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Timo Glock "My predictions are often not come true"

Timo Glock

, even last year, speaking in , now the masters a new case now he , he has a long-term with , and it's quite a new page in his biography. In s at the way Timo not lucky at the decisive moment prevented him traffic. In an exclusive nonf1.ru he told about experience of performances in the new League, but not forgotten and about F1.

Question In the you showed only 17 result the problem in a , in the car, or you do not like the road

No, is good, but I'm just not lucky. At the second set of tyres we planned to leave at the end of the session, but this time another car just went out with weights after a technical inspection, I had to wait for the pit lane extra 15 seconds, and eventually I was on the road at the wrong time behind the group of 4 - 5 cars. In the end, at the second set of rubber I could not normally go fast, although all the others improved their results.

Of course, I was upset because I felt that we could go faster, and now have to think about how to rectify the situation during the race. Although the machine was not of the best handling.

Question six months you probably already able to adapt to the how the atmosphere of this championship differs from the

is all good, although the series quite similar to the . Season consists only of 10 rounds, weekend a very short one ting session, and then immediately , and the next day - race. But this is an interesting new challenge, I like to solve it, the more that I once again driving a nice car and I can fight in the first rows. The last three years, F1 I lost the leaders of three-four seconds on the circle - it was such a machine. And now I lose only a couple of tenths, so the race are more fun. And I like it

Question And have you already once on the podium

Yes, it was great to be back on the podium, because in that race on Ring we had a great speed. Now, simply try to repeat this result.

Question different riders in different years we have heard impressions about cars standard, for example, from or from Ralf , and how would you define the key difference between the technique of the championship and the

If we talk about the pilot, the main difference is that the machine heavier, less powerful, and tires grip is not as good as rubber in F1. Everything is very different, and to have a good speed driving the car , you have to re-conceptualise approaches to pilot and very significantly change his style.

I must continue working on it, but the difficulty is that every time we go to the next track, the car behavior changes, you have a different vibe from the office, and in just a half hour workout. And if there are any difficulties, and you get behind, it is difficult to recoup. This is the main problem.

Question Obviously, you keep track for and even on the website -Total before races publish its forecast, however, the result guess rarely.

laughs that's for sure

Question it sounds Like you are a good driver, but not a very good predictor

it looks Like My forecasts are often not come true, but in General all again in favour of and . However, the championship continues, the events may develop in any scenario, we will see in what form will the after the summer break. While, for example, it can be noted that is more confident, but in the championship leader of the most stable . We'll see what happens.

Question are You aware of from the world of , which, as always, when the season is approaching transitions

No, I don't pay attention.

Question And the progress of your former follow

the impression Is that it really has made progress and the beginning of the season, reduced the backlog of s from the middle of the peloton, but it seems to me that now she s to fall behind. It is a pity that in the middle of the season couldn't take another step forward, and now Pat Simonds goes, and it will affect the .

Question Since you are in the , the prospects for the development of is probably the concern you have less, but still you have some opinion about the transition of the ship on new in

I do not care a lot. I have no information about the new s.

Question Then return to the how do you assess the prospects in this series What can we expect from the second half of the season, from next year, maybe

We'll See. I have a long-term in a , so I'm ready for next season and want in the future to achieve success. But first you need to better understand the features of the and continue to learn. Therefore, my goal in to achieve better results.

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