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Grand Prix of Canada Press conference on Friday

Grand Prix of Canada Press conference on Friday

Participants Moniz , , Stefano , Whitmarsh ,

Question Moniz, gentlemen, I am sure most of my colleagues want to get your opinion of tyre s" class="posttag">s carried out in may in . Moniz, can I with you

Moniz To have a clear view, you need to know all the facts, we don't have. According to available information, the s" class="posttag">s do not correspond to the rules, and you need to understand, could participating in them the to gain some profit. We may assume such an option, but, again, without the facts difficult to make any conclusions.

In addition, we need to consider the possibility of obtaining a of advantages not only this season, but next year, because right now everything is defined with the parameters of the new machines. Need to assess whether these s" class="posttag">s provide the with some profit, that we will be unable to play. Well, that question was submitted to the Tribunal - sure, there will carefully examine all the circumstances.

Question Martin, your opinion

MW We decided to keep their opinions to themselves. As already mentioned, the question will Tribunal - I suppose they will receive all the necessary information and will be able to reach a verdict.

Question Christian

our opinion can be judged on the pro filed by us two weeks ago. We believe that responsibility for compliance with the lies with the participants of the championship, so, when it emerged that the s" class="posttag">s used modern chassis, we decided that this is an obvious violation of the rules, therefore, and asked the before the race in .

The problem should be solved between the and the . In suggested to conduct the s" class="posttag">s multiple s, including the , but we have refused them, because considered, that under condition of use of modern machines they do not comply. This is the state of things. Now the situation will be considered at the International Tribunal, and we are confident that the will make the right decision. The main thing - there should be full clarity that you can do and what not and what are the s" class="posttag">s. It seems to me that the most important thing is to solve these issues.

Question Stefano

Stefano I almost have nothing to add. There is a problem with which will deal the Tribunal, they have all the powers. We ourselves were involved in this situation, we have specified a lot of questions from the . They have learned, and we just need to wait for the results.

Question Ross

Ross brown As already mentioned, the question will be considered by the Tribunal about two weeks. Personally, I think that conclusions can be made only after will be revealed all the circumstances. We initially considered lawful his participation in the s" class="posttag">s - it was the their s" class="posttag">s, and at a meeting of the Tribunal all the facts will be given a score.

But I would like to note that the s" class="posttag">s mistakenly referred to as «confidential». They were not secret, private, and naive one who believes that you can go to for three days of s" class="posttag">s and secretly thousand kilometers. I repeat s" class="posttag">s were private, and for unity in sport is of paramount importance. And as I said, only when all the facts are revealed, you can make informed decisions.


Question Ralph Bach - Der Spiegel a Question for Mr. Ross. In Floor said that other s rejected his proposal to conduct such s" class="posttag">s. Why considered his participation possible

Ross brown I find it difficult to answer such questions, because now this situation is engaged Tribunal. Teams have come to rely on the procedures accepted, the idea of such s" class="posttag">s was a new initiative by the , the s" class="posttag">s themselves were the first, and the logic in the process. Otherwise we fully trust the opinion of the Tribunal, and I would not like to replace it with their own. During the meeting you will receive answers to all questions.

Question Christian - -total.com Question to all except Ross - except that he wants to add anything. What advantage can provide 1000 kilometres of s" class="posttag">s during the season What conclusions can you make during these arrangements

According to the rules, s" class="posttag">s are limited, but if you use the current machine and modern technologies of data collection for analysis, you will get experience with the machine, regardless of whether be it for increase of reliability, endurance and speed. You collect the information, even when ing a component to a different provider. Over the past few years made great strides in the effort to make the championship honest and all guarantee equal chances. I think if the passes additional 1000 km with an existing machine, she'll know something new.

Question Martin

MW I have nothing to add.

Question Ian - Press Association Ross, one of the contentious issues is the question of whether the permission from the to use a machine for this season. You have confirmation by the , which will help to defend its position at a meeting of the Tribunal

Ross brown We would not participated in s" class="posttag">s , if doubted the legality of such participation. At a meeting of the Tribunal you will receive answers to all questions.

Q Dan - Auto Action/National SpeedSport a Question for everyone. If in the future the private - and I stress, a private, not secret s" class="posttag">s will be admitted, would you like to be on their follow-up was known in advance, even if the takes part in them with the machine two years ago

Stefano According to the rules, s" class="posttag">s using the machine, are not considered, and we have long been in favour of such an initiative, since it is important for us as much as possible to work on . If, after consideration of this case, the s" class="posttag">s will be re-admitted, it will be the right decision.

Question Christian

I don't like what happened in the stric confidence. If the provider is having problems, he should solve them, but if it is assumed that all participants of the championship are equal, then it is important that all had access to information.

Question Martin

MW Any s" class="posttag">s should be transparent, and rules should equally be interpreted by all participants.

Question Moniz

Moniz I Agree with our colleagues. When the s" class="posttag">s were resolved, no one gave them no attention, they all knew that somewhere in Europe, the solve designated tasks.

Question - The Citizen, on The whole, the current situation is a result of the ban on s" class="posttag">s. As far as I know, two days before filing the top four s met with President in to discuss the mode s" class="posttag">s next year - it was about eight or nine days. As this initiative should work Moniz, how do you think, can it affect small s And will it help in the current situation with tires

Stefano the discussion In participated six s, and was among those who defended the idea of returning the s" class="posttag">s. I think we managed to find a balance between the need for conducting s" class="posttag">s and difficulties faced by small s. There are only fix the reached agreements in the rules, because it is extremely important for all participants of the championship.

Ross brown Yes, the discussion was, and the s" class="posttag">s themselves will be useful to any supplier of tyres - the only question is how they will be organized. Eight or ten days, we need to understand how many of them are assigned , they too have to and gather information. We need to scrutinize.

Moniz Being a small , we have nothing against the s" class="posttag">s, because they bring tangible benefits. In addition, next season will fundamentally new s, and young riders, as to suppliers of tyre s" class="posttag">s would continue for a long distance. There are no objections, however, the s" class="posttag">s are inextricably linked with the costs, and we would like this issue to take into account the total constts and provided for the search for savings in other areas.

Question Paolo - La Gazzetta dello Sport Ross, if the actions of the recognize illegal, and that it can happen that you, in fact, sacrifice, and you have to leave the There are various .

Ross brown Rumors had before, but nothing happened. Wait for the decision of the Tribunal, but we'll see. The decision on conducting the s" class="posttag">s personally I, and the Tribunal will evaluate my actions.

Question Kate Walker - GP Week Ross, I have a couple of questions. Could you explain why the s" class="posttag">s participated main s of the , not the reserve pilot And again, they say you got an email from Charlie with permission to participate in the s" class="posttag">s. Is this true

Ross brown with regard to e-mail, I would not like to comment on any circumstances, consideration of which is the competence of the Tribunal. If to speak about the s, with the exception of s" class="posttag">s with the participation of young athletes, the rules do not provide for any restrictions on who is in the and it was quite natural to recruit Niko and Lewis, because we wanted to provide maximum representative conditions.

Question - AFP Ross, you said that he personally took the decision about participation of a in the s" class="posttag">s. If this was due to disappointment from the stage in , or you guarantee that you will be working exclusively with tires for the next season What influenced your decision

Ross brown I Can assure you that the decision to participate in the s" class="posttag">s was not associated with our results. I think all participants of the championship are interested in the problem of stratification of rubber, and this in itself is sufficient. Problems with the speed of the machine participation has nothing.

Question Ralph Bach - Der Spiegel Ross, you are notified and Toto about upcoming s" class="posttag">s

Ross brown I would not like to comment on this topic. I apologize that I repeat the same thing, but all the facts you learn from the meeting of the Tribunal.

Question Ian - Press Association Ross, I would like to understand what you feel you personally. Accuse you of cheating in an attempt to hide the truth. You this upset

Ross brown I will Not pretend that the situation is very pleasant. But I want to reiterate I am quite calm and I am sure that the international Tribunal will clarify all the facts, and people will be able to make more informed judgments.

But now we have to concentrate on racing. We have achieved excellent results in , although a bit upset that missed the second place. Now we're going to race in , we will do and we will try to have fun, and problems may remain on the sidelines.

The situation is not pleasant, but these are the race, and I have many years in this business. All this for me is not a novelty.

Question Jean-Claude Coti - TSN 9.90 in Montreal Ross, how difficult in these circumstances to maintain the concentration in the

Ross brown you Need to distribute the load on the so that people are not distracted from the task. In addition to my for the meeting of the Tribunal are prepared only two people, otherwise we try to protect employees from any issues, so that they can most efficiently spend the weekend. Yes, the circumstances are concerned, but we are doing everything that depends on us. 99 of the staff completely focused on the ongoing work within the framework of the weekend, and only 1 - including me - are involved in this situation with s" class="posttag">s .

Question - The Citizen a Question for everyone except for Ross. Previously never dealt with the Tribunal . As far as I understand, the interested parties will have the right to be heard - does any of you present your point of view

Stefano As you know, we have been involved in this process at the earliest stage. The wanted to thoroughly understand the situation, and we provided them with all necessary documentation. For us the question is closed, so all comments we have already mentioned.

Yes, a process for the new, and we also received questions from the . I think now they are just gathering information for judges to issue a reasoned verdict - perhaps in the coming days, they will require more information. The main thing is that everything had been resolved fairly quickly, and we have achieved complete clarity. For example, if we already next week to the s for the next season, together with our supplier With this you need to understand.

MW We responded to the request of the and do not intend to act separately at the hearings.

Question Ross

Ross brown Definitely, we will participate in the hearings

Question excuse me, Moniz, your response

Moniz all the participants, we have received questions and provide comments. We currently have no plans on its own initiative, make available to the Tribunal, but if they need further information, we will try to answer.

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