the victory of the small, helped him whose positions seem stronger. And the rest we don't want to assign any status.

As for the situation in , it is similar to the action of the . In Lewis fuel barely enough to finish - was also on the almost empty tanks, but in his case the situation was not so threatening. All of this could lead to a struggle between the s, in which one could spend overtaking, and the second immediately counterattack slipstream. In the end the risked confronted with a very delicate matter, that for us it was not the best option, as we have already occupied the third and fourth places without any chance to catch up with the leaders. Fortunately, our driver - I'm talking about - heard the order and did what was required of him.

However, it is extremely difficult to ask riders to slow down. He had already entered into the struggle for the position, and he knew that the chances of success are quite real. Later I said that I would be disappointed, if not noticed annoyance at Niko's face, because they Lewis very competitive s, and we pay them just for the ability to fight on the edge. But the situation really was delicate, and I'm not the first time confronted with something like this.

What we really should not do is take the question in the shadow. If we had existed hidden orders from the boxes, it would be far worse than to accept the situation for what it is. Our sport, , and individual at the same time, and the participants of the championship will be to find a balance between the different objectives. Come to a compromise is not so simple we want our s were laid to the maximum. It is important to avoid contact, and this is the only thing that we ask for their guys, and the rest - let the fight. We are glad to see the rivalry of our s, but there will inevitably be a situation in which the risk is too great, and then for the good of the , we will take the necessary decision.

Question one More question. The functioning of the new administrative structure

Ross brown we All know the peculiar character of Nick - I'm not even talking about his famous cap He somewhat differently by the looks of things, and to him should listen. However, does not perform daily functions. all the time is in , he took many responsibilities nick fry and now increasingly involved in solution of various issues. In fact, all the important areas under the control of, and it pleases.

Questions from the floor

Question Ian Parkes - the Press Association Christian, you said that Sebastian apologized, but yesterday he reasoned that, if an apology was not. Moreover, SEB said that, to repeat the situation, he would have done the same, that he did not accept you, as a Manager, and shall not directly, but paid back the for what he had in his time did not help him or the . Staggered not whether your authority, does not appear if you have unmanaged the rider

rs need a . They are an integral part of the collective, one element of the group in 500-600 people. Stumbled my authority In Sebastian did what I asked. There I satisfied Of course, no. Discussing whether we situation Of course, Yes. Apologies if SEB Yes. Whether he did conclusions Sure did. Do it for your actions But I believe that before he will think twice.

The relations between our two riders have a long history, nothing new in this not - and so it was in the previous five years, but we should not forget that Sebastian, and mark is one of the most successful pairs of the pilots in the history of . They have earned for a of three of the Cup of Designers and running, and Sebastian became the youngest three-time .

Undermines if that happened my authority I don't think. I am the head of the since came in . During this time we have thirty-five victories, we have had our UPS and downs, incidents between the s, but we still have the Mark, and Sebastian, since they are both incredibly competitive and are able to customize each other, forcing all the time give to the maximum. Of course, at some point the situation is uncomfortable, but competition remains healthy, even if they take matters into their own hands. Sebastian, and mark leave each other enough space, and let the pit lane we have to be nervous, the sight is appalling.

Well, then, what happened, has not changed. We need to look forward, think about the upcoming race and sixteen stages. The as a cohesive, as before, Sebastian, and mark work together, continue to share with the ers of our thoughts, so that the could move on " after all, the opponents come on the heels. In addition, he couldn't have done their success, if used to assign he saved the bus, sought to win more than anyone else, saw an opportunity to attack and made his decision. In fact, in , they led the previous experience.

Q Dan - Auto Action/National Speed Sport John, your a beginner, , is very good Than he surprised you the most, and how do you assess its potential

I was surprised by the calm. He's a nice guy - we thought Jules would be grieved because of the fact that missed a place in the , but he the first day was set up very positively. However, about the potential of far too early to judge we have worked with him only two of the race, and half of the s" class="posttag">s, but the prospects look good.

Question - The Citizen as far As I know, the President of the last week sent a letter to the leaders of the s, in which he said that the does not intend to act as the regulator of the lower costs. Obviously, such a decision of his provoked repeated meeting in the previous season. What do you think about it

I do Not think that we have the right to comment on the situation, as it refers solely to the s and the .

Ross brown We support the agreement on the limitation of resources and other ways of reducing costs. Need to find a new solution, and we will support any option which allows to control costs.

I do Not think, that the path, which is now moving , can be considered the best, so limiting spending is crucial, and we favor of such measures. But I would not like to go into the discussion, it's private correspondence.

Franz Toast To the Agreement on the limitation of expenditure had several meetings. We have acted restrictions on the chassis, which were not so fundamental, because the costs of production of chassis and without that more or less under control. We were not able to determine the boundaries of the costs for the transmission, which would have a greater effect, because already in the next year, the costs will increase by 80to 100.

We were required to develop a document, but the manufacturers, as usual, about the conversation, something decided, however, are not fixed on paper, because all are engaged exclusively in their own development and think only about how to achieve benefits. And will pay commands. That is the case, and next season will cost us all dearly.

Ross brown I can't answer for those who supply the s Franz, but in the case of the the costs of new s do not exceed the cost of the current. Yes, at first, the costs will be somewhat higher due to various adaptation measures, but gradually due to unification, we plan to reduce costs.

I can't agree with the fact that spending will increase by 8--100 -- at least, not in this case. We develop the transmission whole, this is an absolutely new project. the really need a new - I think, we all heard about the planned return of Honda, and other manufacturers steadfastly look to the championship. This revives the atmosphere, and this is exactly what needs to be now.

Claire is an independent , and we always fought for the control over expenditure. In the rest, with all due respect to your question, we do not consider possible to comment on the recent correspondence.

Q Andrea - La Gazzetta dello Sport, Christian today Sebastian looked not as confident as the previous two weekends. This is connected with the recent events And the second question to Ross. Today were quick on the softer tyre - do you consider them serious contenders for a pole

First, on the issue of Sebastian. Our s worked in different programmes because Friday for us is an opportunity to appreciate the variety of novelties and the options settings. In the evening will review the information, and then we either choose one option for both machines, or stay with the different. In any case, the day was very productive.

If to speak about the tires, it is evident that a soft rubber provides better speed, but quickly wears out. The main thing - to find a compromise balance between the settings for qualifying and the race. Massa today was pretty fast, but we have assuared many times that Friday's results don't matter, of course, if you are not aware of programs that worked commands.

Ross brown I Think, the pole will be conquered by the composition of Soft, because he is on a second faster Medium. However, its resources are extremely limited, and therefore should be carefully considered strategy for the entire weekend. Perhaps, in the final someone decides to save the tires or want to on the more rigid rubber, but all the same it seems to me that the pole will be produced in the Soft.

Question Kate Walker - Girl r Christian, you have in detail told about the history of relations between your drivers and about the successes of the . But we do not have the feeling that yesterday its comments like Sebastian gave to understand - I'm my own . is a sport in which s - salaried employees. How are you going to convince him that he is your employee, and no one who has the right to decide, to comply with the instructions or not

I do Not think that Sebastian at least for a moment, decided that manages the . He knows his job, knows why we invited him, and he is with us already not the first year - first as a participant of the youth program, then as a pilot of and, finally, a multiple champion of the world. He better understands the contribution of the in his personal success and knows that without collective - anywhere.

Sebastian not tried to put himself above us. He made the decision because of their fight nature and the emotions that threatened to overwhelm him in the moment. Later SEB has explained his position and apologized, including in front of me. That was what it was - we are moving on in our work, nothing has changed.

Q Chris - AP After a stage in is sent to " class="posttag">Bah, where still have problems with observance of human rights. Concerned about whether you how all this will affect the and your

I have enough problems with my s here not to " class="posttag">Bah

Franz Toast 't see any problems with a visit to " class="posttag">Bah - like we have seen in the past year. I'm looking forward to this stage. - the sight, and we must not be an instrument of policy. We should arrive in the country and hold the race, and political questions let others decide.

Question Trent Price - Richland F1 John, Jules already in the beginning of the session took quite a good rate and significantly ahead of its direct competitors. All the matter in the program, on which he worked

Yes. Because of the changes in the schedule of s" class="posttag">s most of the second session of have to devote to the evaluation of the behaviour of the tyres, so we pretty early worked program.

Question Michael Schmidt - Auto, Motor und Sport, Christian Dietrich said that does not want to hear of the orders of the boxes in your . But do you not fear that in a situation such an order may be necessary - for example, in the situation described Ross when two drivers go on the balances of fuel, or one of them has the best chances for the title

Fear, but a lot depends on what you consider to be the order of the boxes. In the course of the race have to control many factors, tires, fuel, reliability, KERS. All of this requires a constant exchange of information between the pilots and crew, and here the riders have to follow the instructions. Dietrich did not wish to see, as it s do not allow to compete with each other, but in we feared not their battles, and possible tire wear and loss of leading positions. We in the want to observe open and honest struggle of our guys, but they in turn must respect certain requirements.

Command tactic is not new to , it was always there, and while we're two of a set - off the personal and the goblet of designers, from time to time there will be a conflict between the objectives of the rider and .

Q - AFP Christian, you said that your drivers and earlier does not really get along with each other. How would you characterize their attitude now At least they are talking

to be Honest, the difference with what it was before the stage in , is small. and Sebastian - professional, talented and highly motivated s. Now they are both on the command briefing, exchanging views about the behavior of a machine, think about how, together with the ers to get more. And they will work just as professionally for the sake of the and, of course, for the sake of himself.

It is unlikely they will want to together to spend a summer holiday or Christmas, but we do not pay them for it. We took them because we believe that a couple of the strongest in , and they are steadily confirm this status for the past three years.

Question Ian Parkes - the Press Association Christian, in continuation of the topic. In past years we have seen more as s in a spirit does not have to bear one another Simple and Senna, the and . In the end, the bundle does not work, and one had to go. Are you sure that mark and Sebastian remain in the , or have already ed to search for a substitute for one of them

The Sebastian long-term , he remains in the . The with mark updated annually during the past three-four seasons, and this time we plan to do the same. Understand the emotions of the events in are still fresh, but our Duo is still competitive, and we are not going to make any decisions until the summer, when together with mark will discuss the further prospects. In the end, after two races early even figure out the composition of the next season.

Question - The Citizen Ross, the structure of the suspension of your machines raises many questions. You can remember how a couple of years ago you had a diffuser, but then there were certain procedures, allowing to evaluate the design for compliance with the rules. As these procedures apply now, without a Contract Agreement and the technical working groups

Ross brown I Agree, are different, but no one knows the construction of our suspension, and I can assure you that we are not alone use a similar scheme. The days of simple springs and dampers are long gone, and I do not see any problems. As regards the question of procedures - I am sure, the situation will be the same as always, someone complains , they will study the issue and make a decision. If you have any objections, the situation will consider the .

Sports and technical groups work in a former mode even in the absence of the Contract Agreement, which once again confirms the commitment to the s and the certain principles. Our technical Director participates in the meetings of the technical group, our sports Director in the collections of the sport, and they follow the same approaches and procedures, as before, and the advises the . So will be the interaction up to the signing of a new Contract Agreement.

Question Ian Parkes - the Press Association John yesterday, we talked with max Appointment, and he confessed that he had to give up part of their future income to provide for their performance in this season. I can hear your opinion on this situation Do you think that it is better to choose the rider, who wants to achieve progress than the one who is able to lead

In this situation is nothing new. In different years the s used different schemes - it seems, the last similar approach was followed by Justin Wilson, but sometimes this is necessary, if you really want to get into the . The variant with a self-financing is also good.

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