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Ross brown Michael Lewis and very similar"

Ross brown Michael Lewis and very similar

In his long career in , Ross brown with different s won eight constructors ' Championships, and 58-year-old er is not going to resign until he sees the success of . In-depth to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung leader told about the changes in its structure, relations with the riders and plans for the future.

Question Ross, you still get pleasure from the

Ross brown Yes, I have the motivation and love the excitement of the sport. is a difficult time, but we're just coming out of this crisis and are progressing. Rosberg and are the two best men in the world, the collects a very strong group of ers. All changes of the past year and a half, gradually yield results.

Q recently, The hit the headlines for a different reason - because of s" class="posttag">s with and the Tribunal .

Ross brown it's a Pity that it drew away from all the achievements of the . We won five pole positions, and this is a great result, especially if to recollect, what positions held year ago.

Question These s" class="posttag">s helped you understand your tires

Ross brown It has nothing to do. During the s" class="posttag">s we worked with the tires will this year be used in races. We do not have the benefits and couldn't even find out.

Question In the and have a different opinion. Do you think that the opponents feared

Ross brown Now we occupy the third position in the Cup of designers, yielding and , in this year is very tight battle. Pros" class="posttag">s these two commands - a kind of a compliment for us. Contact the is their right, we were punished. Hopefully now we can concentrate on the race, because we are here only for that.

Question change - headed the sports division of the company, as Niki Lauda became the adviser of . What has changed for this time

Ross brown They both have strengthened the link between the leadership of the maker in Stuttgart and the in the UK, I was not strong. I focused on the that I wanted to do. Toto and regularly informed by the Board of Directors of of our work so that everyone understands what is happening. They both bring benefit to the .

Question do members of the belonging to the heritage of

Ross brown We again and again we emphasize in Brackley we - , we - «Silver arrows» This name is associated with a rich heritage. You cannot just buy a and overnight change everything. After the arrival of Toto and we further strengthened this link.

Question Not enough only to . Will you miss him

Ross brown Michael is a friend of mine, we always keep in touch. He is proud of the and our progress, but of course, I regret that he was unable to show the world what he's capable of, despite his age. It would be great if the machine in the past years was a bit more competitive. Many believed that Michael lost his speed, as Niko often ahead, but outside of the very few people understand how fast the Rosberg. He may impose struggle Lewis, one of the best drivers.

Question does Michael in the progress of the this year

Ross brown Michael constantly shared with us their thoughts and ideas. He very precisely on the behavior of the cars on , watching rivals. Engineers have a huge amount of data, but they can interpret them only with the help of the riders. Michael was one of the best in this respect, but Niko could tell everything in detail. never said, how shall we build a machine that, but, of course, participated in the creation of W04.

Question what is The difference between and

Ross brown They are both incredibly fast and professional s, able to constantly monitor the emotion that helps us very much. Michael Lewis and are very similar. Both keen to win, finalize the car and try to make the more competitive. Hamilton is not satisfied with the achieved results, it forces the to develop and gives us a new impetus. It's great

Question Hamilton showed you something of his life, such as the music of American rappers or the art of conducting a microblog on Twitter

Ross brown No, I don't know about such things - I belong to another generation. Many said that we have problems with Lewis, but it never happened. A new environment is good for him, it motivates and energizes. He took a new challenge, and the machine has surpassed his expectations. Before the transition Lewis of the I told him about our master plan and promised to we will fight for the victory. However, we do this now.

Question So next year you hope to win the title

Ross brown I want won the Cup of constructors, and one of our riders became - and both must occur as soon as possible. I do not care who wins the title - Lewis or Niko, but I want to see one of them on top.

Question You'll stay in the in

Ross brown I hope so. Ever have to end my career, but I want to do it only after the will return to the top.

ed to work earlier than we expected, he should get in the swing of things. On it will form a big responsibility, and, perhaps, my role in the will be changed again.

Question , Bob bell, and . How many more ers of the highest level will take a

Ross brown I think we now have enough of them. That is the ideal combination, each has its own task. Currently Bob bell engaged W04, oversees the preparation for the next season, and - by . We have excellent prospects.

Question In the beginning of the season there were that the with can turn your departure from the . You fear for your job

Ross brown I never feared for his job. I always did what he thought was necessary. Sorry if this is not consistent with the concept of the rest, but I'm not going to change. I always knew that working in consists of UPS and downs.

Question What will be the in the future

Ross brown Some speculated that the championship will be electric cars, but this has not happened. However, will continue to play a significant role in research and development of new technologies, but we should do it more actively.

The struggle on and side is the essence of , we can not sacrifice. I speak not only about the technical aspects that someday, probably bored viewer, because he will cease to understand them. Fans want to see the fight s, and we must ensure this. However, the charm of the in the work of the man with the machine and the victory in the best combination of the rider and the chassis.

Question do You think that will withstand the economic crisis

Yes. The only question is in what condition we will come out of it. is always works on a limit of possibilities, each of us the maximum spread. The thing is to push the boundaries of possibilities. I think more control over the s and resources will bring us all a favor - then the will continue. It is unstable, but always adapted to the situation. In the championship are very creative people, they always found a way out of the situation.

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