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Adrian Newey We must create a fast cars

Adrian Newey We must create a fast cars

Technical Director of Adrian Newey - one of those who do not like the appearance of new machines. At the meeting with the day in Briton told about changes in the rules, the possible problems with the reliability and on how ers s will take place in the near future.

Question What do you personally think about nasal fairings new machines Is a widely discussed topic, it is suggested that the rules should be changed. You will make some effort to rules were rewritten

Adrian Newey L, the audience already expressed its opinion on this. Disappointing that regulation forces the user to create ugly forms - what we have seen on several already shown machines. We must first develop machines that are as fast on , without paying attention to the style. But I think the form of cars, the sound of a - are important components of the success . And very sorry if the machine does not look attractive.

Question can You say that the current period - the last few months, have you been working on a new machine is the most difficult and interesting period in for your entire career

Adrian Newey Big changes in the rules always represent a serious challenge for the s. The changes, which occur now, can be described as very serious. It concerns and aerodynamics including I would say they are not so large as it was in , but is still significant. Especially taking in new power units - in our case, together with s from .

Winter was very hard, we worked incredibly tight schedule. Last year we were fighting for the title. When some competitors have already completely switched to a new project in the second half of the season, we continued to work with the previous chassis, which by itself, reduced the time that we can give a new project.

Question the Team won four Championships in a row, but now the rules are changing. How do you feel about that It's good for the

Adrian Newey If you look at how we ended last championship, then the answer is probably obvious we would be happy if the rules remain the same. But the reality is that the rules changed. This is normal. Rules should change from time to time - this allows the put in equal conditions. This winter a little more nervous, compared with the previous. We are satisfied with the work done, but have no idea what they have achieved rivals.

Question have You seen any solutions other commands that appear very interesting, unusual

Adrian Newey If you need a truthful answer, I have not had a chance to look at what others have done. But I can say confidently among the machines, there are a couple with ugly noses laughs.

Question What is the main priority in the first races, speed or reliability

Adrian Newey I think the first race, the main attention will be paid to reliability. While difficult to predict, but I think during the s" class="posttag">s, we will often see the red flags.

Question What are you most complicated with the new power plant

Adrian Newey Electronics. Turbocharged was designed not yesterday is not new in , so in that respect it is not that difficult. But electronics, work with ERS puts before the s of several complex issues, it requires extensive research. If in the past when you had problems with KERS, you could continue the race, now the battery is integrated into the propulsion system and if you have any problems with ERS, you will need to stay on the sidelines.

Question How much will depend on the alignment of forces from the difference in s The role of aerodynamics will become less

Adrian Newey I think in the first races of the s will be really can depend on many things. Because the s at this stage are still in an early stage of development. Over time, manufacturers will optimize power s and s will become closer in their characteristics. Then the alignment of forces will again depend on the combination of chassis-.

Question After four consecutive victories, you can call the favorites of the upcoming season

Adrian Newey I don't see any favorite this year. Everything is so new and openly that predict anything is almost impossible.

Question has already held run the machine at , they drove most of all circles today morning. In your opinion, the reason that until you assign to them, if only to speak about the passed distance It has something to do with or something else

Adrian Newey It definitely has nothing to do with . Our task was to manage to build a car to the beginning of the first day of the official , and I am glad that we managed to do that. As I mentioned earlier, we had a very busy schedule. At night, we are faced with the same stupid problem, but be sure to accomplish it.

Question do You think that the new shape of the nose cones safer than the previous one

Adrian Newey the Rules have changed after the research, when it was decided that a decrease in the height of the nose fairing will reduce the risk of take-off machine into the air when an accident, as happened a few years ago with mark Webber does when he crashed into the back of the machine Heikki in . Frankly, I am concerned and I think that now the consequences can be even worse. Now when the accident due to the low nose fairing machine can «about to plunge» under the rear safety structure that is much more dangerous.

A few years ago launched in Abu Dhabi and someone hit him - it was pretty dangerous. Low nose this is unlikely to happen. But much depends on the circumstances. This solution can help under the same conditions, but others will only worsen the possible consequences. Personally I don't think it was a right choice. I think if pursuing the machine will touch wheel that goes ahead, it will anyway fly - even with low nose. We have seen examples in the past.

Question According to the new rules, you lost a part of freedom in the issue of allocation of individual components within the chassis - in particular, elements of the power plant. How serious is affected

Adrian Newey, under The new rules batteries ERS should be located below the fuel tank, and I don't understand why this is better than placing them behind the . It should be noted that it is unusual to us technology. The Boeing company had been experiencing a true nightmare with batteries on the Dreamliner could not solve the problem.

In the event of a strike the batteries can quickly heat up, predict their behavior is very difficult, as it will be difficult to cope with the fire, if as a result of fire the fire. In addition, the high voltage direct current is much more dangerous than the variable, so that security issues during the operation of these batteries will be a great challenge for the pit lane.

Question In recent years, blow diffuser was the area that you worked the most. In your opinion, which of the elements of the machine in the next few years will be a key in the process of revision of the chassis

Adrian Newey I think in the beginning, the will focus on how to make the machines more reliable. Serious attention will be paid to interaction of the chassis with the power plant, fuel savings. When ers will understand this, one of the main topics will again become aerodynamics.

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