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MCR there had been a Sunday press conference participants

MCR there had been a Sunday press conference participants

Sunday morning at the hotel «Baltschug» took place the press conference of the members of the City show. The questions were answered by the main stars of the demonstration heats - Jenson button and . For security and Heikki this was not the first visit to .

Jenson button «it is Great to return to City for the third time. This special event and the stands, always comes a lot of . Of course it's not a race and the show however I will try to show the of racing his car.

I am delighted to return to . Already yesterday the s were many I hope the will be even more. It seems Russia is ready to hold the . Today I will do my best to please the .

I am very glad that I am the pilot of the Russian . We have a small so while it is impossible to fight for the top places but we all look forward to the upcoming in Sochi. Regarding today's events I will try to please our in Russia.

my first time in fell in love with the Russian Today I will do everything possible to please them. Yesterday I watched she looks gorgeous here there are places where the machine is able to develop high speed. Come for the show, it'll be fun»

«I am very happy to arrive in for me is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of . I'm looking forward to go on to please the . I already got behind the wheel of this car on the s" class="posttag">s in Fiorano but today was the first time I have to fly it in public.

After the completion of the demonstration runs of the Vasilievsky Spusk will be a concert of Eddie amp The Robers, the founder of which is said. The Irishman invited everyone to the concert «I had never been to City , but now I'm here This show provides Russia the opportunity to Express themselves, to attract the attention of , which is important in light of the preparation to the stage in Sochi next year.

If to speak about my group, for me it's a hobby. Playing on the stage I shoot a work-related stress in the . I invite all at the concert.




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