2013-06-28 15:34:02

Glock predicts dominance Vettel at Silverstone

Glock predicts dominance Vettel at Silverstone

On the eve of the of , former driver has forecast race in Montreal. If Timo participated in a competition of forecasts nonf1.ru then at the last stage, he would have earned 114 points for finishing in 1906 place among all participants. Before the of the British stage of the German has a new forecast.

«Pause between the races ended, every day is felt all the tension. The main issue is which is better used the time after the of , having achieved the grea progress I believe that all the s made a similar step forward, preparing novelties. I don't think we'll see any drastic changes in alignment of forces.

Legendary - another track, where great importance is aerodynamics. A new sector has not changed anything in this regard. The victory can expect the which is all right with downforce. In this aspect, the - benchmark for many, so I put on their victory. I am convinced that will conquer the pole and Sunday will fourth victory and increase the gap in personal offset.

Interestingly, as will hold a weekend of his mate mark Webber. For the last three years he has won twice at . n like , but the current machine he doesn't quite fit. Sebastian this year there is an advantage, let's see whether the situation will change in the next races. Perhaps, signing a with Porsche, mark will act in a more relaxed look. However, I do not think that at he finishes higher than the fifth place.

Suppose, will hold a strong weekend in England. The clearly, progress has been made in the rubber, and the speed they had before. In the beginning of the season Rosberg was faster than , but I think at home for Lewis highway situation will change. I guess he finishes second, third, and Rosberg fourth. Outside the top five of the struggle, as usual, will go between , and .

So, my forecast for the British , , , Rosberg, mark Webber, Raikkonen, Massa, , Jenson button, . Pole wins, he will show the fas lap in the race. Most places on the grid will ».




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