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The British Grand Prix Press conference on Friday

The British Grand Prix Press conference on Friday

Participants Graham F1 Team, , , Whitmarsh , Eric

Question Gentlemen, a General question about the recent meeting of the of the . He was going for the first time in the history of . How do you assess consideration of the case Let's with you, Eric.

Eric the System worked well. The meeting passed without any problems, as the whole process.

Question Graham

Graham We first watched the process with respect to , from the side it looked extremely clear and transparent. Nice to look at the situation from the position of judges is difficult for me to comment on their verdict as it is solely their powers, but the main thing - the Tribunal in its decision relied on extenuating circumstances, which at first we were not observed. Perhaps at first they looked like softening, but became wealthy in the process.

Question Martin

MW I have nothing to add. We are not engaged in the process, I know that some of those present at this conference was watching it live. The process turned out to be independent, and this is important, otherwise you'd better ask my colleagues.

Question Ross, you were a direct participant. Your opinion

Ross brown Yes, the most direct. Previously the Federation was often criticized - rightly or wrongly - the progress, but now, with the participation of the President of the they managed to develop procedures that can hardly become the subject of criticism. The Tribunal is independent - people can have different opinions about the verdict, but the decision-making process, no complaints. We first observed all this in action and now we can be sure that in the future the decision will be independent.

As far as I understand, the judges were from the twelve contenders versed in the matters of sports. They have taken a decision based on facts and went only to the steps considered justified. One can argue about the verdict, but the process went very rationally, and it will add all the commands confidence in the future.

Question Christian, what is your opinion about the process and the outcome

the Process was efficient. The sides presented their arguments, and the judges considered them in the framework of the session of the Tribunal. The verdict, in my opinion, is fair, and if we talk about the scheduled fine. you know, now I need to be careful in the comments, because Ross much stronger than me Perhaps the punishment was a bit soft, but the process was fair, and everybody was interested, as he still held.

The main result of all this is clarity. To understand what rules govern whether we conduct s" class="posttag">s exclusively with machines previous years, or allowed the use of modern chassis. For us the reason of the to the Tribunal was the desire to achieve full clarity regarding what can be considered as s" class="posttag">s and what not.

Question Ross, I will give you a chance to respond Christian who believes the decision of the Tribunal few soft. Your opinion

Ross brown I Think I disagree with Christian.

Question I am Sure we will return to this topic. Eric, most recently, a 35 stake in your bought the new consortium. Why this happened now, and why you think they are really interested investors

Eric Why now There is such chance. In have been looking for an investor. We quite a long time remained , wholly owned by a single shareholder chose the correct co-owner, and once determined, the transaction took place.

Question After mark Webber announced his decision to withdraw from , began to more actively seeking to place n in the . Himself said that his lasts until the end of the year. What do you say

Eric I Can only repeat his words - really ends at the end of the year. will have to decide wanted to sign him, we want to keep him in the - Finn chooses what is best for them. The prospect compete in the looks tempting, but he knows he can get in the . We are conducting with him to achieve a common understanding of the prospects for the development of - let me remind you, we are still very young, our just four years. I think right now satisfied with what he has.

Question Christian, it seems, this morning you said that the most probable candidates to the place of the are Raikkonen and a couple of riders . Could you share your opinion about solutions to the time when the decision was announced, and about the further steps of the

First of all, mark made the decision about resignation. You need to understand what contribution he made to the development . Since joining still in the Jaguar in 2007 it progressed along with the and his nine wins and over thirty podiums are worthy of help in winning three Constructors ' Championships.

Any rider is not easy given such a decision, but mark has announced it fairly early and thus hid himself from all sorts of speculation about the next season. Well, we must now find the optimal replacement, selecting the best candidates. Fortunately, we have talented s , but we are also exploring other options, and ignore option with would be foolish. However, we do not hurry, should be an informed decision. We will evaluate all options and will try to make the best choice.

Question Ross seems to be in tire wear on your machines was significantly smaller, at least in the case of Lewis. The track in Montreal is not so merciless to the tires, as . Today on the free practice cars were fast, but what are the chances in the race

Ross brown it's Hard to say. The condition of the tires until corresponds to what it should be for the race on Sunday - rubber is still warm, and we need to estimate the possible scenarios, but in General the situation is not so bad after all.

On some machines, tyres ed , we in this respect no exception - perhaps the nature of the challenges here will be slightly different than in previous races. We know the limit after which sharply lose in efficiency, and if we do not step over him, everything will be okay. Say, in we fell within the desired range, and were competitive in the course of the whole race. It all depends on how close you are to the limit to it eventually became an issue. This failure occurred in , but maybe there'll be all right.

Question Graham, you recently returned to the subject of the lack of agreement with the holder of the commercial rights. Why now, and is there any progress

Graham We talk about this issue long ago, because we unlike other s, whose representatives are present with me in this room, there is no bilateral agreement with the holders of commercial rights. As well as other participants of the championship, we actively participate in on a new Treaty to agree, but we have an obligation to its employees and their families, as these people earn their living.

Nobody knows how long the championship will do without a new Contract Agreement. Of course, the document will not be signed next week, theoretically, all this can last for years - deadline no. But other s have bilateral agreements with the holders of commercial rights, and we do not. Championship structure built long ago, some participants play an important role - we would like to work in the framework of this structure, but in the current situation is problematic. Why is it, personally I do not understand. I think everybody will agree with me that in any aspect of sports or financial - it is essential to have the same approach to all. That is why our commitment to achieve such an agreement is understandable.

Question Thank You Martin, today the world Council of has published a number of innovations, which will come into effect from next season. Among others there is a point system of fines for the riders. Could you comment on this initiative and, perhaps, some other innovations, who struck you find interesting

MW I Hope you will not ask me about all the changes - the list is very extensive, and the complete text is published, when we worked on the pit lane. If we talk about the point system of fines, it has been discussed for a long time and now enshrined in the rules. A situation in which a or seriously miss another race, it is unlikely it may seem comfortable, but we'll see how this works in reality.

Another important change was the return of four series of s" class="posttag">s during the season. I agree, not all can afford to spend more s" class="posttag">s, but this measure is not negate other less costly event, and it is effective in terms of cost savings, because the s" class="posttag">s will be held in Europe immediately after the weekend of the , on the same track. The approach is fully justified, he also considers the interests of those who are trying to attract the young riders.

Also effective restrictions on the work in the wind tunnel on the computers of the CFD. This is also justified measure we need to develop a common business model for the entire peloton. The adoption of these innovations required considerable forces, huge work has been done, but in General the proposals is not surprising, as they are quite logical and are designed to benefit the sport.


Question Ian - PA Question for the Christian and Eric. If your s will compete for the candidacy that in addition to the money - and Finn quite wealthy person - would prompt him to stay in the , or Vice versa, go to the

solve Everything machine, which we can provide. rs want to speak at the most competitive technology, and in this respect no exception. But let me be clear we do not look for , we have other contenders in the face of Riccardo and Jean-Eric . We just need time to assess all the options.

Question Eric

Eric Conditions in quite satisfied with Kimi, he stated several times that. As said Christian, is a real fighter, and he sees that from year to year our gains speed. We intend to continue in the same spirit as soon as possible to catch up with . Well, to speak in the familiar setting and progress together with the - one of the most enjoyable calls for a .

Question - Le Matin Christian, we have heard your words about and s , but what do you say about He works for a long time you reserve a , but do you intend to consider his candidacy, and if Yes, what are the chances

Sebastian makes a significant contribution to the work of the , performing the duties of the third rider and working on the simulator. Last weekend he performed well in , which we are very happy, but it's not included in the number of applicants for a place in the first . He remains an important member of the , but we plan to select from existing drivers.

Question Smith - NBC Sports are You looking for a able to get along with , or someone who can impose on him a real fight

We want to get the best candidates and Sebastian wants to have a worthy opponent. Don't forget there are two credits - personal and the goblet of designers. It is impossible to win the Cup by a pilot, we want to create a highly competitive composition and to our riders equal support, as it always was.

Question Bob McKenzie - Daily Express I'm sorry, but my question has repeatedly announced, and you certainly have a canned answers. And yet, tell, how it affects the image of is the fact, when the audience, who came on Friday on the rostrum, accounting for half an hour to sit in their places, and on the road at that time, no one works

Graham the Situation is not pleasant, but difficult to find a solution. is gradually becoming closer to the , the implement many initiatives aimed at involvement of the audience. Honestly, Bob, I don't know how to revive these sessions. Track conditions were too complicated, and at this happens quite often. I don't have an exact answer, but in General, the s are making great efforts to make the more interesting.

Eric I Understand the disappointment of , but remember tennis matches at Wimbledon - there is also stop the game if it s to , and other kinds of sport adopt a similar approach. If we are not releasing the machine from the boxes, it means there are concerns about security and don't forget we are more anyone interested in riders to the maximum worked on . We do our best to become closer to the , but you cannot blame us for what the machine does not leave on track when the comes down, and the streams of water on the pavement.

MW I Agree, a situation that needs attention. In particular, today announced that according to the decision of the world Council of from will receive one additional kit slicks, which you can use in the first half hour of the morning of Friday's session. This is a step forward for those routes, where due to the high wear rubber even when the weather is dry preferred to sit in the boxes.

With regard to fall conditions, need to take very correctly. We are in , we have a limited number of sets of tyres are three sets of and four - intermediate. There is always a chance that would require all of the seven, and you may not want to wear out the tires at an early stage of the weekend. The question in the number of sets available, but here the approach should be balanced. We have already found a way out of the situation, when the refused from the exit of the boxes during the dry season, however, when the issues will always be more.

Ross brown With additional set of tyres, which said Martin, we even worked on the pre-emption. This rubber may be used in the first half of the morning of Friday's session, so that the machine will go back on . As for , frankly, in such circumstances, the risk is too great, and if the s do not see you try to obvious benefits, it is easier to stay in boxes. If the forecast for the and race promises precipitation, we will go on again. And if not - as in the current weekend - no incentive to wrap circles under the . Agree, in such a situation leaves much to be desired. Fortunately, today the second session was a very tense, but if the had not stopped, the number of attempts would be reduced to a minimum.

it is a Shame that while the s are in boxes, get wet in the stands, watching to see their idols. We also try to work on , except Friday we have no such possibility, and we should collect as much information, but, unfortunately, no one can foresee the British weather.

Today, the situation was extremely difficult. We released Sebastian from the boxes to clarify the situation, and he said that he went to the brink of aquaplaning and not at full strength. So we decided to wait for better weather. Don't know what can be the answer to your question. In Wimbledon with a roof - perhaps, the organizers of the race should invest in the construction of a canopy over

Question Mike Casey Associated Press We heard the opinion of on adjustments to the rules. Can I get the point of view of the rest on the system of fines and s" class="posttag">s during the season

Ross brown Plus point of the system is that we will be exactly understood the seriousness of the situation. In addition, it will save us from the subjective decision-making that took place in the past. Again, the question scoring remains the responsibility of the stewards, and this is also a logical measure.

Other changes relate to the optimization of technical limitations and the provisions of the sporting . Next year construction of the machine will be totally different, so there is a necessity to specify a number of points. If we talk about the s" class="posttag">s, the s is very difficult to hold them on a regular basis, so it was necessary to make the work on extremely cost-effective. Nobody wanted to revert to individual brigades and other things cancelled several years ago - it would also increase the costs.

If it is possible to with the and the machine, which are already at the circuit, it is a good ing point, but in the next season, there will be twenty-one race, the number of stages four series of s" class="posttag">s may become a serious burden. I think s should get together and decide how to organize such s" class="posttag">s with minimal costs.

Eric Honestly, after such words of and Ross I have nothing to add. I hold a similar view.

the Changes are justified. Limitations on aerodynamics, I agree, the return of the s" class="posttag">s was not too bad. We will have eight days to work on the road - therefore, you can abandon the demonstration heats and s" class="posttag">s on the straight line in favour of fully-fledged . Perhaps it's more expensive, however, such s" class="posttag">s enable the young riders and third numbers s work in the same conditions as were the first .

I must admit, personally, I support the point system of fines. I don't like that the points are transferred from season to season - it would be better that all fines were applied within one year, but in the stipulate otherwise. In General, the changes are quite positive - at least in technical part and in the organisation of the s" class="posttag">s.

Question Mike - Auto Action continues to be in a state of uncertainty because, as noted earlier Graham, a new Contract is not signed yet. This situation can not hurt. For the leader of any large commercial company in case he could face criminal prosecution, it is natural to resign before the moment of the resolution of all disputes, to enable the organization to continue to operate. Maybe should retire to the s were able to achieve the necessary consent

MW Thanks for the question Yes, the absence of a Treaty the Consent of the leaves some uncertainty, but if now the championship and continues to exist, largely due to the ability of keep all the components together. If he retired, would be even worse. When the and come to mutual understanding, they will sign the agreement - there is no doubt.

Again, there are some very strange things. As said Graham, now there are ten bilateral agreements, on change which should come this single Contract to which the is almost not involved. This may lead to the uncomfortable situation, but I hope that we will find the right solution. In any case, if not participated in all cases, the process has worked would be much harder and takes significantly longer.

became what it is, thanks , which was building this sport for over thirty-five years. Without it we would have more problems. The deal, which he manages to conclude new country, in which he brings championship - everything is really fascinating. While is his passion and enthusiasm in our interest to it as long as possible remained at his post because his departure sport have a difficult time. No matter how the situation Berni should continue to work, because personally I don't see any worthy. No one but Mr. , there is no 100 understanding of how people should act of its status and powers.

Ross brown I Agree with Christian. In General, the current situation is unique we have ten bilateral agreements with all s, except the F1 Team that provides championship necessary financial stability. But in the absence of a Treaty the Consent no clear procedure for approval of new rules, and now just adheres worked earlier processes, however, this approach may be disputed. Published today in the decisions of the world Council for sport are based on the principles of unity and business ethics all participants of the championship, but we still need to strengthen the mechanisms of rule-making. The framework of the long-agreed, but until the work is being done, and we need to it as soon as possible.

Question The National Christian, back to the question about the vacancy in your if you prefer not the one from the , how it will affect the image of the «younger sister» , whose goal was the upbringing of the future stars of

Task - given the chance to participants of the youth program of to try themselves in , but this does not mean that they subsequently matically become race car drivers they need to earn that right. and Jean-Eric came in due to its achievements in the Junior racing series, they are gradually gaining experience and have good prospects. The only question is, is there any one of them to work in the , and here we must be very careful. Other than that, they both deserve to play in , and successfully copes with its task of preparing young riders. Sebastian is their best graduate, and these two guys have a promising future.

Question In conclusion, the topic - what time frame you are limited

a Few days before the race in . Just kidding, I would prefer to solve the issue till the end of summer. We would not want to delay the process, but we need the time to make the most informed and considered decision.

Translation V. Kartashev




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