2013-07-23 14:24:02

Timo Glock puts on victory Vettel in Hungary

Timo Glock puts on victory Vettel in Hungary

On the eve of the of ex- driver made a forecast on race on the Nurburgring. If Timo participated in a competition of forecasts F1.ru then at the last stage would have earned 89 points, taking 2149 place.

Before the of the race weekend in , the German has a new forecast, but this time he called only the top five.

«Soon pilots and will leave for the summer, but before that they will have to sweat a little Held in the middle of the summer of can be compared to a marathon in the sauna. Close to the Aqua Park with giant slide and during the race I sometimes have the desire to leave it to cool. However, even if the weather is hot in are a great race.

Personally I like the Hungaroring and this is not surprising - this track is the first time I climbed the podium in in . Some call Hungaroring the "highway of Mickey mouse", but I don't agree with them. Its length is almost 4,4 km away - there is no time for a break, because turns follow one another, and the real very short. The race is always stressful - it is a serious challenge for the rider and machine.

Taking into account the continuous change in direction, the Hungarian highway is required not so much high maximum speed, how much effective acceleration out of corners. It is in this strong side RB9 and Webber. Rivals will be difficult to guess, they will not be able to compete with . I think that Sebastian will from pole position and victory, and mark finish third.

In hot weather depends on the rubber and those who are able to carefully work with the tires will be an advantage. This is somewhat allow to achieve success. I think it will be and in . I think that Raikkonen finishes second, and his Grozhan - fifth. will show the fourth result.

Me in the beginning of August for a new adventure in Russia for the first time will stage the series. I don't know , but judging from the information that I have, she should come our car M3 . The good news is that, finally, I arrive at a new all , and we will be in equal conditions. It will be interesting».




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