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Ross brown the Problem on the machine 't happen again

Ross brown the Problem on the machine 't happen again

Rosberg was forced to prematurely end the final ting session because of problems with the suspension. Commenting on the situation, head of Ross brown said that the problem is solved and will not be repeated in the .

Question You've found the cause of the problems on the machine Nico

Ross brown we Had problems, but we sorted out. In essence, they are associated with a specific configuration of the machine - we should have it improved, but not yet done so.

Question In the will be all right


Question I would like you to comment on the words of Nick about the command tactics. The decision to use it really belonged to you

Ross brown we Must look closely at his words. said that we have a problem with the level of fuel. When on both machines have problems, we need to react.

We do not use the command tactics, when it can be avoided, but sometimes forced to do it is in the common interest. Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions on the pit wall in the last race we did do so.

Question Yesterday criticized the choice of , which brought on the bus route Soft. This rubber quickly loses effectiveness, especially on a machine with a large amount of fuel. Do you agree

Ross brown The tires Soft very small operating range, what will affect the situation in the race. Rubber Soft is necessary in order to win the pole, but at the risky, because many of the opponents choose tires Medium. It can play a decisive role in the race. Drivers who opt for a softer composition, will be forced to make a pit-stop for the first five or six circles and put the tyres of Medium. I think, this will create a very interesting situation in the race.

Question We expect that in the final of will unfold very thick of the struggle. The crucial role of tactics

Ross brown it seems to Me, if you select the tire Soft at the final session, the session will be the same as usual. The s will take a very important decision use bus Soft or skip a session. It seems to me that many riders would not leave the boxes.

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